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4,000 followers special post!

Jeez, that number skyrocketed within the last few days! As always, I love each and every one of you. I’m shocked that I have this many people that like and support this little blog of mine. When I started, I barely expected to get over 40 followers. Now I have 4,000 and it hasn’t even been a full year! I hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy these preening cuties.

Thank you for being you <3

              i’m cryin right now ? are you all like , um , lost ? because that’s what you all should be . i mean i don’t deserve this , i am actual trash . a meme trash , cries harder . i got over 40 followers yesterday and i’m screaming ? i have tears in my eyes . i’m sorry , i’ll stop being the loser i am rn . okay , to thank you i really wanted to do this biaslist . thank you all , again ! ilu all so much !

          GO , GO , POWER RANGERS !     this goes to my baes who i love talking to daily and if anyone of you hoes leaves this shitty site , i’ll drag you fucking back , because you’re part of the people that make it better . besides , you guys handle me and my jokes , like who can do that ?

             @coinchosen​    /    anyways i wanted to start with my red bff ? bc ? you’re an actual blessing ? if anything , the jason to my kim to be honest , you’re like a hella amazing friend to me ! and i’m amazed by you and so grateful to have you as a friend , literally one of my favorite people everyou’re   always there for me and i can’t say it enough , but i really don’t think i deserve your love ! no matter how shitty i feel , you always make me smile .  ilu , binch .   ) 

             (   @blksuit   /    cries actual tears rn , why are you always so amazing , sam . you already know that i love you so so much ? i mean why do i love you so much ? my total bae and i do love you so much . even though we scream @ each other about literally everything everyday , i still ? admire ? you ? so ? much ?  .  you are truly MAGICK . also lmao , yes , part of me wanted to put this here bc of merlin and tyler . i know , i’m the worst , but you do handle me , sooo . okay , i dont wanna say any nonsense here , but again , i luff you , babe !   )  

             (   @yourhotaunt   /    i mean , may isn’t a power ranger blog but tbh you do have zordon . i have so many things i could say about diana because from the start , you’ve been nothing but kind to me ! you adopted my muses , like all of them tbh i’m not kidding , and talking to you is amazing and all i have at this point is may feels bc of you , binch , but still , you’re an actual angel . maybe you should join our cute satan squad lmao . and if you aren’t following di and may , you’re missing out !  )  

            (   @endedlives & @bluecoinned  /    cj , ma bae ! i know it’s been a while since we have spoken , but you’re alose one of my cute angels ? or do you we say cute satans , lmao ? you are amazing and one of the sweetest people ever ! again , though we may not talk every day , i still consider you a very close and dear friend to me . you are such a wonderful and talented person , cj ,  and you deserve all the good in the world . love you , loser . )  

          GO , GO , POWER FRIENDS !     these are also really close people to me but i am too lazy to write anymore or we talked for a little but and plotted and i want to know you more !

                     (     @topazforged , @crossworn , @thedirectorofshield , @dirtrepellent  / @hackedpower , @notsomellow , @raiinonme / @morsed / @managedanger , @hawkeyedinc , @cptins / @yourdashinguncle , @fortcvolontc , @icarusmarked , @bravewitch , @speedforcechosen , @wiccanwy , @madewebs , @scavengered , @petalshot , @faxwhispering , @hnikarr , @couragelacking , @hischair , @strxnzo , @leagueremade , @notkiing , @girllorn , @tragicloss , @carryburdens , @tcliver & @digimmortality .   )  

         HEART EYES !     people i have an actual crush at and stalk .

                    (     @deathrisen / @nightclawed , @kintsukis , @griefdriven / @beautycaused / @ichorvoid , @ripostc , @citystarlet , @cluefound , @purblindly , @fastiell , @redheadarcher , @tsariitsa , @electrumbeaute , @aduain , @brainsnbeauty , @dislikespeople , @det-ect-ive , @shenovas , @oasotos , @astralord , @bessmertni , @raisedriot , @blondegenius , @antolcgias , @antagxnized / @anxlgesic / @fatigucs / @philomcth / @hxlycrap , @flutesolo , @trveheroine , @tigiress , @wandaxjr , @hlkling , @titanslayer@agenths , @aquarad , @capedfound , @funfatale , @hackrvoice , @legacycarried , @stolenparticles / @vaersnill / @objectivelyhot / @immunetocharm , @cryostored , @foundingavenger , @dawningdecay , @stargifts , @dislikespeople , @watchashea , @wovendeath , @tornpearls , @rxdqxeen , @kicksportals , @moonsworn , @hoodsred@warblossomed , @playsvulgar , @scxvanger , @viridimal , @pyrrhist , @meddlingheels , @britishwiit , @sunflowerhearted , @peacemaiden , @amavitab , @ghostscaught , @scarburned , @redbonded , @shrinemade , @redalloy , @coronianthief , @solestarlet , @baeltheryn , @zenobeia , @ceruleanhued , @gethence , @ppharaoh , @seetheirsoul , @laughmage , @veracitic , @arkhealer , @silverwilled , @cosmosbonded , @hisfearofit , @sunlived , @nchntrss , @heartmeasured , @trigonkin .   )    

fun fact:  if you @ me, it doesn’t always show up in my activity.  

If I don’t acknowledge a starter that you wrote for me, there’s a chance that it didn’t show up in my activity page and therefore I didn’t see it.  Please just send me a link to it. 

well, there’s only one explanation for this: i wanted to show appreciation for the people on my dashboard who end up making me smile or laugh one way or another [mostly because of their tags or their screaming]

anyways, thank you all for having amazing blogs & i hope your holidays + the rest of the year goes smoothly for all. i hope all of you meet your faves in 2k17!!

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Torwood Castle Revisit.

Second visit here, according to a date stone found in a nearby ditch in 1918, Torwood Castle was built in 1566.  In 1957 the castle was bought by a Glaswegian accountant, Gordon Millar, who set about restoring it over the following 40 years, until his death in 1998. Although he did a lot of good work in stabilising the stonework, unfortunately he also made some questionable alterations to the castle, including a concrete reconstruction of the main staircase, and the use of cement-based mortars. It is now owned by the Torwood Castle Trust, set up as a charity with the aim of restoring the castle. 

It is now a category A listed building which outs is in a class of national or international importance, either architectural or historic. 

Any further restoration has to be passed by the local authorities who consult with  Historic Environment Scotland, which used to be called Historic Scotland. 

anonymous asked:

if it's boring then why u still usin it huh

i have over 40,000 ppl following me on here but they’re all porn bots for some reason


Cosplayed again last weekend as @markiplier s Darkiplier! I posted a lot of musical.lys as well. Go follow me there! Same username! Thanks so much for over 40 followers by the way! I’m working on more artwork as well so look forward to that!

Don’t forget to comment, like, reblog, and follow! I appreciate it!

over 40 million followers and not one of you assholes sent for help when i got my foot stuck in the toilet for over three hours. disgusting display of indifference

Something silly from me :D

Hidan, you evil, horny bastard.

Anyway, sorry for being unactive for the last days! I’ve been to many social meetings and working and it kinda, mehhh. But after all the tiredness it gives, this brings cool fresh ideas too! So catch that sillynes and thank you so much for over 40 followers in like a week? WHOAH! And also, stay tuned for more later today: I did a series of 4 pencil kakuhida drawings, which were kinda challenging for me! They need some finishings so in few hours from now we see eachother again! Now, I’m moving to draw other stuff.

I organized my pens and art supplies today😋 I made a hot cup of chai tea and will be munching on some tangerines while I work on Chemistry! I hope everyone is having an enjoyable and productive day!!😆 ALSO I already have over 40 followers and I’ve only been a part of this community for three days!🎉 It’s a wonderful thought that 40 people I’ve never met before care about my progress☺️ A huge thank you to all my amazing followers!!🙌🏼


(And a last minute entry by Pirate Dash…who may have a bigger rival in the pirate department.

Well that’s everything from the flashback.  Hope everybody on the following list enjoyed their appearances:

Lightning Blitz Answers
Motherly Scootaloo
Ask Fluffle Puff
Ask Twixie Genies
Ask Pirate Dash

Something else I should address.  When the Motherly Scootaloo blog reblogged the first part of the flashback, I obtained over 40 new followers, bringing my total follower count to 331!  Holy crap!  Sam, thanks for the reblog, man!  ALSO!  I’ve been asked by him to be making a Guest Artist Post so expect that in the near future.

Hey Ladies, looking for fangirls over 40 to follow!  I am 52. I adore Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Sebastain Stan, I don’t know if  I want to kiss them or bring them home feed them!  Avengers,Sherlock, Firefly, LOTR, Hobbit, FOB, Panic! at the disco,Of Monsters and Men Along with “classic rock”( it wasn”t classic when I first heard it)