over head squats

over head squat injury- OUCH!

Last night we did a wod where we just were finding out 1 rm clean, benchpress and over head squat.

PR'ed on my clean- 143 lbs

benched- 93lbs

ohs- Pr'ed on this by 7 lbs 121 to 128 lbs. I was going for 133lbs when i poped it off my back and up in the air i didn’t get to lock it out so i had to bail it. I don’t know if i didnt know which way i was going to bail it or just held on too long but struggled to get my arm out and herd a ripping sound come from my arm. It instantly hurt. I am so mad at myself becuase i just told a woman from the gym i would do a competition with her next weekend. I had to bail on it but she already signed us up.. what a mess.

I guess when my jerk is only 135lbs its not suprising i didn’t get 133lbs overhead from behind my back with my hands out wide. I should have just quit while i was ahead but i really felt good about getting this. I failed just once getting the 128lbs…

So i have been icing it and rolling it with a lacrossball a little. I plan to ice it for a few days then do ice and heat.. Any other recomendations? I hate being injured. I think it is a bicept strain.

Now i will forever have a fear of ohs and i had just gotten over my fear of them. When first starting out once i dropped it on my neck when i didnt commit to a push press off my back.