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Going over their lines a couple hours before the highly anticipated scene versus Lovecraft!
“Dazai, you’re supposed to let me collapse…”
“Don’t worry, Chuuya! I’ll catch you anyways~″
Based off the HC that Dazai often stands on his tippy toes to glomp Chuuya while they’re on set.

Thank you guys so much supporting the blog!! We gained 500 followers over the past week, which is absolutely insane! I’m so glad everyone enjoys the AU as much as we do ^_^
We also made a BSDShowtime Twitter, where we post funny interactions and sick cast member roasts!
@mostladylikeladythateverladied Thank you for participating in the art raffle! I guess I ended up drawing the AU after all, haha ^_^


“It cost your friend over $500 to slay her eyebrows, her outfit, her lace front and her edges. Yet, she has failed to slay her bills.

Then, her followers on social media gas her up behind the screens of the latest iPhone models writing: “Eat bit¢h!”

But eat what, her garments? Because her refrigerator is likely more barren than her wallet after a night out with the girls.” - Melquan Ganzy

Creative Director: Melquan Ganzy
Photographer: Curtis Bryant
Stylist: Melquan Ganzy
Model: Kris-Ann Watson

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things that are very surreal to me:

  • the fact that i have over 7,500 followers
  • the amount of steven universe posts i’ve made that have gotten thousands and even ten thousands of notes (it’s a lot of fuc kgn posts guys i’m serious)
  • the fact that some of my favorite artists on this site have had personal conversations with me in the past, made fanart for me, and are mutuals with me
  • when mutuals of mine that are just as popular, if not more popular than me reblog my posts and refer to me by my first name in some way (i’m so used to just being called Cookie!! it’s actually a huge honor!!!!)
  • the fact that i’m actually popular
Update to 500

Hey All,
My challenge is still open if you’ve been thinking on it, or you’re just curious.
Here’s the rules and prompts, again … If you need further information or wanna look over the original post click right here

I’ve provided ‘fandoms’ for those wanting to write outside of Supernatural.
For those who want to stay in Supernatural, that’s absolutely fine, but here are a few songs you may not of heard … listen and pick!


  1. Have fun, don’t stress
  2. Don’t have to follow me, but it would be nice!
  3. Link me in the beginning and tag #Plaidstiel’s 500 #Push Yourself Challenge
  4. If it’s over 500 words, please put in a *keep reading*
  5. Use the appropriate warnings (but please know, I’ll read ANYTHING)
  6. Due on the 18th of May - giving y’all plenty of time (but if you need more, by all means, ask)
  7. Also, the other fandom doesn’t need to crossover with Supernatural, but if that’s what you wanna do, go for it!
  8. Send me an ask with your pick.

I wish you all the best of luck, enjoy whatever you choose (if you wanna write for another fandom, but don’t see it here, please write me, I’m open)


  1. Firefly - @motleymoose & @babypieandwhiskey
  2. Harry Potter - @chaos-and-the-calm67
  3. The Vampire Diaries - @paigeinastory
  4. Hunger Games - @impala-dreamer
  5. Star Wars (any)
  6. Charmed - @thegreatficmaster
  7. Doctor Who
  8. Sherlock - @wayward-mirage
  9. Outlander
  10. The Avengers - @lipstickandwhiskey​/lipstickandsupersoldiers
  11. Once Upon A Time - @sdavid09


  1. Welcome Home - Joy Williams - @waywardjoy
  2. Whiskey and My Gun - KING
  3. All My Days - Alexi Murdoch
  4. The Devil’s Tears - Angus & Julia Stone
  5. Feeding Line - Boy & Bear
  6. The Way You Are Tonight - Missy Higgins - @pain-of-artifice
  7. Ghosts - Laura Marling
  8. Rocks - Imagine Dragons - @thing-you-do-with-that-thing
  9. Emancipate Myself - Thirsty Merc
  10. You - Wes Carr

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15 Facts

The awesome quadsasaurus-rex tagged me to list 15 random facts about myself. Here we go! I will try to add a few that most people won’t know. 

  1. I have ridden my bike across two states so far (Iowa and Missouri) 
  2. I lived in Germany for several years
  3. I have acted on a stage in from of more than 3,000 people
  4. Before the Internet, I worked for a company that connected computers together for online gaming and dating. 
  5. I have played Fallout 4 for well over 500 hours
  6. I enjoy playing Poker
  7. I have a second blog which is completely anonymous.I have several (as many as 20) followers that follow both blogs. I enjoy the secret and will never tell, but if you approach me on that blog and ask - I will admit it ;)
  8. I used to have to do long drives for work. As part of an effort to stay awake and interested, I created numerous scenarios where I was a spy, infiltrating foreign lands. It was complete with back stories, enemies, weapons etc etc. This story goes on in my mind - 20 years later. 
  9.  I was an accomplished singer - until puberty. 
  10. I have lost over 100 lbs, 4 times in my life. 
  11. I have a strong affinity to the LGBTQ community for several reasons, only a few of which I have shared here. 
  12. The older I get, the more liberal I become.
  13. I don’t drink or use drugs - but It’s fine with me if you do. 
  14. I also don’t swear very often - not because of some moral outrage… but because I worked in a call center for years and learned to controll my then bad mouth. 
  15. Fourteen of these facts are true. One is a complete lie and I am not going to say which. 

I tag these people to post 15 random facts. Please tag me so I can get to know you :) 

@wrenberries @fitchris25 @i-run-i-read @redfoxpup @anna-learns-to-love-herself @enlistedfitness @erikawastaken @gethealthynotslim @go-be-wild

Plus anyone else that wants to do it!

Just realized I reached over 500 followers! So here’s a selfie that is big enough to actually see. I am also really into makeup (and by “into” I mean even though I’m not pro I work at a pro level) so if people want to see more of that, I can make this a “screenshot and  makeup” blog. Just ask!

@fatmaninalittlesuit and @nebulascorner tagged me to post 15 random facts about myself so here it goes!

1. I have read over 500 books in my life.
2. Huuuuge sci-fi fan.
3. My parents thought they were expecting a boy. My name would be Simon.
4. I once almost completely cut off two of my fingers by opening a jar of beans.
5. I have no idea how to adult.
6. I’d like to go to a Metallica concert one day.
7. I can drink a lot of alcohol and not get drunk. I hate being drunk tho.
8. My ancestors were Italian, Serbian and Hungarian.
9. My name in Hungarian means “mother”.
10. Coincidentally, I’m the mother in my group of friends.
11. I’m quite sarcastic.
12. I have polycistic ovarian syndrome.
13. I’m allergic to peanuts. Deadly.
14. I love old TV shows. Currently watching The Golden Girls.
15. I don’t know how to ride a bicycle and am terribly afraid.

I tag @whocaresbaby @chriiiss @thatdreadfulpony @i-want-to-be-wonderwoman @shed100please

Also 100 years ago today…

The city council in Hickory began deliberations toward the construction of their Carnegie library. The Elliott-Carnegie library in Hickory opened in 1922 and was the last of over 2,500 libraries built with grants from the Carnegie Foundation. The library closed in 1952, but the building remains a registered historic landmark.

headlesstraitor replied to your post{ *reads discussions about OCs having conqueror’s…

Actually, Oda said that it’s rumored that there’s over 100 Devil Fruits in the world in an early SBS, so there’s potential for a LOT of them.

//Not really? As I said, there are already close to 100 known characters that have devil fruits. While technically yes, saying there are ‘over 100 devil fruits’ can imply that there are, let’s say, 1000, the kind of phrasing Oda used there would then be pretty bad. 

If there were WAY more fruits, Oda could have said ‘over 300′ ‘over 500′ ‘over 1000′ etc. You get what I mean right? If there were really THAT MANY fruits out there, using 100 as an estimate value would be incredibly misleading and a poor choice of words on his part.

marco-fushicho replied to your post{ *reads discussions about OCs having conqueror’s…

{ But we also have to remember they made fake devil fruits now that worked like devil fruits, or am I mistaken there? ovo I actually can’t remember what those fake ones did, but that ninja kid did turn into a Chinese dragon, right? }

//Yeah, honestly I remember very little from the Punk Hazard arc, but if my memory serves me right, the artificial devil fruits were very prone to defects and other issues. 

Regardless, I still wouldn’t consider them as part of the discussion because this is more about the rate of natural occurrence of devil fruits popping up versus conqueror haki users. The main argument here is just that OCs with conqueror’s haki within them shouldn’t be considered ‘op’ or ‘unrealistic’ because it’s actually very common. I forgot what character it was, but someone in Dressrosa even SAID it was common in the New World right? Something like ‘you’ll meet a lot of people out here that can use that’.  

xviipcra replied to your post{ *reads discussions about OCs having conqueror’s…

i knew yo were going to say something when i saw you liking the posts lmao

//You already kno I’m passionate about this subject

HAPPY HALLOWEEN~! I made it just in time!!

Derek lost the to-costume-or-not-to-costume coin toss. Stiles magnanimously compromised with Very Subtle T-shirts.

A huge thank you to all you lovely folks for following my work! It’s great to know you’re all out there :D

I can’t believe the small group I decided to stan, who couldn’t afford to buy high end clothing, who weren’t able to eat out with the pd’s often because they weren’t making enough money, who didn’t have enough money to rent a car for an mv so had to borrow their managers, who were so broke they often couldn’t buy enough meat/food for 7 people are now selling out venues, holding their fanmeets in some of the biggest places, wearing some of the most luxurious clothing, breaking records for the most views for a kpop video in 15 and 24 hours, hiring nearly 50 extras for an mv, BLOWING UP CARS IN AN MV, gifting each other 1.1k $$$$$$ SWEATERS FROM GUCCI, BREAKING INTO THE US CHARTS, SELLING OVER 500,000 COPIES OF WINGS IN THE FIRST MONTH, SURPASSING THEIR TOTAL ALBUM SALES

and the fact that they have remained so humble and grateful for everything they have worked so hard to receive makes me even more happy to be a bts stan


Veterans and Standing Rock elders unite at forgiveness ceremony

  • Native Americans held a forgiveness ceremony at the Standing Rock casino for U.S. veterans who have been standing in solidarity to block the Dakota Access Pipeline.
  • The ceremony, with over 500 people in attendance, resulted in Native American elders forgiving veterans for hundreds of years of oppression.
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Friendly Reminder

Rhys trained Feyre in his powers, including their daemati powers. By the time Feyre kills the Attor she can shut him out completely.

Repeat, she can shut out a High Lord, who is familiar with her shields and has over 500 years experience with this power.

Feyre is a fully trained daemati in the Spring Court. She will have zero problems getting through Tamlin’s shields.

With that said, there will be no sexy time with Tamlin. NONE!