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Based off this prompt -  We fell asleep on the couch together on accident, how did my hand end up in your hair? Were you breathing on my neck?! (Why did I get tingly???????) x jeongguk

“Get out of the way Jeon.”

“No, you stop trying to get ahead of me. Just stay back, I’m the stronger one here.”

“Pfft, really? Is that why we’re losing here.”

“Hush (y/n).”

“No fair! I wanna take part too. Why am I the only one not moving?”

“Because you suck at gaming.”

“And we’re dead. Congratulations Jeon! I hope you’re satisfied with your hard work.”

“I shouldn’t have teamed up with you. You’re a terrible gamer (y/n),” Jeongguk huffs, eyes glued to the bright ‘GAME OVER’ sign that flashes on the screen, mockingly.

“Well atleast I’m keeping you company,” you retort, slamming down the controller on the couch.

Two hours ago you arrived at the dorms with a fresh batch of homemade cookies only to find Jeongguk alone. Not intending to stay long, you silently placed the batch on the kitchen counter and excused yourself to be stopped by Jeongguk who was bored invited you to a game he was hooked on.

Having nothing to do when you get back home, you accepted his offer with an air of nonchalance. Admittedly not an avid gamer you warned Jeongguk about your lack of skills which he promptly brushed off, shoving the controller into your hands and excitedly staring at the loading screen.

A few minutes into the game and it is enough for Jeongguk to realize that teaming up with you was a terrible mistake. Angry retorts and curses directed at each other made the atmosphere tense as Jeongguk desperately tried to keep his character alive and yours too. Furiously making wild actions in the air, he looked the most determined than you’ve ever seen him.

Chuckling, you get up from the couch as Jeongguk slumps down further into it, his face dark with the realization that he lost. Walking to the counter you grab the batch of cookies and make your way towards him. Offering him, you sit down again.

“Come on it’s not the end of the world, Jeon,” you tease, placing the bag between the two of you.

“I lost (y/n). Me. Jeon Jeongguk,” is all he says, head thrown back and eyes staring at the ceiling.

“Relax. It’s just a game Kookie,” you reply, hoping to calm him down. Jeongguk only huffs in response and begins devouring the cookies. Minutes later the pile is gone and so is his frustration. Jeongguk sloppily sinks down further into the couch, closing his bleary eyes and in seconds is fast asleep.

Not having the heart to wake him up, you opt to take out a blanket from one of the rooms and tuck him in. You are just about to get up and leave when Jeongguk catches your wrist, mumbling incoherently in his sleep. You try to free yourself from his tight grasp but soon give up knowing that it would only drain you more. 

Scoffing at your luck, you push Jeongguk further back to the couch and sit down in the little space you created. ‘Great! All I wanted was to give some cookies and now I’m stuck here with one.’ But you can’t deny the warmth that seeps in your caged hand all through to your heart.

You don’t know how long you slept or even the fact when you had actually fallen asleep; but you do. Opening one eye you take in your surroundings, off white ceiling greeting you. A messy mop of raven hair shoots down and you gasp, eyes focusing to a grinning Taehyung looking down at you. 

“You guys are back,” you say stifling a yawn.

“Oh we’re back but I think we should've​ stayed out a bit longer,” a voice chimes in the background which you recognize as Namjoon’s.

Now moderately awake you try to get up only to be stopped by a force clamping down on your stomach. You attempt to shove away the weight that rests on your stomach, hands making contact with something hard. A soft tingle by your ear doesn’t go amiss amidst your vain struggles.

“I think he’s going to wake up soon,” Jimin’s voice echos as he appears beside Taehyung curiously looking down, eyes are fixed on space next to you. Confused you turn your face towards the possible source that had so obstinately kept you down.

‘Wrong move’ your mind immediately screams as you find your face dangerously close to Jeongguk’s. His eyes struggling to open and his soft breath fanning your face. You swear he’s so close you can count his lashes. Jeongguk finally opens his eyes, dark irises staring into you and your heart thumps wildly in your chest. Jeongguk however is only numbed by the close proximity​, his face absolutely blank.

Then with what seems to be a strangled screech Jeongguk pulls back, head colliding with the back of the couch. You cough and motion towards where his arm which is still wrapped around you. He looks down briefly before swiftly retracting his arm. The atmosphere feels hotter than before and you cup your burning cheeks, getting up abruptly and facing anything other than him.

You feel a shift and the couch dips down beside you. Glancing you see Jeongguk gazing down at the floor, face devoid of emotions and you can’t say you’re not the same. Because right now the only thing you can hear are your roaring heartbeats.

“Ahem,” an annoyed cough from Yoongi grabs everyone’s attention. He looks far too tired and bored with everything that had taken place in the last ten minutes.

The six of them had come home, silently hoping that Jeongguk would be asleep;  the boy barely rests, all he wants to do is practice, practice and more practice, or to find him not doing gym workouts ‘Jungkookie your muscular enough’ they would say to their maknae, or not gaming. But what they did not expect to find is you and Jeongguk dozing off on the couch. His arm wrapped around your waist and fingers tangled in your hair, faces practically glued next to each other.

“So much for the being the youngest,” Yoongi thinks​ aloud, earning a soft slap on his arm by Seokjin. Jeongguk who looks like he’s in the middle of losing another game speaks a rough “hyung it’s not what you think.” Yoongi rolls his eyes leaving a curt ‘yeah kid, we believe you’ and goes into his room.

“Congrats Jeonggukie,” Taehyung speaks up, his voice hyper as ever.

“Hyung it’s not wha-”    

“It’s not like th-”                              

Both of you simultaneously utter, wanting nothing more than the awkwardness​ in the air to dissolve.

“Relax, we know it’s nothing like that,” Seokjin flashes a comforting smile, getting the situation under control.

Giddily you explain the events that lead them to find you both sprawled in the living room. There is a frozen pause after your explanation and Hoseok looks up, his gaze shuffling over you and Jeongguk.

“Then this is the first chapter of Jeongguk and (y/n). Our maknae is all grown up,” he gushes, clapping his hands excitedly. Taehyung and Jimin join in eagerly, Namjoon who watched the whole ordeal, amused, smirks in acknowledgement all the while Seokjin looks on helpless.

“It’s no use (y/n), they’ll never understand,” Jeongguk says with a sigh, an air of resignation around him. You hum in agreement and lean back on the couch.

-Two weeks later-

“So are you guys….going out now?” Taehyung curiously tugs at Jeongguk’s sleeves with Jimin and Hoseok flanking on either side of him, looking strangely hopeful.

Jeongguk only turns around and walks off, hiding a smile, “I’m sure you guys can figure this out too.”

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Y’all seriously need to learn to fact check things you see on here.

1.) it wasn’t Disney who turned down Coco but DREAMWORKS. 
and to those who STILL erroneously insist that Disney/Pixar turned down The Book of Life

2.) People getting mad at this:

Marigolds are traditional to our culture as well as to the holiday, ESPECIALLY in petal form. Not the best example but that’s like getting mad at different Christmas movies for using mistletoe.

3.) “Oh it’s the same plot.” Has anyone looked up the plot for this movie other than outright bashing it from the trailer? 
“The footage, raw though it may be, spun a compelling story about Miguel, a sweet kid who loves music despite the fact that his abuelita banned music long ago, thanks to an ancient drama involving Miguel’s great-great-grandfather—a dashing musician—who walked out on the family. That musician, Miguel discovers at the start of the film, is his town’s most famous son: deceased film star and music supernova Ernesto de la Cruz. On the eve of Día de Muertos, Miguel breaks into de la Cruz’s mausoleum in order to borrow the famous skull guitar that hangs there so that he can enter a talent competition and convince his family to embrace music again. Once Miguel touches the guitar, he becomes something of a living ghost. His family can no longer see him, but Miguel can now see all of his dead ancestors—who look like fantastically decorative skeletons—crossing over a bright bridge made of marigold flower petals from the Land of the Dead. Looking for help and answers, Miguel travels to the Land of the Dead—a dazzlingly vibrant, stacked metropolis inspired by the Mexican city of Guanajuato—himself and sets off an adventure with trickster skeletal companion Hector to find the rest of his family, de la Cruz, and the answer to how he can fix this curse.”  
You know how insistent Pixar is on always making original films. So don’t you think that they would continue that?

4.) “But the white director who thinks he knows everything because he’s been to Mexico.” That’s right, a white person who is not of Mexican/Latinx culture can not truly KNOW our culture simply by visiting it. And Lee Unkrich knows this fact. Which why he assembled a group for the sake of making sure the movie is culturally accurate, rather than him taking on that role

you know, a team of actual latinx. Including someone who was a huge critic of Coco, and is a critic of Disney, Lalo Alcaraz. He is most famously known for his response to the action of Disney attempting to trademark Dia de los Meurtos (which will be our next point). It’s not Alcaraz selling out. It’s him working together with the movie so it’s not just Disney trying to bring in more Latinx fans but rather creating what Unkrich’s true mission: “a love letter to Mexico.” This team along with many other Latinx creatives (like Adrian Molina who was originally just a writer and then promoted to co-director) and a fully latinx cast (again, as insisted by Unkrich), are working together to make it a Latinx piece of media. ( http://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2016/12/pixar-coco-gael-garcia-bernal-dia-de-los-muertos-miguel )

5.) We all know and got rightfully angry at Disney for attempting to trademark Dia de los Muertos. This was due to the similar original name the movie had. As expected, it received intense backlash to which Disney quickly revoked the request to trademark. Unkrich was the first to vocalize that this was a mistake. This even leading to that point most likely has to do with him being a white man not of our culture, but this humbling experience is what really knocked that message into him and he began recruiting people like the ones in the above point to make sure that the movie itself is true to the people, culture, and holiday, in ways he himself could never fully grasp.

6.) It’s about the Day of the Dead like The Book of Life. My response to this is easy: look at how many movies are there about Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s day, Saint Patrick’s day, etc.

7.) Gutierrez himself doesn’t want it to be a competition but as two wonderful films about one aspect of Latinx that will hopefully lead to more in the future.

I love The Book of Life, and is one of my favorite movies if I’m being honest. When it first came out I was filled with such pride and joy for many reasons. One of course for it being a gorgeously rendered film, but for it being such a positive and beautiful representation and celebration of Mexico. As someone who grew up only seeing white main characters, with people like my family and I as only side characters, it brings me such joy to see more media being produced in which Mexicans are the focus along with our culture (which is agreeably much more diverse than what is being tapped into). We still got a long way to go as Mexico is still only one group of Latinx culture, but we are witnessing the stepping stones of Hollywood beginning to reach out and representing this community by working with people of those cultures. The Book of Life will always have a special place in my heart, but I’m not letting my love of that movie keep me from supporting Latinx creators that are putting out Coco. I’m finally getting the representation that I craved as a kid and loving it.

Sometimes, I’ll just be going about my day and it’s just an average Tuesday and then sometimes – this feeling hits me out of nowhere.

This super heavy feeling in my chest that makes me feel like I can’t breathe sometimes.

And sometimes, when that feeling hits me, it feels like you’re with me and I can breathe again.

And in that moment, I will laugh because I remember something funny you did or how easily and unconditionally you made me feel love – especially today, in a world that doesn’t seem to love easily. A world that doesn’t seem to love at all.

And somehow, even if just in that moment, it seems like I’ll be okay again.
Maybe not today.
But someday.
Someday I’ll be okay again.

The world around us may have changed, but we haven’t.

And then sometimes, I remember you’re gone… but then, I’ll remember your smile.

And then I smile.

—  I miss you. I miss you so much.

Happy 31st Birthday, Richard! 

When did you know [acting] was something that you needed to go do? When I was about 17, I think, because I had been acting since I did my first film when I was 11 years old, and did it for a while on a TV show, and then I stopped for a while. When you’re in high school, you have someone telling you, “You need to pick a career. You need to decide what you’re gonna do for the rest of your life,” and I was like, “Oh, well, I need to do that. That’s what I need to do,” but they wouldn’t let me just do that, so I had to apply to do computer science as well because they were like, “You’ll never get into drama school, and if you do, you’ll never get a job as an actor,” and I was like, “Alright. Okay,” but then I did get in, so…boom.

Summoning Fighter #3: Yoosung Kim

Dedicated to @nayeonniekim

based on this suggestions blog.  warning:  these are pretty dark/angry  &  could be triggering to some people.  please be cautious before proceeding!!

‘  all i want in my life is for my friends to be able to touch me suddenly  &  me to not flinch away without meaning to.  when will this stop affecting me?  ’
‘  all i want is to be soft  &  gentle,  but i’m made out of steel  &  anger.  maybe in another life,  i guess.  ’
‘  beauty is in the eye of the beholder,  so choose to see beauty in everything.  ’
‘  burning it all to the ground  &  force them to start again.  they made you lose everything.  now return the favor.  ’
‘  do i ever even cross your mind or do i do all the thinking of us on my own?  ’
‘  do you trust me enough?  do you trust me at all?  ’
‘  don’t you dare abandon me.  ’
‘  even after all you have done,  i will always want you fighting on my side.  ’
‘  every time i see you smile i fall in love with your brightness all over again.  ’
‘  everyone i have ever loved is long gone.  i sing to the sky alone.  ’
‘  everyone i touch gets hurt,  but i can’t stop.  i touch  &  i touch  &  i touch  &  people get hurt.  why can’t i ever stop?  ’
‘  everyone says i used to be a hero,  but i can still taste the blood in my mouth  &  still feel bruises blooming because of my fists  &  my eyes are still stretched wide  &  terrified.  ’
‘  everything i love has been taken from me.  what do i have left to fight for?  ’
‘  fall in love with someone that makes you feel strong.  ’
‘  friends are more important than any material object will ever be.  ’
‘  i am aching to hold you  &  keep you safe,  to be pressed against you so that nothing can harm you.  ’
‘  i am divine  &  you will bow before me.  ’
‘  i am fucking divine.  ’
‘  i am in control  &  i listen to no one.  ’
‘  i am not a good person.  don’t pretend i am.  ’
‘  i am not accustomed to love.  this is a learning experience.  ’
‘  i am not worth saving  &  i am not worth redemption.  let me stay in the dark.  ’
‘  i am so tired all the time,  all i want to do is rest.  ’
‘  i am too tired to deal with any of this.  ’
‘  i bow to no man.  ’
‘  i broke into sharp pieces when i broke  &  i expect someone else to hurt their hands on my edges just to put me back together.  i’m sorry.  ’
‘  i can give you your wings back  &  i can show you to fly once more,  if you only believe in me.  ’
‘  i cannot be saved.  ’
‘  i can’t ask for help because if i ask for help it hurts people.  i can bear this weight on my own.  i have to.  ’
‘  i could taste the lies in your mouth every time i kissed you,  but i loved you too much to notice.  ’
‘  i crave affection in the simplest way.  ’
‘  i deserve to hurt.  i deserve to bleed.  ’
‘  i didn’t ask for any of this so don’t you dare blame this on me.  ’
‘  i don’t care if you say my name like it’s poison or like it’s a prayer,  as long as it leaves your lips.  ’
‘  i don’t fight for you anymore.  ’
‘  i don’t want to let go of you.  not now,  not ever.  ’
‘  i don’t want to talk about it.  i don’t want to remember.  i don’t want to heal.  all i want is for it to go away.  ’
‘  i don’t want you to touch me.  please don’t touch me,  just go away.  ’
‘  i feel anger deeper than my bones.  i feel anger in my very soul.  ’
‘  i feel nothing at all,  except for when i feel everything all at once.  ’
‘  i have fallen  &  though i may miss the sky,  i belong here now.  ’
‘  i have fallen from a height your mind cannot even imagine.  ’
‘  i have no home anymore.  ’
‘  i remember collapsing in the flames with a sword in my hand  &  then i remember nothing.  ’
‘  i see beauty in everything,  but especially in you.  ’
‘  i should never have fallen in love with you.  ’
‘  i thought for a long time that i was so terrible no one would look at me.  now i know it’s because i shine so bright they are forced to look away.  ’
‘  i was so caught up in the feeling that i forgot how to breathe.  ’
‘  i will never amount to anything.  i am a failure in the worst type of way.  ’
‘  i will tell myself that the burn of my loneliness in my chest completes me  &  maybe someday it will be true.  ’
‘  if that’s what a hero is i’m glad i’m not one anymore.  ’
‘  if you ask me to,  i will set the whole world on fire,  my dear.  it’s all for you.  ’
‘  is it my fault?  it’s my fault.  it’s always my fault.  ’
‘  it’s not murder if they deserved it,  right?  ’
‘  i’m drowning in emotions that don’t belong to me,  choking on anger  &  suffocating on sadness.  ’
‘  i’m in love with everything that hurts me.  ’
‘  i’m okay.  i’m alright.  this is all in my mind.  ’
‘  i’m ready to give up everything i’ve ever had if it means someone will love me.  ’
‘  i’m so cold  &  i can’t stop shaking.  i am not who you think i am.  ’
‘  i’m so tired all the time  &  i just want to be awake again.  ’
‘  i’m tired of fighting against the pain of being forgotten.  i just want someone to remember me.  ’
‘  i’m tired of fighting everything in my life.  just make it stop.  ’
‘  i’m too tired to care.  blow up,  get angry at me.  i’m sure someday i’ll realize i deserved it.  ’
‘  jealousy burns within me.  ’
‘  just let me go in peace for once in my damn life.  ’
‘  loneliness is a disease  &  it leaves me empty  &  hollow,  like sound goes through my body  &  bounces back.  ’
‘  made of starlight  &  sunshine,  i shine brighter than they all know.  ’
‘  my anger is righteous  &  my actions are pure.  ’
‘  my chest aches  &  my lungs burn.  this sickness comes from the inside.  ’
‘  my chest hurts  &  all i need is some comfort  &  understanding.  ’
‘  my chest hurts  &  i ache to go back to the sky.  ’
‘  my shoulders are aching where wings used to be  &  all i want is for them to stop hurting.  ’
‘  pull me apart  &  piece me together in your own way.  make me perfect.  ’
‘  righteous fury throws through my veins  &  if you touch the people i love i will destroy you.  ’
‘  rise up.  you can’t keep being small when you were made for so much more.  ’
‘  say my name like it’s the only one that’s ever been on your tongue.  ’
‘  so much blood has been spilled in my name.  time to make you believe it was in yours.  ’
‘  so you’ll worry about me when i fall silent,  but not when i scream  &  plead for help?  fuck off.  ’
‘  sometimes people have to get hurt for me to get what i want.  ’
‘  stay away from my fucking friends.  stay the fuck away or so help me i will destroy you.  ’
‘  stop treating me like i’m an idiot.  you aren’t better than me in any way  &  you better remember that.  ’
‘  the bitter taste of regret is ever present on my tongue.  ’
‘  the world is spinning far too fast for me to stay on it.  ’
‘  to love them is my divine right.  ’
‘  voices whisper from the shadows  &  they fill my mind with thoughts of you.  ’
‘  what did i to wrong to be so unloved?  ’
‘  what is the point of power if i’m not supposed to use it?  ’
‘  who the fuck do you think you are?  ’
‘  why can’t i ever fucking stop crying?  ’
‘  with a new year comes new tests  &  triumphs.  let’s try to make the most out of it.  ’
‘  would it really kill you to be honest for once?  ’
‘  yes,  i remember my wings breaking  &  being destroyed.  i was powerless to stop it.  ’
‘  you are not required to love your parents,  or to even like them.  ’
‘  you can’t hate me more than i hate myself,  but you are more than welcome to try.  ’
‘  you may say you love me,  but you love only a part of me.  i am too complex for you to ever love my entire being.  ’
‘  you never fucking cared about me.  don’t fucking lie about it.  not to me.  ’
‘  you remind me of mint.  fresh,  sharp,  kind of cold,  but in a nice way.  i always knew there was a reason mint was my favorite.  ’
‘  you shine light in even the darkest parts of me.  you are my sun.  ’
‘  you should fear me,  but you don’t.  i will be eternally puzzled,  yet grateful.  ’
‘  you touch me  &  my skin burns  &  it burns for you,  always you.  ’


One year anniversary of FitzSimmons becoming canon (April 19th, 2016) → It’s been 10 years, we can’t waste anymore time // Who needs space? ‘Cause I’ve got something magnificent right here. 

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