over come the bad things

If anyone ever calls you out on making pictures of everything you see, ignore it. I am so happy to be part of a generation that can solidify and eternalize memories and if that means that you make tons of selfies and the best angled food instagrams, you do you. You’ll be happy to have the memories later in life and no one can take that away from you.


Don’t give up. Even if the odds are against you. With some of the recent event in America, I know things look bad, but you have to stay strong. You guys survived bad presidents before. You will over come this too.

This applies to personal things too! Got a bad grade? Don’t give up! Your dedication will never fail you. People don’t believe you can do it? All the more reasons to do better! Have the last laugh.

I believe in you. You go do your thing and show people how much of a boss ass bitch you can be!

“and i would like to become good friends with that person” 

honestly i died a little here. this boy almost never thinks of himself. 

he is angry and agonized about soo won on her behalf. 

when she was chased from her home and wondered “where could i go now?” he threw his whole future without a moment of hesitation by answering we will go anywhere, as long as it means you’ll live.”

he was ready to become a fugitive and leave the wind tribe, his homeland, the only place safe for him now that the whole country has turned on him, for her to live safely in it. when she demanded they leave together he again devoted himself and what he has ahead of his life to her. he didn’t ask for anything in return not in the past not now and never he will. 

and in this you find that he wished for friends who will understand her, not him. he wished for friends who will cherish her more than they do him. by god, boy, just how much do you love her? 

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I'm super behind so I'm sure I'm missing wide swathes of plot points, but regarding Savitar's identity... did we ever find out what happened to the version of the Flash that chased Eobard back in time, in S1?

Ah, Barry-1, future-Barry? 

We have no idea where he is, but if you subscribe to @trufflemores‘s view of the timeline (best illustrated in this post) then that Barry is long-gone and we’ll never see him again, he’s a few universes back. The most we’ll see is a divergent version of him within the timeline (universe) we’re in now (I think? I’m fuzzy on the details still).

If that sounds confusing and messed up, then it’s simpler to say that the Barry who originally ran back in time to stop Eobard was from a timeline in which Eobard never killed Barry’s mom, and it’s sort of impossible to get back to that point now. The most we’ll get is the Barry we’re following now (who did lose his mother in childhood, unlike that original Barry) running back at some point to stop Eobard from killing his younger self in the timeline that he’s currently in.

(Which, for the record, I do expect the show to revisit at some point still; I’m certain we’re not done with Eobard yet, even though Legends erased him at one age from [a] reality, there’s a lot more of his younger self’s journey to still see!)

Anyway, as far as we understand, that is probably still a “future” occurrence in (our) Barry’s timeline. 

As to whether that Barry (the original one who’s mother wasn’t dead) could become Savitar… I honestly don’t know. Following the idea of time travel events causing branches off into diverging universes… the answer is probably not. And canon sort of forces us to accept that theory or ones like it, or else we’d have that inescapable time loop caused by Eobard going back in time and Eddie’s death.

But okay, all that aside!

Even if we imagine that the version of Barry who becomes Savitar is a past!Barry coming forward, or if it’s any Barry we’ve already seen showing back up (e.g., pre-Flashpoint!Barry or Flashpoint!Barry or Barry from 1x15 etc etc.) it gives rise to a singular issue. Namely, that all of those are “past” versions of Barry or versions that we’ve left in the past in some way now, and Savitar implies that Barry has yet to do whatever it is that makes Savitar hate him so much. 

I mean, it’s a small problem and maybe the show will ignore it or maybe we’ve misinterpreted what Savitar is saying, but it seems to me that if Savitar is Barry, we have yet to see which Barry he is?

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Could you maybe do a fic of a shy Nerd!Arin getting asked to help Punk!Dan with his studying. They go to Dan's house and after a little while of studying (Dan has been flirting with Arin the whole time) Dan asks if Arin's had his first kiss. Arin says no, so dan returns the favor for helping him study by giving him his first kiss.

“You want my help?” Arin asked in disbelief.

It wasn’t that he didn’t think he was smart enough to tutor someone, it was who was asking.  Dan had his bright blue hair pulled back in a messy pony tail.  The kid even had ripped red plaid pants, as if he didn’t scream trouble already.  He had his large hands planted on Arin’s desk as he was huntched over, waiting for an answer.  Puppy dog eyes looking down on him, it was hard for Arin to say no.

“I guess I could help you after school a little.  Is there any place in mind you had for studying?”

Dan pretended to think it over for a secons before confidently saying, “Your house.”

“Excuse me?”

“My room’s too messy and it’s getting close to finals so the library will be busy.  At your place, we could get some quite time.”

With that devilish shy grin and wording, Arin’s mind wondered to something a little less innocent.  He’d have to be blind and lying if he didn’t admit that he found Dan to be hot as hell.  They’ve been in the same class but Arin had mostly resorted to staring from afar. 

“Fine, but you better not be late.”

“I wouldn’t dare.”
_ _ _ _ _

School ended an hour ago and Dan was still not here.  They never set up a time for him to show up but an hour felt like more then enough.  Arin spent the time cleaning up his room and debriefing his folks on what was going on.  They weren’t up tight, but if a lanky, electric blue haired teen just showed up at their door step, it wouldn’t go un questioned.

As Arin was grabbing somme snacks from the kitchen, the door bell rang.  Dropping everything on the counter, he raced to the door, not wanting to give his folks a chance to embarasse him. 

“Hey, hope I’m not late."  Dan’s hair puffed out like a wild main as he smiled sheepishly.  It was almost too cute for Arin to handle.

"No no.  You’re good.  Um, my rooms up stairs if ya wanna get started." 

Dan stepped inside and headed up the stairs while Arin grabbed the snacks he gathered.  Finally catching up at the top, Arin pointed out which one was his.  Watching Dan slowly open his door was one of the most nerve wrecking moment of his life.  All he could think about is Dan laughing at him for his collectables and games. 
_ _ _ _

"So, 2x+4y=24, what’s x and y?”


“Are you even trying, Dan?" 

They had been at it for what felt like days and Arin was ready to flip some tables.  It wasn’t that Dan was being stupid, but more or less fucking around on purpose.  There wasn’t a moment where he wasn’t leaning in close and whispering in Arin’s ear.  It was sending him over the edge with the jokes but the little things like that were bringing things up that should stay down. 

"I think we should take a break.” Arin sighed, pushing his seat back away from the desk.

“Want a back rub?”

“You’re so touchy.  Someone would think you’re up to something.”

“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.  Come on, it’s been hours.  Let’s play a game, like truth or dare.”

Arin looked over at Dan like he was crazy.  Only bad things come from playing a game like that with teenagers.  Especially with have the shit that was running through Arin’s mind most of the afternoon.  Before he could protest, before he could even figure out something else to do, Dan went over to the bed a layed down.

“You wanna go first or I go first?” Dan asked, smiling up at the ceiling. 

“Y-you go.”

“Don’t be nervouse, I won’t bite.  Unless you dare me to."  He shot a sly little wink at Arin, making the teen’s face heat up.  "Truth or dare?”


“Got a girlfriend?”

“Kinda lame first question but no." 

"I’m just testing the waters before we get to the good shit.”

“Truth or dare?”

“Hmmmm, dare.”

Arin’s mind went completely blank except for one thing.  He kept saying it was dumb and would probably weird Dan out.  Reason threw itself out the window a while ago.

“Dare you to take your shirt off.”

With a smirk, Dan muttered, “Now we’re talking,"  as he slowly took off his shirt.

Dan was so pale under his black band shirt.  The skin looked so smooth and just how slim he looked made Arin want to drool.  It took him three seconds too long to realize that Dan was trying to get his attention.  Sitting up now and leaning back on his hands, just stretching his back out was over kill.

"Yes?"  Arin finally said.

"Truth or dare?”


“No fun but fine.  Have you ever even kissed anyone?  Sorry, but you seem so innocent.”

“Well,"  Arin started to whisper, "no…”

Dan almost jumped off the bed in shock.  It made Arin feel a little self conscience.  He never saw it as such a big deal but right now it was like he was a noob at life.  Arin couldn’t even look up at the blue hair teen.

“Do you wanna practice?”

“Excuse me?”

“You like…..practice kissing…just two bros practicing.  Ain’t nothing weird about it.  I mean if you want to.”

Going off rambling, Arin couldn’t help but see how cute Dan was be flustered.  He didn’t really how to respond to it though.  Instead of talking, he got up and went over to his bed and  sat next to the blue haired boy.  At least it finally shut Dan up long enough for them to face each other.  The silence in the room was deathening as they just stared at each other.

“Just, um, close your eyes.”

Arin did as he was told but got a little nervous.  All the thoughts of this being a joke ran through his mind.  He could just picture Dan running out the door laughing at him.  That was until he felt something warm press up against his lips.

Eyes blown wide now, Arin could see how close Dan was.  How his eyes were closed and  could feel him smiling against his lips.  Arin leaned in, kissing him back.  It felt nice, his head was kinda spinning still from the fact this was even happening.  A few seconds later, Dan pulled away and stared at him smiling wide.

“Boom, first kiss unlocked.”

“God, for mr. Cool you are such a dork.”

“You think I’m cool?”

Dan leaned in again and gave Arin another little kiss.  At this point it wasn’t “practice” and the both of them knew it.

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Can you link me to this fic about where dan and Phil were best friends but dan stopped hanging out him because he got into drugs and hanging around bad people. But Phil got depressed and his mom was abusing him and having men come over to do bad things to Phil. Then after he had enough he went to the howells for help.

Damaged Skin and Evil Sins - (tw) Dan and Phil have been best friends forever, and when they start to drift apart, they both end up coping differently.

just a heads up, the link is actually to a page, not a post and idk if it’ll work on the app so please use a mobile browser if ur on mobile :)

- Emily

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2:37] School is almost out, both for today and the rest of the year. I'm failing math, got rejected for a job I was really excited about, and my FP hasn't spoken to me in a few days. I'm so tired of dealing with this but I can't stop now. I'm already so far.

i think i should like. come out as trans to my parents

Ivy League; Series (Part 9, Final)

Summary: College is about experiencing life and learning. But when the two mix, it leads to a bit of trouble. Meeting a guy who’s definitely out of your league wasn’t on your uni to-do list.


Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut

Member: Xiumin, Sehun, Luhan

Words: 3,311

A/N: I want to thank y’all for sticking with me through this series. If you just now found it, thank you as well. This is the first series I’ve done and I can’t believe it’s already over. I hope y’all stay for the next one no matter who or what it’s about. Thank you for making writing this so much fun<3 Professor Daddy is not dead, he’ll always be one of my muses!

(pt 1) (pt 2) (pt 3) (pt 4) (pt 5) (pt 6) (pt 7(pt 8)

So… Who will it be?

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Afraid (Request)

hey i loved your one shot where the missus had a nightmare, could you do one like that but this time harry has the nightmare? lots of fluff?


You were in the middle of dreaming about your wedding. In your dream you were trying to catch the veil to your dress, but every time you got close the wind would just blow it further away. Thankfully, this was apparently amusing to you and everyone else that you had conjured up in this dream. Harry came into your mind, and stood watching as you tried to grab the lacy, white veil.

“Harry, can you help me?”

Instead of answering, Harry shook his head no.

“Oh come on, please?”

“No, (Y/N)!” Harry said, his voice sounding a bit strained. “No, stop!”

“Stop what?”

“Please, don’t go! Stop!”

You were confused as you looked at Harry and saw him walking toward you, his arms outstretched and his eyes full of pain. You backed away, slightly concerned for him. When he got to you, he placed both hands on your shoulders and started shaking you.

“Harry, what are you doing?”



You were immediately snapped awake out of your dream and discovered that Harry was leaning up in bed, his hand on your shoulder. He had actually been shaking you and saying your name and it had somehow wiggled its way into your dream.

You laid there for a few seconds, groggy and trying to reorient yourself. When you finally adjusted your eyes to the darkness, you rolled over and looked at Harry.

“Harry?” You asked, quietly. “What’s going on?”

“M’sorry.” He mumbled. “I didn’t want to wake you up, but…”

You got a good look at his eyes and instantly knew that something was wrong. You quickly reached over to flick the bedside lamp on and that’s when you saw just how upset he was.

“Baby?” You said, running a hand down his cheek. “What’s wrong?”

Harry opened his mouth to speak, but all that came out was a long shuddering breath. He dipped his forehead to rest on your shoulder.

“Oh baby, it’s okay.” You soothed, rubbing his back. “I’m here, you’re okay. What’s going on, love?”

Harry didn’t respond, but you could feel his back heaving with shaky inhales as he clutched your body against his.

“Hey, sweetheart, look at me.” You said, pulling his face back up so it was level at yours. His eyes were pained and swimming in tears that were threatening to fall. “Harry, what happened? Tell me what’s wrong!”

You were starting to get worried that something had happened to his mom or Gemma or someone else. You hadn’t heard any phones ringing, but that didn’t mean that nothing had happened.

“I…I had a nightmare.” He said, running a hand through his hair.

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The Party Animal is one of my favorite Wander Over Yonder eps when it comes to color and animation. The only bad thing about that is it makes it pretty much impossible to make clear, nice looking GIFs (too much color and flashing will make it grainy and kill it). A shame since the animation is really the main highlight, but even just the still caps alone prove that the visuals in this cartoon are, in fact, awesome. 

Do you feel the storm that’s coming?

He finds her, finally, in the captain’s chair in the cockpit. The navicomputer is on, the blue light from the screen casting shadows in the pinched lines at the corners of her eyes and mouth.

Han Solo x Leia Organa. 2,037 words.

(read it while listening to wilco’s “black moon.”)

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Stay The Night//Josh Dun

Requested: One where Josh and Y/N are neighbors as teens. One night Y/N’s parents are fighting so she sneaks over and Josh comforts her but then fluffy smut happens? They end up falling asleep together and his parents find them the next morning in bed together?

Note: There is smut in this; as always read at your own discretion.


              You were in the middle of working on English homework when you heard the front door slam shut, causing you to jump. You knew your dad was home far later than your mom expected him to be. Which as with most nights would result in a world war 3 tier fight. You sighed deeply, grabbing your phone to start playing music through your headphones as you continued writing. You had an essay due in a couple of days, but the background screaming and vibrations of your floor as something hit a wall was distracting to say the least. You hated fighting with all your being. You didn’t like yelling, you didn’t like insults, and you especially hated violent gestures—whether it be directed at someone or not. Anyone who knew you wouldn’t be surprised why, considering your parents fought a lot. You wondered if they realized that you would rather have a broken family, than one composed of people who are outright sick of another. You’d rather deal with visitation weekends and 2 different houses than fighting nearly every night. Which spoke wonders, considering you loved both of your parents very near and dear to your heart.

              You pulled out your phone, sending a quick text to your neighbor Josh; asking if you could work on your homework over there, and possibly stay the night. Within minutes he replied with a simple the door’s open. It was a bit riskier to go in through his front door; despite both of his parents being asleep. But it was either that, or risk breaking your neck trying to jump to his window (which wouldn’t be easy considering both of your rooms were on the second floor). You packed up your English homework, and some overnight things before heading downstairs; walking right by your fighting parents and out the door. By the time you made it to Josh’s house, you were almost in tears; you slowly opened and closed the door. Trying to make as little sound as possible. You did run into his little sister on the way upstairs, who merely gave you a nod. That was the nice thing about Josh’s siblings, they knew what your family life was generally like; and knew better than to tattle on you two for your secret sleepovers.

              “It got bad again?” Josh asked as you slipped into his room, letting a soft sob escape your lips. Normally you hated being vulnerable around people; you hated crying in front of them. Except for Josh, he made you feel safe in his presence, no matter what the situation. He stood from his desk where he was sitting and walked over to you, wrapping his arms tightly around your shaking body. “It’s going to be okay Y/N. It’s okay, I’m here.” He whispered, one hand reaching up to pet your hair as you sobbed into his chest. When the world came falling down, he could take on the responsibility of being your world. Being your rock when you felt like sand, falling through the fingers of reality.

              “I hate it, you know? They get along with me just fine, then with one another they’re like cats and dogs. At each others throats.” You ranted, Josh had heard this exact line so many times he lost count; it broke his heart to hear you say it each time though.

              “Like I said, it’s going to be okay. You’re with me now.” He grabbed your hands, leading you to sit on his bed with him. Pressing a gentle kiss to your lips; this wasn’t anything new. The two of you had been dating for almost a year now. Something you wanted to desperately let your parents know, if they would put down their arms and listen for 2 minutes. You sunk into his kiss, letting yourself get lost in the feeling of his soft lips dancing over yours, as your fingers began to slide up his back, tangling themselves in the soft curls of his hair. You felt his mouth curve up into a smile as he kissed a little harder, hands resting on your hips as the two of you kissed like the world was going to end soon.

              “Make me forget tonight.” You pleaded, resting your forehead against his. “Please, you’ve always been great at it; and it’s been a while.” You had a devious smirk on your lips, the two of you had only done it together once. Which was an awkward experience to say the least, the two of you bursting out into giggles at every opportunity, but tonight was different. It wasn’t awkward, nor was it completely horny. It was a loving urge to do it, wanting to feel a little closer with him.

              “If you’re sure.” He whispered, shifting so he could begin placing soft kisses down your neck. Trying to find the sensitive skin that made you melt in his arms. Within seconds his lips brushed against the spot, causing a small sound to escape your lips. He began sucking and biting at the skin, as you shifted your body so he was laying overtop of you. Pressing your hips against his, you got a soft hum in response. Josh’s lips found yours once again, kissing roughly as his tongue begged for entrance to your mouth, brushing itself against your bottom lip. You slowly agreed, feeling your hands slide under the hem of his shirt. Teasingly pulling it up a little as your tongues battled one another for dominance. Before one of you could win, Josh pulled away, sliding his shirt off before removing yours.

              “God I love you.” You growled, as your bra was being pulled off your chest, leaving the skin of your breasts exposed. Which Josh took full advantage of. Kissing one as his hand gave equal attention to the other. Causing a moan to pass your lips; as you pressed your hips up. Hoping to find the friction that you desired. Feeling yourself come into contact with an excited bulge growing in the males jeans, you bit your lip; continuing to grind against him until his kisses trailed down your stomach.

              “I love you too.” You heard him whisper, before sliding your sweatpants down. You felt your face burn with embarrassment; realizing you weren’t wearing underwear underneath your pants. “Easier access I see.” Josh teased, lips brushing against your thighs, as your fingers found their way into the brown curls that you adored so. You were close to begging for him to do something when his tongue very gently licked up your clit; causing a gasp of pleasure to escape your lips. You reminded yourself that there were people sleeping in the house so you had to be quiet, but Josh was making that hard. Tongue expertly teasing you as you felt a euphoric feeling burn in your stomach. You regretfully pushed Josh back, shifting so you were on your knees between his legs as you stripped him of his jeans and boxers. Giving him a teasing smirk before slowly taking his erection into your mouth. Letting your tongue tease at the tip, causing him to softly moan out. You took this as a cue to keep going, as you began to bob your head up and down; feeling his fingers find their way into your hair. Nearly begging you for more, before you couldn’t take the anticipation, you wanted him right then and there. Pulling your mouth back, you watched as Josh reached over to a drawer in his bedside table. Grabbing a foil packet, laying back on the bed as you heard him get ready. You reached up and kissed him roughly, right as he hovered over top of you.

              “You know, I love you so much.” Josh whispered to you, before slowly pushing inside of you. Causing a pleasure filled pressure. You bit your lip, unable to answer Josh as you knew loud sounds of pleasure would escape. Most likely waking everyone in the house. You felt as Josh began to find a rhythm, slow at first but speeding up with each thrust. You fought the urge to moan out in pleasure, though with each movement you found it harder and harder to keep quiet. Josh must have felt the same, as he pressed his lips roughly into yours; letting a moan out as you tugged at his hair. You knew Josh was getting close when his thrusts became quicker and more sloppy; letting a loud moan of pleasure dissipate into his mouth as he slid his hand down, rubbing circles into your clit. The euphoric feeling began to build back up in your stomach as you felt it take over; letting a loud sound of pleasure pass your lips as you reached your peak; soon followed by Josh.

              “I love you too.” You giggled, grabbing Josh’s shirt off the floor before sliding into his bed, feeling him; now clad in boxers slide in after you.

              “Goodnight Y/N.” You heard him whisper as you slowly dozed off, a smile keeping itself adorned on your face.


              You hadn’t realized where you were, until you heard the familiar voice of Josh’s mom coming up the stairs, calling to him and asking if he was awake yet.

              “Josh you have school.” You groggily opened your eyes, only to feel your heart leap into your chest as she opened the door. Revealing the two of you in bed together. “Oh, Y/N. I didn’t know you spent the night.” She mumbled, awkwardly, crossing her arms as she probably saw the condom wrapper still laying on the floor. “After school today your father and I want to speak with you Josh, you too Y/N.” You couldn’t help but dread what was going to happen, and how awkward it was going to be. After his mother left, Josh looked at you with red cheeks.

              “I’m really sorry.” You mumbled, watching as he shrugged.

              “I love you too much to be mad. Regardless of what happens tonight, you can always come over when things get bad over there.” His words caused your embarrassed heart to swell. You loved him more than words could describe.

抱かれてから始まった恋~青葉編~ (Dakaretekara hajimatta koi 〜Aoba Hen〜)

Bullet has announced yet another volume for the 抱かれてから始まった恋 series!

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

It’s been about half a year since we’ve started formally dating, and my girlfriend comes to my place about 3 times a week now.

The fact that my girlfriend comes so over so often isn’t a bad thing—rather, I’m quite happy about it. However, she’s usually drunk when she comes over.

Actually, she’s drunk way too frequently.

“Hey Cacao*… I’m drunk today too, aren’t I? Is this place a hotel… or my family’s house…?”

Should we start living together? Is that even the problem?

I understand her actions, but I can’t help but feeling like I want to call her out on it.

Even our cat (Cacao) has it more together than she does sometimes.

At this point, there’s no choice but to discipline her… isn’t there?

And so, this is the continued love story of a couple who’s relationship has passed the phase of being grounded in physicality, and has now progressed to that of a love deep from the heart…

CV: 河村眞人 (Yamanaka Masahiro)

Release Date: November 25th, 2016.

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''Y-yellow, my friend... I heard about one of your brothers-- uhm... If things get bad, you can come over to my home!'' ((peanuthoard))

“O- Oh! That sounds lovely, little pal!” He’s all smiles again! “I don’t wanna be a bother, anyway..”