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“I don’t like cats” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

“i love your stories. i have become addicted and i was wondering if you could write a batmom story of were selina kyle doesn’t know bruce is married and she comes to the manor in a very sexy outfit and batmom and the boys walk in on that and it very awkard. thanks :)” requested by @cheesecake-chic

Well, first, thank you, and then : here it is. I know a lot of you tell me I shouldn’t think my writing is shit, but with this one, I’m really…unsure. Meh, it’s all over the place. Anyway. Hope you’ll still like it

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Today, Bruce woke up with the feeling that something bad was going to happen. Usually, his guts were always right and he spent the entire morning on edge…

But as the hours went by, and he saw that everyone was safe, he relaxed a bit. When your lips kissed his cheek lovingly as you came down in the kitchen for breakfast, he let go a little bit. When his sons didn’t even fight once, he let go a little bit. When Alfred made the best pancakes ever, he let go a little bit. When his hands wrapped around your waist to bring you closer, and his lips kissed your neck, while his sons made loud “ewwww” noises, he let go even more…And by noon, he was his normal self again. Still slightly worried about everything, a bit broody and all (though your presence made him smile like an idiot), but not waiting for a catastrophe anymore.

And oh how wrong he was to let his guard down. 

It was 10 pm when all Hell broke loose (ok, he was over-exagerating). 

It was 10 pm when Selina Kyle knocked on the Manor door, wearing a dress that was revealing a lot of skin. 

It was 10 pm when Selina Kyle invited herself in the Wayne family house, and after a sexy “Long time no see Bat” and her sultriest look, kissed Bruce without any warning as he was coming to the entrance hall to see who rung the door, curious of who came to visit at such an hour.

It was 10 pm when you came in as well, with all of your kids, wondering too who was ringing so late in the evening. 

Reflexively, as you all witnessed your Bruce pushing Catwoman away (oh the bitch stuck her tongue in his mouth !), your two oldest sons, Dick and Jason, held your shoulders…Just in case you decided to jump on Selina you know, and like, kill her or something. It was notoriously known that when you were jealous, you were dangerous. Granted, you weren’t often jealous, as Bruce only had eyes for you, and mostly ignored women who were hitting on him unsubtly (though none of them would ever dare doing it in front of you, and if they did, your natural sarcasm and wits would humiliate them right on the spot). 

Bruce’s eyes were going between you and Selina, and the worry he felt earlier in the day came surging back. He knew how well you and Selina fought, if you decided to attack, it would be a disaster…

But it didn’t seem like you were reacting. At all. Your sons were holding you by your shoulders, waiting to use all their strength to hold you if need be. Damian and Tim’s stance also showed they were ready to intervene. 

But you weren’t really reacting. You were just looking at Selina blankly, as if the things you just saw were trying to register themselves in your head. 

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But if Mugaro was Michael himself, why would he be this infatuated with Azazel to the point where he always follows him around, cares about his well-being, helps him, saves him, constantly smiles at/for him? There was literally no connection between Michael and Azazel in Genesis, and now suddenly Azazel would be the centre of his world? That's why the re/incarnation theory seems more plausible, as it would at least make Mugaro his own person with his own desires, rather than Michael's.

mostly wishful thinking on my part, anon :’)

I wouldn’t say there’s no connection at all between Michael and Azazel:

  1. Azazel is a former angel; even if they do not know each other personally before Azazel fell, they probably would have at least hear about each other.
  2. Bacchus says Azazel is Lucifer’s right hand man; I find it hard to believe that Michael, as part of Heaven’s high command, wouldn’t keep tab on the demons world’s current hierarchy.
  3. Every time Jeanne uses Michael’s blessing, Michael’s apparition makes an appearance. In fact, the last thing Azazel sees before he disappears in s1 ep7 is Michael’s face, not Jeanne’s. Yet somehow, he doesn’t curse Michael; he solely blames Jeanne (and Kaisar and all the lowly humans probably). To me this suggests he knows of Michael’s powers and acknowledge those powers as being, well, so powerful that off course he loses bcs duh.

I want to believe that Michael’s very aware and knows and sees everything his apparitions know and see. This is to say, while Azazel is totally to blame for Kaisar & Favaro’s dads’ deaths, on the whole Amira and God Key thing Azazel’s pretty much just a victim and a pawn to be rid of. By putting Azazel (a high ranking demon on his own right) on the front, Martinet manages to divert everyone’s attention away from Beelzebub until it’s too late.

One of the reason the whole thing happens in genesis is, by michael’s own words, bcs there’s a lack of communication among gods and humans, and by extension, demons too. I think if he gets the chance, he would try to repair this lack so that such bahamut level disaster won’t happen again. One way to do it is of course by working with the demon who also gets caught up in the whole bahamut plot while also in a position to be heard - Azazel.

At least that’s one of the many reasons why Michael would want to get close to Azazel initially.

Also, the reason might even be as simple as Mugaro happens to think Azazel’s the only one worth supporting atm, while Azazel also happens to be the who saves him from the slave trader. Like, Jeanne’s in prison, Bacchus won’t make a move, Rita won’t get involved further, Kaisar’s hands are tied since he’s part of Orlean Knights serving the King… the only option left, who openly defies the current arrangement, is Azazel and only Azazel.

If later it turns out that Azazel’s not that bad as a person, and Michael himself starts liking him in earnest, then that’s just the bonus I think.

But that’s all if Michael’s rly Mugaro, mind. Just to clarify:

  1. incarnation - Michael is somehow stuck in a child body (Mugaro) the way Hamsa is stuck in a talking duck body (their own bodies, their own souls, the shape is just not their original).
  2. reincarnation - Michael is born again as a human with a god’s powers, unclear whether or not he retains his past memories.
  3. Jeanne/Michael’s kid - totally a new body with a new soul, but since they’re half-angel, they has parts of Michael’s powers. Unclear whether or not they gets to inherit Michael’s memories too.
  4. reincarnated as Jeanne/Michael’s kid - a new body, but the soul and memories are all Michael’s. Only has parts of his old powers since he’s officially half-human now.

I personally prefer number 1 and that Jeanne only happens to pick him up like I said here. Mugaro seems way too calm and knows too much for a kid his age, which is why I want Mugaro to not be number 3. I want to believe there’s other forces at work to make him seem so wise, and not bcs Mugaro has through so much at such young age bcs I just can’t bear to think of the level of hell Mugaro’s been through ;____;

suddenly Azazel would be the centre of his world? 

ngl I love how you put it here. Azazel as the center of their world. That’s it - that’s the name i’m looking for to describe their relationship. Azazel means so much and pretty irreplaceable atm to Mugaro yet Azazel himself isn’t even aware of it.

Wolverine x reader

Originally posted by geekybasket

Quick info: While I was writing this around the midway point I started watching the first X-men movie for the first time ever and realized that this relationship I created is really similar to the one Logan has with Rogue. I apologize for this, wasn’t my intention at all.

(the Professor X mentioned is Steward’s age so the story takes place pretty recently. Around ‘the last stand’)

You were sitting on the couch, looking at the sexy lumberjack from afar and fumbling with your levitating pendant. It was moving in the air between your fingers by itself. Well… Not exactly by itself, you were still using your powers but it was there.

Logan was in the kitchen, leaning against the counter, reading some newspaper and you just so happened to be bored and ready to annoy him again.

You stood up from your place, walking over to him, swinging your hips as much as you could. You yawned loudly and jumped onto he counter, sitting your ass down just inches away from his newspaper.

“What are you doing?” He asked, emotionless.

“Sitting.” He looked up at you for a split second before returning his gaze down again.

“Get your ass off the counter.”


“Because it’s not a seat.”

“Is your lap a seat cause I’d sit on that.” You replied, boldly. Logan looked up again, looking rather annoyed.

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So my dad(who doesnt watch hannibal walked in in the middle of hannibal)
  • Him: oh is that clarice? ( talking about bedelia)
  • Stepmom: no no, wait where is clarice?
  • Me: they dont have clarice, they have a substitute
  • Stepmom: so whos the substitute? Is it freddy lounds?
  • Me: no, its Will
  • Both: what

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When my parents get upset with me, they scream and yell and they say some reallly,,, really bad things (like that ill have to sell myself on the street if i dont wanna be dependant on them, that they always wish i was "normal", like they were going to kick me out, etc) but like ... when we arent fighting we look like a completely 100% normal home. They never mention the fights to apologize or make me apologize, they never bring up the subject later (part 1) -cs

its almost like when we arent actually fighting, the fights never happened in the first place. If i get upset or mad later about something they said, they deny saying it and say im exagerating or over reacting. Ive started writing down what they say right after the fight so that i know im not making it up because i feel ! like im going crazy !!! everyone who knows them thinks theyre the nicest people ever! i fear talking about what they say to me bc i feel like im being a bad child, (part 2) -cs

… being a bad child for even bringing it up, i feel like im trying to make them seem worse than they are because any other time theyre perfect. Is there… a word for this? Im scared bc i never know what to expect and i cant even tell my therapist about the fights because im scared she wont believe me. i feel bad for being angry bc they’re SUCH NICE PEOPLE any other time. but we fight maybe 3x a week and then theyre horrible to me (part 3, the end) -cs

Anon, there is a word for this. It is call emotion abuse, psychological abuse, and gaslighting.

Abusers are very good at hiding in plain sight, making the outside world think they are perfect and wonderful, and making you doubt your own experiences.

You know you are being abused. I am so glad you have started writing down what they say to you, because that is such a good tactic to overcome gaslighting. (gaslighting is when abusers deny reality and make you think that you are wrong about what happened).

You are not a bad child, you are an abused child. Fighting three times a week and being screamed at and insulted isn’t normal, its abuse. And your parents are hiding their abuse from the world by pretending everything is normal.

Has your therapist ever told your parents information that you gave them in private? If not, I think you should tell your therapist what is going on. A good therapist will believe you and support you. But if you think that they will go and rat you out to your parents, don’t risk it.

Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help, with validation, ideas on how to get out/recover, etc. I hope that this has helped, and I wish you the best.

Everything wrong with the Boruto manga announcement

WARNING: This post is supposed to be an over-exagerated critic made just for fun. So don’t light your torches and actually have fun reading this. Come on! It’s not like Kishimoto is paying you (if he actually is, send me a PM… I’m interested in working for him)

If you have high expectations it’s easier for you to hate something when it finally comes out. So I decided to do the opposite and expect absolutely nothing from these new manga series (maybe I’ll be surprised later and actually like it).

In fact, I’m going to bash it taking into account what we’ve seen in the poster and the first info that came out.

So prepare yourself for my pre-publish hate post… aka. Everything wrong with the Boruto manga announcement:

Number 1: Ukyo Kodachi is the one writting this

I don’t really care about another author being in charge of a story with Kishimoto as a supervisor. Kenji Taira was awesome and actually did a good job portraying a funnier and more character-focused story in his spin-off series with the aid of his boss.

The problem is that the author chosen for this one is Ukyo Kodachi. I’m not gonna lie, I think he is not very good. I found Gaara Hiden main plot extremely pointless and boring… and I love Gaara! How can someone manage to write something about him I’m not even interested in reading?!… just wow!

I disagree with this choice, completely; I don’t want to fall asleep while reading Boruto. I’m sure there are better writers out there… but once again, let’s see what he can do.

Number 2: Mikio Ikemoto’s artwork

Kenji Taira does a far better job imitating Kishimoto’s artstyle. Why Ikemoto?

I hate saying bad things about artists (I’m awful at drawing suff XD) but if I’m reading a serious story related to Naruto I want to see something that actually looks like it and not some fanart.

Just look at this! The moment I saw the main team faces I was like “Ok… so who’s drawing this again?”… and that shouldn’t happen. This gives me the doujinshi feels, and it is supossed to be “canon”

Why choosing this guy from all his assistants? Was he the only one who couldn’t find a job after the end of the series or something? Was Taira-sensei more interested in his own Team Taka parody than in Kodachi’s script? I have a bad feeling about this.

Number 3: Re-designs

Why the hell is Sarada using heels and a supermini-skirt? She’s f%cking twelve!!!! Gosh! Ikemoto is a lolicon!

Sarada is supposed to be a close-combat fighter, prepared to move faster that the enemy, to do a lot of acrobatic moves… you know, like her mom! How is she going to do that now with a mini-skirt? She is not even wearing shorts under it… is this now a fanservice series with tons of panty-shots?

And why does Shikadai look like a Calvin Klein model? He doesn’t look like a ninja at all. My boyfriend wore those same clothes yesterday for our date! Naruto is about a fantasy world and Shikadai looks like the main character of a modern japan slice of life series.

And why are his eyes brown again? One week they’re green, the next brown, just choose a color already!

Metal Lee is now wearing a scarf… a scarf… what, what was the point exactly? not making him look exactly like his father? so Ikemoto thought that making the neck ornamet a scarf would be a major change… that’s lazy.

Maybe this means that Hinata is his mother instead of TenTen? A girl made it for him? Is this an alternative version of The Last? Why?!

Number 4: These guys

Don’t get me wrong, I like the designs and Shiki’s fighting techniques… and I’m glad they are going to appear in the Boruto series. But, why focus so much in these new guys and not in characters that need more development and that actually showed up in chapter 700?

I don’t know, maybe… HIMAWARI!!! OR K12 MEMBERS!!!

Number 5: Kishimoto does not give a f%ck

He seems kinda excited about his new manga series (I’m not going to read anything else from him after those lame final arcs) and that scares me.

When he is supervising Naruto related stuff while actually working on Naruto, that gives the public confidence about reading/watching something acurate. We can even see Kishimoto actively pariticipating in the story sometimes, like he did with Kenji Taira and the novels.

But now he doesn’t want to write/draw anymore about the Naruto Universe and I just don’t think he cares that much about what others do with his characters. Kishimoto as a supervisor seems kinda fake to me… how is he going to correct stuff from this guy when he is worried about his completely new story being accepted?

Again, the doujinshi feels.


So that’s how it is. I expect nothing from these series and maybe that’s for the best because I might be positively surprised and actually enjoy what’s going to happen.

I might sound hard and negative… and I’m sure I’ll get reblogs or PMs telling me to chill out because we’ve only seen one poster. Well, posters are a way of advertising and this one didn’t give me good vibes.

Once again, I hope I’m wrong.

Not Your Fool.

A/N: a lot of you wanted it so here it is! part 2 of ‘Just a fool’! I hope you like it and it’s what you wanted! Thank you so much for reading! 

Enjoy! xx


“That’s it, get your butt out of that bed now. We’re going out.” Nat threw a pillow at you.

“I don’t wanna go out tonight.” your voice was muffled by the pillow. It’s been five days since Harry left you crying in your apartment floor. You haven’t seen or heard anything from him. He called and texted you for hours that night but then stopped. You shook your head. He gave up on you that fast? You weren’t that worth it?

So here was your friend Nat, pulling your legs out of your comfortable position in bed. “Noooo!” you whined.

“Yeeees!” she groaned. You looked at her and stiffled a laugh. She looked so silly, with your legs on each of her shoulders, her face crunched up in concentration. “I’m not giving up, woman.” she panted, “Damn, you’re heavy.” she didn’t realized your hands were beneath your pillow, gripping the headboard. Your grip on the headboard so hard your knuckles turned white. Nat kept pulling and you felt like breaking in half. “Gaah!” With Nat still pushing, you freed your hands from the headboard. One second your body was warm in bed, then the next you were face first on the floor, with Nat beneath you.

“OW!” she moaned, “Get your stinky feet off my face.”

You laughed, fully laughed for the first time in days. It felt too good. Ignorning the throbbing pain on your forehead, you climbed to your feet. Nat was rubbing the back of her head.

“You’re pretty strong, Nat.” you giggled when she flipped you off.

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Cabaret - Michael smut


Author’s note : Ok so that request came recently but it got me literaly super inspired! There you go all my lovely Michael girls! You can take a moment to watch this video before reading the smut so you’ll have a better idea, it’s worth it :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEqwcMn1P0s


I sighed heavily fastening my glitery corset and readjusting my boobs nonchalantly.

La Goulue wasn’t the dirty kind of place you’d picture when you hear “stripper” and after all I was not a stripper. I was a burlesque artist, une effeilleuse.

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If you think this song is not lyrically strong I understand but honestly, you can relate to it, I mean you don’t have to be a celebrity for that. It’s that sometimes you’re so nice that people just don’t like you because of that and find it necessary to make things up about you or over exagerate what the real situation is like to make you look bad. Sometimes people just don’t like you and that’s it and they find it fun to criticize every single thing you do. Being this kind person becomes a huge deal if you make a mistake and it becomes a huge deal if you actually want to sing and dance at that party and if you want to wear short shorts or if you kiss a few boys and fall in love. Being judged for this isn’t fair, we shouldn’t be judged for doing what makes us happy, for having fun or at all. So let them talk, let them criticize, let them hate. Think about how sad it is that people actually waste there time trying to bring you down because they won’t be able to baby, you’re just get that booty up and SHAKE IT OFF!

Why Shake it Off is lyrically strong to me 

and so so so much fun

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i think matthew's character is a little over exagerating. i mean talk me down was not so bad as to kill himself i mean i thought the song was great

No, sadly it wasn’t exaggerated at all. Matthew’s character was someone who fell in love and found something beautiful only to be told that it was a disgusting and shameful thing by the person closest to him. Matthew’s character was beaten and told “If (Troye) comes back here, I’ll kill you both” by his own father. He learned to hate being gay so much that he tried to give up on the love he had with Troye. He stripped himself of everything he loved including his self worth, only to then lose his father. How could that not push him over the edge? 

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Not to be intruding and all but, where are you? You haven't uploaded someting in months...

On no, it’s okay, its not intruding at all!

The truth is I try to keep my personal life out of Rainbowshy. And often times these explanation posts sound like excuses (at least when I try to write them. Other people’s posts sound reasonable)

But truth is, my computer contracted over 500 trojans (no exageration), then I had to move (into what I would learn later to be an incredibly toxic and abusive situation), I had to reformat and half rebuild my computer while in between for a while, then in my new enviornment, I slowly grew more depressed. I saw the cycle of depression and suicide I’ve suffered be fore, so I tried to beat it off at the pass by seeking professional help in advance to mo avail. I eventually was suicidal AGAIN and had to be hospitalized again.

Following hospitalization I was facing homelessness, or going back to the abusive and toxic envirornment that was literally killing me.

Finally my current situation is this!!

My tablet of 6 years broke. I ordered a new one, but its still being delivered. My living situation though…

Well, its sorta kinda up to you all!

You see, for my safety, I got my own aparment. But my expenses are more than my income! So unfortunately I’m living off my savings until my art takes off!

Rainbowshy -will- be back.

Not only will it be back, but it will be back with a -VENGEANCE-. Because now my art will be my job. I have a safe non-toxic enviornment, and I will be working every day.

Not only will I be focusing on Rainbowshy, but also my own projects, commissions, and animations!

Please support me! If you can subscribe to my patreon, commission, or promote, then hopefully my savings will not run out and well…

Any way! Just be patient!

I promise a revival soon!