over hill over dale

An Alternative Poem

Did you know I was there
When the bombs burst in air
And the unicorns danced
in the rockets red glare
At the bowlinggreenmassacre

Glory, glory, Hallelu
Loch Ness Monster lost his shoe
While Sasquatch fought back by his side
Defending us from white genocide
At the bowlinggreenmassacre

Over hill, over dale,
Came the T-rex in chain mail
He saved the Christians that day
Well, straight white ones who could pay
At the bowlinggreenmassacre

happy to report that Isaac did not wholly escape Horse Chores, and has added “can muck out a stall and haul the shit out of some shit out to the shitpile” to his net worth of personhood, along with “can hit many of the fleet little flying things he points his firearm at” (let the record show that he outright dusted a GOODLY NUMBER of them, this being the best possible verb you can do to your clays!).

12 Songs for Darrow of Lykos

Here, have some Darrow songs

  1. Working Class Hero - John Lennon
  2. Work Song - Hozier
  3. Home - Mumford and Sons
  4. The Underdog - Spoon
  5. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper - Blue Öyster Cult
  6. The Devil’s Tears - Angus & Julia Stone
  7. Substitute - The Who
  8. Lost in the Light - Bahamas
  9. February Seven - The Avett Brothers
  10. Death With Dignity - Sufjan Stevens
  11. Only Son - Shakey Graves
  12. Thus Always to Tyrants - The Oh Hellos

“Over hill, over dale,

through the valley and vale,

Do not weep, do not wail,

I am coming home to you.”