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Basically I’m just tired of y'all overlooking dark skin people on here while simultaneously “glorifying” us (mainly when we’re half naked or drenched in oil or being overly sexualized in some form) to make y'all seem more socially aware and not colorist. I know so many men (actually some women too) on here that will reblog dark skin women or post about us online but will never EVER check for one in real life. And if they have it’s not to date her or love her. It’s because they want to fuck, or want a darker girl under their belt so they don’t look like they internalized colorist beliefs. I’ve even found people on here (both male and female) that’ll be “down” for darkskins but then their Twitter will be full of colorist tweets and retweets. I’m just like bitch so what is the truth? (Insert Oprah gif)

Alexander: *cooking aggressively*

Laurens: Alex you don’t have to be so rough!

Alexander: Oh I know you like it rough!


Some people just aren’t built for happy endings, you know? From the minute she was born. She was a walking tragedy since the moment she took her first steps.
—  from an unfinished story #825

“You forget, Isaac,” Gabriel leaned in. “That I know you.” 

He didn’t touch but somehow that just made Isaac feel his presence more - made him dizzy with it, the possibilities of it. Gabriel’s hand cupping his head, his hip, feather-light along his side. His lips soft and chapped and warm and the way his breath might catch just before he kissed Isaac like he still hadn’t got over the awe of being allowed to do so.  

Then, abruptly, he felt it. Every thought played out in phantom sensations on his nerve endings; and Gabriel’s eyes fixed on him, intent and bright. A small smile tugging at his lips. He was doing that, wasn’t he?

Shit.” Isaac’s fingers curled against the rough denim of his jeans. 

“Every thought,” Gabriel said softly. “Every want, every secret thing.” 

The fear prickled, because to be seen like that…utterly stripped bare without chance of hiding place…because to be seen like that in all darkness as well as light and still have Gabriel want him at the end of it all, love him at the end of it all…was terrifying. Wonderful, impossible, terrifying. 

Gabriel kissed him right before he lost it and lunged, unable to bear it. The world around them blazed, his own powers lighting up inside him like a solar flare, and that was almost too much too.

But the ghosts vanished - all seeing creature back to boy again, melting against him. 

He caught Gabriel’s mouth, the edges of his hips, smoothed his palms over every warm scrap of contact he could get. 

God, how did he ever let go again?