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Cas x Reader Halloween Drabble

I’m currently working on chapter 3 of the Cas x Reader, Crowley x Reader Series, but haven’t had time to finish it yet. The last week of classes was Hell with over 10 assignments due on the same day, and a math test, I haven’t had much energy to write. But, since its mid-October already and I just got so pumpkins yesterday, I thought a cute Halloweeny drabble was in order!

Cas X Reader Halloween Drabble

Pairings: Castiel x Reader

Summary: Y/n is carving a pumpkin; Cas is confused. (~520 words)

Reader Gender: Any

Reader Sex: Any

Warnings: None really, just some cute fluff with adorable, confused Cas

Pumpkin Carving

You had just finished laying some newspaper out over one of the tables in the library, and brought your pumpkin and carving knives in. Standing back and surveying your setup you smiled. This was the first time in ages you had gotten to carve a pumpkin for Halloween, and you were excited. You sat down and set out to start carving a toothy grin into the orange gourd, right as Cas popped up behind you. “Hello, Cas,” you said, used to his sudden intrusions by this point, and not like they were unwanted, Cas was a good friend… and kinda your secret crush, but we won’t get into that.

“Hello, Y/n,” Cas replied in his signature rough voice. “Come sit with me!” You said excitedly motioning to the chair beside you. “You seem very enthusiastic today,” Cas spoke in observation as he took a seat in the wooden chair beside you. “Yeah, I am. I finally get to carve a pumpkin this year!”

“You’re excited about carving a gourd? …Does it taste good?” Cas said cocking his head questioningly as you dove in with your knife, carving a classic jack-o-lantern face.” You laughed at his response, “No, Cas,” you said shaking your head and failing to hold back your chuckles at his response.

“I’m not gonna eat it,” you said still looking down at your pumpkin as you carved it, “I’m gonna put it outside. Like a decoration.” “You decorate your house with chopped vegetables?” he asked still looking quizzically at the orange pumpkin in front of you. “Ummm… yeah, I guess so.”

“Hmmm,” Cas looked from the pumpkin to you cocking his head to the side. Those beautiful blue eyes still full of some many questions, but you could tell he was holding back. After finishing the mouth, you turned to Cas smiling. And wiped your forehead with your arm, but ended up smearing pumpkin guts on your face. “Is this customary aswell?” Cas asked looking up at your forehead. “Huh?” you said following where his eyes were looking, and then you felt the pumpkin goo drip down your brow. “Oh, dang it!” you exclaimed. “Here,” Cas said summoning a washcloth from the bathroom into his hand, “Allow me.” Before you could realize what was going on he started wiping your forehead clean with the warm wash cloth, and you blushed at the close proximity. “Uhhhh,” you mumbled dumbly looking at his intent face as he washed you free of the orange goo.

He finished and removed the rag from you head, closely inspecting your face to make sure he got it all. Your cheeks flushed even more and your body temperature began to rise as you felt his gaze upon you. This felt so intimate. But then just as suddenly as he began he was gone. He backed away and stood up, “Thank you for explaining this human tradition to me,” he said and poofed away.

You were left with some increasingly unsolved emotions and tension, but little did you know Cas stood behind a wall only meters away trying to calm his fluttering heart and feelings as well.

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At the end of the school term, Sharon is really busy marking papers, Alaska brings her coffee, tea, and snacks. And kisses her softly before leaving the room as a little thank you for doing those things when Alaska was writing the papers.

**university semester (just watch the language doesn’t merge into school territory) aaaaaaa yes and they’re slightly annoyed their schedules don’t match up because now that Alaska is finished, Sharon has to mark, but Sharon loves hearing Alaska pottering around the house, or on the couch catching up on her favourite shows because for weeks Alaska’s been so stressed and now she can relax

I’m Not Convinced Part One

(Phillip Hamilton X Reader)

Words: 2200+

Summary: High School was a pain in the ass. You and single mother don’t have much money. She works double shift and double jobs. One of her jobs is working for the Hamilton family as a part time house keeper. Ironically, the biggest douche happens to be part of that family. (I can’t write a summary)

AU: Modern AU

Warnings: Just horrible grammar.. Cursing?? Tell me if there is any I did not put.

It was too early. Too early for you to rise and get ready.  Too early for anyone to be weighed down by a sack of books. Too god damn early for you to walk through a army of water sprinklers. Honestly, you could careless going to school with water drenched on your pants and shirt- high school already has itself filled with judges and juries. You swear people already talked shit and garbage behind your back. Shit and Garbage are two whole different meanings in your head. “Garbage” is just things that people spit ball and it wears out- names or maybe a rumor that is easily forgotten because someone made a bigger trash pile. Example for that example: Someone dated the player of the school and everyone knew he cheated on her. It will hang high, but it will soon will be in the school’s memory dump. “Shit” stays and rots on your backside ‘till you hop out of high school and head into college- new names and rumors will follow up if you decide to do something stupid in college, but they are all mature so it’s unlikely. Example of “shit”  is rumors that carve your reputation. Someone squats on you and leaves you hanging with a malodorous rumor that could kill you. Almost literal. A sample of that example: Philip Hamilton is the player that cheated on his girlfriend like a few of his lady friends. He will probably remembered throughout life.

You were drenched with frustration and water. Luckily, you dried off most of the water while you were walking your way to school. The dismissal bell wailed at you as you entered your school’s gate. Your first period room was (horribly cliched) on the other side of the campus. You used the sketched out route that you overused since the beginning of your sophomore year. Mom is always on double shift, double job, which you feel horrible about, she always had to use the car before you use it. The single mother of yours had a hell of a lot on her plate. She couldn’t afford a car on your sixteenth birthday. She felt like a horrible mother, but you reassured it was okay. And it was. You could care less. You clenched onto the strap of your backpack, and whizzed past custodians or any obstacle you had to avoid running into. The adrenaline kept on cheering your body on. It was sort of like muscle memory. The custodians always walk around to see if any students ditched class. They all root for you once in awhile as you did a relay run past them. Normally, you would quickly go over your homework assignments due today. You quickly checked off the list of items.

Math 7.4- what was the topic? What was the page number? Fuck.

You scolded yourself as you open the door of the classroom. The bell whined at everyone in class to quiet down. But, barely anyone would settle down. A few eyes pinned you awkwardly as you stood at the door. The eyes resumed back to their original focus as you scuttled over to your seat. You dropped the heavy book bag with  relaxed sigh as you plopped down on the desk. Adrenaline still clung inside your body, making you shake and stressed. The palms of your hands were sweaty and you were paranoid.

“You having a hard time, baby? I’m having a hard time down in m-” Flinching at his voice, you turned your head towards the teenager. 

“Hamilton! You better keep that trap shut or I  will cut off that small rice grain of yours.”  You cut him off with a irritated tone. That was the player of the school. That slut of a man. The snobby, ignorant one. You could keep on going. He seems to be that cliche, inappropriate player, but he isn’t. He just likes to mess with you or any girl. Flirting wise, of course. But, for you it’s trying to piss you off. He was the official ignorant student out of the whole grade. Although, you doubt (what you call)his facade. Your mom is working for the Hamilton family as a part time maid/housekeeper. That was when and where you doubted his ignorant facade. The boy could speak french and play piano, which in your opinion was highly intelligent.

“Do you swear on it, sweetheart?” Philip purred with a daring tone.

You chuckled at him deviously,”Of course, I know where you live, Phil.” You stated with a smirk. You just couldn’t help, but smirk as your threatened the boy. It was like a source of entertainment.

“Is that a threat?” Phillip inquired with his smug grin you slash off at any second.

You snorted,”Always.”  You said with a large and amused smile.

“You do know that my father is a lawyer.”

“Yes, of course.”

“And that he could sue your mother.”

“Oh! Really?” You exclaimed with a false astonished look.

“You know who I am, don’t you?” You questioned him.

“Of course. The maid’s daughter.“Philip answered slyly. You clenched your teeth, resisting to the punch the boy. I’m gonna be the girl who will push you down into the floor.

“Actually, housekeeper.” You began.

“and I’m gonna sweep your ass of off the face of this earth like how my mother taught me.” You sassed with a big smile and turn your head towards the front. The teacher yells to hook everyone attention. The lesson was like thick mud. You drowned in fatigue and boredom. You swear you saw that boy smile at you from the side.

You devoured the leftovers from your yesterday’s dinner. You stared at the container as you chew the last bite of your leftovers. Your friends hopped onto the seats next to you or across of you. You smiled at them as they chatted about their past periods before lunch. You joined their chatter and they all decided to plan a small get together. These people made you happy.

“Wait, guys what today’s assignments?”  You questioned as you stretched. You hopped off of the bench and yawned as you did.

“We got math and English so far. English is due on Monday next week. Math is due tomorrow as always.” Your friend answer as she hopped out off of the bench.

“Alright, t’anks!” You exclaimed with a smile. Your other friend hopped out of her seat.

“Bathroom?” You inquired.

“Bathroom.” She confirmed.

The both of you walk side by side as you walked to the bathroom together. You caught Philip Hamilton from a distance, and continued to walk away. You clenched your teeth.

“Hey, look it’s Philip Hamilton.”

“Yeah,” You began as you glared at them.

“and his gang of nut jobs. Why what’s up?” You arched your eyebrows at her.

“I heard you bashed him first period.” She claimed with a chortle on the side.

“Who told you? Did ( girl’s name) tell you?” You investigated curiously. The girl behind you in first period was good friends with (friend’s name). But, you had this weird gut feeling she wasn’t the right person to be influenced by.

“Yeah, she did.” (F/N) chirped proudly.

“Called it.” You called out satisfyingly.

“Phillip is pretty hot. Just sayin’!” (F/N) babbled at the end. She knew it would bother you and she loved that.

“What the fuck, dude?” You laughed.

“Hey, don’t judge me!” (F/N) defended. You chuckled as you rolled your eyes at her. You pushed the door open for her and you followed in as she entered.

“I’m judging!” You say teasingly as you snickered.

“Hey! You got admit! He’s pretty gorgeous!”

“He’s good looking. I give him props for that.” You finally confessed.

“How can you not have a crush on him?”

“Unlike you, I don’t pray on players.” You sassed.

(F/N) gasped jokingly,”That’s offensive!”

You leaned against the wall as she stood by you.

“Yeah, right.” You debated with a smile.

“What? You know I like players.” She stated with laughter. The two of you head into the bathroom. It was true though. She is really into players. But, you disliked her weird habit. It twisted her into a bad road of possible heart break.

“Alright, go run along now. Go use the bathroom.” You commanded with a laughter as you pushed her towards the stall.

“What about you?”
“I wanted to wash my hands.” You declared.

She scoffed, “Yeah, right.”

You washed your hand as stated. Girls went and go as you waited for your friend patiently. You leaned on the bathroom wall and snatched you phone from your pocket. You had five minutes until you were dismissed once again.

(F/N) took to long in the bathroom like she usually does. You called out that you were leaving the bathroom. Only getting a whiny “don’t leave me.” response. You chuckled as you leave and walked over to your little clique.

“Hello, Minette.” A recognizable voice smoothly said behind you.

You semi-automatically found a threatening word for him. It came to you within a snap.“Phillip, if I found out that you are calling garbage behind my back. I will actually slice and dice that poor excuse you call a dick.” You growled as you spun around to see the suspected face. He ignored your threat with a simple shrug. His curled hairs bounced right long his shoulders.

“What were you talking about in the bathroom?” The ass hat of a boy interrogated.

“None of your dumb french-speaking ass business.” You spat as you stomped away.

“I’m pretty sure it is.” He mused.

“(Y/N)?” Your mom called out as you were writing out a draft for your essay. You furrowed your brows as you tried to figure out a good argument statement. She shuffled over to you as she dropped the grocery bags and keys.  She gripped onto your shoulder as she read over your prompts.

She grinned with joy and pride towards you. This was the kind of dream she had in mind for you. Writing out something for college or maybe a university! Even though you both have a wary amount of money in your pockets. She hopes for you to get an education unlike her. She prays to whatever is up in the sky, that you will have a better life than her own. It was every parent’s dream for their kids.

She hopes you would come home from a late night from a hard working day in your very own dorm. Your mother wishes for you to work even harder as you study to work your way to your top. She desires that you would write down notes that will stick to your mind like sticky notes. Your loving mother daydreams of you be even more happy as you succeed with scribbled notes and sticky noted memories.

“Honey?” She asked for your attention once again. You hummed as you continued to scribble words down on you template.

You hummed. “Yeah?” You said as you scribbled down a sentence.

Your mom opened the cabinet and brought down some pans,”How was school?” She inquired like always. What was it with parents and schools?

“It was the usual.” You mumbled out as you drew a “carrot” above under your “add in” word.

“Boring.” You added on.

The stove clicked alive,”Yeah?”


The older female placed down the pan onto top of the fire. She plucked out the items from the groceries and placed them out as she read from a list. You twisted your back curiously.

“What are you makin’?”

“One of the cooks were trying out a recipe and I wanted to do try it out myself.”

“Chef Gracie?” You asked.

“Chef Gracie. I’m making some weird French dish. It’s suppose to be hard. But, it’s healthy.”

“Sounds delicious.” You commented absentmindedly.

“Oh!” She exclaimed and turn her head towards the seat of her daughter.

“This weekend we are going to the Hamilton’s. they wanted me to do a shift as a waitress. They are apparently doing a charity program!” The older female explained briefly. You knew where this going. Your gut kicked and screamed.

“A charity program? Let me guess Mrs. Hamilton suggested?” You guessed.

“Actually, yes.” Your mother confirmed as you heard a sizzle from the oil-burned pan.

“She’s so kind.” Your mother complimented.

“Agreed.” You stated your reaction to her comment. You’ve met Mrs. Hamilton twice now. The first time was when you and your mom went scavenging for an ingredient- again, Gracie’s recipe suggestion. You happen to be at the rich part of town when you both were trying to find the rare ingredient. Coincidentally, you bumped into Mrs. Hamilton. Both of you spewed apologies. Your mother introduced you to the pretty lady. The second time was when she enrolled the Phillip into the high school. Mrs. Hamilton was as darling and sweet as ever.

“The Hamiltons actually wanted me to bring you along.”

“To make me work?”

“No, to enjoy the charity event! I heard the charity event would be fun. Lot’s of dancing and whatever you younger kids are into.”

You laughed,” Great description, Ma. It’s like what I dreamed of!” You sassed.

“Shut up!” You mom said with laughter. It was silent for a second, too silent. It occurred to your mom forgot to turn on the stove fan.

“Mom, don’t forget to turn on the fan for the stove.” You reminded. She cursed at herself for slipping up and clicked the fan on.

You continued the conversation,“Why do I have to go? You know I despise parties. I’m known to be a shy and socially awkward child.” You reminded her.

“Because you barely go to parties! Have fun! Get yourself a boyfriend or girlfriend- Whatever your preference is! Make out for all I care.” She advised playfully.

“And no, you don’t have choice.” She added.

“Dammit.” You muttered.

—- Did I do ok?

an instrumental mix for the eerie reality that exists on the wrong side of 3am

soft trees break the fall - trent raznor & atticus ross || who is the Vehicular - disparition || lapis’ tower - aivi & surasshu || the impossible astronaut - murray gold & BBC orchestra of wales || neptune - gustav holst || peridot - aivi & surasshu || vortex shedding - disparition || bill cipher - brad breeck || analog - disparition || to be continued… - brad breeck || indian - sleeping at last || lion’s mane - aivi & surasshu || the whale - mychael danna || message from home - hans zimmer || the rest of my life - hans zimmer || monster - detektivbyrån || little amy - murray gold & BBC orchestra of wales || let her go - hans zimmer || gleypa okkur - olafur arnalds || ende - disparition

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First official post


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I have been at uni for a few weeks now and here is how it is going.

First things first…

Being transgender I’m usually and open book about my experience of being trans as I feel it is something that needs educated about. However I have started uni as stealth. I don’t have any defining features that remotely make me look or sound female so it is pretty easy to do for the most part I’m going to be staying this way maybe…

We have done various things so far uniform fitting pretty straight forward how the hell I’m going to hem 3 pairs of trousers I do not know (I have never done this before) but I’m sure I can give my Mother-in-law a job.

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We have looked into each module for our first year and I’m pretty much over the initial excitement 

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and ready to start full blown meltdown over assignments and due dates.

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First meltdown… going back to being trans. We had a seminar on Self Awareness, I enjoyed it but that is where I first had a blubber after the session, after the session I ended up talking to the tutor and having a little cry. I told her about me being trans and suffering depression, being an ex-self-harmer and how I use smoking as a unhealthy but somewhat “safer” release of tension when I become depressed.

The positive outcome of this she told me not to worry, she was going to discuss the trans thing with course leader and when I find out my personal tutor we will get together and talk about it. I also mentioned I may be willing to out myself as trans to my group but not the whole cohort, this will be a good way also for the tutors to see who can keep data protection and not discuss it with other members of the cohort.

Dyslexia… I have been told I have had dyslexia for around 13 years now, but I have just had my first proper assessment instead of college halfheartedly making me do a spelling test and some reading to assess it. Guess what… I have dyslexia and dyspraxia, the assessor can’t believe I went this long without a proper diagnosis, so finally I can get the help and support I probably have needed for a long time.

Occupational Health. I finally have my occ health appointment in a few weeks after panicking I hadn’t had mine yet so I have that to look forward too.

That is all I have to update on so far so until my next update

See you all later

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The Daddy Agreement: 1

note: i guess before we start i should say this is a daddy kink fic, it’s het and there will be smut. :)

Chapter 1: lunch dates and turpentine 

 The thing about college is no one is ever straight forward about it. Your future is mapped out in four years, followed by day after day of drinking, studying and sleeping, but no one talks about the grueling hours sitting in lecture halls listening to professors drone on about the do’s and don’t of microbiology , and nursing cold cups of weak coffee as you slave over an assignment that’s due in four hours.

Everything you learn about college in high school is a lie. The professors care more than you do - to a certain extent - and the coffee shops with a decent roast is usually out of your price range. Your scholarship doesn’t guarantee you a spot in a geeky sorority and most people could care less that you’re family isn’t rich and your apartment is a cluttered mess.

It’s taken Marple Sutherland two years to figure this all out, and it still seems to come as a shock to her that being average is somehow acceptable.

She washes her clothes in the laundromat on the corner and eats take-out at least twice a week while flipping through her notebook looking for the lost page of scribbled down notes she needs to study. Her roommate, Teagan, hasn’t left her room for at least three days and the stench of turpentine permeates from under the door.

“Teag?” At twenty-one, Marple would hope Teagan would have figured out that ventilation was the way to go when painting in her room. The thick, pungent smell said otherwise as Marple knocked on her roommate’s door.

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ahhhh whAT A CRAZY DAY IT’S BEEN! i’m a bit upset because i spent most of today fretting over the assignments due tomorrow that i left myself no time to study (or even to queue posts on tumblr)!! but one thing i’m grateful for today is that a couple of my friends gave me some early birthday presents!! my best friend got me like 6 notebooks from muji????? just how lucky am I???? can’t wait to write in it!! ✨