over come the bad things

S/O wearing revealing clothing around the others


You walked out of your and Jin’s room in your shorts and crop top. Jin instantly could tell the other guys noticed your exposed body. He knew none of them would say or do anything, but he still didn’t like them looking at you. 

“Hey jagi, why don’t you wear that tank top I got you a few day ago. I was thinking we could go out today.” He called, sending you a look with the real meaning. 

You laughed at his meaning and smiled. “Okay babe.” You kissed him as you passed by,making sure to give your butt a little wiggle when only he’d be able to see it. “They’d go good with my purple jean shorts, don’t ya think?”

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You’d convinced the boys to come visit your home town over the summer. The bad thing? It was Oklahoma, it was over 100 degrees, and humidity was awful. Given those characteristics, you were in your extremely short shorts and sports bra with an open flannel over it. Suag, and all the other boys, defiantly noticed.

Y’all were all sitting outside watching various younger cousins and siblings play in the make shift pool when Suga pulled you onto his lap. “You shouldn’t be wearing that. Things happen when you look this good.” 

You turned around and smirked before wiggling slightly and getting up. “I’m gonna go help with the little ones in the pool.” You took off your flannel and smiled innocently as you ran over to your cousins and played, making sure to keep Suga’s attention.

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Asking you to work out with them group probably wasn’t the best idea. J-hope loved your outfit, but so did every other guy in the gym. Usually, you worked out in your cheer shorts and wide armed tank top with a sports bra underneath, and today was no exception. 

As you started to do your lifting, J-hope came over smiling. “Every guy is staring at you. I have extra sweats in my bag. Will you please change?” he asked, giving you puppy dog eyes. 

You laughed quietly and nodded, taking his bag from him. “Only cause I love you so much.” With a quick peck, you were gone and back, freshly changed into some less revealing clothing.

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Rap Monster

Rap Monster always loved when you spent the nights, but he hated the next morning. Your clothes were actually fine, but with your typical 5x t-shirt you slept in, it seemed you weren’t wearing anything underneath them. 

You finally woke up and started cooking for the guys, your treat for them letting you stay. Rap Monster came out soon after and smiled at you. “Should you be wearing that with the other guys around?” he half asked, half teased. 

You, being the smart ass you were, simple took a part of your shirt and tucked it into the hem of your shorts. “There. Now it’s obvious to see I’m fully clothed/.” You smirked and set out the food, greeting all the members as they woke up while Rap Monster simple shook his head.

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Usually, he was totally down for your crop top and baggy sweats when dancing, but with the rest of the guys around, no way. “Jagi, why don’t you wear something else today?” he asked after watching the first dance. “I feel like everyone id staring at you.”

You looked around and sighed. “Do I have to?” uyou whined, knowing the answer was already yes. You rolled your eyes and went to the bathroom, changing into a wide armed tanktop with your bra still partly showing. Jimin wasn’t to big a fan of the new outfit, but it was better so he was happy enough.”Thank you y/n. I love you.”

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You were excited. Today the boys would be filming by the beach and when they were done, you all were gonna go to the pier and then swim. Since it was the beach, you saw no problem with wearing your bikini top with some shorts. When V saw you, it was a slightly different story. 

All day long he knew other were watching you. He didn’t blame the members, you looked good. But he was also annoyed by it. Finally, it was time for the pier. “Jagi, would you please put my jacket on? You don;t have to zip it up, but I’d rather you cover up some.” Of course you did so, happy with how nice V was about it. “I’m not wearing this while we swim though.”

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When you came out in a tight fitting dress, ready for the night, Jungkook didn’t even care. He was proud to show you off to the guys and everyone else. He smiled as they made their way into the restaurant, knowing you were catching the attention of several people.

You laughed at Jungkook’s reaction. The boys bet he wouldn’t care, and they were right. “My Jagi is so beautiful.” Jungkook would randomly say, smiling and laughing slightly in disbelief at how lucky he was.

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If anyone ever calls you out on making pictures of everything you see, ignore it. I am so happy to be part of a generation that can solidify and eternalize memories and if that means that you make tons of selfies and the best angled food instagrams, you do you. You’ll be happy to have the memories later in life and no one can take that away from you.


Don’t give up. Even if the odds are against you. With some of the recent event in America, I know things look bad, but you have to stay strong. You guys survived bad presidents before. You will over come this too.

This applies to personal things too! Got a bad grade? Don’t give up! Your dedication will never fail you. People don’t believe you can do it? All the more reasons to do better! Have the last laugh.

I believe in you. You go do your thing and show people how much of a boss ass bitch you can be!

Maybe I haven’t loved men the way I love women
although often in the afternoons
and now somewhere in the middle of the country,
I want even the bad things to do over.
The wheels coming down right before landing.
The wheels you can feel but don’t see.
And the people, how being with people,
has turned out to be, more or less, something like that.
—  Alex Dimitrov, from “People,” published in The Journal

“and i would like to become good friends with that person” 

honestly i died a little here. this boy almost never thinks of himself. 

he is angry and agonized about soo won on her behalf. 

when she was chased from her home and wondered “where could i go now?” he threw his whole future without a moment of hesitation by answering we will go anywhere, as long as it means you’ll live.”

he was ready to become a fugitive and leave the wind tribe, his homeland, the only place safe for him now that the whole country has turned on him, for her to live safely in it. when she demanded they leave together he again devoted himself and what he has ahead of his life to her. he didn’t ask for anything in return not in the past not now and never he will. 

and in this you find that he wished for friends who will understand her, not him. he wished for friends who will cherish her more than they do him. by god, boy, just how much do you love her? 

Me, about to fall into a peaceful slumber: Hope I’m not forgetting anything.

Me: Wait…

A long list of stories I have promised/need to write: Sup.


Me: Crap.

As It Seems: Chapter 12

Table of Contents

Según Parece: Lista De Contenidos

Summary: There’s some more yelling and arguing then Sam gets fed up and gets right down to the middle of it all

Word Count: 2690

Warning: none

Beta’d by: @kclaire1


~Dean’s POV~

“I heard this was where the party was!” The front door banged open and in walked Ash, mullet and all.

Jo perked up from where she, Y/N, and Alex had been talking on the couch in the living room. “’Bout time you came around and showed that sorry excuse you call a face, you slacker.”

“Jo, when you got the hair, you don’t need nothin’ else.” Ash flicked some of his long hair over his shoulder and hefted his bag. “Now where do I set up? Ellen made it sound like y’all desperately need my genius.”

“Kev and Charlie are upstairs. Dean, why don’t you show him?” Jo threw a very pointed look my way. I shrugged off the wall and pointed at myself, confirming what she’d said. She just nodded, then jerked her head towards the stairs. Apparently she caught onto my act of pretending I wasn’t hovering around Y/N.

I think I liked it better when Jo still threw a cold shoulder towards Y/N because of her crush on me. This new friendship didn’t bode well.


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Could you maybe do a fic of a shy Nerd!Arin getting asked to help Punk!Dan with his studying. They go to Dan's house and after a little while of studying (Dan has been flirting with Arin the whole time) Dan asks if Arin's had his first kiss. Arin says no, so dan returns the favor for helping him study by giving him his first kiss.

“You want my help?” Arin asked in disbelief.

It wasn’t that he didn’t think he was smart enough to tutor someone, it was who was asking.  Dan had his bright blue hair pulled back in a messy pony tail.  The kid even had ripped red plaid pants, as if he didn’t scream trouble already.  He had his large hands planted on Arin’s desk as he was huntched over, waiting for an answer.  Puppy dog eyes looking down on him, it was hard for Arin to say no.

“I guess I could help you after school a little.  Is there any place in mind you had for studying?”

Dan pretended to think it over for a secons before confidently saying, “Your house.”

“Excuse me?”

“My room’s too messy and it’s getting close to finals so the library will be busy.  At your place, we could get some quite time.”

With that devilish shy grin and wording, Arin’s mind wondered to something a little less innocent.  He’d have to be blind and lying if he didn’t admit that he found Dan to be hot as hell.  They’ve been in the same class but Arin had mostly resorted to staring from afar. 

“Fine, but you better not be late.”

“I wouldn’t dare.”
_ _ _ _ _

School ended an hour ago and Dan was still not here.  They never set up a time for him to show up but an hour felt like more then enough.  Arin spent the time cleaning up his room and debriefing his folks on what was going on.  They weren’t up tight, but if a lanky, electric blue haired teen just showed up at their door step, it wouldn’t go un questioned.

As Arin was grabbing somme snacks from the kitchen, the door bell rang.  Dropping everything on the counter, he raced to the door, not wanting to give his folks a chance to embarasse him. 

“Hey, hope I’m not late."  Dan’s hair puffed out like a wild main as he smiled sheepishly.  It was almost too cute for Arin to handle.

"No no.  You’re good.  Um, my rooms up stairs if ya wanna get started." 

Dan stepped inside and headed up the stairs while Arin grabbed the snacks he gathered.  Finally catching up at the top, Arin pointed out which one was his.  Watching Dan slowly open his door was one of the most nerve wrecking moment of his life.  All he could think about is Dan laughing at him for his collectables and games. 
_ _ _ _

"So, 2x+4y=24, what’s x and y?”


“Are you even trying, Dan?" 

They had been at it for what felt like days and Arin was ready to flip some tables.  It wasn’t that Dan was being stupid, but more or less fucking around on purpose.  There wasn’t a moment where he wasn’t leaning in close and whispering in Arin’s ear.  It was sending him over the edge with the jokes but the little things like that were bringing things up that should stay down. 

"I think we should take a break.” Arin sighed, pushing his seat back away from the desk.

“Want a back rub?”

“You’re so touchy.  Someone would think you’re up to something.”

“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.  Come on, it’s been hours.  Let’s play a game, like truth or dare.”

Arin looked over at Dan like he was crazy.  Only bad things come from playing a game like that with teenagers.  Especially with have the shit that was running through Arin’s mind most of the afternoon.  Before he could protest, before he could even figure out something else to do, Dan went over to the bed a layed down.

“You wanna go first or I go first?” Dan asked, smiling up at the ceiling. 

“Y-you go.”

“Don’t be nervouse, I won’t bite.  Unless you dare me to."  He shot a sly little wink at Arin, making the teen’s face heat up.  "Truth or dare?”


“Got a girlfriend?”

“Kinda lame first question but no." 

"I’m just testing the waters before we get to the good shit.”

“Truth or dare?”

“Hmmmm, dare.”

Arin’s mind went completely blank except for one thing.  He kept saying it was dumb and would probably weird Dan out.  Reason threw itself out the window a while ago.

“Dare you to take your shirt off.”

With a smirk, Dan muttered, “Now we’re talking,"  as he slowly took off his shirt.

Dan was so pale under his black band shirt.  The skin looked so smooth and just how slim he looked made Arin want to drool.  It took him three seconds too long to realize that Dan was trying to get his attention.  Sitting up now and leaning back on his hands, just stretching his back out was over kill.

"Yes?"  Arin finally said.

"Truth or dare?”


“No fun but fine.  Have you ever even kissed anyone?  Sorry, but you seem so innocent.”

“Well,"  Arin started to whisper, "no…”

Dan almost jumped off the bed in shock.  It made Arin feel a little self conscience.  He never saw it as such a big deal but right now it was like he was a noob at life.  Arin couldn’t even look up at the blue hair teen.

“Do you wanna practice?”

“Excuse me?”

“You like…..practice kissing…just two bros practicing.  Ain’t nothing weird about it.  I mean if you want to.”

Going off rambling, Arin couldn’t help but see how cute Dan was be flustered.  He didn’t really how to respond to it though.  Instead of talking, he got up and went over to his bed and  sat next to the blue haired boy.  At least it finally shut Dan up long enough for them to face each other.  The silence in the room was deathening as they just stared at each other.

“Just, um, close your eyes.”

Arin did as he was told but got a little nervous.  All the thoughts of this being a joke ran through his mind.  He could just picture Dan running out the door laughing at him.  That was until he felt something warm press up against his lips.

Eyes blown wide now, Arin could see how close Dan was.  How his eyes were closed and  could feel him smiling against his lips.  Arin leaned in, kissing him back.  It felt nice, his head was kinda spinning still from the fact this was even happening.  A few seconds later, Dan pulled away and stared at him smiling wide.

“Boom, first kiss unlocked.”

“God, for mr. Cool you are such a dork.”

“You think I’m cool?”

Dan leaned in again and gave Arin another little kiss.  At this point it wasn’t “practice” and the both of them knew it.

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Can you link me to this fic about where dan and Phil were best friends but dan stopped hanging out him because he got into drugs and hanging around bad people. But Phil got depressed and his mom was abusing him and having men come over to do bad things to Phil. Then after he had enough he went to the howells for help.

Damaged Skin and Evil Sins - (tw) Dan and Phil have been best friends forever, and when they start to drift apart, they both end up coping differently.

just a heads up, the link is actually to a page, not a post and idk if it’ll work on the app so please use a mobile browser if ur on mobile :)

- Emily

Post Chapter 74 - Arriving at Sandringham - One Shot

A/N: Okay guys, here is a one-shot. I’ve been promising you one for a while and I’m really sorry - life has just been so hectic. This one isn’t finished, but I go on holiday tomorrow and I won’t be able to upload anything else for a week so I wanted to get something out for you guys. I will still be able to answer any messages though, so feel free to drop me a line 😊 Anyway, sorry for the abrupt ending, but I hope you enjoy 💖

“What do you mean you didn’t get any presents?!” Emmy cried, staring at Harry incredulously.

Harry winced – he hadn’t expected her to raise her voice. “I got presents for you and Grace!”

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today I watched the last episode of Star Trek Enterprise. When I started my journey of watching the entirety of Star Trek - movies, animated series, reboot, and all - I thought that the episode I just watched would be the last one I would ever get to see. This has been an eight year journey, and for six of those years, I thought this episode would mark the end of the journey and was dreading getting here.

Instead, almost two years ago, a brand new series of Star Trek was announced, and instead of dread, I was filled with excitement and anticipation. Now, Star Trek Discovery will premier tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s finally here and I’m sure that all the Trek fans who are older than me really can’t believe it. I am beyond excited to have a brand new series of ST to watch (flaws and all) that I can even watch in real time with Trekkies and newcomers, but even more, I’m so happy that the adventure that is Star Trek - exploring strange new worlds, boldly going where no one has gone before, and growing in our humanity as we do so - and the hopeful picture that it paints of the future, is here. I sobbed when this series was announced and I’m sure that I’ll sob through most of this episode and I’ll need to watch it through again before episode 2. Star Trek means so much to me I can’t even put it into words.

Let’s all boldly go.

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👌 + 6 1/2 inches

Today was the day that Patches was supposed to come over for dinner, too bad things were about to get a lot more complicated. Host was in the kitchen preparing when he started to feel very strange. There was a distinct sense of vertigo like he was riding an elevator. When it stopped, he knew something was wrong.

He reached for the table he’d been standing in front of previously but found nothing there and began to panic. He started to move around and bumped into a some sort of wooden post which was not a thing he had in his home previously. “Th-the Host feels the strange post, which was actually-” He stopped short, realization dawning on him. Oh no.


The Party Animal is one of my favorite Wander Over Yonder eps when it comes to color and animation. The only bad thing about that is it makes it pretty much impossible to make clear, nice looking GIFs (too much color and flashing will make it grainy and kill it). A shame since the animation is really the main highlight, but even just the still caps alone prove that the visuals in this cartoon are, in fact, awesome. 

I’m Um.... Bleeding.

Sam x Sister!Reader x Dean

Request: Could you do a sister imagine where she gets her period for the first time and doesn’t know what it is so she awkwardly asks Sam and Dean for help and she’s like really embarrassed of the situation but Sam and Dean are really sweet about it? 

Warnings: Mentions Of Blood, Panties, Pads, and Death.

Author’s Note: I just went with the flow (haha, get it?) and so it kind of might be a little graphic but whatever, periods are like that man so just…. yeah. Also sorry it took awhile, I’ve been having a tough time at home recently, I know that’s not an excuse but still.

                                                    -Reader’s POV-

So far the day had been fine, Sam, Dean and I went and finished up the hunt we were currently on and headed back to the bunker, all of us falling asleep if not changing before we practically collapsed onto our beds and slept through the night.

The next morning was fine, normal, Dean made breakfast for all of us, “Momma Dean” I like to tease him with- he always takes care of us, he makes breakfast and lunch and dinner sometimes but then again we also get takeout a lot, as well as just junk food all around. But Dean also wanted me to be ‘somewhat healthy’ as he’d said and so he made food at the bunker a lot while we were here.

Now I’m reading a book in our makeshift living room, we set up a some bookshelves with ACTUAL books, and not just books documenting supernatural curiosities of the world and trial tests for whatever the Men Of Letter’s used to do- now we had a couch and some chairs and some actual books. 

I eventually had the need to pee and after trying to hold it, because I just wanted to know what was going to happen in my book! I couldn’t hold it any longer and decided to fulfill my bladders’ needs. While peeing I decided to look around, maybe read the back of a shampoo bottle or a lotion or something- then my eyes caught it, just sitting there, my panties, stained, with a brownish color in them. 

At first I started to panic- what is this?! Did a witch curse me?! What is this? And I mean rationally, it could have been anywhere from a witches curse to me being like, I don’t know- me obtaining some sort of new supernatural power- I mean god knows that Sammy has those, granted I’ve seen a ton of weird shit in my life, so these thoughts were actually rational in my world.  

But then I knew- I knew…. It was a curse, of sorts. Periods, it was my period, and to be exact, my first. It was Mother Natures curse on all of us girls- women? Was I now defined a women? I don’t want to say that- that makes me seem old- urrggh. I can’t just take off my panties and pull my pants back up because then my pants will get stained! 

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