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Betta Tail Types

With bettas being available in so many tail types, it can be difficult identifying what you have. To help out with possibly identifying your betta’s tail type, I have put together a basic guide below!

(Please note that this guide only provides a basic look at types of bettas based on caudal spread. This is not meant to highlight other necessary physical attributes required to fit specific show-quality groups.)

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Maybe This Time - Part 5

Hey everyone! So this is part 5! Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading :D

Part 5:

There was something pressing into Rae’s thigh. She couldn’t quite put a word to it in her half woken state, but it reminded her of a pipe? That didn’t sound right. Why would there be a pipe in her bed? An arm tightened around her back, the other one pressed against the bare skin under her sleep shirt. Rae popped her eyes open. Finn’s eyes were still shut, the corners of his lips just barely turned up in a smile. That was most definitely not a pipe.

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