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You know what I love?

How an event can spark so much creativity in people. My dash is covered in pictures and gifs of the new emotes and attire for the holiday, quotes and stories attached to them, and it just makes me so happy to see how excited everyone is getting over it. Genuinely. People are going out of their comfort zone, taking screenshots with people they may have been too shy to do so with before, tagging them, and this is generating so much circulation that even new friendships are being built. Because of a holiday in a game. It’s just amazing and I’m eager to see what else these things can bring.


I did a redraw of some fuckin rad people! Really wish I could have been at PAX this year, but at least I get to see sick pictures like this! This was a lot of fun to work on!






Hey I hate to do this again but I still haven’t found a job for sure and am still supporting myself and have no groceries and -1$ in my bank account. I really, REALLY need any help you guys can give.

Comic cover 20$

Colored bust-10$
Colored figure 20$
Comic cover 25$

Anything else just ask I’m happy to oblige

Sorry to tag spam.

I hope you find someone who randomly pulls you in closer late at night and won’t let go of you long after the hug is over and who just generally shows you that you’re all they really want in this world

Okay real talk

Easily the best thing about the success of Nier Automata’s marketing is not only because it’s a sequel to debatably my favourite game of all time but because it’s such an unprecedented success for Yoko Taro, a man whose ideas about the world and developing entertainment media I really admire. He’s had kind of a rough career being a director with grand, unusual ideas but working for a company mainly stuck with developing quick cash in licensed titles so while his games are known for their unique style and avantgarde ideas regarding story and certain gameplay elements he’s never quite had the opportunity to give those ideas the kind of a technically sound framework that would truly bring them over to the masses.

Generally he’s always seemed to be prone to a bit of self-deprecation in his interviews but during the development of Automata he’s seemed so happy it’s just fantastic to see. Working with all this talent at Square-Enix and PlatinumGames he’s finally getting the recognition he’s long deserved.

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Hey Sunny, which site would you say is better for selling your art: Redbubble or Society6?

they both have some pros and cons I went over in more detail over here! but generally speaking I like Rb a little more because of how much easier it is to upload new things and I feel like that’s where ppl are more likely to look for fandom stuff (also stickers), but for other stuff like art prints, mugs etc I feel like some prefer s6 so I keep using both! (and s6 does free shipping sometimes which is cool)

honestly, this is a post for me to collect all the ideas i’ve generated over time concerning how i plan to save at least some money ($$). anyways, as young adults or teenagers, SAVING MONEY IS HARD !! especially if you no source of income, aren’t in a position where you can make money, or just need some cash for outings with friends.

⇢ budget!
use an app (there are many!) or just writing all your purchases down in a notebook, record all the money going in and going out. it’ll put into perspective how much you’re actually spending and how much you’re actually saving

⇢ save a percentage of your allowance or income
for those with a job, save a percentage of your wage (around 40%?) and put that into a ‘savings’ account w/ interest on it. the longer you don’t withdraw money from that account, the more interest you accumulate.

⇢ save your spare change
after going out with friends or after a long day of work or school, put all of your loose change or coins into a piggybank. at the end of the month, crack it open, exchange the coins into the notes and voila! savings (:

⇢ be frugal
not saying that you have to starve yourself and not eat ANYTHING, but think twice before you buy something! do you reALLY need it?? really ?? ? ?
i’ve recently discovering this rule when it comes to buying items: if you can’t buy two of it, don’t buy one of it. if you don’t have enough money to buy two of that $99.95 jacket, DON’T BUY IT.

⇢ coupons!
search your local newspapers + any business ads for useful coupons to snatch up! domino’s always has coupons for their pizzas, and for all those australians out there, the back of your ‘woolworths’ receipts has a huge list of coupons that can be redeemed. 

⇢ make your own food
don’t spend money on food at the canteen or store, when you can make it at home for half the price!!! and amping up those cooking skills is good (:

Happy first day of spring, from my favorite cat.

Ship shaming

I always love to see people shaming a ship tbh. Like, people taking things so seriously makes me crack tf up, because its just like, what? I’m being respectful. I’m not forcing it on them, or you, or anybody, I’m just over here, thinking these two would be a cute couple. What am I doing to disrespect you, honestly?

I especially thing it’s funny as fuck when people from similar ships shit all over each other. Let’s say, septiplier, for example.

Septiplier is a nice ship. I ship them, alot of other people ship them. And then some people will either take it too far, or over generalize and think I’m some kinda demon septiplier shipper, just because I think they’d be a good couple?

Shipping, for me, doesn’t mean I believe they should be together, it just means, I think they’d be a cool couple. Shipping ALSO doesn’t mean sexualizing, you fuckin pricks. Of course there are people who sexualize ships. That’s not evedybody though, and isn’t a direct attatchment to a relationship anyway.


However, gimme some otp, and im suddenly this guy 👇

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just bro things
  • meeting in dark alleys when you could magically transport your fellow bro anywhere or otherwise make sure no one sees or hears you
  • rubbing your bros neck, and cupping his face
  • your conversations getting described with terms like attracted, seductive, beguiling, inches away, and alluring
  • trailing your fingers along your bros face and shoulders
  • hovering your face centimeters from your bros ear
  • putting your hand over your bros heart
  • just generally being so heterosexual you cant be a foot away from your bro

can people quit acting like theres a “lesbian experience” bi women know nothing about and a “bi experience” lesbian women know nothing about? 

there are issues that bi women more commonly have to deal with and issues lesbian women more commonly have to deal with and those things are good and important to talk about. but experiences vary immensely from sapphic woman to sapphic woman and there are many sapphic women whose experiences are identical aside from the specific word they have chosen to identify themselves as. 

like…it’s really hard to think of a single act of violence, microagression, or even internalized feelings that 100% unique to one group over the other. sweeping generalizations over what some experience and some don’t hurts a heck of a lot of sapphic women in the process and it needs to stop 

Apparently this is Discourse™ now

Why is it so hard for men (specifically cis white men) to acknowledge and assist in fixing the disparity in how women, non-binary, and LGBT+ are treated in the Magic community? Like just because it doesn’t directly effect you or you don’t explicitly see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t mean there isn’t a higher barrier to entry for those groups. It doesn’t mean that people aren’t actively hurt and pushed out of the community over their generally poor treatment. This community is supposed to be accepting, kind, open. If you choose to ignore the plight of those who are treated like garbage in this community, you are actively propagating that treatment, that is, the sexism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, that these individuals have to deal with just for wanting to play a game that they love, then you are as bad as, if not worse than, the people who gatekeep and spew their garbage into the community. “Keep politics out of the game”? How bout no. How about we make sure that people are treated fairly and respectfully? How about we don’t use harmful/hurtful language in community oriented spaces, like an LGS? How about, especially if you are a cis white man (like myself), you use the privilege that you have, by no merit of your own I will remind you, to stand up and speak for those who are talked down to, harmed and turned away? If you want to be a *censored*, fine. Screw you, but fine. Do it in your own home, far away from the public eye, and far away from this community. Here, we value each other and treat each other with respect. If you can’t do that and can’t acknowledge how large this disparity is, get out. You won’t be missed.

Reasons why I love SD's over 50 👴🏿👴🏾👴🏽👴🏻

1. They generally have more money built up over a lifetime.

2. Their kids are more than likely adults by then. which = more freed up money for meee, lol.

3. They tend to have finer taste.

4. They’re usually more charming/nicer/ less offensive. I think after a certain age men just know what to and what NOT to say.

5. They’re usually more giving/accommodating because they’re USED to taking care of family, wives, kids.

6. They pose less of a physical threat.

7. They generally have more money, built up over a lifetime, lol.

8. They tend to not be as pressed/thirsty for sex.

9. Massive and varied rolodex of connections.

Feel free to add on.
“SDs” under 40 give me pause for some reason. Just, no 🚫.

Even in my vanilla dating life, they mustn’t be under 30 for a similar set of reasons.

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Okay so, I've heard A LOT about your marvelous AUs and from what I've seen so far they are absolutely stupendous! That being said, is there a tag you nest the individual AUs under? I'd like to read more about them but I'm not sure where to start exactly

Mhm! I kinda suggest searching for them from my blog:


My tags are generally abit over the place, but these are pretty much the mains. For asks and other details pertaining to all the alterAUs, #at!chat is another one. But I should note that Altertale (and #Trainertale) are the only ones I’ve created masterposts for.

apparently there is just something about friends to lovers that gets me all flustered and needing to read lots of fic. Here is a small collection of KuroKen fic that i have adored in the last three or so weeks. Including some slow burn, some smut, many AUs and a fake dating fic (literally no one is surprised…)

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