over 1000 are you people crazy

I started making this gif as a thank you for my first post to reach 1000 notes, and passing 600 followers. And before I even finished it I was well over 700 followers and over 4000 notes with the previous Garnet gif. To me that’s so crazy, the feeling that so many people actually connected with my moving scribbles.

Here’s to a bright future with even more fun :D
Also I just realized I draw Garnet basically like Korra

Hint: If your partner goes on their social media pages trying to trash & humiliate your little sister & father (using information he got from you), then accuses you of lying, being lazy, making excuses & taking the easy way out in front of 1000’s of people (especially over a decision he help you make), then points out how you should be more like him, it probably means he has very little respect for you … yes, even if he tweets about how ‘hot’ you are … I know, 'he can be very loving sometimes’ … It’s getting really sad. Call me crazy, but I love & respect my wife way too much do even think of doing that to her.