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Breakdown of all the Sizzy scenes from Season 2 Episode 17, "A Dark Reflection."

I first want to bring up this moment from episode 14 of Season 2. Izzy (to Clary): “Maybe you should give Simon some time.” Simon (to Clary later in the same episode): “I’m gonna need some time.” Isabelle knows Simon pretty well even though they don’t have many scenes together.

Here’s the link to the my reaction to their scenes from Episode 12 and it also contains another link to my breakdown from episode 7 of Season 2: https://banasiakj123.tumblr.com/post/162682877567/sizzy-scene-breakdown-of-season-2-episode-12-you 

Here’s a video link to all the Sizzy scenes from this episode: https://banasiakj123.tumblr.com/post/163391713087/stiles-martin-simon-and-izzy-scenes-in-2x17

So we have Simon playing a game of Hide-and-Seek with Max. You can seriously tell that Izzy is struggling with the fact that Max is growing up. And is it just me or does it seem like Isabelle and Simon seem like they are being parents to Max at Simon’s place in this particular scene? Simon allowing Max to do as he pleases because Max isn’t doing anything wrong and Izzy being super protective over Max. I think this is the closest you will get to see how Sizzy operate together as parents in the show at this point in time with this scene to back it up. Isabelle doesn’t want Max to die and Kaelie was so close to killing him in episode 13 (of Season 2.) 

Simon: “Izzy, we’ve been at this for hours. I think it’s time that we take a break.” Izzy: “Max is fine. Okay?” Simon (puts his right hand on Isabelle’s left shoulder): “It’s not Max that I’m worried about.” Just to be clear, you can see that Simon puts his hand on Isabelle’s right shoulder because from our perspective it’s from our right but from Izzy’s perspective, it’s definitely her left shoulder that Simon touches. I think that Simon allowing Isabelle to push Max so much for hours shows that he wants Isabelle to be happy. Frankly, I couldn’t do that for hours without stopping because I would get tired eventually and I would eventually need a break at some point. It also shows that Simon wants Max to get better as a shadowhunter and Simon wants to be the one to help Max do that. Simon also seems to be worried about Isabelle’s well-being and that shows that he really cares about her so he tries to cheer her up by taking her and Max to the Jade Wolf for some Chinese food.

Meanwhile at the Jade Wolf…

Simon: “Yeah. I definitely think that’s nuts that the Clave has little kids fighting demons, but you’re shadowhunters right? It’s not anything new.” Isabelle: “I’m still worried, you know? He’s my little brother-” Simon (interrupts): “I get it. But Izzy, when it’s all said and done. Isn’t this what Max was born to do? Like you?” First of all, I just want to say that Simon knows what it’s like to be the youngest sibling who is protected all the time because he has an older sister who has treated him in the past like how Isabelle is treating Max right now. Izzy is basically staring at Simon with her head in the palm of her hand with her elbow leaning up against the table when Simon is giving her advice on how he thinks she should handle Max like she admires Simon for the advice he’s giving her and we find out later that she does. Then, Simon brings up Star Wars which he’s really passionate about and Simon questions Izzy’s ability to train Max by teasing her that she doesn’t know anything about Star Wars and neither does Max. 

Then Simon accidentally runs into Maia…

Izzy (to Maia): “I don’t think we’ve actually met. I’m Isabelle Lightwood.” Maia (to Simon): “Are you taking her on a boat ride?” Simon: “What? No. No. Of course not. Izzy and I are friends. We’re helping her brother Max train and then we stopped to get a bite to eat.” Isabelle (to Simon while she flips her hair back): “Stop talking.” Simon (nervous): “That’s it.” Maia (awkwardly): “I will see you later.” Simon: “Yeah. See you later." 

This is the second time that Simon and Isabelle have been mistaken for a romantic couple. Maia thinks Simon was taking Izzy on a boat ride but he wasn’t. It’s no doubt that Maia like Rosa sees that Simon could be in a romantic relationship with Isabelle. Rosa ships them whereas Maia I don’t think hates the idea of Sizzy, I think she is focusing on her feelings for Simon instead of Simon’s feelings for Izzy because Maia has been hurting lately so she wants her pain to stop but Maia also knows that Simon just went through a really tough break up with Clary. The first time Sizzy was accidentally being mistaken for a romantic couple was in Episode 12 of Season 2 when Raphael’s sister Rosa Santiago thinks that they have already been married for a while. The writers are definitely dropping subtle hints on what’s in store for Sizzy later on in the series. Simon gets scared of Isabelle when she tells him to stop talking. Obviously, Simon trusts Maia but Isabelle doesn’t because she just met Maia. There is enough evidence on the show that Izzy with out a doubt trusts Simon 100%.  I think a boy needs a girl to scare him in order to keep him in check. Simon has NEVER once been scared of Clary because they have been best friends in like forever and because of Clary’s personality that anyone could see from a mile away and how she acts around him. Maia treats Simon similar to how Clary does except when it comes to the physical affection. Izzy treats Simon a whole lot different than the other two girls treat Simon. I won’t go into the details because that’s for another post. Isabelle doesn’t seem so shocked about her and Simon being mistakenly pointed out as a couple this time. She just steps back and looks at Simon while Simon says they are "just friends.” Izzy looks back at Maia and then at Simon and Izzy knows for sure that there is something unresolved between them.

Jade Wolf scene taken place outside…

Isabelle: “What was that?” Simon: “What?” Izzy: “That… in there. You and Maia.” Simon: “There is no me and Maia.” Izzy: “Okay, Simon you can’t possibly be that clueless. Okay. She likes you, it’s obvious.” Simon: “She doesn’t like me. When a girl likes you and you ask her out, most of the time she doesn’t say no.” Isabelle: “She didn’t tell you why?” Simon: “She just told me that she had a lot going on.” Isabelle: “There’s your problem. There’s obviously something going on that she’s not telling you.” Simon: “After the whole Seelie Court business, I’m done chasing girls who only want to be my friend.” Izzy (sighs): “I didn’t take you for a quitter.” Simon (teases): “Easy for you to say. When was the last time you got shot down?” Isabelle (teases back): “You’d be surprised.” There goes Simon flirting with Isabelle again and Izzy flirts back. I honestly think they don’t know that they are flirting but flirting comes so natural to them! Isabelle doesn’t think Simon is a quitter and she’s right! Simon is very persistent. This shows her understanding of Simon’s character which Isabelle adds so much texture to. We also get an indirect mention of Raphael because he shot Isabelle down when Isabelle wanted to continue their relationship in episode 14 of Season 2. Simon then tells Isabelle that he’s going to lay low and stick to the things that he’s good at. If it wasn’t obvious in episode 7 of Season 2 that Isabelle wants Simon to take a chance with Maia, well, it certainly is now. Isabelle is definitely interested in Simon’s love life, like she was in episode 7 of Season 2. Isabelle wants Simon to be happy and if getting him to admit his feelings to Maia and going out with Maia is going to make him happy, Isabelle is going to take that chance even though she doesn’t understand or even know that her motives are that she has genuine romantic feelings for Simon which means that she’s in love with him. So because Simon doesn’t take the initiative to tell Maia how he feels, Isabelle is going to play matchmaker again but this time, giving Maia the necessary push to ask Simon out for herself. 

I just want to bring out that couples who are pushed externally don’t last long. Studies have proven that couples that come together by themselves have a MUCH higher chance working out in the long run than a couple who is forcefully put together. 

Back in the Jade Wolf… (Even though there isn’t any direct interactions of Sizzy in this upcoming scene, Simon is the main focus of this particular conversation.)

Izzy (to Maia): “…This is about Simon.” Maia: “What about him?” Isabelle: “I want to know if you’re really not interested in him or just playing hard to get.” Maia: “Okay. I’m not playing anything and I’m sorry but how is this any of your business?” Izzy: “Simon’s my friend. He’s been there for me when I needed him.” Maia: “That’s awesome! If you don’t mind, I’m learning about Phytoplankton.” Isabelle: “Who was he?” Maia: “Hmm?” Izzy: “The guy who broke your heart? Who was he?” Maia: “Well he’s not Jace if that’s what you’re asking.” Isabelle: “Wait. You and Jace?” Maia: “True story. It was fun, nothing more.” Izzy: “But someone hurt you, someone who meant a lot. We’ve all been there. Me. Simon. It doesn’t mean you should stop trying.” Maia: “Who do you think you are coming in here and talking to me about heartbreak? You don’t know anything about me.” Isabelle: “You’re right but I know Simon. And he’s smart, sweet, caring-” Maia (annoyed and interrupts): “You think I don’t know that? Maybe you have it all figured out but I lost control once and I’m not going to do it again.” Izzy: “Losing control sucks. I know that better than anyone but it’s a hell of a lot better than not taking a chance at all. Nice to meet you, Maia." 

Like I said earlier Isabelle wants Simon to be happy because she really cares about him. I think that she’s aware that she cares about Simon and that she has feelings for Simon but I don’t think she knows yet that she has romantic feelings for Simon and that she’s in love with him. I totally see Izzy falling for Simon first before Simon falls for Izzy and this scene has convinced me of such reasoning! Look at Isabelle’s face when she mentions all the things she likes about Simon. That folks right there is confirmation to me that Isabelle is in love with Simon and if you can’t see it or choose not to see it or because you just don’t like Sizzy, well, I don’t know how else I can convince you. I mean she mentioned that Simon is smart, sweet and caring but she mentioned something else that wasn’t directly mentioned. Do you know what it was? I’ll let Izzy answer that question. Izzy: "Simon’s my friend. He’s been there for me when I needed him.” Loyalty was the answer. I think Isabelle admires how loyal Simon is and that is what she admires the most about him as a person. Even Jace said that Simon is loyal in episode 14 of Season 2. Isabelle knows what losing control can bring (i.e. Yin Fen) but I think she is happy that she at least tried to fight for love with Raphael even though he completely turned her down. Isabelle also knows that the pain of losing something can make you stronger. I mean seriously! Izzy looked like crap in episode 10 and 11 of Season 2 but now she’s better than ever and has made a speedy recovery with much progress. So sure, even though Maia won’t be in a romantic relationship forever with Simon, I think the mistakes that they learn in their relationship now and the ones that they made in their previous relationships before will help prepare them for the relationships that are worthwhile in the end (for Simon it will be Izzy and with Maia, it will be with whoever she dates after she dates Simon.)

Boo Bear’s Babe - Alfie Solomons Fan Fic:  Alfie x Alyona


This prompt grew out of several conversations with others here.   Honestly I just miss these two and enjoy little peeks into their life every now and then.  I hope you do too.

Alfie and a very pregnant Alyona… nearing the end and she’s uncomfortable. The dog is glued to her all day, over protecting to the max.  She can’t walk without waddling and her feet are swollen so much her shoes don’t fit.   Alfie gets her a warm bath then promises a nice massage after.   He takes a meeting while she soaks, and unknown to that fact, she interrupts all wrapped in his bathrobe. Imagine if she called him Boo Bear in front of someone like Thomas Shelby?!!   She gets her massage and some fresh toe polish in the end because Alfie is man enough - LOL.    All fluffy feels on this one because we miss nurse maid Alfie.

@brinabear458 - it happened!  LOL

Boo Bear’s Babe

Alyona leaned her heavy bulk back against the cushions hoping to relieve the knotted pain in her lower back. The tea cup rattled upon her swollen belly and she frowned down at its empty contents.   Never did she imagine that getting oneself a simple cup of tea would become such an arduous task.   She shifted uncomfortably as a heel, or maybe a hand, or who knows what given it was Alfie’s Solomons baby growing inside and it probably already had a temper, pressed painfully into her side.   Sighing deeply she stretched her legs forth upon the window seat and gazed out across the backyard gardens.  A more beautiful sight even with its slow decay under the cooler months of Fall than her swollen ankles.   She winced as a kick landed on some internal organ and the dog woofed softly as it gazed up at her from his sentinel spot on the floor.  Boots hadn’t left her side in months.  Even raising a growl at Alfie once when he lost his temper over an important piece of paperwork she had misplaced.  Alfie had glowered at the audacity of the mutt, long finger pointing while Boots ears lay back on his head and he stood his guard at Alyona’s feet.

“Ah is that right ya fuckin ingrate?  I take in yer flea covered and bitten arse and ya growls at me?”   The dog gazed up with fierce devotion at Alyona and then stamped one of his white booted feet as it gazed back at Alfie.   “Listen Booties, ya can find yer well fed arse back on the street…”

Alyona’s sharp “Alfie.. he’s a dog.  He’s just doing what he’s supposed to do.” cut off his tirade.

Alfie eyed her sharply. “Yeah, what’s that then?”

She laughed softly.   “Protecting the fair maiden from the loud and mean ogre.”

His breath exhaled in a soft curse, but she saw his face soften gradually as he considered the dog perched protectively at her feet.  His tone softened considerably.

“Alright then, that’s a good dog then.  Ya protect yer ma like a good mutt.”  He squatted down and Boots immediately came over for a pet.   “But officially ya ever growl at me again…”

“Alfie, no.”

Alfie raised his gaze to catch the slow shaking of her head, then with a soft grumble slowly stood and sauntered off into some other place in the house, mumbling about being fuckin outnumbered in me own home.   Alyona eased her expanding girth into the window seat and shared her biscuit with an adoring and grateful Boots.  

Pulled back to the present, she glanced down at the dog still committed to his guard duties, noting the crumbs that covered his fur from their shared biscuit.   A terrible habit she was sure they were both going to have trouble breaking once this baby was finally out.  And boy was she ready for it to be OUT!  

“Only a couple of weeks now Boots, and ya’ll have another precious one to guard.”   The dog’s tail thumped upon the floor and its eyes shone with complete adoration at the lady of the house.   Slowly he raised and nuzzled his wet nose along her wide belly, as if prompting this new thing to come forth immediately.   Alyona laughed softly and patted his head.

“Oh if only that would work Boots.”  She glanced at the clock on the counter to see how much longer before Alfie would be due home.   Then lay back again upon the cushions, the empty cup and saucer perfectly balanced.   “If only it were that easy.”

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Lightwood-Bane Headcannons

* Rafael is super protective over Max

* Max will prank people with his magic that talk smack about his brother

* Rafael teaches Max how to fight so he doesn’t have to use magic to defined himself all the time.

* Max knows a glitter spell and uses it on Rafael for his first date

* Max and Rafael will talk in Spanish to each other 

* Rafael made Max a stele that looks like his because he really wanted one like his older brother.

* On Rafael’s first demon hunt by himself Max followed to make sure he was safe.

* Rafael got in trouble and Max jumped out from the shadows saving him.

* Both of them are sass masters ( I mean have you met their parents. ) 

* When Rafael gets upset he starts baking. “ Bro why is their a bunch of cakes on the table?” “ Just eat it Max!” 

* Max is shy at first but once you get to know him you start to understand why he is a Bane. 

* Both Lightwood-Bane brothers have gotten kicked out of school because they have gotten into fights about having two dads

* Alec then proceeded to buy them ice cream

* Both brothers are close to each other.

* Pranks war often happen in the loft.

* Never mess with the Lightwood-Bane siblings unless you want to die.  

LiS fandom after Warren takes the photo and possibly stops Chloe’s death: Warren is the best! I’ve always liked him, he’s so sweet and protective over Max, such a good friend :)))


1. Chloe knows all of Max’s sensitive spots. ALL of them.

2. Max is a great cuddler.

3. Chloe and Max love ballpits.

4. Max likes wearing Chloe’s hoodies.

5. Max has a thing for Chloe’s scent.

6. Chloe carries Max when she is tired.

7. Max is Chloe’s trophy and she likes to rub that in people’s faces. Specifically Warrens.

8. Chloe is protective over Max.

9. Max and Chloe love to binge on Netflix when they’re alone.

10. Chloe always insists on paying.

11. People don’t pick on Max now because they know that Chloe will most likely murder them.

12. Max loves cuddling with Chloe.

13. Max loves spending time with Chloe.

14. They’ll both try and sneak kisses with each other when no one is looking.

15. It’s all fun and games until someone does something that involves hurting Chloe. Max may not look much but she can break an arm or two when it comes down to it.

16. Chloe will always compliment Max.

17. Max and Chloe love building forts and they’ll spend hours in them exchanging kisses, cuddles, compliments, cheesy remarks, puns, pick up lines and etc.

18. Max loves taking pictures of Chloe.

19. When Max is sick, Chloe will do anything to help her feel better again.

20. When either one of them is feeling down, the other will do anything in their power to help their partner.

*They’re bonded for life. It can’t be changed.*