over and over again

Baseball Scene Filming

It was a fateful Friday night, March 19, 1999, that I first witnessed Gillovny.

My family was on vacation for Spring Break in Santa Monica visiting one of my Dad’s long time friends and his family. I was 14 and heavily obsessed with The X-Files, lying about my age on message boards and stalking the AOL X-Files chat. I felt disconnected without the internet (dial-up ftw) so I borrowed my Mom’s giant Nokia to call my bestie back in Florida. She pretty much screamed at me that someone posted the filming location for that night’s shoot- a rec center who’s name I can’t remember- and I immediately lost my mind because we weren’t very far from LA.

I begged my parents and got nowhere. We were guests in Dave’s house and it would be rude for them to leave, blah blah blah. I was on the verge of tears before Dave’s oldest son pipes up that he’ll take me. I’ve never flung myself into a man’s arms faster. 

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James and Sharna will be dancing to ‘Over And Over Again’ by Nathan Sykes for their Viennese Waltz/ Foxtrot fusion!

No matter what you put me through….I will still choose you over and over again. I love you so much.
—  Unknown

There’s a story soldiers tell World War II, Market Garden, Allied assault behind enemy lines. What happens is, these allied troops have to cross a river. First wave of soldiers get in their little pontoon boats, get halfway across the river, and the Germans just open up their machine guns and just cut them all down. None of them make it. These two colonels are watching the bodies floating in the river, and one of them says, “those are the bravest men I’ve ever seen.” The second colonel points to the second wave of soldiers getting in their little pontoon boats, getting ready to cross the same river, only they saw what happened to the first guys. They know what’s coming. And that colonel says, “no. Those are the bravest men I’ve ever seen.”