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Okay so... Bitter Sunday. Can we have some Teen!Tony? Some Howard/Tony argument? I feel like there's so little direct interaction between the two, we often only learn about their relationship through Tony's comments or meta analysis of stuff. How about some over-dramatic teen bitterness?

 “You’re not coming,” Tony interrupts his father’s rant. He’s–not surprised, but that doesn’t make it any easier to swallow. “You’re not coming to my graduation.”

His voice sounds odd, even to his own ears. He swallows again but it doesn’t help. Feels more like he’s choking than anything else.

There’s the harsh exhale that he’s oh so familiar with, and though the telephone barely conveys the sound, Tony can picture the exasperation on his father’s expression as clear as day in his mind. It shouldn’t doesn’t hurt.

“Son,” Howard growls lowly and Tony knows what he’s going to say, what he always says but–he can’t handle it, can’t quietly and obediently listen as is expected of him. Not today.

“I understand,” he interrupts quickly, talks way too fast because if he doesn’t he’ll start screaming, “the company comes first.”

There is too much bitterness in those words but Tony is powerless to suppress it. The company comes always first. And he understands how important it is, that there are people relying on his father, that his work is important, but at times like these it still feels like an excuse, like being second.

He hangs up before the stupid ache in his heart makes him reveal anything else. It doesn’t help.

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Ooooh tell us about your girl?? U go Blake! :D

uhmm okay here goes 

She has wavy brown hair and is like 8 inches taller than me (rip). She loves jellyfish, dogs, flowers, and coffee. We’re both introverted, artistic firespinners majoring in neuroscience. I like how considerate of others she is, the spontaneity of her creativity, and the way the corners of her mouth dimple when she smiles.

Lance and Keef

Lance and Keith just talking about space stuff and what not
Lance, touches Keith’s shoulder: Ouch!
Keith: What?! Are you okay?!
Lance, standing up: One moment
A few minutes later
Lance, comes back with an oven mit on: Ok
Keith: ???
Lance, touches Keith’s shoulder again: that’s better
Keith: what are you talking about?
Lance: sorry I had to grab an over mit because your too hot to handle
Keith, under his breath: Oh my-

😊Easter Bunny Blurb (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Grayson’s sick :( so E fills in as the Easter bunny.

Warnings: Mentions of daddy but nothing to fret about

A/N: Sorry I’m posting this so late but I hope you guys like it! Requests are opened!

Originally posted by thedolangifs

“Y/N on a scale of 1 to 10 how stupid do I look?” I turned around from counting Easter eggs to see my lovely boyfriend dressed up as the Easter bunny. He was wearing the full gear head to toe. I stifled a laugh to protect Ethan’s feelings. “Go ahead and laugh.” I slowly walk up to him and lift his rabbit head up and give him a soft peck on the lips. His large hands wrap around pulling me into his soft rabbit fur.

“Ugh Ethan stop it’s hot.” I said pushing him away. He slides his head back on.

“Yeah that’s because of you.” Ethan’s voice is muffled in the large rabbit head. I rolled my eyes and walk back towards the eggs. I bend down and grab two garbage bags full and I turned to Ethan. “I hate this.” Ethan muffles. I walk over to him and kiss his pink nose.

“I think it’s cute you volunteered to be the Easter bunny this year since Gray is feeling sick.” I hold the sacks out and his large mitts take them from me almost dropping one sack.

“Yeah yeah I only agreed so we can have the place to ourselves tonight. I miss my babygirl.” Ethan says as he attempts to get a better grip on the bags. I will admit, Ethan and I haven’t had alone time in so long that I craved his touch. I miss lying on his bare chest listening to his steady breathing as we watched Netflix.

“I miss my daddy.” I said as I give him a kiss on his cheek.

“No no I want a real kiss after you said that.” Ethan says pulling the rabbit head all the way off. I laughed as he sets the bags down and grabs my waist with both his hands pushing my back against the wall as his lips attach to mine roughly. I kiss back with the same amount of force as he pushes harder into me. Soon Ethan pulls away from me. Which is a good thing because I know how Ethan can get.

“Go set the eggs out.” I said pushing him back, but he pulls me into him give me a soft kiss which lingers.

“I’ll see you later babe.” He says putting his headgear back on. We walk out of the closet to see Cam and Lisa in the kitchen making dinner.

“Hey you guys! E go hide the eggs! The kids are going to wake up from their naps any minute now. The big gifts are in the back of my car make sure you hand those out.” Lisa shoos Ethan and he goes outside. “Y/N do you want to set the table?” I nodded grabbing plates and silverware.

After about ten minutes I decided to go outside and check on Ethan. Lisa and Cam were going to wake the kids up from their naps so I wanted to make sure Ethan did everything he was supposed to. When I get outside I see all of the kids grabbing eggs and a giant bunny in the middle of the field. I smiled when I remembered that was my boyfriend. He was hopping around and handing the kids stuffed animals and he was helping the really really little kids find the eggs. I was amused to just sit here and watch him with these children. He looked up from one of the kids and looked to me, giving me a wave. I blew him back a kiss as he pretends to catch it. I smiled as he placed his giant mit over his mouth. I shake my head and I sit on the porch.

I see Ethan hand out his last gift and get rid of his last few eggs. He hugs the children as they run back towards the house to see what goodies and treats they had received from the Easter bunny. I see Ethan hopping towards me which causes me to spit out a laugh. Ethan gets next to me and takes his giant head off along with the mits.

“Y/N babe unzip me please.” He turns his back towards me and I do what I was told. I unzipped the hot rabbit suit to reveal a bare backed E.

“Ethan where is your clothes?” I asked blushing slightly.

“It’s too hot to wear this with clothes under. I’m going to run upstairs and take a shower. When I get out everyone should be leaving or already left. Go pick a movie and we have the living room to ourselves tonight.” Ethan says kissing my cheek and running inside. I follow inside and I go in the living room.

Ethan got out of the shower just in time for Easter dinner at 6. Dinner was nice as I tried to ignore Ethan’s hand on my thigh most of the time or his famous side glances every so often. It was almost 8 now.

“Well this Easter has been amazing. It was nice to meet you Y/N. Hopefully we’ll see you next year!” Ethan’s aunt said to me.

“You definitely will.” He says kissing my cheek causing me to blush. Soon all of the kids had left. The only people left were Gray, E, Cam, Sean, Lisa and I. Cam went out with some friends after dinner for someone’s birthday. Sean and Lisa were cleaning up from the kids and then they wanted to head off to bed. Grayson was in his room most of today with a stomach bug. Ethan and I were making a pallet out of blankets and pillows on the floor in front of the fireplace. I started the fire when I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around and a pair of lips on my shoulder. “I’ve missed you babe.” He mumbles against my shoulder. “Let’s lie down. I’m tired.” We sit down and I lie on Ethan’s chest listening to his steady breathing. His hand was tracing random designs in my back. “Oh I almost forgot!” I lean up as Ethan runs in the kitchen and back with an Easter basket.

“Ethan what is this?” I asked curiously as a smirk grew on his face.

“I wanted some candy and I had a gift for you.” Ethan says sitting on the pallet. He pops a Hershey kiss in his mouth and he hands me a rather large Easter egg. I give him a look which he returns with a smile. “Open it.” He says sucking his bottom lip in his mouth. I inhale deeply before unscrewing the plastic egg which revealed a silver necklace with a key. I smiled as I pulled the necklace out of the egg.

“Ethan…” I trailed off as I looked at the key. I flipped the key over which revealed ‘2-15-2016’ carved in the back. That was the day we were official. Ethan flipped the key over for me. I noticed 1509 was also carved in. I looked up at him then everything made sense. “Oh my God, E this is your apartment key.” Ethan nodded.

“Our apartment key. I already talked to Gray and you can move in if you want or if you just want to get away our apartment is yours to use.” He says to me. I get on my knees and tackle him in a hug.

“Ethan I love you.” I said kissing him gently. His hand finds the back of my head and he kisses me back. We pull apart and I rest my head on his chest as he plays with my hair. 

 “I love you too Y/N. Happy Easter.” He says kissing the top of my head gently. We warm up to the fire and we eat some candy. Ethan and I talk about everything and anything as we soon drift off to a sweet peaceful sleep.

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Okay but imagine a War Machine TV series, and occasionally tony shows up and they have adventures

dude….a war machine series on like,,,netflix or something is the best thing i can imagine holy shit

tony pops in Exclusively to be the dorky best friend/Tech Guy who does maintenance on the suit and hacks into things 2 give rhodey important info over the comms……MIT flashbacks…..nerdy dad jokes….so much rhodey backstory….

hcs for jewish tony that i decided not to include there:

(note: jewish iron husbands rhfe :D ) 

yes, tony switches his kitchen over for passover. it’s something ana, edwin, and his mother taught him, like making gefilte fish and matzah brie, like how to read the haggadah. Out of the house he might not keep kosher normally, but during passover, he keeps it perfectly. (he has pancakes the night before it starts, though.)

rhodey is also patrilineally jewish, one of many things they bonded over at MIT. tony and rhodey kosher their levels/rooms/kitchens at the tower and elsewhere together, and they have their own little seders together with rhodey’s family every year. 

Tony likes passover cleaning, he has a method to doing it and he and rhodey play rock n roll while they move around each other and bicker over how to kosher the fridge.

he has loads of recipes from his family and rhodey’s now, they like to experiment and use cake meal instead for muffins, or put different things in the matzah brie, etc. 

this year the rhodes are joining them for both seders, and peter and his aunt are coming to one of the two - Rhodey’s niece Lila is about the same ages as peter, and they’re both geeky and smart, so they’ll get along well. And Tony and may are friendly - tony only flirts with her to mess with peter and she knows it and laughs. 

Summer Love - a Tom Holland imagine

So this is my first imagine that I’m posting on tumblr; and who better to write it about than Tom Holland!

This is based off of the song Summer Love by One Direction. I’m not really a One Direction fan (though I used to be), and when I couldn’t sleep at 01:40 am last night, I found myself listening to some of their songs, this one being one of my favourites. Whenever I listened to this song, I always imagined this little story to go along with it, and last night I decided to write that story and make it into an imagine!

Synopsis: Tom and Y/N have spent the whole summer together falling in love, but now summer is over and they must part.

I know it’s a bit strange to write about this kind of thing at the beginning of the summer, but oh well.

Y/N = your name       Y/E/C = your eye colour

Word count: 2704 (jeez, I didn’t realise that it was this long!)

Hope that everyone enjoys this! Let me know what you think: should I write more imgines? Have a great day!

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Spock and Uhura - “trying to avoid the appearance of favoritism.”
Zachary Quinto
Spock and Uhura - “trying to avoid the appearance of favoritism.”

Farragut? she thought. She’d heard right, but that didn’t make it right. Straining to see over the heads of her fellow cadets, she finally found who she was looking for and broke from the crowd.
Noting the look in her eyes, more than one person hurried to get out of her way.
Spock was conferring with several other officers and did not notice her approach. She waited impatiently for the conference to finish. Waited, in fact, exactly one minute. No doubt the Vulcan would have appreciated the precision, but Uhura had no intention of alluding to it.
“Commander—a word? If you can spare me some time?“

Their eyes met and he favored his fellow officers with a slight nod. “Gentlemen, if you’ll excuse me for a moment.”  Commander and cadet moved off to one side. Spock’s stance was wholly professional.
“Yes, Lieutenant?”

Her tone was even and controlled, but there was fire in her eyes.
“Was I not one of your top students?”
“Indeed you were,” he replied without hesitation.
“Did I not receive a gold rating for xenolinguistic skills in all categories, from constructive verbalizations to click, whistle, and atmospheric manipulations of all kinds, giving the Academy first place over Kyoto and MIT at the Oxford Linguistics Invitational?” 
“An exceptional achievement, to be su—”
Heedless of his superior rank, she interrupted him without so much as a raised hand. “And did I not, on multiple occasions, make it clear that my dream and the reason behind four years of hard work was to serve on the Enterprise?”
“Vociferously and repeatedly, perhaps even to the point of obsession,” he admitted. “Your ability to communicate in that regard was the equal of any of your classroom efforts.

Uhura took a step forward. Anyone other than Spock might have found the movement threatening.
“And yet I was assigned to the Farragut?”

Time hung suspended between them.
Viewing the confrontation from afar, a neutral observer might reasonably have expected the Vulcan commander to upbraid the aggressive cadet, not only for her increasingly aggressive tone but for perceptibly intruding on a superior officer’s personal space. The actual consequences were rather different.
Spock looked away. It was impossible to tell if he did so to avoid the cadet’s laser-like stare—or to see if anyone was watching. His voice also changed, its tenor becoming a touch less professional, a tad less…Vulcan. His reply clearly indicated concern for the agitated young woman standing before him. Concern—and possibly, just possibly, something more.
One couldn’t tell from the actual words he spoke, of course.
“I was simply,” he murmured low enough so that no one else could possibly overhear, “trying to avoid the appearance of favoritism.”

She advanced another step, which put her not quite inside his uniform, but close. “Uh-huh.”
Fiery eyes dropped to the readout sheet he was holding. The gap remaining between them was barely wide enough for him to hold the thin sheet of radiant plastic without crumpling.
“A simple entry mistake by Personnel. Happens all the time. Anyone would understand. I’m on the Enterprise.”

Their eyes held for a long moment. Without further comment he let his gaze drop to his readout. One finger moved against the touch-sensitive material.
“Yes, I believe you are.”
A thin smile crossed her face as she nodded, pivoted smartly on one heel, and stalked off to see to the transfer of her personal effects. Commander Spock watched her go, his gaze following her for longer than was necessary before returning to the essential work at hand.

right as rain, soft as snow (part vii)

title: right as rain, soft as snow

pairing: spider-man x reader/peter parker x reader

warnings: lotsa FLUFF! a lil violence an a lotta love

 word count:6,175 (WOW)

summary: in which the reader is an avenger and a whole lot happens before peter finds out about it. drama ensues. 


              When you woke up the next morning, you were laying on your side, in his arms, warm and content. With your ear against his chest you listened to his steady heartbeat and felt the rise and fall of his breathing chest on your cheek. You moved your head up to look at him from underneath his chin, finding that he was still fast asleep. You strained your eyes so you could see without moving enough to wake him, and barely saw the morning light through his bedroom window. You moved your head back down, snuggling back up into his chest. You smiled when you felt him unconsciously snuggle back in his sleep and hold you tighter, and closed your eyes to fall back asleep.

       You woke the second time a good few hours later, and your phone ringing and buzzing on the floor beside the bed. You jolted awake at the loud sound, opening your eyes to see that Peter was already awake and staring up at the ceiling, not moving as to not disturb you. The both of you glanced towards your phone and it was then he realized that you were awake. He smiled at you before letting you go, watching you roll out of his arms and out of bed to get to your phone.

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Have a prompt for you, inspired by a tumblr post: A couple order pizza and when the pizza arrived the boyfriend answered the door. The deliverygirl though he was cute so she asked for his number. The boyfriend was all akward and started stuttering so his girlfriend came to the door and asked if there was a problem. The deliverygirl looked her up and down and said "shit, girl! Can I have YOUR number?" Imagine your OT3😁 I love Steve/Bucky/Tony but feel free to write whoever you want.

A/N: For some reason, Tony has glasses in this fic. \_(ツ)_/¯

Bucky couldn’t help it; he wolf whistled when the door to his last delivery for the night opened and a tall, buff, blond cutie stood on the other side. He should have stopped with the whistle, but then blondie’s cheeks pinked, and Bucky’s inner cad came out full force. “Hello, gorgeous. Somebody order a pizza?” Bucky winked.

Blondie’s blush deepened and he shouted into the apartment, “Tony, you didn’t order another stripper did you? It wasn’t funny the first three times.”

Bucky blinked in surprise. He also didn’t know if he should take being mistaken as a stripper as a compliment or not. Strippers had to be good looking, right? So that meant Blondie found him attractive, correct?

“What are you talking about, Steve?” Footsteps came from inside the apartment. The door was yanked open more and a brunet about a head shorter than Steve stood in the doorway. The guy was in sweats and an over-sized MIT sweater. His curls were in disarray and his glasses had fallen lopsided on his face.

Bucky just about died from his heart leaping out of his chest. The two men were beauty and adorableness contained in two wonderful human-shaped packages. “Can I get your phone numbers?” Bucky blurted.

Tony blinked and adjusted his glasses while he mumbled something about “contacts.” He eyed Bucky. “Oh yeah… I did order pizza twenty minutes ago. I forgot.”

“You forgot?” Steve looked worriedly at Tony.

Tony yawned. “I’m exhausted, Steve. Give me a break. It’s not easy getting three PhDs in… how many years was it again?”

Steve scowled and crossed his beefy arms over his chest. “I’m dragging you to bed as soon as you pay the delivery guy.”

“My name’s Bucky,” Bucky stated, like a dog begging for scraps. He’d gone from flirty to desperate now that his two ideal men were standing before him.

Tony patted his pockets then shrugged. “No wallet.” He turned to Bucky. “Will you take our phone numbers as payment?”

Steve made a sound of surprise. “Tony! You can’t be-”

“Deal,” Bucky said. He pulled out his cell phone. “Just tell me the numbers and I’ll call.”

Steve pinched his the bridge of his nose. “I’d say this can’t be happening, but then I would be lying. This exactly the kind of thing my boyfriend would do.”

“Love you too, babe,” Tony said then rattled off his phone number then Steve’s. Bucky dialed both, and heard their phones ring inside the apartment. Bucky couldn’t believe that they’d actually given him real numbers and not fake ones. Obviously he’d died on the way to the delivery and he was in Heaven now.

Bucky gave the two guys their pizza and stumbled back to his car, too excited and thrilled to walk straight. He had no clue what he’d done in a former life to deserve this, but it must have been damn good.

Now he just had to come up with a good plan to woo Tony and Steve. He already had a few ideas.

Ordinary -- Promptis

So I did a trade with @paopunova who drew me a beautiful piece of art of my headcanon Highspecs child, Prisma, based on this drabble. In turn, she asked me to write her a Promptis drabble of Prompto cooking for Noctis and having it go either really well or not so much. It kind of turned into Noctis is #blessed to have Prompto in his life, but the cooking theme is there all the same. 

I’m sorry I didn’t get this done sooner, babe! But I hope you enjoy it!

Word count: 898

When Noctis walked into his apartment to the sound of the smoke alarm and the frantic swearing of one Prompto Argentum, followed by a loud crash of what he assumed was a hot pan falling to the floor, he braced himself. Several different scenarios ran through his head, but they all came to the same, heart-stopping conclusion: Prompto was secretly trying to kill him. The prince laughed at his own joke to himself and shut the front door, quietly watching Prompto flail as he climbed on top of the counter, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he now had an audience, and waved an oven mit over the smoke alarm.

He continued to watch the blond even after the alarm stopped – which Noctis was unbelievably grateful for – with an amused smirk. This sort of entertainment was exactly what he needed after a grueling day of meetings and training at the Citadel. Arms crossed, he slid his slippers on as quietly as he could as not to disturb the blond, who diligently began cleaning up the spilled pan of what looked like biscuits, or what was left of them after being charred to oblivion.

“Heh, no worries, Prompto. You got this!” He cheered himself on. “He probably wouldn’t have like them anyway.”

A pang of sadness resonated in Noctis’s chest. Years of being together, and Prompto still put himself down in favor of assuming his opinion of something. It was only when Noctis went to hang his head, however, that he noticed the dining room table was already set for two. There wasn’t anything particularly special – no candles or rose petals – and he was certain that he hadn’t missed a birthday or anniversary of some kind. Noctis was proud to admit that since he began his relationship with Prompto that he remembered important dates that pertained to him.

What was there were two plates served with chicken with what appeared to be an orange glaze, potatoes, and a small bowl of salad, but only at one of the place settings. Prompto was good like that; he never made him eat anything he didn’t like, or give him a hard time about not wanting to, but he did encourage him to try different things. Noctis was picky, he’d admit it, but Prompto had a way of presenting things to him that just made vegetables and new things in general more appealing.

“How long have you been standing there?”

Noctis flicked his gaze back to Prompto in the kitchen, almost giggling at the green and yellow striped apron he was donning, and tilted his head as he smirked.

“Long enough.” He stepped further into the apartment, noting that nothing else seemed out of the ordinary. “You’ve been busy, I see.”

“Ah, yeah.” A blush creeped onto Prompto’s cheeks and illuminated his freckles, something that Noctis didn’t think he would ever get enough of. “You’ve been so busy lately, so I don’t really get to see you, and you never eat right anyway so I thought-“

“I love it.” Noctis beamed at him. No one would have done this for him. Ignis, perhaps, but it was his job. Prompto had come into his apartment – which may as well have been theirs anyway – and made him dinner just to spend time with him.

“You haven’t even tried it yet, and, well…there were biscuits…” Prompto trailed off and tossed the over mit onto the counter with a pout as he moved to stand beside Noctis at the table.

“I’m sure it’s great.” Noctis reassured and opened his mouth expectantly.

“Seriously? I cook you dinner and you want me to feed you, too?” Prompto rolled his eyes in disbelief, but Noctis only laughed.

“Come on. Just one bite and then I’ll feed myself,” he insisted, and the blond groaned as he cut up a piece of chicken and brought it to Noctis’s lips.

“You can tell me if it’s bad…Noct!” Before he could give the prince a warning, Noctis took the piece into his mouth. The longer he chewed it, the more Prompto’s expression looked pained, until he swallowed. “Well?”

“…Okay, that’s actually good.” Noctis licked his lips and smiled as Prompto’s eyes lit up.

“Really? You think so?”

“Yeah, I do,” Noctis laughed and kissed the tip of Prompto’s nose. “Now stop worrying over burnt biscuits and have dinner with me?” Prompto visibly relaxed and he stole a chaste kiss. In that moment, Noctis really felt how long it had been since they had had a night together that wasn’t rushed, where he wasn’t too tired to do anything but sleep beside him. This was nice. This was something he wanted to get used to, even if it didn’t involve home cooked meals every night. Simply having Prompto to come home to was the best feeling in the world, and there was nothing that could top that.

When Prompto moved to take a seat at the other end of the table, Noctis stopped him, grapsing his hand gently. He wasn’t sure how to say what he wanted, but he could show it. He brought Prompto’s hands to his lips and kissed his palms, a subtle, but hopefully clear way of saying ‘thank you,’ and Prompto’s blush intensified as he smiled back.

“Maybe we’ll just do pizza next time,” he said softly, and Noctis bit his lip and nodded as he chuckled.

“It’s a date.”


Hi, Everyone. Let’s Pitch In ‘N’ Get Cracking Here In Louisiana Doing Right, Eh? Now Then. Hateful Rich Overbearing Ugly Guys Hurt Royally Everytime Someone Eats A Radish, Carrot, Hors d'oeuvre, And Never Does Dishes. Eventually, Victor Eats Lunch Over Peoria Mit Ein Neuesberger Tod.

Hvad er det,
jeg leder efter?
Hvad er det,
jeg søger?
Er det noget,
jeg skal finde inde i mig selv
eller ude i verdens fjeld?

Er jeg tom
eller bare for proppet?
Er jeg kynisk
eller for distanceret?
Er jeg ligeglad
eller alt for usikker?
Er det enkelte ord
eller hele sætninger,
jeg falmer efter?

Hvad er det,
jeg mangler?
Hvad er det,
jeg er foruden?
Er det noget,
jeg skal låne fra andre
eller skabe ved egen evne?

Alle disse spørgsmål,
fremlagt som en fragmentarisk strofe.
Vil jeg have dem besvaret?
Eller lade dem hvile i fred
- og gadedrengehoppe over virkeligheden;
kontinuerende i mit romerske bad
af uvidenhed
og hvid sukkerglasering
strøget over den mørke fremtid.

Vil jeg lade disse ord gå til spilde
eller vende dem op og ned under konveks glaslinse?
Skal jeg lade al denne tvivl komme mig til gode
eller udfordre og bearbejde den?
Vil jeg leve i en roman
eller vandre i en novelle?

Hvad kan jeg?
Jeg kan, hvad jeg vil.
Hvad må jeg?
Jeg må, hvad jeg vil.
Hvad skal jeg?
Jeg skal, hvad jeg vil.
Hvad vil jeg?
Jeg vil være.

Hvem er jeg?
Jeg er, hvem jeg vil være.
Er jeg, hvem jeg vil være?
Vil jeg være, hvem jeg er?
Hvem er det, jeg vil være?

Hvordan sletter jeg alle disse spørgsmålstegn,
og erstatter dem med sorte prikker?

Her har du tre striber af afslutninger.
Vil du ikke placere dem for mig?

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babes could you write fs going maternity clothes shopping? you're so effing fabulous! <333

Well of course I can! Thanks <333



With a muffled groan of exertion, Jemma tugged on either side of her shirt, trying to force them close enough to do up the buttons over her growing stomach. But, the material simply refused to give anymore, leaving an inch of bare skin still exposed down the center of her torso.

“I think it’s time to admit defeat, Jem.”

Huffing out a breath, Jemma finally gave up on the shirt and allowed it to settle around the soft curve of her baby bump. Turning to face her amused husband where he was leaning up against the doorframe of their bedroom and had obviously been watching her struggle, she sighed, “I suppose you’re right – but, at least I made it almost five months before I had to buy new clothes.”

“How you can even make being pregnant competitive, I’ll never know.” Fitz shook his head, an unbearably fond smile tugging at his lips that Jemma couldn’t help but return. “Alright, see if you can find something that still fits, and we’ll head out right now and pick you up some new things before you have no options left.”

“Well, I’ll always have the option of not wearing a shirt,” Jemma shot back teasingly, even as she threw a contemplative look at her side of their opened closet.

“Much as I’d love that, I don’t think it’s appropriate in most social situations.”

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IronPanther Soulmate au

With a huge seasoning of BAMF Rhodey and Pepper.

Tony, like everyone else, has the name of his soulmate written on his body, but because he’s a few years older than T’Challa his name doesn’t appear until T’Challa is born and by that time Howard has already sent him away to boarding school or something and doesn’t bother to see who Tony’s soulmate is and Tony doesn’t bother to reveal it except to Maria and Jarvis. Tony doesn’t figure out who T’Challa is and doesn’t bother to search for him.

T’Challa, however, is born with Tony’s name on his body already and because the Stark name is advertised 24/7 T’Chaka quickly figures out who Tony is and plans the future for when the two fulfill the bond because in Wakanda soulmates is a huge, sacred thing and unheard of if the two souls reject each other, whether romantic or platonic. And because T’Challa is a smart cookie, even at age seven, he knows the importance of soulmates and how lucky he is to know where his soulmate is this early in his life. All chubby cheeked and adorable he orders his dad to send the Dora Milaje to keep an eye on Tony and protect him, but unless T’Chaka wants to paint Tony as a big target he can’t assign one of the Dora without people getting suspicious of Tony’s importance so he goes for another option. He orders Rhodey to watch over T’Challa’s soulmate.

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hans yndlingstrøje var den hvide rullekrave.

han tog den altid på når vi skulle være sammen.

det var min yndlingstrøje fordi han elskede den.

han elskede alt musik, og satte sig altid spontant op til sin computer, og begyndte at vise mig alt det nye musik, han havde fundet.

alt det musik han viste mig, blev til en del af mig, en del af os.

jeg elskede musikken, fordi jeg kunne se hans begejstring, og jeg fik mulighed for at se på hans fantastiske smil.

vi tog altid den lange vej hjem fra festerne, fordi han vidste, at jeg elskede hvor klare stjernerne var i hans hjemby.

stjernerne var, og er stadig, det smukkeste.

men at have hans hånd i min under stjernehimlen, er det mest idylliske øjeblik jeg kan forestille mig.

når vi skulle finde en film, nåde han altid råbe “DETTE ER DEN BEDSTE FILM PÅ HELE DENNE PLANET” mindst fem gange, og vi endte altid med at bruge mere tid på at finde en film, end at se den.

den glæde der strøg over ham, fik mit hjerte til pumpe en ekstra gang.

for alt der kunne sprede glæde i ham, spredte glæde i mig. således fik alt han elskede, en betydning som noget jeg elskede mere end noget andet før, blot fordi det gjorde ham glad. fordi det gjorde dig glad.

Jeg vil jo egentlig gerne være cool. Sådan med rodet hår, en evig cigaret i kæften og en ring i næsen. Udstråle selvtillid og ikke selvfedhed. Have en kæreste, som alle vender sig om på gaden efter, bare lige for at få et ekstra kig og som kysser mig dybt og inderligt foran hele verden. Lytte til lp'er klokken 02 om natten og ryge cigaretter på taget, med en flaske vin i hånden. Men så tager jeg mig selv i at æde en ristet krydder med rejesalat klokken halv ti om aftenen, som egentlig kilder min gagrefleks hver gang jeg støder på en slatten asparges og derudover også er dum nok til at tro, at jeg kan dulme det ved at drikke en tår af den lunke slat mælk, der står på bordet. Og når jeg så bagefter er lige ved at gå helt amok over, at mit ene øje konstant løber i vand og jeg er på det stadie lige inden forkølelsen for alvor sætter ind, hvor det kilder i næsen på den der “lad-mig-nu-for-saTAN-NYSE-måde”, tager jeg mig selv i at tænke, Gud hvor gad jeg egentlig godt en orgasme lige nu, hvilket er latterligt, for hvem gider egentlig bolle med nogle der ligner en blanding af rødvinsbræk og et vådt stykke toastbrød? Her svarer jeg på mit eget spørgsmål: statistikken ser jævnt ringe ud, da det endnu ikke er en officiel fetich.
Men så tænder jeg mig en cigaret, tænker på, at jeg i dag har været så heldig at se to film med min lillesøster, som fik mig til at le og aldrig kommenterer på det, når jeg hopper i de grimmeste joggingbukser der nogensinde er blevet lavet. Endnu et sug på cigaretten, mine læber slipper filteret. Solen var også fremme i dag, min mor var i godt humør og jeg har klaret flere opgaver, end jeg egentlig satte mig for. Så ved du hvad? Det er egentlig okay at æde en klam krydder, drømme sig langt væk fra virkeligheden og tænde den ene cigaret med den anden, for så slemt er det hele jo slet ikke og det er nok ikke meningen, at jeg skal ændre på ting, som ganske simpelt ikke kan ændres, men i stedet omfavne og grine af at jeg altid er den ven, der træder i en varm nylagt hundelort og sorterer de hele bær fra i jordbærsyltetøj.
—  Perspektiver.

anonymous asked:

for blurbs how about reader and sebastian hosting their first thanksgiving together??

“the turkey!!!!!” you screamed, making sebastian jump up and run out of the room to the kitchen.

he opened the oven as soon as you caught up with him, almost grabbing it with bare hands but then remembering that he had to put on the over mits. You watched him take it out and place it on top of the stove with a groan.

“That would’ve been so bad,” you frowned.

“And Sebastian saves the day,” he said, adding cheers at the end of his statement.

“Shut up,” you rolled your eyes. “Cmon. We gotta finish getting ready. Everyone will be here soon.”

it was the first year you and sebastian would host thanksgiving at your place and you were more nervous than he was. everything had to be perfect for your guests.

you two finished getting ready as soon as the doorbell rang and you rushed over to answer the door. it was sebastian’s mom and in her hand she had a dish with romanian food. you lead her to the kitchen to set everything down and then greet her with a proper hug.

“It smells amazing,” she smiled.

“I helped,” Sebastian smirked as he leaned against the kitchen entryway.

“I find that hard to believe, Seb.” She laughed and walked over to her son to give him a big hug.

“I did!” He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed tight. “I saved the turkey from almost burning.”

“Sebastian!” You exclaimed while face palming yourself.

The doorbell rang again and you excused yourself to let your friends in who had brought desert. It went on like that for about an hour or so, greeting everyone who would walk in through the door and setting down anything they had voluntarily decided to bring.

As soon as everyone was there, you decided that it was time to eat. Sebastian was the best host, talking with every single person around and making sure everyone had a plate of food or drink in their hand.

After coffee and desert, people started heading out. Sebastian’s mom was the last one to leave after insisting on helping you clean. She thanked both of you before Sebastian walked her out to her car.

You began to pick up trash that was lying around the living room and kitchen and taking out tupperware and ziploc bags to put away leftovers.

You heard the door close and Sebastian walk into the kitchen. You looked over at him and saw him rubbing his stomach and pouting.

“What now?”

“I ate too much,” he whined. “Don’s going to kill me.”

“Shut up,” you giggled.

“Really! I think these pants are cutting off the circulation to my legs.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t wear such tight pants in the first place.” You teased him.

His mouth fell open and you laughed again, Sebastian making his way towards you and grabbing your chin softly so you could look up at him.

“I’m busy.”

“I just want to let you know you did a fucking fantastic job. Everything was great, hence why my pants don’t fit me right now, but that’s besides the point. I love you. Thank you for bringing the holiday’s into our house this year.”