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Okay I’ve seen this post floating around for a while now and I’ve never commented on it. I want to go ahead and say we should absolutely learn about Leopold as well, I’m not discrediting that fact. Both of them are mass murderers, and both should be discussed, and brought to light what they have done. 

What I don’t agree with here is the misinformation. 

First off, this is Leopold the second … Yet doesn’t indicate which one it is. Since this is not taught, one may assume it is the first. 

Secondly, these statistics are not correct. 

Hitler killed 

6,000,000 Jews
7,000,000 Soviet Civilians
3,000,000 Soviet prisoners
1,800,000 Non-Jewish Polish Civilians
312,000 Serb Civilians
250,000 Disabled in institutions
220,000 Roma (Gypsies)
1,900 Jehovah’s Witnesses
70,000 Repeat criminal offenders
An indeterminate amount of German political opponents and resistance activists
An indeterminate amount of Homosexuals

Not including this indeterminate number of people, that still equals 18,653,900. That’s 8,653,900 more than stated in the picture above. 

Leopold the 2nd 

Killed, murdered and cannibalized 10-15 million people. 

Both of these would be considered genocide, no matter how you look at it.  However, even the Wikipedia page for the History of genocides, never states the genocide that Leopold did in Congo. The reason is simple, Belgium had so much profit and benefits from his ruling over Congo that the name Leopold is never mentioned as a sadist, conquer or dictator. Leopold enforces his ruling with camps, execution, torture and molesting the people of Congo. He also had his private army in the country.

In the words of Marc Twain

Trying to show the world the savage that King Leopold II is, Mark Twain wrote a pamphlet in 1905, titling it “King Leopold’s Soliloguy”. The book was published in four languages, English, German, French and Italian. In the pamphlet, Twain used political satire to criticize Leopold and his rulling over the free state of Congo.

Twain mostly focused on the approach that King Leopold II considered himself to be a person sent by God to evangelize the state of Congo. Leopold claimed he did not use government money for his personal benefits, and that those claims are made by nonbelievers. His sole purpose was to bring Christianity to Congo, and anyone who criticizes him is doing blasphemy.

In the book, Mark Twain also mentions the massacre that Leopold made in 1899 by sending Zappo Zaps to collect taxes. Leopold claimed that his critics mention only the taxes he instituted on Congo, but never mention his role in bringing Christianity to the state.

There is also the fact that Leopold the second ruled  1865 – 1909, he took over Congo in 1908 (110 years ago) where as Hitler was far more recent from 1933 - 1945 (72 years ago) There are still people alive today who remember WWII. 

It’s absolutely bull shit, I think both should be taught and talked about … But unfortunately since one ultimately started an entire world war that was publicized world wide, and had pretty much every country involved, and involved many more deaths in battles other than the ones listed above, it’s far more well known. 

While I agree with the OP pic … I think facts should at least be right.