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Overly Analytical Problem #40

Go to Bed

*Calculate Sleep Time*
*Try to Sleep*
*Think of Something*
*Check That Annoying Fact*
*Ponder the Meaning of Life*
*Create To-do List*
*Imagine Epic Conversation Comebacks*
*Remeber That Embarrassing Moment*
*Count Random Facts You Know*
*Over Analyze Everything You Did*
*Question The Validity of Your Text Book*
*Sigh Dramatically*

Repeat Until Morning

When the signs are the happiest

Check Sun, Moon & Venus

Aries is happiest when they are able to do exciting things, & probably fight a lil
Bonus: they’re super cute when they’re happy ‘cause they get all flushed and when you say it they’ll be embarrassed & it’s adorable

Taurus is happiest when they’re trusted & can trust people, and when their financial (& material) status is good.
Bonus: buy them something expensive and you’ll get showered in love, the down side is they’ll get pouty every time you leave to go to the store & you can’t say no to their cutie pie face.

Gemini feels happiest when they’re talking to someone they like or express themselves artistically or spiritually.
Bonus: Geminis love when you remember lil things about them like what they like in their coffee or how late they go to sleep, they’re detailed and get shiny eyes when you remember/mention small things you like about them.

Cancer feels happiest when they’re nurturing/caring for others and being taken care of and when their home life is doing good.
Bonus: meet their parents and notice how they’ll sit there studying your face for five minutes as you smile softly at their fathers comment. They’re memorisers.

Leo is happiest when they feel confident about themselves and make others feel good by being generous (both spiritually and in material).
Bonus: when they give you something they’ll get fidgety because they genuinely hope you love it. So even if you don’t like it, act like you do because c'mon man they probably spend like 6 hours in the store looking for the perfect gift.

Virgo feels happiest when they’re overcoming their self criticism & able to analyse others.
Bonus: they’ll want to see every inch of you, everything. No matter what, they’ll remember you and all your little details.

Libra feels happiest when loved and in love, also when they have good relationship.
Bonus: the type to send sweet paragraphs for you to wake up to & send boxes of chocolate to your house when ur sick and even though they make you puke it’s worth it because they bought them.

Scorpio feels happiest when being able to be sarcastic/witty with someone while still being able to have deep ass talks with them.
Bonus: will talk about how the stars fell down in your eyes and rest in the spectrum of the rim of your *insert your aesthetic eye colour* hued eyes. Will take you on long walks and give you roses for anniversaries, the perfect definition of completely tied down to one person.

Sagittarius is happiest when their freedom is respected and they’re able to talk deeply with someone.
Bonus: they’re the type of people to wear bright red lipstick and indie band merch & go to ComicCon ‘cause they’re lowkey geeks. They’ll squeeze your hand when you hold theirs and dance with you in the rain, will later complain about pneumonia & make you take care of them.

Capricorn feels happiest when they’re respected, have a good career and good self discipline.
Bonus: they’ll stroke ur skin like it’s gold & call you soft, they’ll kiss your eyelids and they’ll turn off your alarm for work because they saw how tired you were last night. They’ll leave sticky pads all over the house with cute lil compliments and make you breakfast granola when sick (even if they hate it).

Aquarius is happiest when they’re able to be different and independent and everyone is equally as respected.
Bonus: talks about feminism with sparkling eyes and wants gender neutrality more than anything in the world, gives hugs from behind and kisses your neck ‘cause you’re their treasure.

Pisces is happiest when they’re being cuddled tbh, when they have someone to be with and are respected. When they have their dreaming space and aren’t judged.
Bonus: they don’t see your flaws as flaws but rather as cracks of pure gold in a lovely vase, they’ll hug you really tight and tell you how lovely you are. Loves late night talks & music. Kind of an over thinker but wouldn’t want you to get hurt, ever.


9 Days of Sense8: Day 3 - Riley Blue


Overly Analytical Problem #20

When conversations jump in topic and people ask “That was random, how’d we get on this subject” and you’re thinking…

Well…We talking about paintings and that reminded me of my uncle who loves art, my uncle who loves art reminds me of the fact that he just moved to New York, just moving to New York reminds me of broadways, broadways reminds me of that one soundtrack you haven’t heard… and that’s why the conversation went, “I love Rembrandt too, say, did you ever get to listen to that soundtrack?”

Never random, there’s always a connection…

Aries moon had feelings coming in rushes, like the water that crashed up to the shore. Their like batteries with loaders that don’t have limits. There’s a kid within every Aries moon, don’t kill it. Don’t you dare.

Taurus moon has feelings like the weather, the soft weather I mean. I’m talking about rain cascading down roof panes and snow melting to water. They always have their timing right, they know when to talk.

Gemini moon is like a little warrior, their words are their biggest weapons. Their feelings are like the wind, it’s hard to escape the wind. Sometimes their caught in whirlwinds, sometimes they’re biking and the wind doesn’t stand in the right direction.

Cancer moon is the ocean, the rush, the flow, the still. Feelings that will empower them, drown them. They’re so protective, with lunar dust in their hair and flowers engraved in their life. But sometimes their flowers wilt, and sometimes the ocean becomes wild.

Leo Moon is gracious, generous, their life is like a dance clip. With graceful hands and dramatic movements, their feelings take them over like a wildfire spreads out over forest trees.

Virgo Moon is the librarian, the quiet before the storm. The one with the secret knowledge, with books stapled onto each other. They know what they do, and can’t take it when they’re ignored. They have a huge eye for detail.

Libra moon is the harp, the piano, the instruments and the harmony. They’re love and they’re peace, with lacy voices and cute smiles. These people can make a great sensation in your home and private life.

Scorpio moon is an over-thinker, the type who doesn’t want to leave their bed. But also the type to hug you from behind, their feelings give rushes like water churns in rivers. And when they explode, trust me, they know, they don’t want to drown you in their problems.

Sagittarius moon is the archer, the one who chases the sun and escapes their own fires. They run from the feelings in their chest, change the subject. They’re adventurous, addicted to the thrills that life has to offer. They’re smart, philosophical.

Capricorn moon is a hard worker, a family person. Feelings of earth run through them, little earthquakes without time tickets may erupt. They push themselves a lot, often without second thought. They’re competitive, but often they’re also competitive to themselves. Because they want to improve.

Aquarius moon is part of a clan, a person with a friendly personality that often gets along with everyone. They’re their own person, and even though they belong to their group of friends- they don’t. They’re original, unique thinkers. They come up with solutions, ideas and thoughts no one ever dares to speak out loud.

Pisces moon is a dreamer, the kind you catch staring out of the window in class. Watching the birds. Or the kind plucking flowers to make something for a dear friend, a mysterious person. Manipulative on the inside, with feelings that can’t be explained, only imagined.

—  Moon signs

I’ve been going pretty hard on gesture drawing the past few days. ~1-2 min each. My two favorite gesture drawing resources are New Masters Academy and the Croquis Cafe on Youtube. :)

14 Things All Over-Thinkers Will Understand.

If you’re an over-thinker you might relate to and understand at least one of these things:  

  1. When we say “we’re sorry,” we mean we’re really sorry. If we feel like we’ve hurt your feelings, what you didn’t see is the hours we spent going over every single detail of our fight. Seriously, rest assured knowing that whether you accept our apology or not, this will not soon be forgotten.
  2. We’re not insecure control freaks, we just think. A lot. I mean you don’t have to call us back right away when you’re out, but just know that our mind is playing out a bunch of horrible scenarios in which you’ve cheated. Or died. That’s right, if we reach your voicemail, we can’t help but consider that you might not be alive.
  3. Our critical thinking skills are pretty on point. Seriously, we have mastered the art of interpreting what people really mean by what they say.
  4. But our friends don’t seem to appreciate our analytical ninja skills. They end up saying “you are so over-thinking this I can’t even,” when we proudly tell them that we’ve figured out what something really meant.
  5. Sleep is probably the most difficult aspect of our lives. Laying silently in the dark without any distraction inevitably makes us sink into our racing thoughts.
  6. God forbid someone unfollows us on Instagram or unfriends us on Facebook. We won’t rest until we figure out who it was and why.
  7. We delete texts, hesitate over writing emails and Facebook messages, delete and re-write tweets. All because we could and should have said something other than what we did. It takes us forever to write an important message. Okay, basically any message.
  8. When we go out we can be the life of the party - if the party is authentic and exciting (and has enough alcohol), we can live in the moment. Until the hangover. The next morning we are left in fear of what we could have said to that one person we’d rather die than act like an idiot in front of.
  9. Of course, any pain in our body leads to us imagining the worst case scenario. We need someone to talk us off the ledge, and tell us they’ve experienced a pain similar to the one we’re describing.
  10. We can’t let things go easily. We’re convinced that if we run over the details of a few more times, it will somehow change the outcome and we will uncover some new understanding of the situation.
  11. We send a lot of screenshots of stuff… and evocative details. We need second opinions.
  12. We actually enjoy a break from our heads. If someone takes us somewhere stimulating enough that we won’t have to be mind-numbingly introspective for once, we’ll love them forever. Well, you know.
  13. What did they mean by “I’ll see you soon?” What does “soon” mean? Like soon soon? Or “soon”? We like when someone makes our lives a little less complicated and tells us straight up what they mean. I mean, we’ll probably spin it to mean something more, anyways, but it’s still nice.
  14. If we meet someone that makes us live in the moment, we’ll hang on to them for life. Or as long as we possibly can.
Headcanon: Jason from Falsettos is autistic

-Has a special interest in chess

-Gets sensory overload, particularly when emotionally on edge, and tries to cope by blocking sensory input and creating his own e.g. covering his ears when Trina and Marvin are trying to talk to him about seeing a psychiatrist and repeating ‘never never never’ to himself

-According to neurotypical standards “intelligent but socioemotionally immature” e.g. has at least a basic understanding of chromosomes at 10/11, and extensive vocabulary, but doesn’t know how to react in social situations: ’what should I say to the man? Should I be mean to the man?’

-Can be unintentionally blunt or make social fau pax e.g. telling Whizzer ‘gee, you look awful’

-Pretty poor gross motor skills (see The Baseball Game)

-An anxious over-thinker, which is very common in autistic people (see Jason’s Therapy, among other things)

-A lot of what he says, particularly in situations he’s less comfortable in, sound very scripted e.g.“Mr Mendel…”

-That stimmy dancing in Year of the Child

(And probably more things but this is what came to mind)

Overly Analytical Problem #37
  • Person: Hey, could you do me a quick favour?
  • Analyst: Sure.
  • Person: Actually never mind, I've got it.
  • Analyst: Okay
  • Analyst Mind: *Are you performing some sort of psychological test on me to determine the strength of our relationship based off of how much I push to do the job for you or are you just being nice? No, they're just being nice... Actually, that's a really good idea.*
  • Analyst: Hey, could you do me a favour...
Monsta X Personality Reference for Fanfiction Writers

disclaimer: these could be completely off because obviously I don’t know the guys personally but this is just my assessment of their personalities from being supporting them since No Mercy and writing about them for a while :D

  • Okay so Shownu is slightly stiff, but not in a mean way? He’d just prefer not to talk or show much emotion, even to his close friends because he feels like he can deal with his emotions alone and doesn’t want to burden anyone. As a leader, he’s very responsible, but he’s one of those quiet leaders that watches from afar and gives silent orders but everyone respects him. He’s a shy boy and gets flustered easily but with time (and when he’s with people he knows well) he becomes more confident. He does things that make people laugh without really meaning to and he’s protective of everyone. He’s a very trustworthy person.
  • Wonho is not the type of person to lead, he’s a follower. He likes joining in on other people’s fun and sharing their happiness. He does have moments where he does speak out and lead the team, but he prefers to just follow instead as he isn’t completely confident in his decisions all the time. He has an extremely confident front and he actually is confident in himself both mentally and physically, but he does have moments where he doubts himself and he just curls up and falls into a sad ball but he never shows it to anyone. He’s a very emotional person and extremely sentimental. He loves living in the past and he’s thankful for every little thing anyone has ever done for him. He’s a big mama’s boy and would do anything for her. One of his flaws, in my opinion, is that he trusts easily; he opens up to people quickly and sometimes gets hurt in the process.
  • Minhyuk is literal sunshine. He is the happiest person and strives to make people smile. He loves attention, just like Wonho, but in a different way. Minhyuk wants people to listen to the crazy things he has to say. He’s great at MC-ing so he’s a good mood changer and can have a crowd wrapped around his little finger in no time. People are constantly drawn to him, but the thing is with Minhyuk, is that he doesn’t open up to people easily. He’s quite reserved although he’s really loud and open. It’s like he has two different personalities, his private one and the one he shows to people. He’s a very sensitive person and an over thinker although he doesn’t show it.
  • Hyungwon is quite slow with his actions and he can be lazy most of the time, but it’s not as extreme as people think. He’s actually a very responsible person and he helps bring people together. If people are fighting, Hyungwon is the perfect mediator because I feel like he’s an impartial person. He knows what’s right and what’s wrong and knows not to cross people’s lines. He’s lowkey extremely caring but doesn’t necessarily show it all the time and loves teasing those who he’s close to. He’s a silent observer in a group who doesn’t speak much but instead gets lost in his thoughts. He’s a thinker and has many opinions that he doesn’t necessarily always vocalise. 
  • Kihyun is extremely protective but he doesn’t show it. He likes bullying his friends but if someone bullies them, they better watch out from his wrath. Kihyun is a soft boy, he’s secretly an extreme romantic. He’s got a lot of dimensions to his character but he’s reserved about them and likes to put on airs that he’s a Strong Man™. He’s loves to boast and show off and it can be annoying sometimes, but it’s him lmao. He’s extremely resourceful and if he’s in a bad situation, he’s the fastest to respond and start trying to fix it. If something bad happens in his love life then he will sulk and block everyone out until someone comes and knocks him out of it. Although he is responsible, he is very dependant on other people and needs the presence of others around him.
  • Jooheon is extremely dependant on people. He needs people to take care of him and to show him affection or else he’ll probably go crazy lmao. He lives off of attention as well and loves people watching him and babying him. However, if he wants to impress people, he can put on a completely different face. And this different Jooheon also appears when he’s passionate about something. That’s his trigger, if it’s anything that has to do with his passion then he will flip. He’s an emotional  person and some could say he’s burdensome because he has to constantly share his feelings with someone, but if you treat him well he will literally fall in love right away. He’s a very creative person and like Hyungwon, he’s a thinker. He can be stubborn sometimes but he can be convinced if you just talk to him gently and with reason. He’s a very reasonable guy.
  • Okay lastly we have Changkyun who’s a really independent person. He’s the opposite of Jooheon, he loves doing things on his own. He prefers spending time alone but doesn’t mind being in other people’s company. He’s internally a cringey shy boy but he can give off a confident front even if he is nervous. He doesn’t necessarily enjoy when people help him because he thinks he can do it better himself, but he’s also always open to constructive criticism. And he loves helping people; whether it’s just a simple problem or charity work or whatever, he’ll do it. Mostly because he enjoys being thanked in the end lmao. He’s a very reliable person and if you entrust him with something, then he will do anything to get it done perfectly. He’s one of those people that you think is scattered and lost but he is very calculative and has everything organised in his brain. He’s really witty and sharp, also has very fast reflexes and quick reactions.

If anyone has anymore questions my ask box is always open :D

anonymous asked:

:O i didn't know alana and jared had mental illnesses? what do they have? sorry if this is a weird question but i don't want to erase something like that

alana and jared are both side characters so its understandable to not immediately recognize their mental illnesses as well!!

alana has high functioning anxiety, which is described as “Busy and in control. High-achieving and perfectionistic. Driven by details and order in a desperate attempt to calm racing thoughts, worry, and the fear that invade every ounce of the mind and body. An over-thinker with a tendency to perseverate, dwell, and stew on everything.”

alana really is complex. you cant SEE her anxiety like you can see evans. she just seems uptight because you dont know whats really going on in her head. that doesnt make her anxiety any less real.

as for jared! jared is definitely depressed and has anxiety in his own way. hes described in the script as “deeply insecure” and covers his real emotions with jokes and insults. jared goes out of his way to make jokes and fit in and get attention because he needs that validation - he needs to feel loved and appreciated and wanted.

you can definitely see his insecurities start to show as evan pushes him further and further away. jared puts himself into the connor project bc he wants to be INCLUDED in something. he doesnt like who he is, he wants to change himself, he wants to be better. but whenever he feels threatened, hes always forced back into defense mechanism of jokes or insults.

jared and alana both are/were written to sing their own reprises of waving through a window. jareds was cut, but alana sings it in the musical still. theyre experiencing the same anxiety and ostracization as evan in their own ways.

jared and alana arent as fleshed out as evan is. their mental illnesses arent spelled out for us like evans anxiety and connors depression are. but theyre deeply complex characters and frankly how you view their mental illnesses is up for interpretation! this is just what ive gathered from watching/studying their characters


CAPRICORN ♑ : The student of honor 💯

AQUARIUS ♒ : The one who rebels against the whole school 🚩

PISCES ♓ : Class’s Picasso; humming songs while drawing or staring out side the window daydreaming 💭

ARIES ♈ : The one who always gets detention 👤

TAURUS ♉ : The one who’s always either sleepy or hungry 💤🍫

GEMINI ♊ : The one who never stops asking questions 🗣

CANCER ♋ : The over thinker + the one really hard to hate even though they’re an emotional wreck 💫

LEO ♌ : The popular + crazy competitive student 🏅

VIRGO ♍ : The human encyclopedia who always corrects the teacher & gets scolded every time for doing so 💢

LIBRA ♎ : The class’s Madonna/Beyonce who seems like they just popped out of an episode in Glee 🎤

SCORPIO ♏ : The one who seems to secretly plan on burning out the whole school 💀

SAGITTARIUS ♐ : The one who cracks the silliest jokes during lessons & end up joining Aries in detention 👥

Overly Analytical Problem #33
  • Analyst: This is my MBTI.
  • Mind: Are you sure?
  • Analyst: I'm not doing this today. I AM an *insert mbti*
  • Mind: Are you sure?
  • Analyst: Yes, I'm sure!!! I did extensive research on the cognitive functions and my findings confirm my type!
  • Mind: Are you sure?
  • Analyst: Yes! Because my findings also prove that I could not be any other type.
  • Mind: Are you sure?
  • Analyst: ...
  • Analyst: *studies for weeks only to confirm that they are indeed still an *insert mbti*
Typical Qualities Each Sign Possesses:

Aries: stubbornness, the need to control, honesty, loyalty

Taurus: always hungry, adventurous, good sense of humor, happy-go-lucky

Gemini: uncertainty, distrust, independence, switching sides, wisdom

Cancer: emotional rollercoaster, lack of self control, sensual, tries really hard

Leo: prideful, loves and hates themselves too much, gets what they want, assertive, people-person

Virgo: unconventional, quiet, intelligent, silly sense of humor, childlike, unassuming

Libra: over-the-top, haughty, self-righteous, fiercely loyal, closed off

Scorpio: loud, overtly sexual, bossy, pushy, cuddly, opinionated, aggressive

Sag: whiny, dramatic, caring, overwhelming, gives up easily, humorous

Capricorn: hard worker, sarcastic, never has any time, ambitious, partier

Aquarius: goofy, eccentric, hippy, laughs easily, touchy, affectionate

Pisces: soft, over thinker, compassionate, wimp, artist type, sensitive