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Everyone obsessing over season 2 when really this should be our main focus.

I need a Lance arc please.


one thing that always bothered me about the retcon is even though they said it was changing the alpha timeline, it still functioned the exact same way time travel and alpha timelines work. while the time/space travelling powers are NEW, they basically just had john davesprite it and do what needed to happen to keep the alpha timeline intact while not really “retconning” anything. the timeline hussie wrote was still a doomed timeline, vriska still died in it, everyone became ghosts, etc.

what if it really was like, retcon powers. like it was literally hussie writing vriska back in after she died. terezi uses her mind powers to give john a beacon, john travels back to when vriska’s about to die, and literally YOINKS her out of there and drags her back to the present. LITERALLY changing the alpha timeline.

if this was normal time powers it would create a time paradox. how does terezi kill someone that john grabbed before she could kill? that doesn’t make sense. but since john is supposed to have god bullshit powers over the narrative, why should it make narrative sense? breaking the own laws of paradoxical time travel, having terezi both kill and not kill vriska, truly making his powers grander than time travel or the narrative itself.

the entire timeline doesn’t change. rose still had drinking issues, kanaya still has relationship issues, etc. etc. etc.. the only thing that changes is that vriska shows up before game over and pacifies jade and turns the tides.

what im imagining is this: jade and jane start being mind controlled. we get a flash thats like s=> fast forward thats basically Game over, showing the condesce jane jade bec and b2 jack being unstoppable together and killing everyone but terezi, john, and roxy.

the end of the flash is revealed to be the outcome in terezi’s mind’s eye, who know sthis will happen if she doesn’t change the alpha timeline. she gives john instructions, he goes back and grabs vriska out of the narrative and places her back in, and everything proceeds like it’s after the retcon

“Animal behaviourists have found that cows interact in socially complex ways, developing friendships over time and sometimes holding grudges against other cows who treat them badly. Cows have been known to go to extraordinary lengths to escape from abattoirs.

Cows are also protective and nurturing mothers. Yet in the dairy industry, whether she gives birth to a male or a female, the time a mother cow will get to bond with and care for her baby is measured in hours. Female calves, like their mothers, face a lifetime of forced pregnancies and babies lost to the milk industry, and males - referred to as ‘by-products’ - are either shot at birth or destined to become veal.

Make no mistake: both mother cows and their calves are emotionally traumatised as would be any parent and child when forcibly separated from one another. The mother cows bellow in desperation, and the calves wail inconsolably. They cry out for each other for days. Wide-eyed and terrified, the babies are desperate to suckle and will attempt to suckle people’s fingers for comfort. What they get instead is a bottle of milk replacer.

Our most basic need as parents is to love, shelter, feed, nurture and protect our children from harm. And yet we ignore the very same innate need in animals.”

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(just wanted to swing by and say you are fCKING KILLING IT with heavenward. like I'm dead. penny and gordon? killed me. goddamn. every update fucking slays me bless u <3)

AW GOSH. YAY. Thank you, that means a lot <3 There was a point in time when I didn’t think Heavenward was gonna have any Pen and Ink in it, but I was a fool.

(I rambled, so here is a cut)

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This show literally did what EVERYONE wants the media to do with an lgbt relationship which is DEPICT IT AS A NATURAL THING. Instead of doing what EVERY show has done when writing a gay relationship which is being like “LOOK AT THE GAY COUPLE BEING GAY THEY ARE G A Y” and defining the relationship according to that, Yuri on Ice didn’t NEED to outright say “These men are in love” because it was so?? obvious?? I just. Please don’t discredit the first half of this show as “queerbaiting” when it was literally just the most beautifully natural and healthy development of a queer relationship we’ve ever witnessed in anime. Viktuuri has always been canon. This kiss just reaffirmed it in a really blunt way.

Let me just say it now: Whatever happens in episode 12, I will treasure these past 11 weeks I have spent in the Yuri on Ice fandom.

All the good memories will definitely stay with me for a long time; all the weekly fangirling/fanboying over the new developments in the show, all the gifs, all the memes, all the jokes and incorrect quotes, all the beautiful fanart, all the interesting meta, all the sweet fanfics, all the translation corrections, all the Kubo-sensei worship, all the positivity, all the appreciation, all the happiness that this anime has given so many people - I will definitely remember it all with a smile for a long time.

Because that’s what anime is all about in the end, isn’t it? Having fun and sharing it with like-minded people. Personally, Yuri on Ice has made me feel things I thought anime couldn’t make me feel anymore, and that’s just one thing from a long list of things I love about it.

As much as I crave a satisfying conclusion, I can say that these past 11 weeks have been the happiest I’ve been in a while, and nothing can change that. Of course I trust the creators to deliver us the amazing content we expect and an epic (history-making, shall I say?) ending, but just in case it falls anything short of that I can honestly say that I’ve already gotten more than I could have ever asked for and I am happy.

So thank you, YOI, however you may end, you’ve positively affected me and my life and at the end of the day, it’s the good things I’ll remember.

So I look forward to episode 12, whatever it may bring.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i am so proud of tsukishima kei. he's come so far. not only did he actually compliment kageyama, which he would have never done back in the first season, but he actually managed to stop ushijima's spike. more than that, he planned on at least stopping a few of them before the match even started, which means he believed enough in himself to think he could actually manage to block on of the top spikers in japan. tsukishima. believed. in himself. i'm literally crying about this? tsukishima's character development is so good. it's good and pure and

If only yuri knew how often and how highly people, especially his peers, think of him. I mean, he’s the first person phichit wants to share his dream show with. He took up half of yurio’s thoughts during his free skate. There, we get a glimpse on why he’s been acting the way he is with yuri: he’s seen this katsudon’s potential and it irks him that yuri couldn’t see it for himself.

Do you ever just cry

Thinking about when the show started, Yuuri’s anxiety was so bad, that when he was feeling scared or worried or upset in any way, that he shut out everyone who tried to help him for fear of them seeing his weaknesses. Even members of his family and his closest friends.

But after spending time with Victor, he began to open up more and more, to the point where he now seeks out others to comfort him in his times of despair rather than running from them.

It’s a testament to just how much he has developed over the course of the show, to see how while his anxiety isn’t gone completely, he has learned that it’s no longer something he has to deal with alone. 

Holy shit words can’t even describe that scene. Like I could watch that scene over and over again in pure awe. Well not for the first time because I was internally screaming but now I’m watching it in awe. Stiles has come so far. It’s just truly amazing to see this boy finally confident in front of the girl he’s had a crush on for so long. And her face. HER FACE. H E R F A C E. she loved it. She loved everything about it. She loves him. Simply said.


My chapstick goes everywhere with me, and over time we’ve developed a very… close relationship…

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Has anyone made an FFXV oc?

I like OCs, they’re fun to build up and write about. It’s like, you’re interacting with the inverse characters yourself, through your OC.

So an ingame OC who has a part in how the storyline changes, in how the characters survive and in how they make their mark in FFXV.

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How does one think that Pearl reacted negatively to Stevonnie when they first appeared? She was more surprised with Steven fusing with another human.

(Referring to this post)

I feel as though the asker felt asking them to unfuse was a sign she wasn’t comfortable with their fusing, or that she wasn’t being as supportive as Garnet was. And I’d say relative to how Garnet was, Pearl would be seen as espousing a more negative view.

It’s just, when Pearl is surprised or caught off-guard or upset, she tends to revert to what is familiar. 

The entire “I WORE PANTS!” scene in Last One Out of Beach City was a nod to how when things were going wrong or were just being unpredictable, Pearl would rather perform a soft reset than jump into it. 

Part of her character espouses a conservativeness; that’s why her joining the Rebellion is something she always brings up when being told she’s boring. It’s a big step for her, just like how LOOOBC was. So, just following a pattern in the show, Pearl’s big moments are marked by moments of uncertainty. We see it in Sworn to the Sword as well. She’s very surprised by seeing Steven there and it causes the smooth narrative in her head of how hers and Connie’s lives would play out to skip and she has trouble regaining her bearings, instead exploding. 

In later episodes like Mr. Greg, it’s the same thing. When Greg didn’t shout or quip back after hearing “It’s Over,” Pearl was at a complete loss, and she wanted to default to the uneasy silent relationship they had prior to going on the trip.

But it’s not just when Pearl is a little shaken up that we see her grow the most. It’s when, after being shaken, she chooses to continue and face it. Then we see her grow and try to be a better version of herself.

here is something that still gets me: i have spent over 3 years developing an emotional attachment to sherlock and john and their life at 221B. their flat is very much a part of their wonderful story and i love the way it looked like, the cute little details, all of it. i always thought all the most important moments of their life would happen there, it’s just so so so important. then TFP went and blew the entire thing up and let it burn out and then sherlock and john rebuilt it together, somehow creating an exact replica of pre-explosion 221B - and i felt nothing about it. TFP did this in such a way that i feel zero. emotion. about this pretty significant thing that happened. what was this episode