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BTS Reaction: When you speak your native language around them

Aw my sweet Blackpink anon! I’ve missed you! Thanks for requesting!

Jin :

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Jin would definitely want to learn every part of your language and culture. He’d just be so enthralled with it all and love it all because it was a part of you. He’d try to learn as much as he could about you and your heritage. 

Suga :

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Suga would just watch you intently. He wouldn’t understand what you were saying, but he’d love to watch you as you talk and watch your different movements and emotions.

J-Hope :

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J-Hope would get so giddy whenever you spoke in your native language. He would think it was the coolest thing ever. He would just get the biggest smile on his face, and want you to keep talking in your native language over and over agian.

Rap Monster :

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Rap Monster would literally love whenever you spoke in your native language, and he’d definitely try to learn as much of it as he could. He’d want to surprise you, so he’d study it secretly and then speak it out of the blue to you one day

Jimin :

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The first time Jimin heard you speak your native language, he wouldn’t know what to think. He’d be very taken aback at first, but he’d really love to listen to you speak it and he’d even try to learn some of it.

V :

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V would try so hard to understand parts of you language, but his niche just really isn’t for languages. He’d love to listen to you talk in your language and he would love the sound of you speaking it.

Jungkook :

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“Hey, how do you say lollipop?” Jungkook would ask you NONSTOP how to say different words in your native language, and would repeat them until he got them right.