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Splatoon 2

- 670,955 copies sold within its first three days
- biggest debut for a Switch title
- highest selling Switch title to date
- number includes physical game copies, download cards, and Splatoon 2 Switch hardware bundles
- does not include digital sales
- Splatoon for Wii U sold 156,610 units within its first four days of release, and achieved lifetime sales of 1,512,789 units
- total Switch hardware sales in Japan at 1,205,087

things you may have been wondering about me and my mental health over the last 2 days if you scroll my blog regularly
  1. yes, a new trauma is happening right now
  2. yes, i am in narcissistic collapse
  3. yes, i have recently discontinued a medication which has withdrawals as well as rebound effects
  4. yes, my bpd is out of control - a guy i can actually stand to be around is acting very supportive - so naturally, bpd is doing its very best to sabotage that…and, since it’s around, it’s decided it may as well try to sabotage  everything else in my life too
  5. you know if you’ve ever been in a psych ward and then, years later, you’re feeling the exact same way you felt when you needed to go to the psych ward? lol

she had the world // panic! at the disco

13 reasons to watch "13 reasons why"

1. Such an important story to tell that happens to teenagers every day all over the world

2. The show does not shy away from important yet difficult to handle topics

3. Self harm, suicide and mental illness are not romanticized which is sadly still often the case in a lot of tv shows

4. The characters are so diverse !!


6. The characters are very real, you might hate some of them but still sympathize with them on another level

7. All the important character on the show get actual screentime

8. The show shows how important it is for a school to be involved with their students and to have proper policies and consequences when it comes to bullying and harassment

9. The show really shows how something that seems small can have a major impact one someone’s life and how that can lead them downwards a dark vicious spiral

10. The show doesn’t shy away from the portayal of suic*de and r*pe, not for a schock effect but to show how horrible these acts and their effects afterwards are.(trigger warnings are shown before these particular episodes start!!)

11. The show really excelled in bringing the show to life from page to screen in such a way that you can really relate to these characters even though not all of them are good .

12. 13 reasons why is so different from other shows and stories as it isn’t really a love story or a story that starts sad and end happily ever after but it is instead a story that starts sad and stays sad but is not less if not more intriguing than your average young adult tv show.

13. And lastly 13 reasons why portrays not just the story of one person but the story of a community and how quickly everything within affects one another, it doesn’t just tell a story of bad guys and good guys but of actual people who’ve made both good and bad decisions in their lives.

what a fine day to remember that act 1 marvin was a highly flawed and disturbed person who projected his own fears and insecurities on others and manipulated them in a way that was unhealthy and abusive, being the own reason for his own worst moment and that it’s through hitting absolute rock bottom he realized how wrong he was and that the marvin in act 2 grew away from this toxic behavior and matured into the loving and honest person we can see him while still showing that becoming a better person won’t change the overall situation of the world around you and how your environment can affect you despite you being a good person


nearly witches (ever since we met) // panic! at the disco