over due assignments

ahhhh whAT A CRAZY DAY IT’S BEEN! i’m a bit upset because i spent most of today fretting over the assignments due tomorrow that i left myself no time to study (or even to queue posts on tumblr)!! but one thing i’m grateful for today is that a couple of my friends gave me some early birthday presents!! my best friend got me like 6 notebooks from muji????? just how lucky am I???? can’t wait to write in it!! ✨

an instrumental mix for the eerie reality that exists on the wrong side of 3am

soft trees break the fall - trent raznor & atticus ross || who is the Vehicular - disparition || lapis’ tower - aivi & surasshu || the impossible astronaut - murray gold & BBC orchestra of wales || neptune - gustav holst || peridot - aivi & surasshu || vortex shedding - disparition || bill cipher - brad breeck || analog - disparition || to be continued… - brad breeck || indian - sleeping at last || lion’s mane - aivi & surasshu || the whale - mychael danna || message from home - hans zimmer || the rest of my life - hans zimmer || monster - detektivbyrån || little amy - murray gold & BBC orchestra of wales || let her go - hans zimmer || gleypa okkur - olafur arnalds || ende - disparition

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