over attached girlfriend meme

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why haven't we had an all encompassing meme this year? like, this is a meme, and pepe, and that coleslaw-hate thing going around, but why hasn't my dash been taken over by one kind of post? are the meme glory days of 2014 over? are memes no longer relevant? or are small memes that pop up now and then on your dash the new meme? is tumblr even tumblr without memes? we had like two separate memes on the last day of 2014 alone, but was that the climax? the pinnacle? was there nowhere to go but downhill from there? will we look back on 2014 in years to come and think "that was the last good year of meme-ing"? or perhaps a new kind of meme will reveal itself in time, a new format, just like the stupid picture memes with text written over them like overly-attached girlfriend led to the more sophisticated memes we saw last year. are we due for an even MORE sophisticated meme?