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Fan-Made Content Crediting: Proper vs. Full & Proper

You’ve probably seen or even wrote one of the many posts and asks and tags repeated over and over in the BTS tumblr fandom about how important it is to follow fansite’s policies when reposting, editing, and referencing fantaken photos. Fansites still don’t receive “proper attribution” and other fan-made content, such as translations, get swept to the side completely; even though they’re also used to make graphics, art, and gifs. Despite how very verbally adamant our fandom is about crediting and respecting our artists, we do not meet proper crediting standards.

Below the cut I will describe what I consider the difference is between proper and full and proper crediting for all fan-made content and explain why we should give credit to this extent. An outline for what full and proper attribution looks like is listed above the cut for greater visibility.

As viewers, when you see work that doesn’t fulfill at least the majority of the points (proper, but not full, attribution) kindly and preferably privately notify them why they should. As creators, if you didn’t properly attribute creators before, you can do just that from now on. I do not want a witch hunt or to be used for someone’s agenda to punish individual blogs if this post gains traction. We, as a community, have this issue. We have been and are bystanders to it too. I simply want all of us to take responsibility for our actions and change them to reflect our new understanding of crediting and respect for artists.

Full & proper attribution when using fan-made content in your own original content includes…

for fantaken photos used in graphics or as art references…

  • using ©, cr, credit, ref, reference, (whichever is more appropriate), other descriptor, or the fansite’s name as the link in the post’s caption
  • linking to the fansite’s Twitter or Tistory
    • if closed, link a platform that was not deleted or the original photo posted on an fyeah that has full proper credit 
  • typing out the fansite’s full name (ex. Meant to V), especially if closed
  • following the fansite’s specific editing and reposting policies whether active or closed

for fan-made translations used in gifs, graphics, art, etc…

  • using ©, cr, credit, trans, translation, lyrics, other descriptor, or the translator’s account name as the link in the post’s caption
  • linking to the specific translation post
    • if post can not be found, link their Twitter or direct mention Tumblr
  • following the translator’s specific policies whether active or closed, especially if that includes no reposting

for all fan-made content used as inspiration…

  • using ©, insp, inspired by, content’s name, idea/alternate universe “reference” name, other descriptor, or creator’s username as the link
  • linking to the specific work on the creator’s blog or most used platform
  • share with the creator your post’s link and/or direct mentioning the creator’s Tumblr in the post
  • following the creator’s specific policies about inspiration use and credit
    • contact creator if they do not have a policy available

General respectful behavior for content includes not reposting or editing; leaving original content creator’s captions intact; not adding self-promos when reblogging; properly crediting when using works as icons, headers, in sidebars, etc; and following the creator’s terms of use.

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