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Insightful Nights 500+ Follower Giveaway!

I passed 500 followers quite some time ago, but I figured since February is kind of like the month of love, what better time to show how much I love and appreciate you all!


  • Likes and reblogs count for entries. (try not to spam).
  • International shipping!
  • DO NOT tag as giveaway! 
  • Must be following me at time of draw.
  • Be over 18 years old. (or have parental consent)

Additional Entries:

  • Additional +1 entry for following me on Instagram.
  • Additional +2 entries for favoring my Etsy.
  • Additional +5 entries for purchasing a reading from my shop.
  • (Message me on here so I know it was you!)

Prizes: (As shown in pictures)

  • 1st Place: 1 unopened copy of the Ceccoli Tarot, 1 floral print journal, 1 pack of “no bleed” Sharpie Pens & 1 tumbled rose quartz. 
  • 2nd Place: 1 copy of the Encyclopedia of Crystals by Judy Hall, 1 pack lavender incense, 1 tumbled clear quartz & 1 tumbled carnelian.
  • 3rd Place: 2 packs incense (sandalwood & patchouli), 1 tin candle & 1 tumbled red jasper. 

Giveaway will run until noon (Saskatchewan time) February 20. I will pick a winner via random number generator then! Please have your ask/IM open so I can contact you. (You must be willing to give me an address). You will have that 24 hours to respond, or a new winner will be chosen. Items will be shipped out to the winners on February 21. 

Disclaimer: This giveaway is not affiliated with Tumblr in anyway shape or form.

Good luck!

anonymous asked:

umm does that anon know what "nsfw" means? not safe for work? scrolling past a conversation about sex or describing two characters having sex literally is not safe for work. people could get in trouble at school or work for stuff like that, so i personally really appreciate that you keep it off your blog since i like to check tumblr at work sometimes.

It’s not just that but I genuinely wouldn’t feel comfortable knowingly showing under 18 year olds content that you’d usually have to be over 18 to access. I know that seems really annoying and people might be “god I’m mature enough to see this” but I’d rather not willingly do that. I could get into a bunch of trouble for a start.

But I didn’t actually consider education and work, glad I’m a nice blog to pass the time!

“Mila is starting to get into Otabek“, according to Kubo-sensei

So? Why is it a problem?

Dear YOI fandom, please, before you all get hysterical over Otaburi getting sunk: I hope you do remember that Yurio is 15 (possibly 16). HE LITERALLY CAN’T HAVE A SERIOUS ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP DUE TO HIS AGE RIGHT NOW. Not with Otabek or anyone else. Sure, fanarts and AUs come in all kinds and sizes, but it’s not going to be canon anytime soon, if ever. And it doesn’t have to - platonic relationships are just as valid!

Mila is 18, maybe even 19 since a year has passed, and as an adult is allowed to be into whoever her heart chooses. Otabek is closest to her in age out of all other skaters she might be in touch with, so why shouldn’t it make sense? Moreover, he might not like her back!

Please stop blowing things out of proportion, especially since there aren’t enough canon facts to support them.

At some point it became September

[originally posted 9.2.15]

Hello, this is Katono.

Without noticing it, the time called summer has passed and the chill has come. Think about it. August has ended and we’re in September. From September, there’s only 4 months until December. We’re already 2/3 of the way through the year? There’s only another 1/3 before 2015 is over?

When you think about it, the flow of time is scary. I’ve suddenly been thinking about that lately. I’m almost 23. Since I graduated high school at 18 and entered the business world, it’s been almost 5 years. A lot has happened. When I think about it now, I think I’ll be 30 before long, and then I’ll turn to look back and be deeply moved. It’ll probably be September then too. Wonder why. Maybe it’s just the season.

My Kamen Riders a little while ago. It’s not just a sea of Chasers. Will you notice? His colors are similar, so it’s hard to tell, but one of them isn’t Chaser.
Well, whoooo is it.

Well well.