over being forever alone

I am lonely as hell. But I would choose being alone forever over being with somebody who can’t make my heart bite my chest when they squeeze my hand. I am impatient as hell. I don’t wait for my water to boil before I use it for my tea. My pants are usually still damp when I put them on because the dryer hasn’t had time to finish. But I swear to God I will wait for that feeling. I am lonely and I am impatient but I am stubborn and I know what I want and I’m still trying to convince myself that it’s worth it to get what I deserve this time. The thought of love does that to a person.
—  February 28th, 2015. (K.P.K)

no, you don’t know what you don’t have ‘til it’s w a l k i n g in some BLACK stilettos, talking to some handsome devil

LUNA makes a playlist: shout out to my ex ! * [ LISTEN HERE ]

ima put this really simply for y’all: this is a playlist to remind you that you don’t need no [nicki minaj voice] snotty nosed boys holding you back! inspired by the recent release of little mix’s shout out to my ex, the following is a compilation of some of my favorite songs about being a wonderful, beautiful, independent, bad ass bitch on your own. next time you think about calling your ex or diving into that tub of ben & jerry’s for an evening of self-loathing over being forever alone, TURN THIS SHIT ON and remember, you got this! please like/reblog if you share or enjoy this! here is the tracklist for your previewing pleasure:

i. stronger (what doesn’t kill you - kelly clarkson ii. on my own - miley cyrus iii. survivor - destiny’s child iv. needed me - rihanna v. roar - katy perry vi. walk away - kelly clarkson vii. really don’t care - demi lovato ft. cher lloyd viii. irreplaceable - beyoncé ix. shout out to my ex - little mix x. mr. know it all - kelly clarkson xi. single ladies (put a ring on it) - beyoncé xii. liar - britney spears xiii. bills, bills, bills - destiny’s child xiv. boy - little mix xv. stronger - britney spears xvi. shake it off - mariah carey xvii. independent women, pt. 1 - destiny’s child xviii. vibe. - jojo xix. do my thang - miley cyrus xx. since u been gone - kelly clarkson xxi. too little, too late - jojo xxii. circle the drain - katy perry xxiii. hair - little mix xxiv. fu - miley cyrus xxv. part of me - katy perry xxvi. grown - little mix xxvii. confident - demi lovato xxviii. high heels. - jojo xxix. f*** apologies - jojo ft. wiz khalifa xxx. something that we’re not - demi lovato xxxi. under control - ellie goulding xxxii. best thing i never had - beyoncé

in 50 year im probably still gonna be on tumblr obsessing over 5sos with my 90 cats and being forever alone bc my standards for guys are so high now that I won’t date anyone unless if your name starts with an “A” and ends in “shton Irwin”-

Here’s a constant struggle for me: 

respecting teenagers as people and knowing that their experiences are very real and valid (even if they do blow things out of proportion time to time, because let’s be real: adults do it too)

…and being absolutely annoyed with Edward’s whole “before you my life was like a moonless night” spiel because I’m SO DONE with society elevating romantic love over platonic love and I just want to yell at Edward “YOU HAVE A FAMILY WHO LOVES YOU DUMBASS THAT IS AS REAL AND AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR LOVE WITH BELLA”