over analyzing stuff

If you start to over-analyze stuff, you start feeling down about it. Like, sometimes you just need to forget it and move on. Otherwise you just get stuck worrying about everything because it’s been blown out of proportion by your mind - Mitchell Wadsworth

I started probably over analyzing this but Koth says Lana told him about your exploits and then he says that’s why he agreed on the rescue mission. But since some of the characters are dark side, think there should have been bit different conversation if your characters is dark side or very dark side as in my case. (I only done 2 light side actions on her and other one was a mistake other one was getting the slave collar off Vette since i love her and she deserves better.) Especially since Koth seems to be very distraught when you let innocents die. Like didn’t Lana tell you i am a sith lord? Darth? I mean Yashti isn’t much for the heroic stuff anyway…


I like to think that Aomine and Kagami are arguing not only because they are on the same team, but also because Kagami is wearing the number 7 and for some reason Aomine doesn’t know he doesn’t like Bakagami wearing that number. 

(It’s because it’s Kise’s number Aho is just too dense to know the he is in love with the blond.) 

Look at Takao he may look like he is just innocently spinning the ball on his finger but deep down he is scheming. How can I make this information I just gathered more interesting.  

Imayoshi knows what’s up too and told Hyuuga who is angry because they need to stop arguing over something to petty and focus on the game.

Shin-chan is acting like he doesn’t care, but is secretly waiting for some shit to go down. Like Aomine realizing why he doesn’t want Kagami wearing the number 7 and tell Kise so they will both stop making gooey eyes at each other when ever they are together or playing one-on-one.

Kuroko also knows, he has known of Aomine’s crush on Kise since the model joined the basketball club in middle school so he asked Izuki to help him keep Kise occupied. He knew if Kise heard why they was arguing he’d probably turn into a blubbering mess not knowing what to say or do, because he too has liked the other since middle school.

And finally we have Kasamatsu, Sakurai and Kiyoshi. Idk what’s going on with them, but I think Kiyoshi is detracting them with candy? Like so If things go bad Kasamatsu won’t kick Aomine’s if he did something stupid and so Sakurai won’t repeatedly apologize if things go bad.

I’m just really thirsty for some Aokise tbh.    

Totally over-analyzing stuff here but...

I’m looking at the background symbols for the Diamond Authority. 

The modern symbol we have for the Diamonds is of course this one as seen in Jailbreak (and briefly hinted at way earlier in Serious Steven):

However more recently we got a glimpse of what’s implied as being an older, alternate symbol, most likely from before the Rebellion (or some other vast schism, but I’ll put Rebellion down for the sake of simplicity):

(From from Sworn to the Sword)

Many people have pointed out that the pink diamond in the latter image, must somehow be connected to Rose Quartz in some way. And I’m in agreement/ not planning on debating that. The implication is of course, Rose Quartz (or perhaps, Rose Diamond) is a former member of the ruling members of Gem society, the Diamonds. But she abandoned this position to lead the Rebellion against Homeworld. 

SO what the donk am I trying to say here?

Basically, look at the old, assumed pre-rebellion symbol: 

Four diamonds, making up a larger, complete diamond.

Now compare to the post rebellion symbol. Three triangles, making up a larger triangle. 

Literally the symbol’s been cut in half.

But so what? Remove the pink diamond from the first symbol, and to get another stable and balanced shape, logically, you’d go to a triangle. 

But I’m curious about this, because you can remove the pink diamond, and then halve the remaining image, and still get a triangle from it. It would appear as follows:

However, obviously this would imply one of them has more sway than the other two 

So what do you do to make this more even? Just rearrange/ readjust things a touch:

Oh-hmm..well that’s still not quite right…one more adjust should do it though-(triforce anyone?)

There we go! …but…weird, you had to flip the shapes around to get this symbol…turn them upside down specifically. I didn’t -or rather, couldn’t rotate them though-if I did that, it would’ve messed up the placement of the colours which is consistent between both symbols. (Yellow on the left, blue on the right ect)

…Now again, I am almost definitely over-analyzing here, but…what if there’s something to all this/ there’s implication to this?

Taking away the pink diamond completely rearranges the remaining three diamonds. To make another, sturdy shape, they ALL have to alter their shapes to something else… specifically, a triangle…which is only half of what a diamond is. 

SO the birb gets to her point at last: 

What if the current symbol of the Diamond Authority is symbolic and hints at not just the state of the authority following the rebellion, but the state of its current members as well.

All of the diamonds were cut in half to make the new symbol, and additionally, all of them became inverted/ turned upside down. 

Just typing that sentence implies severe loss and difficult change-however I’ll acknowledge, we know next to nothing about ANY of the diamonds and what they’re like, both currently and way back when. (Who knows, yellow, blue and white could be, and have always been a bunch of complete donks and Rose, who saw beauty in EVERYTHING, lost patience with them …heck she says she doesn’t miss home/homeworld at all…oh boy…)

BUT even without all the finer details, I think something is very obvious/ at least this much can be gathered from comparing the two Diamond Authority symbols:

Without the pink diamond (read: without Rose), the authority AND it’s remaining three members, are only half of what they once were… 

And given how emotional and in depth Steven Universe has been with it’s characters, I wouldn’t put it past them to be going in this direction…… I’m feeling so sad just thinking about it…..


hey i don’t know if anybody’s noticed or cares but this



quite a few times

(this is probably just the inner gf fan in me over analyzing stuff but still)