over 3000 notes

My art will never get thousands of notes on my social media accounts and I have come to accept that and I know I still have a lot to learn and lots of room for growth…

….but I just noticed one of my Daddy Klance comics, I gave another Instagram user permission to repost with credit, has over 3000 notes on their Instagram! On my Instagram it has 20. 

So I when I am feeling down about my art because of low note counts, I just have to remember it is my social media skills that suck not necessarily my art skills. Ha!

some rosemary for the soul // x

RWBY Doodles for this week’s episode!

UPSIDE DOWN GIRL/BOY FRIENDS~!!! Sun’s upside down thing reminded me of Nora from S1. Neptune and Lie are both ‘drag around friends’.

Thank you everyone who provided screenshots for team RWBY’s sneaking outfits! TBH ladies, if you REALLY wanna go investigating, dressing like a badass is not really gonna help….aside from making you look like a badass =7=

Also, thank you everyone who’s likes/reblogged my last RWBY doodle! It’s got over 3000 notes now! Q7Q I never imagined that anything I posted on here would pass 4 digits! AND ITS JUST A SILLY DOODLE OMG–So thank you all again! I’m gonna keep trying on making these episode doodles as the season goes along so look forward to it!


anonymous asked:

I love how broken tumblr's 'most popular' search thing is when that osomatsu-san comic has over 3000 notes and isn't there

I started laughing bc I thought you were exaggerating the notes buT THERE ARE 3K NOTES HOLY PANTS


This is around a month old and I know you’ve already offered a response to this but am I the only one who still wonders why that post has over 3000 notes and why people don’t at least provide evidence for all these serious accusation?

- @doombrigade

Because they don’t have any.

Because they know every last bit of evidence goes AGAINST everything they say.

And yet they know that everyone on tumblr is stupid enough to blindly believe them.