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Have you ever had this feeling when you are making some post and working long and hard on it (creating gifs, finding quotes, merging them together which is a real pain when you have 25+ layers per each gif) and then that post receives like 150 notes; and the other day you just find two pictures on the Internet, post them together, and this post gets 1500+ notes over night; and you feel a little bit offended?

the signs as the got finale

aries: cersei forgetting that she was meant to care about her son’s death
taurus: walder frey slapping arya’s ass then immediately getting murdered
gemini: sansa swerving littlefinger
cancer: r+l=j getting confirmed after 57 years
leo: varys teleporting around the seven kingdoms
virgo: ‘i love you’ ‘ok’
libra: the high sparrow finally dying
scorpio: jamie realising that he’s going to have to kill cersei
sagitarius: jon telling sansa that she’s the heir to winterfell then becoming king in the north like 2 seconds later
capricorn: benjen dropping hints about the wall and curses just as bran is about to pass through it and fuck everything up again
aquarius: lyanna mormont existing
pisces: the dorne ‘plotline’ 

The Craziest Six Months Of My Life (So Far...)

You guys, I wanted to stop and take a second.

Six months ago I put up a post, letting you all know I’m here to help. Six months ago I asked you to ask me questions.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

It’s been a WILD RIDE. The craziest six months of my life so far – and I’ve lived a bit of a crazy life.

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In the last six months that this blog has been around….

Neil Freaking Gaiman, my favorite author and someone who helped me save my own life once upon a time, gave me encouragement and exposed me to hundreds of you when he didn’t have any reason to except being nice.

Eight thousand of you have been generous enough to lend me your time and let me help you write stories (thank you thank you thank you!) (I was expecting literally 20-50 of you. A hundred would have been nice. There were 100 of you the first freaking day.)

Forty of you loved this blog so much you actually convinced me to let you give me money (Patreon wasn’t my idea, it was yours). You’ve actually opened up your wallets to make this blog continue to be possible (Patrons, I love you guys so much!) And to Patrons of the past, thank you for your support as well!

Your generous support has let me be able to take on a freaking fellowship. A physician-level fellowship I literally could not do without you guys. And it’s amazing and it’s crazy and I love you guys so much for helping me dream way past what a medic should ever dream.

I’ve managed to put out over 1500 posts for you guys – an average of eight a freaking day. I legitimately do not know how I managed to do that, but I know that without your love and messages of support and kindness, I wouldn’t have been able to do that, no way and no how!

Over fifty bloggers decided to take up the Script-handle and give kick-ass writing advice about topics they’re comfortable with, and that’s amazing. Like, legitimately, pants-on-head crazy awesomesauce. It still boggles my mind that I made a family. To the family, thank you all. It’s been a fucking crazy time and I love you guys so much. Thank you for sticking with me through the rough rides and the rough patches. (And for those of you waiting to interview, I’M SO SORRY! As soon as I can I swear it on my llama!)

And we’ve all become better writers.  

You’ve gotten better because I’ve helped you construct injuries, illnesses, and medical characters. I’ve given you the pathophys and the inside scoop on healthcare, how it works, and how to write it.

And you’ve taught me, too. Writing every day for you has been a privilege and a joy. You’ve told me what you like and what you don’t like with notes and reblogs, and I’ve been noticing.

But most importantly, we’ve made real connections with each other.  

I’ve crowed with joy at getting the shot-in-the-dark fellowship – and you were there for me. You’ve told me about terrible things that have happened to you, and I’ve listened, and helped other writers understand.

I’ve laughed with readers, cried with bloggers. I’ve wanted to tear my hear out and cried, had literal moments of jumping up and down and shaking with delight, all of which was together with you.

The last six months have been one of the most amazing privileges I’ve ever had, and I’m extremely grateful to all of you.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Here’s to another crazy six months!

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So a few weeks ago I subscribed to a favorite author of mine’s newsletter and just about every Friday he sends out a flash fiction challenge with a prompt, wordcount, and due date.  This past Friday was subgenre smash-up, and I was supposed to get a random two subgenres to smash up but I decided that I really wanted to do a space opera bodice ripper featuring Nick and Louis because sometimes we all need a bit of Tomlinshaw violently making out and it’s even better if it’s in space. And I wrote it and here it is. :))))

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Ramen (Drabble)

“I miss Komatsu-san’s tonkotsu ramen. His broth was the best.”

Hanzo snorts, picks up his chopsticks from the box. “You mean Chiyo-baa-san’s ramen was best.”

Genji puts his hands together (“Itadakkimasu”) and grabs his own. “Chiyo-baa’s ramen was good, but she just didn’t have enough…” Genji waves his chopsticks around (“Stop that.”), trying to find the word for a taste he can barely recall. “Well, Komatsu-san’s ramen is still the best. With extra bean sprouts, cha-siu, and chili oil.”

Hanzo suspects his brother’s taste for chili oil has gotten worse. The unholy amount of spices and oils he dumps into the ramen is enough to change the color of the broth. But he says nothing of it, uneasy with the implications. Hanzo looks at his own, considerably plainer and devoid of color-changing sauces.

Hanzo pulls a face. “No beansprouts.”

“Beansprouts are the best part. Crunchy and refreshing.”

Genji pulls the cotton mask away long enough to slurp down his noodles in one heavy pull, careful to pick up the aforementioned sprouts with it. Hanzo instinctively winces–his own noodles were still too hot. He takes a quick glance around the dingy shop of drunken businessmen and lonely women, a small part of him relieved that no one was looking at them.

“Komatsu-san’s ramen was too thick.” The elder Shimada chews on a bamboo sprout instead. “It did not match the soup.”

“The thick noodles were the second best part.”

Hanzo picks up his noodles and blows on it carefully, the stream that billows from them visible in the cool autumn air. He slurps them slowly, but increases his speed when he realizes just how much he missed this. Genji stares at his brother’s sudden ravenous appetite, and for a while, the two of them say nothing, allowing for their loud slurping to fill the silence.


Hanzo nearly chokes mid-slurp. He manages to choke it down, tears forming in his eyes. “What?”

“Do you remember that one ramen shop by the convenience store? The one that father didn’t like us going to? The one with the one with the gyoza special?”

Thinking back, there was such a shop. It had closed down for unknown reasons, but from what Hanzo could recall, they were nothing particularly noteworthy. The owner was always rather suspect, but it wasn’t as though the food was bad. “Yes, what of them?”

There is a smile behind the soup stained face mask that Genji wears. He used to do that back when they were children. Even when Genji was ill he’d somehow find his way outside of the estate, eating ramen because he didn’t want to deal with having nothing but plain foods. Hanzo would be charged with tracking him down and oftentimes, he’d find him with a mask over his face, vehemently denying that he ate when the evidence was smeared all over. He had no sympathy when the younger Shimada would inadvertently throw it all up a little while later.

But Genji isn’t ill. He’s just hiding his face and his identity. That’s all. That was all.

“Remember their spicy tantan ramen challenge?”

Hanzo groans. How could have have forgotten that? He couldn’t speak for days after trying it. Genji laughs quietly at his reaction.

“I bet I can do it now.”

Hanzo grunts. Don’t think on it. “That shop is long gone.”

“They just moved. I heard from the owner. They had renting issues with the store front and went back to the countryside for a while.” Renting issues in Hanamura usually means they weren’t able to provide the protection money and was chased out. He didn’t know if Genji understood this, but shoves some more noodles into his mouth so he doesn’t have to explain.

“If they are still around, would you like to go with me?”

Go? To Hanamura again? With his supposedly dead brother? Hanzo puts down his chopsticks. It would be nice, running around the streets of his hometown without a care. But there were too many dangers in that. The Shimada clan is still in power and most likely wouldn’t throw a welcome party in their honor. (Maybe they’d throw a welcome party of the murderous variety. It might actually be fun.)

He replies against his better judgment, “Ah. That is fine. My treat.”

He tries to ignore the way Genji seems to light up even without his cybernetic armor on. “If it is your treat, all the more reason to go.”

Hanzo scoffs, a slight feeling of familiarity returning among this casual banter. “Shut up and eat your food.”

Genji laughs, waving his hand around. “Got it.”

They continue to eat, ramen having gone slightly cold during their talk. But if Hanzo could admit it to himself, this was nice. Eating with his brother and without a the heavy responsibility of the Shimada clan chasing after him. He wouldn’t mind doing this again. They both put down their chopsticks at the same time.

They both flag down the waiter bot and exclaim in unison, “Kaedama.”

Just the way you are ♡ Grayson

Request: ‘’Hi, the request was how some girls dress in sweats or non revealing clothes anqd then they start to dress more revealing because other girls do it so I was thinking the opposite where the girl already dresses a little revealing and she starts to put more clothes on because she’s worried that (Gray or E) is only with her because she puts out more than other girls‘‘

Response: Thank you for the request babe! I’m always worried that my imagines will be too short, and then I suddenly have over 1500 words, lol :) Hope you enjoy xx

Warning: English is not my native language, so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

You take one last look in the mirror and smile at yourself. For the first time this week you thought you looked pretty okay. You were wearing a lacy bralette with a transparent crop top over it and some tight blue shorts. It wasn’t even that hot outside, but since it was summer you had no problem with wearing less clothing.

You take a selfie and decide to post it on Instagram, since you were really feeling cute today. And that was something rare, because most of the time you felt really insecure about your looks. The second you post it you immediately get hundreds of likes. Since you were Grayson Dolans girlfriend and he had opened up about that, you had gained a lot of followers.

Although it was the first selfie in ages and the first one since you and Grayson were in a relationship, you weren’t really nervous to post a photo of yourself. Most of the fans were always really sweet to you, and Grayson always told you that you should just ignore the hate. Luckily there hardly was any.

After you post the photo you see that you had received a text from Grayson: ‘’Hey, see u at school? 😘’’ A smile appears on your face and you text him back right away: ‘’I’m on my way xx’’ With a happy feeling you grab your books, put them in your bag and leave the house. Even the sun was shining. This was going to be a good day.

When you put your history books in your locker and are thinking of which class you had after lunch, you feel a big pair of hands giving your butt a light squeeze. You jump up and feel your cheeks turning red. You turn around and look up to Grayson. He was wearing a black and white tank top, which showed off his toned skin very clearly. He was wearing a cap and in his ear his dangly earring – as usual.

‘Hey baby,’ he says, giving you a quick kiss on the lips. ‘Hi,’ you greet him back. His eyes flicker from your butt to your torso, checking you out from head to toe. ‘Dang, you look good today,’ he says with an approving look on his face. ‘N-not that you don’t look good on other days, but, I mean-‘  he adds a little embarrassed, but you gently place a hand on his muscular arm and giggle.

‘I know what you mean, Gray, don’t worry. You don’t look bad yourself.’ You hated to admit it, but you kind of thought that it was important that Grayson liked how you looked. And you knew he liked it when you dressed a bit revealing. Grayson smirks and brings his face close to yours, so close that you can feel his warm breath on your nose and could see the brown dots in his eyes.

A pleasant tingle makes you get goose bumps. ‘See you later at my place?’ he whispers. ‘I’d love to,’ you say. He gives you another quick kiss, which lasts a litter longer than the last one (but still too short) and tucks your hair behind your ear. With a last wink he walks away to his next class, leaving you with weak knees.

While you’re sitting in class you couldn’t wait for this hour to pass. History was the most boring subject ever. You discretely grab your phone and start scrolling through the comments of your last selfie. To your unpleasant surprise you saw more negative than positive comments.

‘’wtf are you wearing’’
‘’that’s a slutty outfit’’
‘’i can see your underwear’’
‘’you only do that for gray’’
‘’where are your clothes’’
‘’you shouldn’t dress yourself like that’’

The list went on and on. But the one comment that really hurt you the most, was ‘’SLUT’’. Just one simple word, but with so much meaning behind it. You felt your eyes start to tear and you quickly rub them away with your arm, before anyone could notice it.

You immediately delete the picture and put your phone back in your bag. It was unbearable to read more of these nasty comments. You try to pay some attention on what the teacher was saying, but your mind keeps going back to that one comment; ‘’SLUT’’. You didn’t even had sex before, so what she was saying wasn’t even true. How could someone say stuff like that? Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the bell rings. You grab your bag and leave the classroom, while you feel tears welling up again.

Before you stop by at Graysons house, you decide to go home and change your clothes. After about half an hour and three missed calls from Grayson (he was probably wondering where you were) you finally found some clothes to put on. It was an oversized green hoodie and some black leggings.

Maybe this was a little dramatic, since you never wore loose clothes and only tight stuff, but you didn’t care. You were actually curious about what Grayson was going to say about it, because he was definitely going to notice it. You didn’t know why, but all of a sudden you were starting to feel really pissed. Maybe those girls who commented were right and he really only dated you so he could stare at a girl’s butt all day. You grab your phone, leave the house and step in your car.

With a happy smile on his face Grayson opens the door for you. ‘Hi Y/N,’ he says and wraps his big arms around you. ‘Hey Gray.’ Your face is pressed against his large chest and for a moment you feel so warm inside. But that feeling wasn’t going to last. Grayson pulls back and his face had turned into a deep frown.

‘Where have you been? I thought you’d be here at two? It’s almost three by now,’ he says with kind of a disapproving tone in his voice. ‘And why have you changed your clothes? You looked so nice in that other outfit.’ Again, you feel yourself getting a little pissed. ‘Yeah, of course you’d say that,’ you say under your breath, but Grayson heard you. ‘What?’ You say nothing, eyes focused on the ground.

‘Hey, Y/N?’ He pokes you to get your attention, but you take step aside. ‘Nothing,’ you say, and suddenly your sight is getting unclear. Just now you realise that tears are running down your cheeks, but you didn’t want Grayson to see that you were crying. Not because of him. Not because of those stupid girls, who were all right.

You push him roughly to the side and walk past him into his house. Within two steps he stands next to you and grabs your arms. ‘What’s wrong?’ he asks very confused. You turn around while you shake his hands from your body, looking him in his eyes.

‘What’s wrong?’ you repeated, almost screaming now. You didn’t know why, but suddenly you felt very emotional and frustrated. ‘You know what’s wrong? The fact that you only date me because of my style! Because I only wear crop tops and tight jeans. And now I’m wearing a hoodie and leggings and you ask why I’m wearing it? Because I fucking want to!’ you yell, out of breath.

And then it’s quiet. Grayson still looks at you with a very confused look on his face. He didn’t know what to say. He wasn’t even angry. He never was. You were just an emotional mess and a bad girlfriend who could only yell at him. After you let out all of your energy you feel a bit weak, and you start seeking for support around you.

‘Wohhh,’ Grayson quickly grabs your arms and waist before you can fall down. He leads you to the living room and sits you down on the couch. By the time he comes sitting next to you, you are crying uncontrollably and your body is shaking. ‘Hey hey, come here,’ Grayson whispers and shoves towards you, so that he could hug you.

‘Shh, Shh… Please don’t cry. I hate it when you cry,’ he says with a sad tone in his voice. After a few minutes your sobbing slowly stops, and you sigh deeply. Grayson pulls back and wipes a tear from your face.

‘Of course I don’t date you because of your style. I date you because I like you. Very, very much, to be honest. And I think you’re gorgeous, just the way you are. Even if you only wore sweatpants and hoodies, I would still think that you’re the most beautiful person in this entire world.’

He looks down at you with a loving smile and your heart flutters. You can’t help but start crying again, but now because you loved and admired him so much. And because you knew that what he was saying, was true. You knew he meant it. ‘No, don’t cry, please. Did I say something wrong?’ he asks worried, stroking a thumb against your cheek.

You giggle and grab his hand, entwining your fingers with his. ‘No, no… It’s just… Thank you. I like you too. Very, very much,’ you say, cracking a smile. He laughs and the only thing you feel at that moment is pure love. You loved the sound of his laugh. It made you so happy. ‘I’m glad,’ he whispers, and leans in to put a sweet kiss on your forehead.

Because of all the negativity we see in the media, here are some good things that have happened this year-

• Over 1500 underage human traffickers have been arrested already this current year. The numbers that are normally seen are around the 400-500 for the ENTIRE year, so this is a huge deal.
• American Teenager High School graduation rate reached a historic high of 83.2% in the year of 2016.
• India came together and planted a record breaking amount of trees in one day, with a total close to 50 million. 800,000 people were in on this effort.
• There is now a vaccine for Ebola.
• 93% of the world’s children learned to read and write this year, which is only the highest percentage in all of human history (2016).
• Giant pandas, green sea turtles and humpback whales are no longer endangered.
• World Hunger has reached its lowest point in 25 years.
• NASA grew the first ever space flower!!

• In the U.S- heart-attack has decreased by 70%
• Child morality rate is increasing more then ever.
• HIV cure is coming closer!
• New therapy created in Israel could cure radiation sickness.
• The ozone layer is slowly repairing itself
• The world has made massive strides in Alzheimer’s Awareness.
• Crime has decreased drastically in the world
• Volunteers in India planted 50 Million trees in just less then 24 hours.


The Subject Woman Project is still going strong!

Subject: Woman - Women are in charge of their own voices, their own bodies, their own lives. We are the subjects of our stories, not the objects. Proceeds still benefit Childreach International’s Taught Not Trafficked Campaign for which over $1500 has been raised since @chewiesgirlfriend wore it at Chicago Wizard World Convention in the summer of 2016. Be a Voice for the Voiceless - Be an Abolitionist

Nevertheless, She Persisted: Indeed, she persisted. #WeWomen did. In January, women across the world wore their Subject: Woman shirts as they rallied in the Women’s March. #IWontKeepQuiet became our battle cry, and many are still in the fight, pussy hats and all, ready to fight for justice for all persons regardless of race, gender, nationality or creed. “Nevertheless, She Persisted” is our newest campaign and proceeds will benefit Planned Parenthood.

If you haven’t already, click here to be pre-order “We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere” written by Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel.

REQUESTS ARE NOW OPEN!!! (15/05/2017)- (29/05/2017) :D

Hello Immortal Family members <3

I’m opening up requests again (finally)! I just want to make a pinned post pertaining to the types of requests that can be submitted, as well as update you on the whole situation regarding my blog and the way it’s going to be run! So basically, I’m leaving my inbox open to requests for TWO WEEKS (15/05/2017- 29/05/2017). In this time, I will be taking requests for Headcanons, Scenarios, Match-ups and GIF Reactions!

Some new things that are happening/ on offer:

I am taking Writing Commissions now as a way to manage my time better on this blog. So basically, if you want to request a one-shot or a series of one-shots that are over 1500 words in length then I will be charging a payment of AU$3 (payable via Ko-Fi link/button). If the word-count is higher than 2500 words then I will charge AU$6 (payable via Ko-Fi link/button). I take both SFW and NSFW requests- but if you want a commissioned piece of work, the process is to send me a PM and kinda answer a few questions I have about your request so that I can make sure I’m writing exactly what you want to be reading! I hope that makes sense! So yeah, let me know if you are interested in commissioning a piece of written work off of me- it would really be a great help, and wonderful support too!

I am also taking requests for personalised Love Letters from Ignis, Noctis, Prompto and Gladio. For these, because they will take some time, effort, and I’ll need to go buy some fancy stationery for this, as well as post them out to you guys- I’ll be charging AU$9 per letter (payable via Ko-Fi link/button).

Lastly, I’m accepting random donations too via Ko-Fi (you can find the links/buttons at the end of each of my original posts)! Donating is not mandatory, and I don’t want to force anyone to pay to read my work- I’m still going to be writing for a long time to come- it’s just that if I can earn at least $50 a month from this blog, I can quit my dodgy tutoring gig and have more time to write on the weekends (that is my mum’s condition for me devoting time to my passion/hobby anyways :O)! So any donations will be much appreciated- it just means I can get more content out to you guys at a faster rate! <3

Now, so that I am able to know who has paid for their commissions/letters, it would be much appreciated if you could note down your tumblr username when you make a payment! Just so I can keep track of it! If you have any issues/questions, feel free to send me a PM or directly email me on onthewaytoimmortal@gmail.com. :D

Headcanons/Scenarios/Drabbles (< 1500 words = no cost): For these requests, I don’t need a whole lot of specialised information. Just what you’ve been doing normally should be absolutely fine! <3 So just send in the idea/thing you want to read and I’ll write it and post it up! :) Completely as per usual (I am soooo excited to receive new requests!!! <3 Ya’ll have NO idea how long I wanted to open shop up again!)

Match-Ups (no cost): First time opening up requests for match-ups! So, I know I didn’t study psychology for four years for nothing- let me use this knowledge for some fun! Send me some match-up requests with a brief description of your personality, your preferred orientation, and some of your likes and dislikes and I’ll work my magic to see who your one true love from FFXV is! <3

GIF Reaction Requests: I have discovered the power of GIFs and it is fantastical! Send me a short request about “reactions to” or something along the lines of that, and I’ll use my super sleuth skills to find some GIFs that match the request based on my headcanons <3

I think that’s pretty much it for now. OH YES, one more thing! I’m also RPing now, but given that RPing takes a little time, just contact me about setting up a time-slot or something so we can arrange to actively RP together. I can RP any character you want tbh- but I am pretty well versed with Ignis, Gladiolus and Prompto xD

Okay- all done now! I look forward to receiving your requests loves <3 Thank you so much for joining me on this beautiful writing/blogging adventure and I can’t wait to get more content out to you guys!

P.S: during the 2 weeks that my inbox will be open for requests, I will be working on filling the last 5 requests sitting in my inbox, as well as working on finishing some personal writing projects so that after the two weeks, I can focus solely on completing all your requests as quickly as I can while maintaining a high standard of writing quality! :D Let me know what you guys think about this! I really hope I don’t sound pushy on the whole ‘payment’ front of things- I just want to re-iterate that I will still be writing on this blog for FREE as well xD I might just be a little slower if I can’t quite the tutoring gig, that’s all! <3

MUCH LOVE, IMMORTAL FAM! <3 *hugs you all tight*

- themissimmortal (Moosh) <3