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[ beat you up and beat you down ! ]

– one day they’ll say the throne was made for me.

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( content warnings: cursing and mentions of violence throughout, alcohol mentions in track 8 )

{1. come on, come on - jet | {2. little cream soda - the white stripes | {3. uncontainable - set it off | {4. breaking the model - new medicine | {5. throne - bring me the horizon | {6. underdog - you me at six | {7. the young & the hopeless - good charlotte | {8. forever stuck in our youth - set it off | {9. i need the world - down with webster | {10. breathe, desperately - from indian lakes

I’ll never understand The Pokemon Company because they have over 700 original characters, and yet only make merchandise for about 12 of them.

Princess Sakura Acute of Hoshido is ready to fight the forces of Embla! There’s just one problem: clerics like her are not exactly good at battling… She needs other heroes to help her save Askr. If your muse would like to join the Order of Heroes, add them to this group photo dressed up as a Fire Emblem character! (Also, don’t forget to make it transparent! It makes it easier for other people to add their characters.)

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This is still pretty much one of my favourite Sapphire moments right here.

I like how it shows that Sapphire is completely capable of putting aside her fears and insecurities about Ruby in order to face the problem at hand.

Unlike Ruby, who is incapable of going one chapter without thinking about Sapphire and letting his fears about her get to him.

It’s just like what Jaun had said about the two of them allowing their fears to control them. Sapphire during the mind test was able to completely clear her mind instantly whilst Ruby wasn’t, leading to him allowing his fears to control his actions and thoughts when faced with danger (trapping Sapphire in the aircar).

I really love how ORAS is mostly based around that side of Ruby and Sapphire’s traits and shows more of how they handle themselves when faced with fear.

Yes I am still bitter over Vilia why do you ask

Pokemon games’ approach to trans characters: While none of them have been major characters, and none of them are actually allowed to say explicitly that they’re trans, there have been a number of NPCs that are open about not identifying as the gender they were assigned at birth, and for the most part they’re treated with respect and not as punchlines

Literally every other Nintendo franchises’ approach to trans characters:

How the SDR2 Kids Play Pokemon

Hajime Hinata
- Is only playing because Chiaki gave him a spare copy
- Picked the Fire Starter
- Can’t remember the weakness and resistances of pokemon types
- Hasn’t touched the game since he finished the main part of it

- Preordered both versions of the game in advance
- Researched the starters and picked the one with the best stats
- Has memorized all competitive pokemons’ stats and moves
- After completing the game they worked on getting the most competitive team for competitions and also made a fun team for versing friends

Nagito Komaeda
- He doesn’t even know why he has the game
- He picked the Grass Type starter and it was shiny
- The majority of the pokemon he catches are shiny
- He’s offers to trade away his Shiny pokemon if anyone wants them

Peko Pekoyama
- Was given the game as a gift from Fuyuhiko
- Probably picked the fire type
- Most of their team fighting or ground type
- Consistently verses Fuyuhiko

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu
- Bought the game under the cover of darkness and only told Peko that he owns it
- Picked the Water starter
- Most of his team is either dark, poison or normal
- Has almost been caught playing the game several times by Chiaki

Teruteru Hanamura
- He didn’t intend to play the game, but Chiaki insisted
- He picked the Grass Starter
- He mainly uses Fairy, Normal and Physic
- Has tried to hit on Chiaki through playing pokemon, it didn’t go well

Ibuki Mioda
- Bought it on release week as Chiaki picked up her preorder
- Picked the fire type, cause it looked cool
- Uses an electric, fire and steel type pokemon
- Has the most over the top customized character she could make

Gundham Tanaka
- He counted down the days to release and geeked out over all the new additions
- He picked whichever starter had the coolest final evolution
- His Favourite types is Dark and Ghost
- He helped Sonia learn how to play when she got the game, and was quite a good teacher

Sonia Nevermind
- Got the game because it was something she viewed as important to Japanese culture and because they didn’t have it in her home kingdom
- Picked the cutest starter
- Mainly uses Fairy, Dark and Ghost
- Once she felt comfortable enough with the game she openly challenged everyone of her friends

Souda Kazuichi
- He wasn’t really planning to play the new game, but with Sonia got it he instantly bought a copy
- He ended up picking the grass type starter
- His team mainly consisted of steel, electric and ground type pokemon
- He challenged Gundham and Gundham crushed him

Mikan Tsumiki
- Chiaki lent her a copy of the game, and Mikan loved it
- She went with a grass type starter
- Her team was mainly normal, fairy and grass type pokemon
- She wasn’t really into the game but still finished it

Hiyoko Saionji
- She found playing the game and insisted she plays as well
- She went with a fire type starter to beat Mikan with
- She mainly used fighting, fairy and bug types
- She plays the game with Mahiru all the time and they have teamed up to verse Peko and Fuyohiko

Mahiru Koizumi
- Picked it up out of boredom, only plays it casually
- Picked water type at random
- She loves the eeveelutions
- She got a lot more serious with playing the game once Hiyoko started playing

Nekomaru Nidai
- Decided to get the game to use it as a teambuilding exercise with everyone else
- Went with a grass type starter
- Favourite type is Fighting
- Normally organizes competition between everyone to improve their relationships with each other

Akane Owari
- Only got it because Nekomaru said she had to
- Picked a fire type starter
- Favourite type is fighting
- Gets really competitive when versing her friends

SHSL Imposter
- Started playing since everyone else was
- Went with a water type
- Favourite pokemon is Mimikyu
- Is surprisingly really good at the game, but sometimes intentionally loses to make the other person feel better

ragnaroklol  asked:

Hey so could you do something about what each member of 1-a's pokemon teams would be? If its already been asked then sorry for bothering

Requests aren’t actually open rn and that is way over the character limit. But I do kinda like pokemon requests so I’ll just put what their favourites are. Also we have >>this<< tag for all your pokemon needs 

Class 1A’s favourite Pokemon:

  • Izuku: Ratata 
  • Bakugou: Charmeleon
  • Todoroki: Alolan Vulpix
  • Uraraka: Snorlax
  • Iida: Dragonair
  • Kirishima: Tyrantrum
  • Momo: Ninetails
  • Kaminari: Zapdos
  • Jirou: Bewear
  • Tokoyami: Haunter
  • Tsuyu: Spheal
  • Mina: Roserade
  • Aoyama: Spinda
  • Tooru :Mimikyu
  • Sero: Deoxys
  • Shouji: Blaziken
  • Satou: Miltank
  • Kouda: Jigglypuff
  • Ojiro: Mankey

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  • The name “Tamagotchi” is derived from the Japanese word “Tamago” (meaning “egg”) and the English word “Watch”. It was designed to double as a pocket watch, so it could be practical and fun at the same time.
  • Not having faith in the Tamagotchi’s success, Bandai produced the original Tamagotchi in limited numbers. When the toy launched on November 23rd, 1996, it became so popular overnight that, at the height of its popularity, the first edition toys sold on the black market for over $1,000 USD.
  • The widespread popularity of Tamagotchi have resulted in at least one known car crash, robberies, and a bomb scare at a post office when a Tamagotchi beeped while inside its package.
  • In the official Tamagotchi backstory, the reason they came to Earth is because their planet (itself a living Tamagotchi) got drunk and became uninhabitable. They live inside the plastic eggs because they can’t survive in Earth’s atmosphere.
  • The total number of different Tamagotchi species is unknown, due to some material never being ported outside Japan (such as the PlayStation game, Nintendo 64 game, etc). Currently, there are over 730 documented characters, more than the current number of Pokemon (719).
  • A Tamagotchi goes through several stages of life: Egg, Baby, Child, Teen, Adult, Parent, Senior, and the “Secret” stage. Unlike Pokemon, the evolution is not set in stone; what the Tamagotchi becomes depends on how the user cares for it.
  • In Japan, when a Tamagotchi died, it showed a ghost with a tombstone. In the English toys, this is replaced by a UFO with stars, and they’re described as “returning to their home planet”. Despite this, grief from Tamagotchi deaths prompted the creation of online graveyards, where people could “bury” their virtual pet and share their memories.
  • The Digimon virtual pets were created as a male counterpart to Tamagotchi. They were released in Japan in June 1997, and later in the US in December. Digimon would end up spinning off into a successful anime series, collectible card game, video games, and more.
  • There is a real psychological effect, dubbed the “Tamagotchi effect”, where an individual develops an emotional attachment to a machine, electronic device, robot, or even software. The movie “Her” is an exploration of this phenomenon.
  • The original Tamagotchi toys ceased production in the summer of 1998 in the US, and at the end of the year in Japan. The Tamagotchi Garden toy was cancelled due to this. The toys that appeared around this time (Tamagotchi Ocean, Devilgotchi, Yasashii Tamagotchi, and the Santaclautchi) are considered the most expensive and difficult toys to obtain.
  • The Tamagotchi toys relaunched in 2004, with a bigger screen and infrared communication that allowed two toys to play games, exchange gifts, marry, and produce children. The toys relaunched again in Japan in 2008 with the Tamagotchi Plus Color, which featured a color screen. As Tamagotchi was losing popularity in America, the toy was never exported due to its production costs and low consumer interest.
  • The upcoming Tamagotchi 4U toy in Japan will have integration with the upcoming Super Smash Bros Wii U game, according to Bandai Japan’s Twitter account.
  • There have been several Tamagotchi toys produced in collaboration with other franchises, including Godzilla (the Mothra Tamagotchi).
Lesbians in Pokemon Over the Years
  • Kanto: not enough female characters to have many ships unless you count for those rare pairs that dont have enough fanart
  • Johto: mostly gym leader lesbians but basically the same as kanto
  • Hoenn: every girl is dating another girl outside of their region
  • Sinnoh: lesbian coordinators, meet a lot of girls you have guide through some random place, and a league champion that everyone's gay for
  • Unova: gal pals everywhere
  • Kalos: one of the main characters is gay for the female protagonist and there is a lesbian battle couple from what I remember

The inevitable Supergirl + PokemonGO headcanon post:

  • J’onn isn’t entirely sure who to contact about it, but he’s fairly certain that it’s a bad idea that a top secret underground government facility is somehow a gym.
  • Cat is a little insulted that the CatCo building isn’t a gym.
  • Not that Cat will admit to having the game on her phone. Open. During work hours.
  • (Come now. What sort of mother would she be if she didn’t make sure it’s a safe, appropriate game for her son to be playing?)
  • Alex and Kara absolutely fly out to various other cities to check out the local Pokemon on Kara’s lunch breaks.
  • Winn is more than a little jealous.

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@blackjackgabbiani He’s in Jupiter’s daycare! Though he would do well in school since he usually does all of Giovanni’s homework

1st anon: Yes! He’s bound to appear in the next au post I have planned to draw. The design isn’t complete yet but N will be somewhat older than in canon. Here’s some odd sketches

additional family dog (andand thank for compliment uahhhh♥)

2nd anon: Well, the au doesn’t make much sense in the first place. Canon family ties are broken and new are made, that also means Silver exists somewhere in the universe but we haven’t thought about his role yet. 

I could also clarify that the family au takes place in a small city where the characters from all over the pokemon universe have been gathered to, everyone in a more or less different role than in canon. Pokemon do exist, but it’s not common to battle with them, therefore no gyms or leagues exist.