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Boring (Lex Luthor/Reader)

Are you still doing requests? Usually I would have more of an in-depth request but all I really want is an imagine where the reader meets the Batman vs. Superman version of Lex Luthor at a party and they have some flirtatious banter. Thank you :) I love your writing.


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“Bored…bored…boring…” Lex huffed lounging near the fireplace of one of the richest men in Gotham at a party that….he forgot why he was here….regardless it was boring. 

He emptied the champagne glass into his mouth before sitting up looking for another round. He hated these things and only showed for the sake of his company. Donors and research grants were a necessary evil in the R and D world.

And it was booooring.

He stood up running a hand through his hair before heading over to the bar. His mother told him to get a haircut. He would never do it. His hair kept the idiots away. If someone really wanted to speak to him, they wouldn’t let a trivial thing like hair stop them.

It did get in the way though, “Ooof!”

“Whoo there! What are you blind?” He scowled.

“Uh…yeah actually.” You told him. He looked at you clearly seeing that you in fact blind, “Sorry…didn’t mean to get in your way.”

“Oh no..no no…it’s…” He started but you cut him off.

“It’s fine…I just really want to get outside. You can repay for being an ass by getting me there.” You told him taking hold of his arm. He stood there frozen at your touch, “Well…come on now, I’m sure you’ve got better things to do at this hell hole the hang out with me.”

“I…right. Right.” He wasn’t often taken off guard, but you had definitely thrown him. He took out out the back into the garden, “Uh…we’re out in the back.”

“The garden, excellent choice.” You told him letting go of his arm.

“You…don’t have a cane.” You laughed at him, “Is that funny?”

“My father doesn’t think I need one. Wants me to use these…stupid…” You held up your wrist showing these clunky bracelets, “things that barely work. He doesn’t want the family to appear weak.”

“Hm…I know that feeling all to well.” Lex smirked.

“From your tone, you most certainly do.” You smiled.

“What does that mean?” He crossed his arms.

“Don’t take offense.” You tilted your head a little, “It just means I feel a connection to you. You have a pleasant voice.”

“I don’t believe I’ve heard that one before he.” He chuckled a little, “Lex Luthor.”

“Oh I’m in the presence of a Luthor. My father speaks highly of you and your work.” You told him, “I’m intrigued myself. Your work on nuclear clean energy is impressive.”

“And your father is?”

“Shaw Lord.” 

“Lord…you’re…Y/N Lord…sister to Maxwell Lord…children of Shaw Lord.” He spat out quickly.

“You know my family.” You smirked.

“I know your families work. I’ve been trying to set up a meeting with your father for months.” He sighed.

“Huh…well…how about this…take me dinner…a nice one.” You told him, “I’ll get you your meeting.”

“Di…dinner?” He stammered.

“Yeah…you seem handsome…I’ve been told I’m pretty cute. Not that I actually know.” You smirked.

“Oh you’re very hot…pretty…” he corrected clearing his throat.

“So?” You smiled at his shifting noises, “We have a deal?”

“Well…how could I refuse?” Lex smirked.

Not…so boring…

Part 2 of the ‘Waitress at the wedding’ Imagine :D

(Part 1)

His speech was sweet and funny and included a few anecdotes. You smiled. When he came back, right after finishing his speech, you put a beer on the bar and said: “On the house, you earned it. That was quite the speech, my friend.”

He took the glass, laughing. “Thought this was all 'on the house’, on Jay and Dan’s house, that is.”

Nope, sorry, I was asked to keep a tab for you specifically.”

Oh ok, well, it was nice meeting you then. Sadly I don’t think I can afford any more drinks.” He turned to go, while you rolled your eyes.

Right, Mr. Millionaire.”

Turning back around, he grinned at you and winked.

Ah, so this is the reason why I’ve been getting a new drink every ten minutes or so.”, Anne exclaimed with a smile, coming up behind her son.

Twenty minutes actually.”, you laughed.

She chuckled and reached her hand over the bar. “I’m Anne, mother of this little dork.”

You took her hand and shook it. “(Y/N). And I know. You did quite a good job, I’d say.”

Oh, you’re too kind… I think.”

The two of you laughed, while Harry stared at you with narrowed eyes, not sure if he liked this or not.

Woah, would you look at the time. I think you’re being dearly missed at the table, mum.”, Harry joked, trying to shoo his mother away.

She grinned. “Right, well it was nice meeting you (Y/N). Harold, you’re coming back with me though, because there are people who want to talk to you. You’re not here to flirt, remember?!”

Says who?”, he smirked. He winked at you, before the two of them left. You watched them go, and laughed, when you saw they were doing a kind of 'I’m-watching-you’-thing to each other. They were so cute.

It was about fifteen minutes before the end of your shift and Harry was nowhere to be seen. You sighed, cleaned the last few glasses and turned to your colleague.

Alright, glasses are clean, bottles are full and should last for about another three hours. I’m gonna go make two pots of coffee and then I’m off.”

Without getting Harry’s number?”, your colleague teased.

You rolled your eyes and left.

The coffee machines were in the catering truck. You climbed in, filled the machines with water and coffee, and started them. While waiting, you scrolled through your Twitter timeline and realised it was full with pictures from the wedding. You chuckled, thinking about what all these guys would say, if they knew where you were right now.

What’s so funny?”, asked a voice from outside the truck.

You looked up and blinked into the darkness. Gosh, your phone’s screen was really bright, it took you a moment to adjust. “Harry?”

Oh, I know that I’M funny, but I was wondering what you found funny in this exact moment.” He stepped into the truck. You grinned.

Nothing important. And you’re actually not as funny as you think you are.”

Really? Then why have you been grinning all day whenever you talked to me.”, he wondered cheekily, coming closer. Your eyes had adjusted by now and suddenly you were very aware of the fact, that Harry’s shirt was only buttoned halfway.

Sooo, I went to the bar to find you and your colleague told me that you were off already. But she said, that, if I was quick, I might still catch you here.”

Oh, did she now. Hm, I guess I’m gonna have to have a talk with her.”

You involuntarily moved closer to him. God, the guy had just something about him, that pulled you in and made it hard to get away again. He stepped closer as well, leaning his head to the side.

Don’t. I think she just realised how determined I was.”

He took another step and took your hands, lacing his fingers through yours. Your heart was in your throat and you were glad it was so dark, so he couldn’t see you blushing.

Determined?”, you questioned, your voice shaking slightly.

Mhmm. I promised myself to get your number before the night was over.”, he explained in a low voice, pulling you closer.

Ambitious, aren’t you?”


The air around you two was almost sparking. Finally he leaned in and brushed his lips against yours, obviously unsure if you wanted this. When you returned the kiss, he let go of your hands, grabbed your face and kissed you harder.

He tasted of a mix of alcohol, from the many drinks, and strawberries, from the wedding cake. His big hands covered your cheeks and his thumbs rubbed small circles into your skin. You sighed happily against his lips. This was everything you had ever wished for.

Harry used that little sigh to deepen the kiss. His hands traveled to your hips and in a swift motion he had lifted you onto the worktop. He stood between your legs. You tangled your hands into his hair, twisting the soft curls around your fingers.

Finally, a noise outside the truck broke you apart. You were both panting.

Well, that was…”, you tried, but couldn’t seem to find the right word.

Exhilarating?”, Harry finished, cocking an eyebrow and grinning broadly.

You laughed. “I was thinking more along the lines of 'unexpected’, but sure, exhilarating works too.”

Does that mean I earned me your number?”, he smirked.

Hm, not sure yet, you might have to work a liiiittle harder.”

Harry’s eyes sparkled in the darkness. “Oh, you’re on.”