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Aaron and alex totally meet because alex is doing something weird and Aaron is like "what the hell". Like it's probably midnight and they're both in a grocery store (Aaron cause he was craving ice cream and Alexander because he promised Lafayette that he would buy butter and he forgot until now) so they're both checking out and only one line is open because it's midnight and all Aaron can think is how weird the person in front of him is because he's buying 10 packs of butter

This is great

Like imagine Laf having told Alex over and over again that they’re out of butter and Alex keeps promising he’ll get some, but he always forgets. So one day Laf just puts hundreds of sticky-notes around the apartment that just say “BUTTER” and Alex just gets so mad cause the sticky-notes are legit everywhere. Plus Laf probably pulls some asshole move where he drinks all the coffee, knowing it will piss Alex off enough to go buy the butter.

So, being the annoying little shit that he is, Alex goes to the grocery and buys like 20 things of butter to fill the refrigerator with. And the person at the register is giving him the weirdest looks and Alex is just like, whatever, but then he turns to see this guy clutching two things of ice cream to his chest, also giving him a weird look, and Alex asks what he’s staring at.

And Aaron, who really had just wanted to quickly buy some ice cream, is just thinking to himself, why did I have to get stuck behind this crazy butter man? He does his best to just casually say that he’s never seen someone buy so much butter, and the guy shrugs, saying that Aaron has no right to talk, since he’s the one buying two tubs of ice cream at midnight.

And of course Aaron gets offended by that, cause who is this guy? What does he know about Aaron’s life? It had been a long week, and Aaron just really wanted some ice cream, and fuck this guy for making him feel guilty. So Aaron argues that it’s normal for people to buy ice cream, and it’s much less normal for someone to buy twenty sticks of butter. 

Then, without either of them realizing it, they both start laughing, cause wow, it’s midnight in a practically empty grocery store and they are having what is probably the most ridiculous argument to ever occur in a grocery store.

They both finish checking out, and then Alex is telling the whole story about the sticky-notes and the coffee to Aaron, who laughs the whole time, and Alex can’t help but think that the guy has a nice laugh. Before he can stop himself, Alex is asking Aaron if they could do this again sometime.

And Aaron is really confused at first. Alex wants to meet at a grocery store and argue with each other? But then Alex is laughing, saying that he meant could they meet up and talk. He gives Aaron a smile and says that he’ll even take Aaron out for ice cream if he wants to. Aaron says yes, and they exchange numbers.

So Alex goes home, smiling to himself as he puts all 20 sticks of butter into the fridge. Half the reason he’s smiling is because he scored a date with a pretty great guy, but the other reason is knowing that it will be hilarious to wake up to the sound of Laf screaming in frustration when he opens the fridge in the morning.  

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hi! i was just wondering if you had an writing tips?

  • first and foremost, learn to trust your gut. sit down and write whatever comes to mind. if you start going in a direction you were anticipating, follow it. TRUST. YOUR. GUT. literally, learning to embrace your natural instincts when you’re sitting down to write is going to be more beneficial to you than following out a plan point by point.
  • STILL: have a bit of a plan. have an idea of where you want to go. give your characters a goal, then let them show you how they’re going to get there. so much of my stories have changed the second i let the characters take control; and it makes them better. it adds dimension to your character and purpose to their plot.
  • GET TO KNOW YOUR CHARACTERS. these are your babies, my dudes, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with them. have flat characters. have round characters. have characters that have struggled immensely. have characters that have never struggled. vary your characters and learn to love them. when you love them, you are more determined to do right by them.
  • read!! read read read. i cannot stress this enough. you will never get anywhere trying to write if you don’t allow yourself to read the works of other people. take inspiration from them. take notes. find out what about the writing makes your favorite story your favorite. read for enjoying. read for studying. read for writing.
  • never stop writing. don’t let a day go by without putting a thought down somewhere. write 5000 words or write 5, but just put something down. i have over two hundred notes on my phone of ideas that have come to mind, phrases i’ve used later when i have more time to write, story ideas and plot points and character designs, or quotes that inspire me. i have over one hundred documents on my computer filled with random spouts of story. one day i’ll get to them; or maybe i won’t. the important thing is i’m not allowing myself to stop writing, because i have a personal goal to improve constantly and i will never reach that if i stop. try to write every day you can. even if it’s just a sentence. especially if it’s just a sentence.
  • LET YOURSELF TAKE CRITICISM - as long as it’s constructive. share your works with people. accept their compliments, ask them what you need to change. let other people help you or just ask them to shower you in compliments. you’re an artist, and art deserves to be shared. accept criticism; but if you are proud in something you’ve created don’t let anyone tell you that it’s bad. you’ve worked hard and you’ve earned that pride. the only criticism you have to take is the criticism that you deem beneficial to you.
  • experiment in different writing styles. find what works for you. don’t limit yourself to one style of writing because it’s something you enjoy reading. that doesn’t make it your style. find what works, try new things, learn and grow.
  • don’t be afraid of rewrites. sometimes you get it right on the first draft, sometimes you get it right on the fifteenth. don’t be afraid to take a scene and introduce a different circumstance and see where that takes you. explore your story, write pointless scenes about your characters. they may not make it into the final draft, but they’ll teach you.
  • WRITE FOR YOU! this is so important. we write with the intention that one day it will be shared, but writing for other people does not benefit you at all. i wrote many, many fics before i finally realized this. the second i started writing for myself? i gained popularity. my most popular fic started out as pure indulgence because it was something i wanted to see. writing for yourself means that no matter how the work is received, critiqued, reviewed, or read, you are proud of it. you created that thing - be proud. write for yourself.

This is the most important one: let yourself be a bad writer. let yourself be a great writer. JUST BE A WRITER. take pride in anything you create, good or bad. i once wrote 400 pages of a novel that was getting published, before i realized it wasn’t my best writing and i backed out. i look back on that writing now and it’s pretty terrible - i’ve come a long way from where i was. but never for a second have i regretted a single one of those 400 pages. you learn from your writing. you learn from your mistakes. you learn from your triumphs. come to the understanding that writing is a process that has to constantly evolve, and that your style is going to improve as long as you keep working on it. some of the stuff you write is going to be bad. laugh at it. love it anyway. learn from it.

writing is gritty and wonderful and stressful and gorgeous. and it’s a process. but if you let yourself love it, and if you learn to adapt alongside the process, then it’s one of the greatest things you’ll ever be able to do.

Dating Woozi

~Since I got over one hundred notes on the Vernon one in a little over 24 hours~

~ Days off spent goofing off and watching comedy movies together 


~ Watching him stress over the work load but constantly having you on his mind

~ He can get serious at times but he’s literally the biggest softie 

~ Would probably cry if you broke up with him 

~ Then would come to your house everyday with your favorite flowers until you forgive him

~ The jokes you would have

“Hey babe?”


“You make me Woozi.” 


~ He also seems like he would want to nonstop show you off and take you EVERYWHERE with him

~ Has puppy dog eyes every time you let go of his hand tbh

~ He would drive the other members crazy with how much he talks about you and the plans for the next date


~ His giggle would be actual music to your ears

~ Nights that he can’t see you he would call you and sing you to sleep through the phone 

~ Casual butt grabs every once in a while

~ Cute Romantic make out sessions would be a dream


~ Going to one of Seventeen’s concerts and he plans to take you and the guys out to eat after

~ He’s like the glue that keeps Seventeen together, our precious Jihoon 

Okay, but like, how much food does the FAHC have to keep in the penthouse? Cause like consider: There’s usually at least 6 or 7 of them at all times, often with guests and other members coming over all the time. That’s a lot of fucking food. 

  • There would be a ton of take out and going out and stuff
  • But also box after box of pancake mix
  • Geoff buys three boxes of Lucky Charms every week and they are always gone by Wednesday. 
  • On top of the Lucky Charms are Cheerios, Captain Crunch, Raisin Bran (Jack), and whatever else is put on The List that week
  • There are no Coco Puffs. 
  • Gavin doesn’t like to talk about it.
  • On top of that there are pop-tarts, juice by the gallon, sausage, eggs, the works
  • Lunch meats and sandwich stuff fill the fridge
  • There are so many different types of chips and pretzels and snack foods in that one apartment that at the beginning of the week it looks like a convenience store.
  • There’s, of course, ingredients for whatever family meals Geoff has planned out that includes steak and potatoes, barbecue, pasta and sauce, etc. 
  • There’s lots of fruit because everyone will eat some so long as Jack cuts it up and puts it out. Rarely will anyone eat any if it’s just there.
  • Vegetables…. are another story.
  • Geoff, Michael, Gavin, and sometimes even Ryan will turn them down, claiming that they did not get this far in life to be force fed carrots
  • Ray eats what is in front of him. 
  • Ray is an endless vacuum of a human being who does not complain at all ever when provided with free food.
  • Michael is pickier, but eats just about as much and is never one to turn down a food related challenge
  • Gavin is the pickiest of them all, but what he does like he’ll eat a lot of
  • Ryan’s not too picky, but he’s more conscientious about what he eats than the lads are, not one to devour an entire bag of Doritos in five seconds flat
  • Jeremy is Ray’s biggest contender, but actually eats neatly and, like Ryan, is a bit less willing to shove just anything in his gob, though he’s more partial to snack foods than Ryan is
  • Jack likes to watch what she eats and make everyone healthy snacks. She also likes to secretly eat any left overs (rare occasion) and other treats as 2 AM snacks on a regular basis. 
  • Geoff likes his own cooking and eats like a regular human being instead of like the animals that have clearly invaded his home and taken to eating all of his fucking food
  • There is a universally accepted rule that if you put a sticky note on something saying it’s yours, it’s yours and no one is allowed to touch it
  • Absolutely everyone has agreed to this rule
  • Absolutely no one follows this rule
  • Absolutely everyone gets pissed off when the rule is broken despite having broken it a hundred times themselves
  • At the end of the day, if you want something to be purchased on Jack and Geoff’s weekly grocery run you put it on The List
  • The List is god
  • If it is not on The List Geoff isn’t buying it
  • If it’s not specific enough, Geoff isn’t buying it
  • If Geoff thinks you shouldn’t have it, regardless of being on The List or not, you will not get it
  • It’s a regular punishment to have to bring all of the groceries up yourself if you’ve done something especially shitty that week
  • Gavin and Michael get that privilege more often than not
#BlackInFanfiction MCU Masterpost

A lovingly crafted masterpost of (some) MCU fanfiction that prominently and positively features Black characters!

Most of these are by Black writers, all of them are good (Please don’t freak out about the non-black authors. I had to fill in some empty spots and I read them all myself). 

To all the Black nerds reading this, I hope this inspires you to write your own fic, create your own oc, come up with your own au. The MCU could always use more beautiful Blackness. Our lives are rich, wonderful, and colorful; our stories deserve to be told our way.

Don’t forget to leave comments and kudos on your favorites! Draw fanart! Show some love! Black authors/stories tend to not get much so… help a brotha/sista/nonbinary sibling out!

Reblog + add your own recs/favorite Black authors if you have any that didn’t make it on the list :)

Thanks for the support and submissions and thanks for waiting as long as you have, even when we had hiccups <3

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Just a friendly reminder. Do not remove artist information on my work, or any art you come across on the internet. Always credit artists.

This has always been an issue, and every once in awhile I feel like addressing it. While I can’t possibly go through every post and see that everyone who reblogs my work is leaving artist information intact, if I see you remove it, I will send along a simple message. 

“Please don’t remove artist information when reblogging”

I’m sure a few of you have seen this message, and just want everyone to know it’s nothing personal, it’s not an attack, it’s just a simple request. Please don’t remove artist links, or save and repost artwork with no way to find the original artist. This is way more damaging then you probably realize to artists. I’ve had people find me on Instagram and Etsy, and say “I finally found you!” because people reposted my work without credit or permission. I’ve also had people have my work tattooed on their body and stumble across more of my work and realize the design was stolen.

This is such a huge issue on Tumblr, and almost makes me want to leave the platform altogether. Recently one of my older posts from October of 2015 got reblogged without my artist information, and went from a few hundred to 12,000+ notes in a few days. I can’t help but think how much more traffic my Etsy may have gotten, or how many people could have found me on other social media sites if the links were left on the post. 

Also the image on this post is one of the more “milder” responses I’ve seen over the years. If an original artist comes to you like this, don’t be rude. There’s no need for it, and you’re blogs “aesthetic” with cat gifs and random shit posts is not a valid reason to not credit artists.

Thanks for reading, thanks for following, and all the support over the years everyone! We’re hitting day 1000 on Monday which is amazing! 



We’re Looking For Something Dumb To Do

Summary: The Bartender!Bellarke series you didn’t realize you needed.
Rating: T, for this chapter (language) | E rating overall

Now over on AO3 under the title “Hey Bartender”!

Author’s Note: We time jumped! Aaaand we’ve got more fluff. I’ve been kind of in a funk with my writing, so I decided I needed some drabble, fluffy Bellarke to get me out of it. Hope you enjoy! Again, thank you so much for all the support this story gets! It means so much!

Night Nine Hundred and Sixty-One: Sweetheart

I’m going to be late because Miller is a dick.

She barely finishes her text before the very man she’s talking about pops up on her screen with a goofy lopsided grin and Monty leaning into his chest.  The picture is from last Fourth of July at the bar; the memory makes her smile, but he makes her want to scream right about now.

“Are you on your way?” He doesn’t even bother with a greeting and she has to roll her eyes toward the sky.  Sometimes she misses when they were nothing more than friendly acquaintances.

“Please tell me again why Lincoln or Murphy couldn’t swing by and do this?” Clarke complains, walking down the sideway toward the bar. “Better yet, why the hell are you having kegs delivered on a Sunday?  What company even does that?”

“Lincoln is out of town with Octavia for the weekend and Murphy’s not answering his phone —“

“So you called me?  Send Monty!  Or hell, here’s a novel idea: come down here yourself!”

“I owe you, Clarke.” He says a little too calmly.

“Yeah.  I want a raise.” She demands, reaching into her pocket for her keys.

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ruin my rep: c.h. (pt. 2)

an: the first part of this got over one hundred notes! THANK YOU SO MUCH! a lot of ppl wanted a second part. i hope you guys like it, you can request a part three to this or anything you want in my ask box:) i hope this meets ur guys’ expectations and i hope u guys want me to continue this little series!!

part one

part three

it had been five days since calum and you were paired up and to say things were going terribly was an understatement. he did everything in his power to embarrass, annoy and upset you. it was working to say the least. but your plan, however, would take more strategizing and precise decisions. the only person you trusted enough to help you with your little mission was your roommate, jaylee.

“calum hood, huh? what’re the odds.” she laughs. she sat on her bed next to yours with her legs crisscrossed. you shook your head as your pencil scratched the last answer to your homework on a piece of paper.

“the odds are like five hundred to one. lucky me.” you shoved the book and paper into your bag and threw it next to the door. you let your back slam onto the soft mattress as a sigh came from your lips.

“what’s your plan? switching majors? because forensic anthropology is weird and totally not a plus for dating. what happens when you go on a date? ‘oh, my name’s y/n and i work with dead people’s bones!’ is that what you’re going to say? look, i love you to death but thats creepy.” jaylee rambled, playing with her thick blonde hair that you envied. she always poked fun and was really grossed out about your major, but you didn’t really care.

“no, that’s not an option. i need your help devising a little…plan.” you turned so you were facing her, propping your elbow up and laying your head on your hand. you gave her the best smile you could muster.

her eyes lit up. “ooh, and you want my help?”

you nodded your head. “i need it. he deserves all that’s coming to him. i trust that our talk won’t leave this room?”

she bobbed her head up and down. “this will take time, y/n. you can’t jump in right away.”

you knew that of course. calum hood was like a snake. unpredictable and dangerous when not handled properly. lucky for you, you’d handled snakes before.

“what’s the first step?” you said eagerly.

“step one: make yourself known to his friends. make sure they know you’re apart of his life now. make sure they know you’re here to stay.” she giggled evilly. your phone rang, interrupting your little conversation. you looked at the time: 4:15. that meant in fifteen minutes when you walked into the human anatomy lecture, step one would be in effect.

“gotta go. lecture starts in fifteen.” you jumped from your bed with a smile on your face and headed for the door.

“wait, what was your main end goal again?” jaylee pondered out loud. you chuckled to yourself, loving this new evil side of you.

“to make him pay for everything he’s done wrong.”

(calums pov kinda)

calum sat in his room at his frat house, smoking a cigarette with luke. they were just talking about random thing when the subject of you came up.

“whoa wait, y/n y/l/n?” luke bellowed, pushing his cigarette into the tray. he slouched against calums bed post and looked up at the ceiling. “you’ve got to mess with her some how.”

calum laughed at luke as he took a drag of his cigarette. “it won’t work, she hates me and i hate her. we can barely stand each other.” he puffed out the smoke, making little rings with his tongue.

“make her like you.” luke said matter of factly. calum shook his head once more. luke just wouldn’t understand how much you too hated each other.

“won’t work.” he sighed. “i do want to mess with her, though.

luke clicked his tongue as they both pondered for ideas to ruin your life. a lightbulb went off in his head. "let’s make a bet. if you can get y/n to fall in love with you by the end of the semester, ill wire one million dollars into your bank account.”

calum’s jaw dropped. not because of the whole money thing, the trust fund he was living off of was ten times that amount, but the y/n falling in love with him thing wasn’t too pleasing. but he was competitive. he was determined. “i’m not sure, luke. it’s y/n we’re talking about for gods sakes.”

luke shrugged his shoulders. “twenty million says you can’t get y/n to sleep with you. you talk a lot of game, calum hood. it’s time that practice to the test.” calum nearly choked when he heard the amount that rolled off luke’s tongue. if calum was considered one of the most wealthiest men in the country, then luke must have been more rich than calum could’ve ever imagined.

calum smiled widely. “it’s game time, hemmings.”

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I threw a bag of dog shit at neighbors house in act of rage left a note that said fuck you pay me on their front door, now the neighbor won't talk to my dad but I think they know it was me, its always little situations like this that fuck me over, my dad said he's talking to him tomorrow I'm pbbly goin to get in trouble which gets me even more frustrated but idk, enlighten me for real, lime help me spit out some words of wisdom😣😣😣 to top it off i love my boyfriend but im such a bitch idk

“If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape one hundred days of sorrow.” ~ Chinese Proverb

If your acts of rage are leading you to leave crazy notes and throw shit at neighbors’ dwellings, you’re already in trouble. 

This is not a little situation. This is the birth of confusion. How you approach your current challenges may set the tone for the way you handle them for the rest of your life. 

Are you going to be as petty and small as your anger? Or are you going to aspire to uncover something within that is much more profound, encompassing, and electrifying than egoic bitch fits?

You are not a bad person. You are not inherently damaged, wrong, or something that needs to be fixed. You are living in confusion. 

What’s more, you’ve lost touch with your heart. With love and kindness, not only toward others but also toward yourself. 

Your actions, your perceptions, and your desires are all in contradiction. Instinct may tell you to run away, forget about it, smooth things over, or do anything to make it go away. And yet you’ll just find yourself in similar situations again and again until you address the problematic confusion within that is the source of your thoughts and actions. 

Seeing a therapist regularly could provide a helpful environment for examining these difficulties. I spent a year seeing a therapist when I was around your age and it was very helpful. On top of that, the book The Places That Scare You by Pema Chodron will be very helpful in teaching you how to root out your own bullshit and neurosis from within. 

You can definitely do it. And what’s more, you’ll discover yourself to have incredible capabilities. But no one else can heal you, no one else can pull the thorns from your psyche. You must be the one to recognize the necessity, seek the effective means for change, and implement them. 

When you really take a moment to think about it, you’ll realize you have no other choice. Either heal or keep playing out your cycles of confusion undulating between confused suffering and confused pleasure. 

Namaste sis. May you rediscover the peace within that is your birthright.