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The first time Geno leaves his hoodie at Sid’s place Sid doesn’t notice until it’s too late.

He’s standing on the edge of the blacktop with a thermos full of shitty teachers lounge coffee as a bunch of hopped up fifth and sixth graders work off their energy on the playground.

He yawns and takes another sip.

It tastes burnt but it’s all he has.

He shouldn’t have stayed up so late on a school night but he only has himself to blame.

Himself and Geno with his large hands and heavy accent who sucked bruises into his collarbone and left sometime in the middle of the night with a kiss to Sid’s shoulder and a quiet goodbye as Sid pretended to be asleep.

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Fin Biting in the Domestic Betta Survey- Analysis

Disclaimer: this is a survey, not a scientific study. Results are not necessarily indicative of a trend in the wider betta gene pool, but neither should they be disregarded completely. I used the first 300 responses, but there are more.

Link to raw data

Bettas that Finbite

Of the fish that currently fin bite or used to fin bite-

95.5% were male and 4.5% were female

31.5% were halfmoons or over halfmoons, 23.4% were veiltails, 9.9% were doubletails, 9.9% were deltatails, 9.9% were rosetails or feathertails, 8.1% were crowntails, and 4.5% were plakats.

Bettas that don’t Finbite

Of the fish that have never bitten their fins-

76% were male and 24% were female

36.3% were plakats, 16% were halfmoons or over halfmoons, 20.8% were veiltails, 16% were crowntails, 7.4% were deltatails or super deltas, 6.4% were doubletails, and 0.5% were rosetails or feathertails.

Things that Were Reported to Eliminate or Decrease Fin Biting

I received 54 answers regarding things that eliminated or reduced fin biting in the bettas surveyed.

40 responses said that increasing amount of decor or plants helped.

17 responses said reducing filter flow helped.

15 responses said adding tannins helped.

10 responses said reducing light helped.

6 responses said lowering pH helped.

5 responses said frequent water changes helped.

4 responses said removing tankmates helped.

3 responses said lowering the water level helped.

2 responses said changing the tank layout helped.

2 responses said a larger tank helped.

2 responses said medication helped.

1 response said increased enrichment helped.

1 response said a smaller tank helped.

1 response said raising pH helped

Fin Biting vs Non Fin Biting, by Tail Type

Veiltails: 40.9% fin bit,  59% did not

Halfmoons: 45.4% fin bit, 54.5% did not

Doubletails: 48.1% fin bit, 51.8% did not

Crowntails: 21.9% fin bit, 78% did not

Rosetails: 91.6% fin bit, 8.3% did not

Deltatails: 48.1% fin bit, 51.8% did not

Plakats: 8.1% fin bit, 91.8% did not


So, so far it appears the fish with the least likelihood of fin biting are plakats, doubletails, and crowntails. The ones most likely to fin bite are rosetails.

Had the survey included a larger number of fish, I am guessing that halfmoons and delta tails would have become closer to 50/50 fin biting/not biting, or even more fin biting than not.

The rosetails do not surprise me. Not many were included in the survey because not many people seem to own them, but they are very prone to fin biting. 

I am a bit surprised about doubletails not being as prone to fin biting as other tail types!

The plakats were expected, only 5 out of 61 fin bit.

Overall in my opinion this supports that long finned bettas seem to be more prone to fin biting.

Most of the halfmoons and deltas that did fin bite were male, and therefore had longer fins than a halfmoon or delta female. A much higher percentage of male deltas and halfmoons fin bit compared to females. 95.9% were male, and only 6.1% were female.

Betta Tail Types

With bettas being available in so many tail types, it can be difficult identifying what you have. To help out with possibly identifying your betta’s tail type, I have put together a basic guide below!

(Please note that this guide only provides a basic look at types of bettas based on caudal spread. This is not meant to highlight other necessary physical attributes required to fit specific show-quality groups.)

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Maybe This Time - Part 5

Hey everyone! So this is part 5! Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading :D

Part 5:

There was something pressing into Rae’s thigh. She couldn’t quite put a word to it in her half woken state, but it reminded her of a pipe? That didn’t sound right. Why would there be a pipe in her bed? An arm tightened around her back, the other one pressed against the bare skin under her sleep shirt. Rae popped her eyes open. Finn’s eyes were still shut, the corners of his lips just barely turned up in a smile. That was most definitely not a pipe.

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