over analyzing this again

suddenly i remembered something from season 1 about keith? it’s just a little thing. regarding his hostility towards pidge

“You can’t leave!”
“You can’t tell me what to do.”

in this episode when the castle is ambushed and pidge intends to leave, the only person to really get on her ass is keith. i was reading @gay-space-lions post talking about how keith’s father more than likely abandoned him and that both of his parents are alive and it helped explain this scene better than “dead parents, sad orphan boy.”

there’s this bit where he practically snaps when hunk expresses wanting to leave at some point, but it doesn’t really help the situation.

“You’re not the only one with a family...everyone in the universe has family! You’re putting the lives over two people over everyone else in the entire galaxy!”

keith downright chews her out rather cruelly for an older boy to do to a little kid, but i think this is probably something similar to what he’d like to say to his own family. he’s calling her selfish and dismissing her feelings because, if his parents did really abandon him, having pidge leave him all of the sudden probably hurts a lot. keith doesnt want to go home, he wants people to just stay with him.

Dadman shiro puts a stop to it by reminding keith that he cant force someone to stay if they don’t want to, which shuts him up p damn fast but look at his face? this was a big blow to him, just when he started to open up, but now he sees and feels that people will just all leave him eventually.

@ dreamworks give this kid a fucking break


GUARDIANS OF THE WHILLS Chapter 12 vs. Chapter 13

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Something intresting about TKO...... the fact he calls Carol mom confirms he's part of KO, and the fact he calls KO faker makes you wonder how he was made. He considers himself separate from KO, but is clearly connected in some way

Legit like almost everything T.K.O. does shows that he’s his own person with his own emotions, but still completely connected to K.O. 

Normally, when there’s an ‘evil’ version of the main character, they don’t get much in terms of personality outside of ambition and a killer look. I mean, just check out Daybreaker- she’s got an awesome design and a reason for being the pony she was in Starlight’s nightmare, but we don’t get more out of her. We’re not supposed to get more out of her. She’s the villain, and we aren’t supposed to be sympathetic to villains.

But T.K.O. was never really portrayed as a villain? Like, he wasn’t acting like a hero, but he wasn’t interested in destroying or taking over the plaza, or joining up (or taking down) Lord Boxman. Heck, he could’ve gone out to find Shadowy Figure (coughProfessorVCough) to get more power, but that didn’t interest him. He likes how powerful he is now, plain and simple, done and done. 

He even tells K.O., in no uncertain terms, that he’d never be a hero without him. T.K.O. is just a misguided edgy hero wannabe.

And even when he was throwing his tantrum, that’s all it was? A tantrum. He didn’t suddenly get it into his head that he wanted to destroy everyone he knew and loved- he was just pissy and bratty and way too powerful. (though I don’t know if he was serious when he asked Carol for ‘last words’. I mean… why would he want to kill her? Because she called him a phase? He’s still a part of K.O., and he’s a huge mama’s boy, and I can’t imagine that none of that leaked into him)

He keeps a consistent dialogue up when he’s fighting, too. He yells at Enid for ignoring him. He tells Gar he can clean up his own messes. He hates it when K.O. won’t fight him, and even seems a bit uncertain about continuing the bout (his “don’t think I’ll take it any easier on you” is a trademark “what the fuck do I do about this?” in Kid Cartoon Lingo)

When Gar tells T.K.O. he loves Carol, T.K.O. stops in his tracks and listens. It’s the same when Carol arrives on the scene. When Gar starts calling him a ‘real helpful boy’ (which edgy mcedgerson over here would take as demeaning, and it can easily come across that way, too) and Carol calls him a phase, he starts right back into it. T.K.O. has his own feelings and ambitions outside of Rage Mode.

Personally, I think he’s been growing in K.O. for a while, and the boy just didn’t know. His fear of Shadow K.O. could have been his subconscious, which would be aware that something was rattling the cage bars (and would also explain why K.O. didn’t know exactly what the fear was, only that he feared it). T.K.O.’s been kicking it for a while now, and he thinks that K.O. is the ‘weaker’ half of them.




guys, i’ve never liked lars. i always thought he was grouchy and mean and a conformist who was unnecessarily cruel to both Sadie and Steven. 

I seriously didn’t like him. 

And SU once again, completely throws me off guard by….

Ok, so…in a lot of cartoons, we have villains. 

We have bullies. 

People you just aren’t supposed t like. 

People who oppose the protagonist, who act as stand ins for the people children have to grow up and face one day. 

These people are represented in simple ways for children to undersstand, and are summarily dealt with in the manner that the cartoon wants to teach chilren how to deal with them. 

In some shows, this means being mean back. 

Getting “even.”

Making a fool out of someone who said harsh things to you. 

But one of the many things I love about Steven Universe is just how human it feels. 

Human meaning….the human flaws, the feelings that accompany these imperfections, and how to deal with them. 

We’ve seen Amethyst and Pearl and Steven struggle with their own self images and their ability to forgive themselves for “imperfections” outside of their own control. 

Amethyst felt like she came out “wrong.” Pearl was a servant, a slave really, who was “weak” and “made to please” not fight. And Steven of course has been struggling with his identity in relation to his mother and her mantle. 

They may not be human, but Steven Universe has always dealt with all of its characters in very human ways, such as that lovely song “Here Comes a Thought.” 

Amidst the fascinating lore and the goofy characters and filler episodes about Beach City, there’s just this core… steven universe feeling, like an aesthetic, that just promotes this sense of tranquility, of quiet introspection and self contemplation. Only by understanding yourself and considering your own feelings, not letting them rot away at your insides until you’re hateful and poisonous and just miserable because you’re suffering but can’t admit it…will you find strength. 

Ah, there I go again, over analyzing a kids’ show. 

this kind of thing is really soppy, but i can’t help it.

I didn’t like Lars , if I’m honest. 

I just thought he was mean. 

But seeing him admit that he’s just scared, I remembered that he’s just a kid. 

He’s growing up.

And I remembered that what makes this show so great is that it can take a character I didn’t like…and ask me to show him a little compassion. 

And…. now I feel sorry for him. 

i think my favorite thing about today’s video is how it showcases phil’s particular brand of creativity. sure his drawings look like half-decent children’s doodles that got caught in a blender, but the approaches he takes just fascinate me. he never draws things the way i (or dan, or most of the people who have played the game) expect, and he isn’t even trying to be different. he’s just being phil. whether or not he comes across as weird is no concern of his.

and the thing is, phil is weird. it’s the reason people tend to have a hard time relating to him, but it’s also the reason people who give him a chance adore him. his mind is triangle sandwiches and inside-out umbrellas in brilliant colors, twisting and turning in a maze only he knows how to navigate, and we are so incredibly lucky that he’s chosen to take us by the hand and lead us through it.

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Cuddly Starters with "nooo! Where are you going!" (Patton) "It’s been scientifically proven that cuddling makes movies 100 times better. Well, maybe not proven, but we can give it a shot" (Logan) "You want to know an effective way to remove someone from your lap? Tickling.” (Virgil) And "is that a new shampoo I smell?" (Roman) For each side respectively 👀👌(bonus if it's a LAMP poly cuddle pile) -SunBean

You know it’s a LAMP poly pile ;)

Patton’s having a bad day, and the others can tell. Their host is going through a pretty rough heartbreak, and Patton – the heart – has been taking it the worst. He’s running himself ragged trying to repair the damage, making Thomas go out more and meet new people, which is making Virgil work harder as well; over-analyzing and making sure this doesn’t happen to their host again because not only does he hate seeing Thomas hurt but when Thomas is heartbroken Patton is as well. 

So the other two have been trying to get them to relax. All of their efforts have been in vain, so far, but Roman is positive that this one is going to work. 

“There.” He arranges the last pillow on the large mattress, mound of blankets and pillows in front of them. He turns to Logan, who is looking at him skeptically. “What, nerd? They need a break, and I think a Disney movie marathon is called for.” 

“You know I don’t like you guys’ silly make-believe works of fiction…” Logan mumbles, but Roman’s glare says everything. They’re doing this for Patton and Virgil. Their boyfriends. “…Though it’s been scientifically proven that cuddling makes movies 100 times better. Well, maybe not proven, but we can give it a shot…“ 

“Good! I’ll go get Virgil and Patton.” 

“Get us for what?..” They hear from behind them, and both boys jump, turning around to see Virgil on the stairway, rubbing at his eyes sleepily. 

“For a break! You two have been working so hard lately, you deserve it. Where’s Patton, V?” 

“Figuring out how to rekindle a broken friendship. I told him it probably won’t happen, but he seems to think it will…” 

Logan raises an eyebrow. “So why’re you down here and not trying to reason with him?” 

“H- He…Yelled at me…” Virgil hums, shrugging. Roman and Logan are starting to remind him not to take it personal, when he continues. “So I came to make him tea to relax him.” 

“Really?” Roman asks, grinning. He points to the tray in the middle of the little nest he made, four mugs lined up on it nicely. “Like Chamomile with honey?” 

“Wow, you really did pull out all the stops, didn’t you?” 

Roman grins. “Of course. We want you two to relax. So let’s go get Pat together, yeah?” 

“O- Okay…” 

Roman chuckles and grabs Virgil by the hand, pulling him up the stairs and they slowly find their way to Patton’s bedroom. Once they reach Patton’s door, Roman doesn’t even bother knocking– he just pushes his way in, dragging Virgil behind. 

What?” Patton snaps, not even looking at them. 

“You’re coming with us, Patton! Virgil and I are here to rescue you from your dreaded work, dear damsel!” 

“I don’t nee–” 

“You definitely need a break.” Roman drops Virgil’s hand and rest his on Patton’s shoulder. “You’re snapping at us, and you need sleep. You’ll never be able to fix this if you’re tired and mean.” 

Patton deflates at Roman’s words, falling against his desk with a sob. “I– I just want Thomas to be– to be happy!..” 

“Shh, I know, baby. We all do.” Roman coos, turning Patton in his desk chair and pulling him into his arms. “All of us love him and want the best for him, but we need to be properly rested for that to happen. Okay?” 

Patton just whimpers, holding Roman tighter. 

“We’ll try to work in the morning, Pat. C’mon.” 

They return downstairs, where Logan’s put on Patton’s favorite Disney movie – Atlantis Land of the Lost – and is waiting for them already in the blanket nest. 

Roman, who had been carrying Patton, hands him off to Logan, but the eldest of the four whimpers, reaching out for Roman. “Nooo, where are you going?” 

“Just to the kitchen, I got us drinks but the ice cream needs brought out.” 

“You’re the best boyfriend, Roman!” 

A sad “hey” comes from both of his other boyfriends, and Roman laughs as Pat blushes. 

“I- I mean, well– all of you are! I just– 

“We get it, don’t worry, Pat.” Virgil hums, kissing Pat’s forehead. “Sorry for being so annoying lately.” 

“No, I’m sorry for yelling at you for doing your job, baby. You know I love you, right?” 

“Of course.” Virgil nuzzles Pat’s neck as Roman returns, brownies and ice cream in his hands. He hops onto Virgil’s lap, splaying out and handing off snacks. Virgil groans. “Ugh, Princey you’re too heavy.” 

“Am not.” 

“You are, get off.” 

“No.” Roman lets himself relax fully, putting his full weight on Virgil’s lap. 


Roman refuses to budge, eating his ice cream happily, his attention on the TV. After a few minutes of silence, an idea pops into Virgil’s mind and he grins. He pokes Roman’s side. “Hey, Roman.” 

“Hm? Yeah, baby?” 

“You want to know an effective way to remove someone from your lap? Tickling.” 

Virgil almost busts out laughing– he can practically see Roman pale, even if his back is facing him. 

“You wouldn’t dare.” 

“I would, if you don’t get off me.” 

Roman groans, scrambling off of Virgil before he can do anything, but a hand catches his sides and he squeals, jolting. Virgil laughs, and Logan and Patton smile fondly at the two of them. After the slight excitement, they settle again, and Roman wraps his arms around Patton, snuggling into his side. 

“Hmm, is that a new shampoo I smell?” 

Patton giggles. “Yeah, I got it because it’s Logan’t favorite scent. Honey and mint.” 

“I prefer cinnamon, actually. It’s scientifically proven to sharpen the mind and increase focus.” Logan says, and Patton makes a whining noise. 

“What? I thought you said you liked it!..” He whines, pouting. 

Logan chuckles, running his hands through the other’s hair. “Oh, Patton, love. I do like it, I just prefer–” 

Virgil and Roman both give him a glare that silences him, and he searches for a proper excuse. 

“I… mean… I love it. I love your new shampoo, you’re a very great boyfriend.” 

Patton smiles, grinning, and they fall back into silence. 

Everything is good again. 

Thoughts: S4 and endgames

Okay people so I’ve been trying to keep a very level head about the endgame relationships for The Originals, and I’ve really tried to look at them objectively, looking purely at the narrative and how the writers are trying to shape the ending. Now after 4x10 and 4x11 I’m not going to lie I think it’s a total toss up. I obviously ship klayley and want them to be endgame, but I’m not deluded. I knew the chances of the writers doing something so different i.e. having the actual parents of a child born out of wedlock being together was slim to none. But here we are. Hayl*jah has been completely wrecked this season and I really don’t see them coming together in the end and making it work. This whole season has been proof that they cannot be partners or consider each other equals. Their conversations are flat, unemotional, and often fall under the category of “I can’t believe you’ve done this!? How will we work?! I guess we should make out now to prove that this is in fact a romantic relationship.” Then they end there. While simultaneously having every episode this season with Klaus and Hayley’s relationship make new leaps and bounds. They’re fiercely protective of one another and have done nothing but support and fight for the other all day every day. The soft looks Hayley gives Klaus. The comforting talks and moments Klaus takes time out for to give Hayley, not because of Hope, but because he cares for her deeply. The loving touches BOTH have now given each other to show that they care and understand. It’s almost too much. It’s almost too pointedly romantic. And it’s blatantly in contrast to hayl*jah’s failing relationship. Now this last episode we ended with Hayley purposefully not being there for El*jah when he woke up. Once again CHOOSING Jackson above him. As much as the writers stress that while Hayley loved El*jah while being with Jackson, I appreciate that they show that she still deep down knew the right choice was Jackson. That he showed Hayley what real love was supposed to look like. And now she’s determined to stop being with El*jah. And quite frankly why point out so many blatant problems with hayl*jah at its core only to have them be endgame? Maybe it’s for the drama, but to me this not a sudden break to cause suspense, but a natural decline to “falling out” of love which is done way more often when a couple is really truly over. Now I know if you’re reading this you might be thinking, but wait that doesn’t mean klayley is endgame just that hayl*jah is out. There’s stilll klar0l*ne. Now my opinion on that ship is extensive and deserves another post, but I’ll keep to topic and say I really don’t think they’ll be endgame if the writers have any kind of integrity. C has no place on the show. She would solely be fan service to a majority of people who don’t even care for the show she’d be hopping onto. She’d be a prop for Klaus and not one that would highlight anything about his character. Actually I think she has absolutely nothing to offer Klaus or NOLA in terms of development because all of his development was done without her. All the storylines don’t involve her. She’s merely a reminder of someone Klaus used to be, and that person was not a good person. C didn’t even like him. Wanted him? Yes. Liked him? Nope. When it comes down to it if Klaus had to pick between the life of Hayley or C, he’d pick Hayley every time. If C had to pick between Klaus or Stefan we ALL know who she’s choosing. So why pull her into a story that made it just fine without her? One that made Klaus a better person without her. She adds nothing. The writers don’t need to worry for ratings because they know season 5 is their last one so they have nothing to gain by giving KC fans their endgame. However, they’ll lose writing integrity because it’s clear the only way C will fit into the Mikaelson’s family is if you blind fold yourself and squint with your eyes closed very tightly. So in my opinion, KC has been out of the running for ages. They’ve just been teasing them now for ratings and attention from tvd fan base. Now more than ever though I’m convinced the writers might actually go for a klayley endgame. Now I say this with a lot of apprehension and speculation of course. The writers have never failed to disappoint me before so I’m not exactly counting my eggs before they hatch here, but I do believe they are setting up something for Klaus and Hayley. Their scenes this season have been without a doubt the most developed and fleshed out of all the relationships on the show. Their partnership also has clearly become more than just needing to be there for Hope. Actually it’s almost ironic that so many people believe that this is the only reason why Klaus and Hayley speak to each other, because many of their conversations at their core are about their feelings and understanding of one another. They seek comfort in one another and view each other as equals which is where an understanding and bond formed between them. Truly their development outshines every other on the show, romantic or not there is something there that’s more layered and sincere than the rest. Klayley’s development was earned, every nuanced detail built up to, and now their relationship is at the best it’s ever been. They really almost easily could cross over into something romantic by the end of this season and I would only half be shocked. They will ALWAYS AND FOREVER be Hope’s protectors thus always being in each other’s lives. Hayley and Hope really are going to be Klaus’ endgames no matter what and this season has only proven that they can work together as a team and be happy with one another with or without the rest of the family. Everything Hayley and Klaus long for is found in the other. In reflection of these past episodes and season 4 in general, the writers are really pulling through for klayley shippers and it’s not a sudden occurrence. Season 3 set them up to be in a good place for season 4 but oh man my shipping heart wasn’t ready for all of these extra klayley centric moments showcasing how good they are together and how much they care about one another. So here I am almost convinced TO writers will pull a showstopper by giving klayley a chance at romance. It will be well deserved. It will somehow, in someway be the shows endgame so why not the kind some of us have been waiting every season for?

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I'm in love with just how different role reversal bendy is to mafia bendy..

im so glad about that tbh???? but somthing that ive come to notice is that, even tho they are both very different in their own ways, they are still very much alike, personality wise. its like they’re still the same person,, just put in two very different situations that mold them into two totally different people

sweet love

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request: might be weird but could you do a scenario with being in a poly relationship with taehyung from bts and amber from f(x)? id understand if you don’t want to😅

author’s response: i had so much fun doing this! i hope you love reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it! thank you so much for requesting and i hope you have a good day!

otp(s): kim taehyung x amber liu x reader

genre: fluff

word count: 2,177 

synopsis: a nice home doesn’t always come with a side of romance and delicious bacon.

it was barely nine a.m when taehyung sleepily cracked open his eyes. russet pupils adorned with exhaustion started all over the soiled white ceiling, once again analyzing each and every crack building in the surface. taehyung had a habit of memorizing the shape of each crack and crevice when he had trouble drifting off to sleep, his legs snuggled beneath worn wool, his arm hanging over a pillow of smooth skin. sometimes when sleeplessness would only prevail to stretch its existence, his lips would find themselves marking unidentified shapes of flesh. swollen lips would languorously part with a small murmur of his name, but tired fingers would rake through his hair, coaxing his ministrations not to stop. to continue.

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Our last night || soulmate!AU Pt.1

“What’s the difference between the love of your life and a soulmate?” I asked.

“One is a choice, and one is not”

Word Count: 7.5k
Genre: Angst | Fluff | Romance | Smut
Pairing: Reader(She) x Jungkook 
Triggers: Depression, Mention of suicide, lots of angst tbh, Mature content, Cussing.
Gif: AngustD©GIFs

⇻ Playlist   (Playlist Cover thanks to @basicallyadragon  ♡)

A/N: Much cry while making this…
Hope you guys like it! thanks for reading! and thanks for 400 followers!! <3
constructive feedback is always appreciated :)



—first 24 hours—

“This love was so pure it would smolder within their hearts for all eternity”

That one, single line from the book made your heart hurt. Is that the word? hurt? or…Is it something else entirely.
It pained.
That, you are sure about.
There is just something about it, that that made you go over it once again…not analyzing, just letting it sink in, let your mind absorb it, let your body absorb it, let your soul absorb it.
The book remains open on that one page; your eyes hovering above each letter and word for a long time.
What did it mean? How can a love smolder you? is that even possible? How can it be eternal?.
The more these silent questions spread through your thoughts, the more you feel confused, the more you feel empty; but at the same time, you somehow understand exactly what they mean.
You need someone to talk about this.
You read over the phrase once more:

 “This love was so pure it would smolder within their hearts for all eternity”

Without realizing, pools of tears flood your eyesight, trying to blink them away the big drops drip down your cheeks. A face on the back of your mind appears.
His dark and messy hair.
His big gentle eyes.
His goofy smile.

“Jungkook” a giggle joins the streams of water rolling down your eyes, while saying his name out-loud, making you realize you aren’t sad; In fact, you are desperate to see him again, to hug him and kiss him -just like you did every time you are together.
Putting the book down, you grab the cell phone on the nightstand, ignoring the piece of white paper, standing out because of the sapphire blue seal on the front, and tap over his name on the contact list.
-the dial tone causing you anxiety and a pang on your chest.
It is the first time you felt like this, so frantic and in a haste about phoning him.

Unwillingly, your eyes travel to the night stand once again, landing over the closed envelope with the blue sigil.
You knew this day might arrive.
Since the very beginning.

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Star and Jackie (Starkie) | My Dumb Theory #1 (6/3/17)

This is my first “Dumb Theory” so here we go: 

    Did Star and Marco ever truly fall in love? Not yet. Mako won Korra, but broke up afterwards. Good chance here. Also good chance Star could fall in love with Jackie, especially after their interaction in Just Friends.

    Remember: These are just theories. Spreading out possibilities that may or may not happen. Most of this information, could just be over-analyzing, but again just trying to match some hints that could lead to it being canon. 

     The ep Just Friends literally spells out Starkie, despite the ending. The title Just Friends of course means that Star and Marco are just friends; quite prevalent throughout the episode. But what’s also very prevalent throughout the episode, is the very cute bond forming between Star and Jackie, and who was left out? Marco. This episode also proves that the show is capable of doing both straight and gay relationship, which means Starkie could happen. 

     Also, not many starco fans seem to notice, but star’s love towards Marco is shown to be violent and also another catalyst into her darkness by her using her dark powers, as proven in Bon Bon The Birthday Clown (I explained this earlier). So a possibility that Starco is not going to happen because of Star’s violent acts. The only ships that have a chance and don’t seem to consist of Star’s dark side, are Stackie; Starna; or no love relationship in the end. But judging by the kind of relationship Star has with Jackie and Janna, Star and Jackie play off eachother in a more cute manner, whereas Star and Janna’s are more crude and friendly. Just Friends was probably just the catalyst to this. There are still two more seasons to go, and their relationship could develop even more. 

    Both Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Korra, and Adventure Time, have incorporated gay relationships with characters we are well familiar with. The Star crew did mention they wanted to include LGBT in the show, and I don’t think it will stop at Just Friends. So another possibility for Starkie. 

    Also, the Star crew has given away very subtle hints for Tom and Marco. So what could happen is a love switch situation. Marco falls in love with who used to be Star’s boyfriend, and Star falls in love with who used to be Marco’s girlfriend. 

     Daron Nefcy has stated on Twitter a long time ago when the show was first airing, that she does not ship Starco, because Star and Marco are based off of her and her best friend who do not share a love relationship. The Star crew has done countless of masterful twists and turns that I did not expect from this show. They can do much better than the cliched two main characters fall in love. The possibility of no love relationship in the end is still a big possibility. Yet, there is still the question if Starkie happens, that I actually can’t seem to answer at the moment: Why and how would Marco and Jackie break-up?

Well there’s my first Dumb Theory! 

Edit (6/4/17): 

“Marco?” - Jackie

“I’ll take care of Jackie, you free Janna.” - Star

This might’ve not been intentional, but this could be another hint to Starkie. I also noticed, both “Just Friends” and “Interdimensional Field Trip” are the third to last episode of it’s season. “Just Friends” was before “Face the Music” and “Starcrushed”. “Interdimensional Field Trip” was before “Marco Grows a Beard” and “Storm the Castle.” Both “Interdimensional Field Trip” and “Just Friends” consist of Marco being very hesitant to be next to Jackie, Star trying to encourage Marco, Marco being with Jackie in the end, but also Star being by Jackie’s side. IFT (Interdimensional Field Trip) could’ve been hinting it, and JF (Just Friends) was probably hinting it even more. 

Omake + Meta = Ometa

It’s time once again to over analyze the omake. Jokes? What are those.

All of the omake cited in this meta are translated by @kenkamishiro​ and can be found on this tag [x]. 

Mutsuki’s Power Level

The first omake to have anything potentially of substance is the confrontation between Shinsanpei and Urie. A confrontation which also results in a return of Urie 400%, but we’ll get to that in a moment. The new details are the tidbits that are shown in Shinsanpei and Urie’s brief exchange of words.

Let’s cover that and more under the cut: 

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This is a Kaisoo analysis, again! I just made one yesterday (you can check it out because that Kaisoo moment hit me all the soft spots), and doing another now. This is not healthy, at all… And I’m half conscious so perhaps this is not really coherent…

First off, I wanna say many thanks to Alvabear94 for her amazing JI and Kaisoo videos. If you haven’t followed her Instagram, please do or you’ll miss out on many awesome vids!

Now, I wanna make a (not so) brief analysis on the Shyness of JI and KS at the last part of this vid.

This is super duper obvious that JI was a lot bit flustered when they all did that kneeling move and he met KS’s gaze. He all but blinked and averted his eyes (JI practically turned his head from left to right, shying away from making eye-contact with KS) and then reverted his eyes back to KS’s back again. (Could you be more obvious, Nini??)

But, the thing I found extremely interesting here is that KS immediately turned his head away too (Very subtle, Mr. Do!). I was wondering Why? Why after all those years living and working and falling in love with each other, they were still acting like they just met and got to know each other and flushed while being caught stealing glances (like they were just new in this relationship lmao).

And the most interesting thing is that when the kneeling move ended, all the members got to stand up, KS for a moment turned around again and smiled (that’s too obvious that he was smiling with his cheekbone rising even when the angle blocked most of his face). Why did he suddenly smile? What did he smile at? Who did he smile to?

So my sorry head used all the rare neurons that it possesses to over analyze everything, again. I’m not able to read KS’ mind whatsoever, so my next hypothesized monologue is just plainly based on what I think KS’ facial expressions were showing.

At first when he knelt down and caught JI’s gaze, he abruptly turned away because “Holy fck, our eyes locked. I’m so embarrassed. What should I do? Turn away, turn the fck away now.”

And then he just nervously stared at JD’s neck and back (it even looked like he almost lost balance while finding a right spot on the ground to put his palm on to gain support. Holy shit, I’m like over observing and commenting on every trivial stuff lol). And he was looking like considering something in his pretty little head. Probably he was thinking “Maybe I should give JI a smile when we stand up. Maybe a smile can make things less awkward from that flustering eyes locked (and just because it’s JI, he deserves all my pretty heart heart-shaped smiles lol).”

So he did just so. Given by how high his cheekbone rose, I bet he was smiling his face into half. So bad JI didn’t get a chance to see it or else he would be in ninth cloud and we could have a lot of Kaisoo smiling at each other pics now .

But when he realized that JI wasn’t looking in his direction anymore, he turned his face to other side and his smile faded and he looked extremely disheartened. Poor thing I just wanna hug the hell out of him. And when he walked to another spot on the stage, he even looked like heaving a sigh of disappointment.

I just really love it when KS can keep his emotions at bay, but it’s just so endearing to watch his getting all flustered around JI even though most of the time it’s JI who has his heart on his sleeve.

So that’s it. That’s all. That’s just a lame analysis and I bet most of you watching the vid can already see it. But I just have a lot of free time now, which makes me wanna rambling a lot. (sorry not sorry)

Over analyzing hour

Okay so I’m watching the video again and I thought something.

I know Thomas explains what Harry Potter is in case any viewers don’t know, but how he’s explaining it to Virgil convinces me that he actually wasn’t a trait back when Thomas read the books

I firmly believe anxiety was just an implied instinct and not a whole different side until later in Thomas’s life, when the negative thoughts grew and were not only small fears… so this just reassures that.

This is probably so fucking irrelevant rn but I was watching Det Beste Fra Islam again

And remember the scene that had us all confused, especially after Elias’ version of what happened with Even. So Yousef says that “You know Even? The guy we used to hang with? I think he’s gay. Because he tried to kiss Mikael and Mikael is really religious, so he totally flipped out and was really out of it. So it turned into… Even like trying to cure himself by reading the Quran.”

Yousef wasn’t referring to Mikael with he. He was referring to Even. We know Mikael now, and also that he isn’t the type to ‘flip out and get really out of it’ just because his best friend tried to kiss him. It was Even. He freaked out cause Mikael was religious and he thought that Mikael and the boys would hate him for what he did and distanced himself.

Now even Elias’ story matches up. Lol, like almost everything else, we’d totally over-analyzed this again 😂😂😂

It’s that time again. Time to over analyze stuff that’s probably insignificant. So yeah preface, I’m not saying this means it’s canon, it’s just my own personal thoughts. I hope it is canon but I don’t want to get anybody’s hopes up. 

This isn’t too terribly in depth, just surface level really so feel free to add better and deeper insights.

I want to talk about that one Hallucination!Oswald scene with the Amy Winehouse song and why it screams to me that Ed loves or at least is attracted to Oswald. I’ll talk about the scene itself first and then the song choice. 

First off, let’s keep in mind this is all a product of Ed’s own psyche. A manifestation of his feelings. In other scenes it’s mostly his grief and his guilt, here it’s something different. This… interlude in the middle of the scene is a serious tone shift and putting it in the middle of a scene revolving around Ed’s guilt and having him immediately afterward saying “killing you killed a part of me” really speaks volumes to me. He killed his best friend, someone he trusted, and someone who represents his sexuality. I’ve talked a lot about Oswald representing Ed’s orientation in another post (X) so I won’t go on about that too much but tl;dr for that: Killing Oswald was killing off the part of himself willing to admit he wasn’t straight. 

The whole room is red at that time. Gotham loves color symbolism and isn’t exactly subtle with it. Red is the color of love, lust, and passion (also anger and blood) and red lights specifically indicate sexuality. Oswald in this scene is also much more sexually forward than he ever was in real life. Ed is very visibly rattled by this entire display. In fact as soon as the lights dim and the outfit change happens Ed’s “what are you doing?” sounds very worried. Throughout the scene he’s… well… affected. I’m that how I’m viewing this is not how Cory meant for it to play out but, it is what it is.

Anyway moving on to lyrics. It would be easy to just take the lyrics as being strictly from Oswald’s perspective since it is “him” singing it but, once again, this is Ed’s psyche speaking to him, not actually Oswald. And Hallucination!Ozzie in other scenes has been the voice of things Ed thought but did not want to admit. That what he was doing was crazy, that it wouldn’t work, that he missed Oswald and needed him. So why should this scene be any different? It could also be an uncovering of the truth.

So the song is described as being about being in love with someone but not being together and yearning to be together despite waking up alone. It makes more sense from Ed’s perspective since Ed believes Oswald is dead and thus Oswald would not be waking up alone. Ed on the other hand just killed the closest person to him and is now completely alone. Let’s look a little closer at the lyrics.

It’s okay in the day I’m staying busy
Tied up enough so I don’t have to wonder where is he
Got so sick of crying
So just lately
When I catch myself I do a 180
I stay up clean the house
At least I’m not drinking
Run around just so I don’t have to think about thinking
That silent sense of content
That everyone gets
Just disappears soon as the sun sets

Ed is doing the same thing of trying desperately to keep himself busy to avoid thinking about Oswald. He’s going on this quest to fill the void that was left behind. 

This face in my dreams seizes my guts
He floods me with dread
Soaked in soul
He swims in my eyes by the bed
Pour myself over him
Moon spilling in
And I wake up alone

This is the bit that we hear in the episode. The “his face in my dreams” is especially fitting since this is a hallucination, something (relatively) similar to a dream. 

If I was my heart
I’d rather be restless
The second I stop the sleep catches up and I’m breathless
This ache in my chest
As my day is done now
The dark covers me and I cannot run now
My blood running cold
I stand before him
It’s all I can do to assure him
When he comes to me
I drip for him tonight
Drowning in me we bathe under blue light

Many parts of this song are very sexual in nature, at least metaphorically so. It’s a love song and it is a sexual song. If they have no intent on making Oswald and Edward canon then I am truly perplexed by this entire scene because it is overtly sexual and not just on the part of the fake Oswald. It’s sexual and romantic on both sides and honestly? If it turns out canon I’ll be very pleased with this writing and take back any bad thing I ever said about this messy storyline.

The Maggie Sawyer Situation


Okay so everyone knows that Floriana Lima will have a reduced, recurring role in season 3. The exact number of episodes she’ll be in remain unclear…but I can’t help but think about how weird this whole situation seems. The showrunners have claimed that the demotion was Flo’s decision and that she wants to persue other opportunities and, therefore, has limited availability this season. That may well be the case but it may also not be. Here are a few interesting points to consider:

1. Chyler stated in a podcast at the end of June that she and Flo were ‘fighting’ for Sanvers. Why are they having to fight if it was Flo’s decision to step back? As a fellow actress, and seemingly good friend, Chyler would almost certainly understand Flo’s reasons to look for roles that offer more screentime/storyline to sink her teeth into.

2. Around the time of this podcast, after the cast got the first script of the season, Chyler suddenly instagrammed this picture, titled ‘Find yourself a girl who’s always got your back…’. It was her first post about the show since the finale and it was kinda came out of nowhere. And then Flo commented ‘Gotcha babe.’. This around the time Chyler said they were ‘fighting for Sanvers’? Coincidental timing?

3. This video from SDCC. Watch from 4:00 when they mention Flo. Note the sudden sombre/serious tone. Melissa (who’s usually upbeat) is noticeably off discussing it and Jeremy also looks very solemn. Why? If it was their castmate wanting to persue other opportunities, they’d be supportive, right?

4. And Jeremy and Melissa? To quote Flo herself, just a few days ago, ‘they’re the BEST’. Flo rarely posts on social media and the only other castmember she posted a picture of on IG last season was Chyler. Sure, the SG cast seems a close knit bunch but this is just another instance of timing that seems very coincidental. 

5. And let’s look at Flo’s twitter. When the demotion was announced, a demotion that was supposedly her choice, she liked some very interesting tweets. One was a tweet about ‘the LGBT comm always gets kicked in the head’. One was a tweet to the producers about how she ‘deserves better’. The most interesting tweet she liked? Was one about her ‘selective’ liking of tweets. Again, she’s rarely on social media but for her to come online that evening for a couple of hours and like those sort of tweets? It’s noteworthy. 

6. Oh and there’s also this tweet from a few days ago she liked about how there’s ‘more to the story’.

Maybe this is over-analyzing everything. Maybe it’s not. Again, I am not claiming to have any ‘insider knowledge’, I’m just presenting what everyone can see. And, in my opinion, there’s a lot more to the story than what we’ve officially been told.

And it’ll be very interesting to see what she’ll be working on next if she’s supposedly so busy she can’t return on a regular basis…