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SummaryHe has no idea why everyone in the Brotherhood thinks that Brienne is his whore out of everything, but it’s not what is making him feel dizzy. It’s what he said after.

He knows that people think he’s some kind of heartless monster; they don’t call him Kingslayer for nothing. The only part of himself he could see in Brienne, maybe, it’s something of his fifteen-year old self, but that’s the entirety of it. What if she looked like Cersei? , he thinks, and he feels sick when he realizes that maybe his sweet sister isn’t the only person who might be his mirror, after all.

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Last night I was on qp attack on Route 66 and I was grouped up with a Widowmaker and a Junkrat from a previous match. They both had mics, but I didn't, but I could hear them. Enemy team had us stuck at spawn for a while, but I kept us alive long enough to get out, and knocked off a rez. Over the whole match, I fired off three rezzes, getting Widow every time (not intentionally, she was just usually there). They said, "Mercy, you're amazing!" every time. It was so sweet!

just for fun, cooking headcanons for the Origins party members:

It’s canon that Alistair can’t cook. No one ever taught him, and eating bland, mushy pottage was common in Templar training, so he basically grew up thinking that was an acceptable way to eat. Needless to say, the party doesn’t let him cook anymore.

Morrigan is really good at identifying wild herbs and vegetables, being taught by her mother, and her cooking tends to feature them. She doesn’t eat a lot of meat, and therefore doesn’t use it in her cooking much, which annoys a lot of the party. Everything she cooks ends up tasting weird and unique, but is rarely unpleasant. At camp, it’s common for her to make her own food over her own fire.

Leliana isn’t a fan of the stews and pottages found at camp, thinking they’re all too heavy and bland. She prefers eating breads and grilled vegetables, like how she ate in Lothering, and sometimes uses Morrigan’s fire to cook these. She and Morrigan actually bond over this.

Sten rarely contributes to the cooking, since it’s not his place. He’s good at hunting wild game, though.

The party’s too afraid to let Oghren cook, since he’s always drunk and kind of smells bad. He knows how to make a good beer-braised nug with deep mushrooms, though, and one time he cooks it for the party and they’re all pleasantly surprised.

Wynne is the best cook in the party, and usually ends up being in charge of the meal (although she insists on everyone else helping out). Campfire cooking is new to her, but she learns how to make wild game stews pretty quickly that everyone loves. If she’s in an actual kitchen, she can whip up a full meal pretty easily. Being able to shoot fire out of her hands really helps.

Zevran is the only one in the party that actually uses spices in his cooking, and he always travels with a pack of Antivan spices that he applies to his own meals, no matter who cooks. When he does cook, the reactions are mixed, and once Alistair thought his spices were poison.

Loghain is a champion at surviving in the wilderness, so of course he’s good at hunting and campfire cooking. However, he refuses to use any kind of seasoning that’s not salt (and occasionally black pepper if he’s feeling daring), like a true Fereldan. He’s basically the opposite of Zevran, and the two of them refuse to eat each other’s food.

Dog can’t cook because he’s a dog, but he’s an expert at killing and eating wild animals. And Loghain’s table scraps.

Shale doesn’t eat, but has very vague memories of enjoying deep mushrooms. But she thinks eating would be a major inconvenience.

i know literally no one cares but ive been way more comfortable around the kitchen and fire lately i hope i get over my fear of fire entirely

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imagine lexa teaching clarke how to cook the trikru way during a date. waking up early in the morning to gather herbs, meat,and vegetables themselves, setting up a camp fire and gutting and roasting a small boar properly, how to make amazing stew over a camp fire, fresh spring water and mead for drinks, getting mangoes and apples from nearby trees for dessert. clarke's skilled hands pretending to struggle just to get lexa to come up behind her and guide her through it. clexa grounder picnic date

in what world do mango trees grow alongside apple trees (ok wait no i can imagine they do, but surely mango trees don’t grow in the DC area? i mean ok i have no idea how far south DC is, to me Germany is a southern country so my perspective is skewed as fuck)

but yes yes this is adorable as fuck, like imagine Lexa just casually slinging the boar over her shoulder tho? like it’s been hanging the two days that it usually needs to, and it’s already been skinned and all that (i don’t think i know a single hunter that eats fresh meat, ya gotta let it hang at least a day or two) and Clarke’s a little amused by Lexa just hauling a boar carcass along to their picnic but she just goes w it

and then Lexa showing Clarke what wood helps light the fire the easiest, showing her the dry lower branches of pines and pine-like bushes that’ll spark up easily, and the denser wood that’ll keep the fire going; Clarke honestly paying attention mostly because Lexa’s voice is soothing and she’s excited, she’s explaining and pointing and showing Clarke all these different things and Clarke’s just watching her with her heart full of love

while the fire’s blazing, they go to gather herbs and all that, and Clarke still can’t keep her eyes off of Lexa; Lexa, too, steals glances at Clarke, but she’s also determined to make sure that they have an amazing meal and so she does really try her best to focus on gathering herbs and berries to stuff inside the boar to make it taste as good as possible

and then just laying there for hours, in the little clearing, only getting up every once in a while to turn the boar over the now low-laying fire, just watching the sunlight glimmer through the green canopy and just quietly talking about everything they could think of - honestly, time flies. they eat, they laugh, they have cute games where they try to throw berries into each others mouths (Clarke somehow manages to get one in Lexa’s ear, and it’s something she’ll bring up for weeks to come)

the summer day falling to a warm hazy night, and they just stay there, wrapped up in a shared bedroll, it’s cool but nowhere near cold, and with the two of them laying together it’s almost too hot - but not, it’s perfect, and they sleep all soft and comfortable while listening to the crickets and the odd birdsong in the now dark woods, falling asleep all comfortable after the perfect relaxing day and knowing they’re safe (Lexa’s got a few warriors posted a respectful distance away, she’s not taking any chances with assassins and stray bullets)

empire of storms ending
  • me: i can finally sleep at night knowing that rowan and aelin are ruling their kingdom and happily married without concern... such a blessing
  • friend: but at the end of empire of storms-
  • me: i can finally sleep at night knowing that rowan and aelin,,,