over head squats

So I haven’t posted a lot about my own fitness. My leg lifts are progressing nicely, I am capable of lifting more over my head so my squats are progressing!

The real problem was my arms. I usually switch between using the bar and dumbbells as needed to increase my weight. Only, when I went back to the dumbbells I couldn’t lift them. So I was stalling because I had to go back down on weights and without the bar had no way to change them incrementally. I would have to go from 8lb curls (too easy) to 13lb curls (slightly too hard)

So I finally gave in and bought fractional plates. I now have 1.25 lb plates. They’re tiny and cute and now I’m doing 10.5 curls (still a little easy, but challenging enough to where I feel I am progressing)

They’re all still baby lifts, though. And much lower than I was doing with the bar (I thought I was ready for 15lb curls).

over head squat injury- OUCH!

Last night we did a wod where we just were finding out 1 rm clean, benchpress and over head squat.

PR'ed on my clean- 143 lbs

benched- 93lbs

ohs- Pr'ed on this by 7 lbs 121 to 128 lbs. I was going for 133lbs when i poped it off my back and up in the air i didn’t get to lock it out so i had to bail it. I don’t know if i didnt know which way i was going to bail it or just held on too long but struggled to get my arm out and herd a ripping sound come from my arm. It instantly hurt. I am so mad at myself becuase i just told a woman from the gym i would do a competition with her next weekend. I had to bail on it but she already signed us up.. what a mess.

I guess when my jerk is only 135lbs its not suprising i didn’t get 133lbs overhead from behind my back with my hands out wide. I should have just quit while i was ahead but i really felt good about getting this. I failed just once getting the 128lbs…

So i have been icing it and rolling it with a lacrossball a little. I plan to ice it for a few days then do ice and heat.. Any other recomendations? I hate being injured. I think it is a bicept strain.

Now i will forever have a fear of ohs and i had just gotten over my fear of them. When first starting out once i dropped it on my neck when i didnt commit to a push press off my back.

Yeah, I did a thing. AND IM SO PROUD!
Overhead Deep Squats with 26#.

hustleformuscle has been my biggest inspiration/motivation for pushing myself to lift heavier and to try new exercises. (Also I think I’m doing them right?? Lol)

For so long I had been doing squats with the weights at my hips, but I LOVE having the weight at head level or over head now.

He sees the quiet woman, Carol he thinks, sitting off to the side of camp, sorting through some laundry to fold and decides she’s the best choice to give his delivery to. He doesn’t miss the way she jumps when he dumps a pile of squirrels next to her. Vaguely he realizes that maybe putting a bunch of dead animals next to clean laundry isn’t the greatest idea.

“Here, for dinner.” He starts to walk away, uncomfortable under her gaze. But when he glances back, she’s staring at the squirrels like she has no idea what to do. And he realizes she probably doesn’t. With a resigned sigh, he heads back over, squatting a close, but safe distance away from her.

He shows her how to skin and clean the squirrels and briefly admires the lack of reaction she has at the process. He leaves the rest for her to do, not bothering to hide the blood on his hands as he hands her his knife to finish the job. She hasn’t said anything the whole time, a fact that unnerves him almost as much as her eyes do. He’s taken two steps towards the water to wash up before he hears it.

“Thank you.” It was soft and quiet, and he gets the feeling those two words were heavy with a deeper meaning. He hesitates, half turns to acknowledge her with an awkward bob of his head, his eyes flickering self-consciously before he goes on his way. He struggles the rest of the day to shake from his mind the exact shade of blue of her eyes.

I’m just so mad right now.

People have been telling me my art is overpriced and that is fucking ridiculous.  Its not overpriced its actually underpriced. like fuck man I am going to pop a gasket cause this is mind boggling.

first of all theres is a difference between prints and commission work

PRINTS are drawings I did on my own time and decided to print out a bunch of duplicates to sell and make money, so pricing is cheaper.

COMMISSIONS are art works you ask an artist to make for you thus it costs more to ask for art work since you are taking up time of the artist to work on something for you.  That commission is then made just for you and no one else!  Sounds negative but thats basically what a commission is. they can also be digital and traditional.  Digital commissions are as equal to traditional commissions.

I can’t believe I had to argue for something like this.  They are two completely different things and sure most people don’t understand this and I can explain, but being rude and telling me my art is overpriced?! get the fuck out of here.

Art is a Luxury not a necessity. You don’t need art to survive! Art is just how we express ourselves and communicate and do a bunch of other cool shit with it! You may need it to make a business look nicer or more professional but its not a necessity to survive!  

Artist can price themselves however the fuck they want. Its their work and if they think their prints are worth 500 dollars then its going to be worth 500 dollars.  you don’t have to agree with it but hey no one is taking your hand and forcing you to buy it!  And better yet if you don’t like their pricing, shut your mouth and move on to find someone else that suits your price range.  Because in most peoples mind that are not in the position of the artist, think that is fully colored, detailed, and bged is worth 10 dollars better sleep with one eye opened.  Because I will personally come over there while you are asleep, open your mouth, stand over your head in a squatting position and projectile diarrhea shit into your fucking as mouth until you drown and possibly die.

I’m having an argument right now on twitter about this stupid fuckwad that bought an icon off me, and there is so much regret now just FUCK! He’s telling me art is overpriced and I want to hit him with a shovel. If you can’t “afford” to spend a little to have good art then find someone else.  I’m sick and tired in hearing this shit its just so insulting to all artist just stop.  Certain Youtubers think their hot shit but no ok go make your own art then! GO! GO SPEND 15 YEARS CRAFTING YOUR CRAFT!  AND HAVE PEOPLE TELL YOU YOU’RE ART IS OVERPRICED!


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"Hey, let’s go back to that place with the people with the long necks who’ve been celebrating New Year for two centuries! I left my glasses there, and most of my dignity..." Do you think you could write a one shot about what Clara did to embarrass herself at this party? Maybe she started dancing on tabletops or hey, even started stripping! And obviously all in front of the Doctor... Thank you! Your writing works are always incredible and you are my favourite Whouffaldi writer. Thanks!

Thank You!!  And let’s not get too wild, lol.  Though I would love to know what she did!  I’ll keep it fairly simple – going with your suggestions – and have a nice little time with that idea.

Title:  New Year’s
FF.NET Link / AO3 Link

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