over runs

I have tried to build homes in other people’s
mouths often enough to know it’s never safe.
Words are the most dangerous kind of natural
disaster. There are never any warning signs,
no flashing weather alerts. One minute I am
around the kitchen table and the next the fine
china on the top shelf is broken. I have learned
my way around broken glass, spent too many
days filling my lungs with smoke from the
house fires. My home always ends up over
run with fault lines. All the could haves, 
should haves, would haves, what ifs,
maybes. I am always ducking for cover.
Clutching at door frames. Learning that
hiding out in basements can’t save you
from another person telling you it’s over,
it’s over, it’s over. And there are flashing
lights in your mind. Sirens spilling from
their mouth. The weather alert comes
blaring across the television, but it’s
too late. I’m already drowning.

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I'm just waiting for the house tour video when they just go "this is the bedroom" and don't make any further comment they just move on

i’m ready to be run over by a truck

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does is confuse u as well that gorillaz seem to be changing the lore every few phases e.g. 2D says he got formaldehyde in his eyes and that's how they went black, instead of the Murdoc running him over story from rise of the ogre?

jamie hewlett is a troubled sleep deprived man and has no fucking idea what he’s doing

Party of the year; C.H.

The party had been going on for quite some time. The first hour or so, I spent alone, roaming the rooms of Kyle’s parents’ house. He always threw the best parties – so I’ve heard. This was the first one I actually attended. I was pleasantly surprised when my gaze caught his, Calum usually never came to these sorts of things. He didn’t really hold up with the popular, sporty types. Luke, one of his best friends, was on the baseball team, but he was more of a musical type – a band geek if you could really call him that.

As soon as our gazes met a vibrant smile erupted from Calum’s lips. He stumbled his way towards me, excusing himself whenever he would practically run someone over. I awkwardly tucked a strand of hair behind my ear as I waited for him to reach me. “Fancy seeing you here.” He smiled, his fingertips lightly brushing over my exposed arm.

“Well, if I want the complete experience, a party is in order now and then. Why are you here?” I smiled in return, toying with the edge of my red plastic cup to avoid Calum’s piercing eyes.

“I lost a bet with Luke. He’s my designated driver tonight.” Calum laughed so heartily, I felt my chest tightening as I let my eyes wander over his frame. “Shouldn’t it be the other way around?”
“Now you see how highly he thinks of me.” Calum winked before he was roughly pushed into me, by none other than Luke himself. “Caaaaal. Mate I think I might get lucky tonight.” Luke motioned his head to a girl in the back, giggling with her friends before she throws a wave in our direction.

“Aaah! Y/n! Lovely to see you here, m’lady.” Luke bows in front of me and I try to suppress a chuckle leaving my lips as I amusedly grin at a frowning Calum. “Are you – Are you drunk?” Calum’s eyes widened before his fist collided roughly with Luke’s shoulder, who stumbled to the floor.

“Ah man, I only had a few drinks. Nothing major. I’m good to drive.” Calum didn’t respond to his mate, instead, he held out his hand to me. “Care for another drink, Y/N?”

“You know, I’ve had a few drinks myself but I’ll walk you home if it makes you feel better?” I offered grinning to a moping Calum who was fixing me up with another drink. It drew a laugh out of him, one that I was desperate to hear some more. I gingerly took my drink from his outstretched hand and bit my bottom lip.

“Shouldn’t that be the other way around?” Calum mimicked my voice from before and my smile was so bright it started to hurt my cheeks. “Whatever floats your boat, Cal.”

And that’s how I ended up just one hundred meters away from my house, Calum leisurely strolling besides me as he told me about this new song he had been working on for the past couple of weeks. I had drank quite a bit at Kyle’s party and I felt slightly lightheaded, but confident. Calum had indulged in the same amount, although I think he was just better armed against the alcohol percentage.

“So… This is me.” Silence fills the air while I press my lips together, wobbling on my feet. “Glad I didn’t lose my manliness and got you home safe.” Calum jokes, licking his bottom lip as his eyes dart towards my illuminated front porch. “Do you – do you maybe want to come inside for a bit?”

“Won’t your parents mind?” Calum questions but already starts to lead me towards my own house. “They are out themselves.” I mumble, letting my fingertips brush against Calum’s open palm. He realizes my intentions and his fingers curl around my own while he pulls me closer to his radiating warm body.

As I let the door click closed behind me, Calum stands there, hands in his pockets, awaiting my next move. This had been a long time coming, something both of us had been toying with in our minds and I was ready to take the leap.

I step closer to him, letting my flat hands rest on his rather toned chest. His cup my neck and before I even realise it properly, I have my lips pressed against his, first tentative, rather exploringly as I let my hands roam. Our kiss starts to get more heated, Calum pressing me into the wall near the stairs.

I press against his chest, breaking out kiss as I throw him a look underneath my eyelashes. I push past him, up the stairs, stopping momentarily and turning to see if he would follow. It seems to click in his mind and within a few seconds he has jogged up the stairs and is hot on my heels.

His shirt is the first thing that goes flying to the floor, exposing his torso to my wandering hands and gaze. Our lips press back together as he starts unbuttoning my blouse. I pull him towards me, both of us dropping on the plush duvet behind me. His lips focus their attention on my neck as one of his hands cups my breast. My own fingertips brush over the soft, silky skin of his back as I feel his shoulder blade portruding.

I throw my head back, granting Calum with more access as I hike my legs up and around his hips. I feel his erection obtrude against my own aching core. Calum moans against the skin of neck, the vibrations causing shivers to erupt over my flesh. “Calum, I-“

My body arches up as Calum’s large hands caress my sides, his lips near the arches of my breasts. My blouse is flung to the floor and my jeans follow suit, leaving me in front of Calum’s hungry gaze in just my lingerie. He discards his own jeans before he slowly, seductively, crawls back onto the bed, his lips leaving kisses along my exposed skin in their wake.

He swiftly unclasps my bra and slides my knickers down my legs before his arm winds around my waist and he presses his whole body against me, throbbing erection pressing at my entrance. With just the right swivel of my hips, I feel his entering me as he buries his face into my neck, groaning loudly.

“Y/n…” His voice is so raw, filled with emotion, something I hadn’t witnessed from Calum before. I don’t say anything, instead I moan in return, bucking my hips up against him to get him to move. Calum slowly starts grinding his hips against mine, his fingertips digging into my hips as he picks up the pace.

My head is thrown back as moans slip repeatedly from my lips, my hands grasping and gliding all over Calum’s silk like skin and my hips erratically trying to chase my own release. Calum drops his body onto mine, his lips pressing kisses repeatedly against the hot skin of my neck while his hips start snapping a rapid rhythm spiralling me towards release.

I can sense Calum is close as his hips start to stutter and I feel my world blacken around me as I loudly moan Calum’s name. He halts his movements, panting in my ear before he drops down beside me as if he weighed as much as a school bus. It takes him quite some time to even his breathing.

It’s quiet for a while, not one of us knowing what to say. We had broken an important rule of being best friends, but I was glad we did. My stupid crush on Calum had eventually developed into me loving him and this was all I could have been dreaming about.

“You – you don’t have to leave. If you want to stay.” I mumble apprehensively, pulling my sheets closer to my naked, shivering frame. Calum halts his action, slowly turning his head to smile at me. Without another word, he drops his jeans and crawls back into bed with me, his arm enveloping me in a warm hug as I drift off to sleep in my best friend’s arms. “I love you Y/n.”

*sigh* My genius dog who will do multiple step mobility and psychiatric tasks in public with a shit ton of distractions around her, refuses to do basic obedience. Her Focus and Heel are fine, but asking for her to sit is like talking to a brick wall and she’ll settle down fine in restaurants but nowhere else. This weekend will be a back to the basics training session for as long as my body holds out. 

Service dog training is always a surprise. 

Today I woke up to the news that a toddler has been run over and killed. I don’t know who it is yet, but a lot of my friends know who it is, so I probably know them too.

Today I woke up to news that a friend who has tried so long and fought so hard to have a baby, lost the baby. They were in the home stretch too. Three weeks away from delivery. She spent the entire first trimester in the hospital and was so in love with that baby.

Today, I woke up to news that a guy I went to high school with passed away yesterday. We weren’t close. He was one of those guys that I liked in school, not liked liked, but he was a cool guy. He was funny. He had a wife and a little girl. On Friday he posted a meme about how only the good die young, thankfully I’m an asshole. He even captioned it “I’m going to live forever”.

I have no great philosophical thing to tie this post together. The day is starting with a lot of loss. Don’t feel sorry for my loss. It’s not really mine. All of these folks are just outside my circle. Their circles intersect with mine. It’s just a bummer.

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So, I was mindlessly completing a puzzle online when I heard a voice in my head. My ears had been ringing for the past half hour, but I couldn't tune into hear them before. I'm pretty sure that this is spirit is friendly, the conversation started rather openly. However when I asked their name, the response was very loud and sounded like a bunch of noises running over one another, and I told them I did not understand... What do you think?

It’s possible! Instead of asking for a name next time, tell them what you would like them to call you first, then ask what they would prefer to be called. They may not want to share their name right off the bat, but can always give you something to call them by. And by you saying it first, adds a bit of trust on your end to the conversion. :)


Vitae & Mortem

Dystopian AU - Read previous chapters

Part Two

I was running back into the darkness I’d just ran out of, the beat of my heart thundering, and although I couldn’t see him clearly, I knew the boy who I’d just fallen over was running at my side.
I could hear them behind us, laughing as they chased us through the night, like this was some kind of hunt to them. I used my fear as my drive, scared that the alley I’d chosen would just reach a dead end and we’d be trapped. The only thing I had was a knife, and I knew it would come in useless against the Krows.
There were only a few times I’d let them get so close. After so many years, I knew where to hide, how to stay quiet, how to shield myself from them. It wasn’t often that I needed to run.
But when I did, I ran fast, because the only person I could trust was myself. I wouldn’t let them catch me, whether I was sure of their intentions or not. Anyone who came to claim you in the middle of the night was not someone you could trust, as far as I could see.

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That is indeed a 2 year old.

I was just looking through Gi Fletcher pics of her youngest, Buddy, he’s just a month younger than F and both parents are tiny too and like… he’s so small compared to F. So small! He also learned to walk recently (I know he’s younger, but I’m saying it cause he learned at 8 months, a bit sooner than F did and yet) and he’s still all clumsy and can barely stand without stumbling around while that kid is holding balls over his head and running. F is so tall!! How?? I don’t think he’s 2 already, but I’m guessing at least 3 months older for what I saw people saying (like based on what he can do already, how he can stand and run and hold stuff while doing it so) 

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how about protective bfs kuroo and akaashi (separately) when when their s/o enters the club room and suddenly receives a volleyball right at their face?

Instead of club room, I did gym. I hope that’s okay!


You were running over to the gym as fast as you could; you were running late and Kuroo was probably worried for you. Who would’ve thought someone like Kuroo would be so protective?

Reaching the doors to the gym, you slid them open before slipping inside and turning your back around to close the gyms, but you didn’t hear the loud shouts directed towards you.

“Look out!”

Turning around, you were met with a fast flying ball directly hitting you in the face. Your hands immediately shot up to cover your nose and mouth as you bent down and screwed your eyes shut, trying not to focus on the pain.

“(Name)! Are you okay? Your face is all red!” Kuroo says as he helps you over towards the bench. Blinking away the glassiness of your eyes, you take your hands away from your face and sniff before looking down at your bloody hands.


“Her nose is bleeding! Someone bring me some napkins!” Kuroo shouts at the team as people scramble around to try to help or to calm themselves down from the accident. “Kuroo, I’m fine. You’re worrying too much.” You say muffled as you cover your face again. “(Name), your nose is bleeding, you’re not fine.”

As Kenma walks over with napkins, Kuroo thanks him before pulling your hands away from your face, cautiously wiping the blood away from your nose. “Does your nose hurt?” He asks as you take the napkins from his hands.

“Not really, it hurt more during the impact. A little sore, but I’m fine.” You reply with a thumbs up. Kuroo looks at you worriedly before standing up, “You’ll be okay?”

“Kuroo, I’m fine. Go and play so I can watch how handsome you are.” You joke as he gives you a smile, “I’ll show you just how handsome I can be.”


“(Name)! Help me!” Bokuto cries as he runs behind you as soon as you walk into the gym. Looking behind your shoulder at the multi-colored haired male, you turn to face your boyfriend who has a volleyball in hand, ready to throw it any second.

“What did you do this time?” You ask as you walk over to the bench to set your stuff down, Bokuto sticking behind you. “I spiked the ball at him…” A giggle escapes your lips as you look over at your boyfriend who had a deadly aura around him. “Keiji does dislike it when you spike at him.”

“He was right there! It’s not like I tried!” Bokuto shouts as he shuffles around to the front of you. “Whatever, someone’s going to have to get hit.” You joke as you hear Akaashi’s voice directed towards the man in front of you.

“Hey, Bokuto-san,” Bokuto turns around just to see the ball being spiked at him but his reflexes took the best of him and he dodged it, leaving you to get hit in the face. Your boyfriend might be a setter, but his spikes and serves were pretty top notch. “Akaashi! How could you!” Bokuto yells as he quickly catches you before you fall.

“Bokuto-san! You dodged!” Akaashi shouted back as he runs over to your side to examine your face, it was red from the impact but it didn’t look like he hit your nose. “I’m (Name)-san,” Akaashi says helping you up but you shake your head and smile, “It’s not your fault, and thankfully you got my cheek and not my nose.” You say, patting Akaashi’s arm lightly.

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Aw man, 2D said Murdoc would never hurt an actual animal (hence why he hurts 2D dressed as a fox) but in that recent interview Murdoc said he runs over animals and feeds them to guests at dinner :( I know he used to set cats on fire in the past, but I thought he'd changed his attitude towards that, or sumethin. :( Hope he doesn't run over Katsu! :0

Noooo, he said that was something he used to do in “the dark ages.” It sounds like he gets all his meals from Uber Eats now like a normal person. He’s a changed man! 😂

Y’know I don’t think I’ll ever get over my fear of driving. I always worry when I get behind the wheel something so stupid and dangerous will happen like this:

Driving instructor:

 “Ok we’re on a country road, miles away from traffic or people, no need to worry. Take your time and drive safely”

*puts foot on accelerator and crashes*

Driving instructor:

“somehow you managed to crash through a house, run over 3 cows………….and a mime……..that was pretending to be a cow.

  • NAME: thea
  • AGE: soon to be 28 (rip me)
  • TIME ZONE: pacific standard
  • PRONOUNS: she/her
  • FACES YOU LIKE: pocs mostly. specifically asians because i gotta represent. ryan potter, sung jin park, harry shum jr., pedro pascal, idris elba, riz ahmed, dev patel, and i’ve been thinking of reviving my obsession with using faces from japanese boy bands (don’t judge me for my sins)
  • PLOTS YOU’RE INTERESTED IN: anything tbh??? i’m a huge sucker for found families and couples that just should get together already but refuse to. conflicted villains, heroes with lots of skeletons in their closets, characters thrust into roles they weren’t ready for, general struggle and angst and anything that provides good character development.
  • 2 TRUTHS AND A LIE: i almost got run over by steve wozniak on a segway this weekend, one time i rode my bike to class even though it didn’t have the rubber tire things on the wheels, i have a sword that isn’t mine sitting next to my tv and it may be too late to return it to its rightful owner
  • YOUR SUPER HERO NAME: “i can’t believe you finished all that wine by yourself” woman
  • WHAT YOU’D LIKE TO SEE FROM US? awesome worldbuilding, chill people, and plots that i will inevitably cry about because i have a lot of feelings okay

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Could you do one of the little sister preferences for Eric? I loved the Dylan one.


-eric pushes you all the time when he’s trying to get places, when he’s running down the hallway he’ll push you into the wall

-he’ll pick you up whenever because you guys have fun conversations in the car, and the radio will play music he likes sometimes

-he helps you with your homework, and he sits and waits for you when you get angry, after a while when you sit down again he’ll continue to explain

-OMG always ruffling your hair EVERY DAY

-waiting for you to come home when you’re out late because he wants you to be safe and happy

-he’ll always ask if anybody harassed you at the parties you go to

-if anybody in the hallways picks on you, he runs over and starts to get into a verbal confrontation with them