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Okay, listen. Just listen. 

Damian and Tim have a complicated relationship, that’s for sure, but they’re brothers. It’s messy and tangled and not clear cut… but you have to admit, like Tim does not do right by Damian at the beginning of their relationship. This is complicated further by the fact that Damian did try to kill Tim when they first met. Yes, that is definitely Bad. But like… Damian was 10. Not only that but he was abused his whole life. That doesn’t make what he did excusable but it makes it understandable when he begins to change. Like Tim is almost and adult and he hurts a 10 year old out of spite even when it’s clear that the kid is changing.

It’s a complicated situation, but you have to stop pretending that Tim is your perfect little Angel Child and infantilzing him. There’s no Right or Wrong in this scenario, life doesn’t work like that. But Tim is capable of being cruel and he is cruel to Damian during their first years together.

I’m getting really tired of this Damian is A Monster Torturing My Perfect Angel Tim Drake rhetoric. Like Damian is a child and was abused and you need to start factoring that into the equation.

Summer Boy || Jeon Jungkook (M)

Picture mine

Jungkook x reader

Genre: smut with a plot?

Word Count: 12,047

~ A long plot and long smut. Possible part two in the future!

I stretched my hand out the window, letting it glide and ride along the wind. The summer sun was beating heavily over the opened sky, with not a single cloud in sight. Though the breeze was just right to keep us from melting over the heat. I adjusted my new pair of sunglasses as my friend Coco, who was driving, nudged me to turn up the radio. I leaned in to crank the small knob and hoped something good would come on. ‘Work’ by Rihanna started playing and the other three girls in the back seats completely lost it. Singing every word passionately in my ear, I cover my face with the palm of my hand, embarrassed that theses were my friends. I looked at the driver’s seat finding Coco mumbling over Drake’s lines. Her father had given her permission to take us to stay at their beach house for the summer as a congratulation for graduating. She had just bought herself a brand new BMW convertible in her favorite shade of cherry red, that she had been dying to take out on a trip. She caught me staring at her and laughed embarrassed at her lack of self-control. I turned to look at the crazy one of us, who we called Bisty because of her lack of height. She stood on her seat with her hands waving in the air, moving her hips to the rhythm of the music.

   “If your ass falls out of the car, we aren’t stopping to help you.” I laughed. She only tried to shake her ass in front of my face as a response and I rolled my eyes before turning back to face the main road.

By the time we had gotten there, settled into our rooms, and had something to eat the sun was going to be setting soon. The house was quite large, Coco came from a big family so we all had our own rooms with still some left to spare. My room didn’t have the view I hoped for, all I could see was the house next door. But I had no reason to complain because, in all honesty, this was a great idea, we all needed a break from home and school. It gave us all a chance to unwind and live a little together before we went to different schools in the fall.

I walked out of the room into the living room where Emi and Mina were at. The two twins looked nothing alike but were exactly the same but Emi was a bit shyer and Mina was bit louder. One sat on the floor while the other helped to braid her hair and I took a seat on the couch next to Bitsy in front of them.

   “C’mon (Y/n), we’re going to play volleyball outside on the beach court.” I let a groan. I had just eaten like a pig, the last thing I wanted to do was move around. I leaned in further into the comfy couch pouting over at Mina.

  “How are we going to play? There are only five of us.” I pointed out. She finished up Emi’s hair and grabbed the ball next to her, tossing it from one hand to the other.

  “We can take turns or just free play I don’t know.” She shrugged as Coco walked into the room, now changed into comfortable sportswear.

   “Are you talking about the court right outside the house?” Emi asked as she got up from her spot on the floor and took peek through the curtains to the back.

   “Yeah, that is part of our property.” Coco answered while she was struggling to tie her hair up in a ponytail. I sighed giving up on the thought of staying in bed for the night. Mina took my hands dragging me up to my feet. I adjusted my cotton shorts that I planned to sleep in but I guess they will have to do for the game.

  “Um well, maybe we should tell those guys who are already playing.” We all turned our heads towards Emi. Bitsy quickly run up to the window next to her to see what she was talking about.

  “Woah. Yeah, those a definitely males out there.” She laughed fanning herself with her hand. Emi looked at Coco to ask if she knew who they were or why they were on their court. But she shrugged just as clueless as the rest of us.

   “What should we do?” Mina asked. Walking over to the other window taking a look for herself, Coco following right behind her.

  “We’ll just tell them to get lost.” I said simply. I walked towards the back door, ignoring all the yells of them telling me to stop and hold on.

They all followed me right out the door anyway as I caught sight of a group of guys. Four of them on one side of the net and three on the other, they seemed to be in a middle of an intense game. The ball flew back and forth over the net, each time one of them was able to receive it and pass it back over. Only one of them who was at the end of the court saw us coming down the steps and nudged the guy next to him with a small ‘hey’ to get his friends attention. They all eventually stopped, holding the ball, looking at us approach them. My bare feet sunk into the warm sand as we met them on the court exchanging glances.

  “Hey.” One of them finally said. My eyes looked at his smirked as he went through checking out each one of us from head to toe. He had a child-like smile with chubby cheeks that made his eyes look like Crescent moons.

   “Hey there.” Bitsy giggled behind me. I tried not to roll my eyes at her flirtatious nature that was to be expected. She moved up closer to me, her shoulder slightly bumping into mine for me to look at her. I grabbed her arm as a reminder her to focus and that she could flirt later.

   “What can we do for you, ladies?” A surprisingly deep voice asked. I moved my eyes to the one guy with the ball in his hands.

   “This court is part of a private property and you guys are trespassing.” I said eyeing his tall figure up and down. He shot me a smile that actually seemed like he was a bit flustered by my words. He looked down at the sand he was standing on and a quick glance to the friend next to him.

   “Are we? I’m really sorry, it’s just we’ve been here for a couple of days and didn’t think anyone would be around to mind.” His cheeks revealed a pair of dimples that instantly made me feel grateful for using my bitchy tone at him.

   “But.” Another one of them spoke up before I could. “You guys look short on players and with us, we could have even teams.” He suggested raising an eyebrow at me. I turned behind me to look at Coco as to ask for her opinion and she signaled that it was up to me. My eyes scanned over the group of guys, could we take them in a game? Coco and I were for sure the best players, we both were on a varsity team in high school. “I mean, I get it you know. I wouldn’t want to play against us either, knowing you don’t stand a chance.” He taunted. I felt my pride get the better of me and a sudden anger took over. I could feel it from Coco as well as we were both very competitive and hated being underestimated.

   “Oh yeah?” I smirked and he showed a bunny smile at my anger. It was obviously his intent was to irritate me and get me to give in. “Give us your worse player and we’ll still win.” I challenged.

   “Deal.” He said, patting his friend, who was still eyeing Bitsy, on the shoulder before they walked under the net to join the others.

   “You heard them Taehyung.” The first guy who had seen us was pushed by the shoulder from the one next to him. He gasped at him as he stumbled forward, holding his shoulder.

   “What?! I’m not the worse player.” He protested.

I laughed under my breath at the look of betrayal he gave to his friends. While they argued on the other side of the net I and the girls got in our usual spots. Mina was our server in the right back corner and Emi was our outside hitter in the left corner. Bitsy was good at short and quick receives so she was on the forward right side. Coco and I were also in the front, her being in the middle because she was a setter and me by her side to spike her tosses. Eventually, the poor guy ended coming to our side despite putting up a fight. He took the only spot left as our middle blocker which I hope he wasn’t going to fail us at.

   “Are you sure you don’t want to switch him with Emi, (Y/n)?” Coco asked, actually reading my mind. I didn’t know just how good or bad he was yet and Emi wasn’t our strongest player either.

   “Let’s give him a chance first.” I assured her and she only nodded, facing forward. The bunny boy was standing on the opposite side of the net, instructing other guys where to stand. While they were getting themselves settled, I glanced at Coco to follow behind me. We walked over to Taehyung who was staring at the sand annoyed that he was sent over but his eyes lit up at the sight of us. Coco walked over to his side and I stood in front of him leaning in.

  “So tell us, who are the best players on your friend’s team?” Coco whispered. Taehyung looked unsure of himself if he should answer.

   “C’mon don’t you want to get back at them? We can win but we need to communicate as a team.” I smiled at him and he thought for a moment. He nudged his head over to the other side.

   “The two in the back corners are Namjoon and Jin, Namjoon is only good at serving but not really at anything else and Jin just has long arms and shoulders so he can receive better.” We followed his gaze to the guys in the back, the one with the dimples was the one who still had the ball in his hands. I nodded and looked back at him to continue. “The one in between them is Yoongi, he doesn’t move much but when he does he’s actually pretty fast.” Yoongi was the one who pushed Taehyung over to our team. He did seem a bit uninterested in the game. “That one is Hoseok but we call him Hobi, he’s kind of terrified of the ball if it’s coming straight at him but he’s good at receiving it if it’s not.” Taehyung laughed. “But you should watch out for Jimin and Jungkook, Jimin is the setter in the middle and he jumps pretty high even though he’s short.” He was the one who Bitsy would not take her eyes off because he was just as flirty as her. “Jungkook is pretty much just good at everything. He’s definitely the best player and going to be the hardest obstacle, especially when he pairs up with Jimin.” I turn to look at him to caught him already staring at me. It startled me so a second and I quickly turn back to Taehyung.

    “What about you?” Coco asked him and Taehyung’s cheeks reddened. He scratched the back of his head and took a step back.

   “Um I watch a lot of Haikyuu but that’s about it.” He mumbled embarrassed. I lightly sighed but  I didn’t want him to feel worse than he already did. I leaned away and patted him on the shoulder and giving him a smile.

  “Don’t worry about it. Just make sure you call it out if you’re going to get the ball and listen to others to avoid any collisions.” I said as Coco and I introduced ourselves and the rest of the team to him.

We agreed to play one set and whoever got to 20 points first won. Our team was actually holding up good twenty-five minutes into the game. The score was us with 18 and them with 19 but we needed to take the lead is we wanted to win. Mina was serving the ball behind me and I was ready as I saw it fly over the net. Yoongi was quick to back up to receive it over to Jimin, who right away was going to toss it to either Jungkook or Hoseok. Before Jimin could set the ball, I shot a glance a Bitsy to be ready to block if he tossed it to Hoseok. I watched for Coco’s lead who could read where Jimin was going to set the ball and she quickly ran towards Bitsy’s side and she followed behind her. At the same time, Hoseok had jumped to spike the ball but was blocked by both of their hands. Unfortunately, they jumped a bit too late and the ball hit passed their hands.

  “I got it!” Taehyung yelled out, Mina backing up to give him some room. He dived low to his knees and was able to get the ball back up in the air. He laid on the floor amazed he actually got it as Coco ran quickly to toss the ball. I ran up closer to the net, bracing myself to jump and spike the ball. Jungkook was already waiting for me to do so but I had a trick up my sleeve. Instead of spiking the ball with my right hand to his direction, I hit it with my left to Hoseok direction. Just like Taehyung had said, he panicked when the ball had passed over Jimin and right towards him.

   “It’s out!” Jungkook yelled out but it was too late. Hoseok had already tried to hit the ball with one of his hands but it passes through it and fell out of the court. We all cheered and I high fived Coco, before laughing at Taehyung who was yelling up at the sky in excitement. We were now tied and the next point won. Bitsy tossed the ball back to Mina to serve once more and hopefully get us our last point. Jungkook was staring hard at me and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t intimidated. He was breathing heavily, sweating rolling down the sides of his face and looked like he was ready to pounce on the ball. His eyes only left mine when he saw the ball up in the air. It was coming straight for him and we both back up, his to reach it because it was going to go over his head and me just in case he spiked it towards Taehyung or Emi. He didn’t though, the ball ended up passing him and it landed out into the water. I ran to Coco and jumped on her, full of excitement at winning the game. The rest of the team ran to us as well and Taehyung picked up Mina by the waist and held her high for scoring the winning point. Except out cheers died out when we realized the guys were celebrating as well. They were all also gathered up and hugging each other, hoseok jumping into the middle of the crowd. But they also noticed our cheering and looked over at us.

   “Why are you guys cheering? We’re the ones who won.” Bitsy said and they pulled away from each other. Jungkook, who was in the middle moved away and walked closer to the net.

   “What? No, you didn’t the ball was out.” He said and I moved away to, meeting him at the net. Everyone watched us carefully and fell silent as if we were going to start throwing punches.

   “Yeah it was out and your hand touched it.” I shot back. He laughed and shook his head at me as if I was stupid or something.

   “I didn’t touch the ball, it flew over my hand.” He said and I could feel my chest grow warm. Coco walked over to my side, placing a hand on my shoulder as she noticed.

   “No, it didn’t! I saw you touch it.” My voice grew louder and I shook Coco’s hand off my shoulder. Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows at me and stepped closer to the net, purposely looking down at me to try and make me feel small.

   “Maybe if you get the ball I’ll let you have the point.” His face softened and turned into a smirk. I wanted to hit him. I wanted to hit him so incredibly bad. “I’ll race you for it.” he challenged and before I could decline, he sprinted towards the water.

Of course me being a stubborn idiot, I ran after him. He got a head started so when he entered the water first, I jumped on his back like a koala. He stumbled waist deep into the water, his hands reached out for the ball by mine were just over his, fighting his hands away. “What are you a monkey?” He said in between laughs, obviously finding it amusing but I wasn’t laughing, I was still very mad and wanted to win so I could rub it in his face. The struggle of our bodies in the water made it ripple and the ball moved away further away from us. Jungkook took a hold of my arm and flipped me off his back and I fell backward into the freezing water. I struggled to kick up and get myself to the surface, spitting the salty water from my mouth and rubbing my eyes. All I heard was his laughs and I looked to see him holding the ball in his hands. His friends cheered him on from back at the court. I splashed him with water as I began to get out of the water, he was already standing at the shallow end and he offered his hand to help me out but of course, I didn’t take it. For all, I knew he was going to shove me back into the water and I was already pissed my hair was soaked and I would have to take another shower.

   “You alright (Y/n)?” Emi said as everyone gathered closer to where we were. I stood with my ankles still in the water, as I squeezed the water out of my hair. Even though I nodded yes, they all could tell I was beyond furious. Jungkook high fived Jimin and then turned to look at me.

   “C’mon babe don’t get mad.” He said coming over to touch my shoulder but I smacked his hand away harshly.

   “Don’t call me that! You’re such a brat.” His smile faded at my words and everyone grew silent. I didn’t know why I saw so mad. Something about him just drove me insane, I could have been how full of himself he was or the fact that he had a good reason to do so. I was childish and hated losing but if I did I won’t be like him, making up something new so that he could win.

   “Um maybe we should start a bonfire, it’s getting kind of dark.” Coco suggested. Some of the other guys agreed and they all began to walk back towards the house. I walked all the way behind them, ignoring Jungkook’s stares as he walked alongside me. I walked faster as we both were falling behind but he matched my speed. I refused to look at him because that’s what he wanted me to do.

“Hey.” He grabbed my arm and forced me to look at him. I tried to yank my hand away but he had a tight grip on my wrists. “What the hell is your problem? I was just playing around.” I rolled my eyes at his demanding voice. Once again he was trying to scare me but I wasn’t easily intimidated when I was angry like this.

   “You! You’re my problem, you are such a child.” I spat, shaking my hand out of his grip. I probably only got out because he let go but I didn’t care. I held his stare and he looked at me as if he was trying to figure me out. His dark eyes scanned over my face and he smiled, showing off his stupid bunny teeth and shaking his head at me. I felt my jaw clench and hands ball into fists, trying not to smack.

   “Look who’s talking (Y/n).” He chuckled before starting to walk off without me. I wanted to yell something back but I couldn’t think of anything. All I could think of is how my blood was boiling from the rage he started up in me. All I could do for stopping myself from screaming at him was to stomp my feet in the sand. “Oh! And by the way.” He called back as he started to walk backward. “I love that bra of yours, it’s sexy.” Jungkook smirked. My eyes widen and I look down at my white wet tank top that was now completely transparent. I didn’t know if my cheeks grew warm from embarrassment or anger but I let out a screech of frustration as he turned back around and continued to walk off.


     “Like who does he think he is? Who made him king of the world.” I huffed as Bitsy stood by the doorway. She leaned against the frame, putting her foot on the other side like she was trapped in a box. All she did was laugh at my comments as I walked out of the bathroom with clean joggers and a not see through top.

    “My god (Y/n) you are so into him.” She said and I threw my damp towel at her. Had she not heard a single word I just said to her? I mean of course Jungkook was attractive, physically but he was so immature. “I mean he’s basically the male version of you if you think about it.” Bitsy said walking into the room and tossing the town on my bed. “You both are super cocky and competitive but are total sweethearts overall.” I cocked an eyebrow at her. She had to be joking. We didn’t even know him enough to know what he was like exactly.

   “He’s not my type.” I said grabbing a hair tie from my bag on the nightstand. I leaned over, letting my hair fall over my to make a high ponytail.

   “He’s exactly your type! Cute but also super hot and is good at sports, which is basically the secret into your heart.”  She said handing me a scrunchy to put the rest hair into a bun. “Or into your pants.” I narrowed my eyes at her and she just gave me a wink before slapping me on the ass.

We walked out of my room and into the kitchen, where Coco had told us to bring snakes from when we came back out. I would have much rather stayed inside but I couldn’t give Jungkook the satisfaction of thinking he beat me and that I couldn’t handle my emotions. I also did kind of feel bad for causing a scene and was hoping the other guys didn’t think I was always so bitchy. I wasn’t going to let this ruin the rest of my night, it was the summer and I came here to have fun. Before I could walk off with the snacks in my hand, Bitsy grabbed me by the shoulders.

   “Don’t you see what you have just found, woman!” She said shaking me back and forth with her small hands. She was surprisingly strong for her size, I alway seemed to forget that. “You have got yourself a lover for the summer!” She basically whined in my face. I shook out of her grip, she was always trying to hook me up. ‘You’re too uptight and need a good fucking.’ She always said. “A summer boy-toy, if you will.” I just pushed the bag of chips into her arms and walked passed her without a single word. Through most of high school, I was in one long and messy relationship, which why mostly why I wasn’t interested in getting back into unnecessary drama.

We walked back outside on the porch where everyone was gathered by the roaring fire. The temperature had dropped not by much, the air was still a bit warm but the fire was comforting regardless. Bitsy and I walked over to find a spot to take but once she sat down, there wasn’t much left for me. Of course, her seat just happened to be next to Jimin, so she didn’t even notice that there was no place for me. So I handed Taehyung the snacks for them to pass around as I got more wood for the fire. I tossed the long into the flames, watching the sparks float up in the air along with the smoke. I turned back to Coco giving her a look to move her big butt for me to sit. She did try to scoot a bit of room for me between her and Taehyung but there was no way I was going to fight comfortably. I sighed and was just about to settle for the floor under her legs around me. The stone floor was a lot colder than I thought it would be, considering the fact that the warmth of the fire could not be felt from down there.

    “You know my lap would be much more comfortable (Y/n).” Jungkook teased. This boy was starting to give me a headache. He only said it because he knew that it would annoy me. He wanted to see me lash out at him, he found it amusing. Just as I was about to say a vile comment back at him. I had myself an idea. I pushed myself off the dirt-filled ground and made my way over. He was exchanging a laugh with Jimin until he actually caught sight of me coming his way. I put my hand on his shoulder and swung my legs over his lap. I could feel his body tense up under me. He hadn’t actually expected me to take his offer. I hadn’t realized before now just how thick his thighs were, they did make for a good seat. I looked at his face to see it fluster, he held his hands away from me not knowing what to do with them. He didn’t try to make eye contact with me but he could see my smiling at him.

   “You’re right. I’m very comfortable here.” Those words had unexpectedly left my mouth sounding much too seductive, which was not intended at all and I worried my face would heat up. Though I saw Jungkook swallow a lump in his throat and I was suddenly okay with my choice of words. My eyes looked around at everyone and they all seemed a bit caught off guard too but Bitsy actually gave me a thumbs up from the other side of Jimin. Jungkook didn’t dare say anything after that and I turned away from him, with a smile on my face knowing I had won this round.

Soon everyone started conversing among each other. We had a group discussion about our ages and school. I found out that they were all older than us, some of them already upperclassmen in college. Except for Jungkook, he was surprisingly our age and was about to enter his first year at college like the rest of us. He talked big for being the youngest of his group of friends, that was for sure. Though I was technically the youngest of my groups of friends too, we were all born the same year but in months I was just a couple weeks behind Bitsy. Jin being the oldest was as close to child-like as Jungkook but he wasn’t irritating. It was pretty funny when he went off on Namjoon, purposely stuttering over his words, causing all of us to burst out in laughter. Hoseok’s laugh was so loud and contagious to the rest of us, or to me but I just couldn’t help myself. My hand around Jungkook’s shoulder, moved over to hold my stomach that began to hurt from laughing too hard. I had to shuffle myself back on Jungkook’s lap because I felt like I was going to fall off. I’m not sure what I did wrong if I possibly pressed myself against him too hard but the next thing I knew, he completely froze and his hands pushed me off his lap like it was nothing. As if I just bit him or something, he wanted me away. I luckily caught myself from falling and possibly dying. I stumbled onto my feet and everyone stared at us.

   “What the fuck Jungkook?” I asked. He looked around at everyone waiting for his answer. He looked like he didn’t know what happened or how I almost ended up on the cold hard floor.

    “You- uhh made my legs fall asleep.” He stuttered, stretching out his legs as if he hadn’t moved them for ages. I was only on his laps for 15 minutes!

    “So you pushed me?! Sorry, I guess my fatass will just sit on the floor then.” I mean how could I not be offended? He looked like he breathed physical fitness and with muscular thighs like those! He let out a groan, running his hands over his eyes and I kicked his foot to make room for myself on the floor.

    “You can sit on my lap (Y/n).” Jungkook and I both turn to look at Taehyung. Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows at him and mine soften. He was such a sweetheart.

    “It’s okay Tae. I don’t want to break your legs.” My voice started off sweet towards him but I spat the last part out to Jungkook. He was still giving Taehyung a hard stare as I made my way to sit on the floor. Before I could I was grabbed by the hand made to look up at him.

    “You’re hair is wet. If you sit on the cold floor you’ll get sick.” Taehyung’s voice didn’t really sound worried but he did look a bit serious. Though I was still going to decline, he tugged me over and pulled me onto his lap. I grabbed onto his shoulders to keep myself from falling as my weight fell on him. He gave me a quick smile and placed his hand on the small of my back to keep me from falling as well. All I could was blink at him, surprised by his bold actions and calm nature. I looked around me, to see if anyone else as shocked as I was and everyone kind of was.

    “Taehyung you can’t just force her onto your lap.” Jungkook said sounding mad and very annoyed. I mean it was kind of bad manner but I wasn’t totally complaining. It was better than the floor, is what I mean.

    “Well, you forced her off yours so.” Taehyung shrugged. My eyes widen and eyebrows lifted, I looked over my shoulder at Coco. Taehyung wasn’t even trying to argue with Jungkook, he was only being brutally honest. He looked completely clueless that he was actually making him mad. Was anyone else seeing this?! This boy was putting Jungkook in his place and I wanted to clap for him. There was a moment where no one said anything and you could easily feel the awkward linger in the air. Hoseok cleared his throat and let out a nervous chuckle, showing off his killer cheekbones.

    “I think we need some music.” He said slapping his hands on his thighs before standing up. Coco joined him to help him bring out the speaker from inside the house.

     “You are okay with this, right?” Taehyung whispered and I turned to look at him. I nodded yes because I felt like Taehyung was genuinely trying to do a good thing. Not until know did he realize that this could be taken the wrong way, which is why his face looked heated and his hand on my back stiffened. I gave him a reassuring smile and he seemed to relax a bit, his attention being caught by Jin who was in the middle of making a joke. I looked back at Jungkook who still wore a sour expression. I kind of felt bad. I mean he’s been a jerk to me but I couldn’t help it. The boy looked like a sad bunny for crying out loud and I couldn’t help but to have a heart.

Throughout the rest of the night, everything was quite calm. Everyone was having a good time just talking about random stuff and Hoseok even showed off some of his dance moves and so did Namjoon… Let’s just say Yoongi wasn’t so impressed like he was with Hoseok.  While Taehyung was amazed by finding out that Mina and Emi were twins. He constantly asked them a bunch of superstitious questions but was bit let down to find out they were quite normal. Jimin and Bitsy could not keep their hands off each other for more than two seconds. Hoseok was constantly giving them a look of disgust every time one of them giggled during his story.  Coco and Jin seemed to be a deep side conversation about their families that own these beach houses. The only one who seemed to be completely out of it was Jungkook. He was only looking down at his phone most of the time. The only time I saw him look up from it was whenever I said something but he looked away every time he saw I wasn’t speaking to him. But seeing him on his phone reminded me that I was supposed to call my parents and let them know that I got here safely. I tapped Taehyung’s hand to let him know that I was going to get up, I excused myself as Yoongi was in the middle of a story, to make my way inside the house.

I picked up the phone that I left charging in my room when I came in to changed after being in the water. I turned on my phone to see two missed called from my parents and a text message that told me to text them back. Even if they hadn’t it was already 1:32 in the morning and they would be dead asleep anyway. I let them know that I was okay and I would call them in the morning through text. I took the chance to check some other stuff I had gotten notifications from as my phone was still not fully charged somehow. I almost dropped my phone when I felt someone presses up against me.

    “You sure got some nerve.” Jungkook’s voice sent a chill down my spine. I hadn’t even heard him come in or get close. His body was much bigger than mine, casting a shadow over me easily. “Going to sit on Taehyung’s lap when you should’ve stayed sitting on me.” My breath hitched in my throat as he leaned in to say in my ear. I could feel my face burn all the way across my cheeks to my ears. He back away from me, letting me breathe before I turned to face him. Once I did, he leaned in with hands resting on counter behind me, trapping me with nowhere to run.

    “You were the one who pushed me off.” I said faking confidence. He could clearly see that by the way, I was struggling to hold his gaze. His eyes seemed much darker inside, even with the good lighting. He leaned in making me uncomfortably lean back.

     “Was I just supposed to let you keep pushing your ass up against me, giving me a hard on in front of everybody?” He looked serious but there was a tease in his voice that caused me to bite my lip. My brain couldn’t even come up with a response to that, not like lips would say them without a stutter anyway. Jungkook was able to notice just how nervous I was at having him this close to me. A smirk spread across his lips after giving them a lick from his tongue. “Out of words (Y/n)? You had so much to say about me back outside.” he teased. I also couldn’t explain why this time was different, was it because we were alone? Or was it the way his toned body was pressed against mine. Either way, I needed to get a grip on myself.

    “Don’t blame me for your lack of self-control on your teenage boy hormones.” I said finding something in myself. As I remembered that Jungkook was playing a game and we were tied at this point. There was a spark in his dark eyes at my words, he liked me talking back at him.

    “Well, can you blame me? I mean, look at yourself.” He said while his eye dropped from mine. He trailed down my body, on of his hands moving to hold my waist tightly. I moved my hand up to cup his chin, bringing his eyes back up to mine. I raised an eyebrow at him when he gave me a slight chuckle.

    “Looking is all you’re going to get to do Jungkookie.” I used the name Tae had used earlier in the night, knowing he wouldn’t be fond of me saying it. I could tell by how his face dropped from amused to annoyed. I removed his hand from my waist to let myself out of his trap but he didn’t let me go so easily. When I tried to walk to the door, he reached over me and pushed it closed. A smirked played at the corner of my lips but I bit it back while turning to look at him as if I didn’t know what the problem was. He was quick, though before my eyes could even land on him he had me pushed against the door. A small gasp leaving my lips as my back made a rough contact with the wooden white door. Jungkooks teeth were clenched and his hands were tight on my hips, keeping them pinned to the wall.

    “What’s wrong baby?” I pouted at him. He was obviously growing tired of my games with him and didn’t want to wait any longer but I was having too much fun. I had forgotten how fun it could be to be teasing and misleading. I always used to have the boys on the edges of their seat.

    “C’mon (Y/n) what are you trying to prove with teasing me?” He said leaning in, he tried to kiss my lips but I turned my head and he met my cheek instead. Jungkook still accepted it and his lips kissed down to my jawline. They felt so good against my skin that I shut my eyes giving into the sensation. “What are you so afraid of?” his hot breath ran over my ear before he took my lobe between his teeth, tugging at my skin. And I realized that Jungkook asked a good questioned. If we both were here and we both wanted this, why was I still convinced it was a bad idea? There was no way this was love and I was okay with that. My hand brought pushed him away from making its way down my neck. I looked into his eyes hoping to only find one thing in them, lust. Not love but lust and that was all I was asking for. I pulled his lips to mine and he kissed me back urgently.

    “Let’s get outta here.” I breathed out and his lips refused to stop working on me. He had his hands on the back of my knees. He lifted me up, legs wrapped his waist so that he could feel me as close as possible.

    “Where? I can take care of you here.” He mumbled against my skin as he left love bites down my throat. He was already grinding me onto his crotch and making my breathing grow heavier. My hands ran through his black soft locks, only to fist his hair and pulled him away from my skin.

   “Somewhere nice so we can be alone.” I said as ran my hand down his chest, patting him so that he could put me down. I reached behind me with one hand to open the door and other to push him back. “Let’s get lost, you can take me home.” I laughed, dragging him to follow me out of the room. I looked over my shoulder to see if anyone else was in the house but they were all still outside. “Didn’t you say earlier that you liked my bra?” He gave me a confused look but I reached down to throw my shirt over my head. His mouth dropped at the sight of me not wearing a bra under the thick material. He cursed under his breath and I giggled tossing him the shirt at his chest before I made a run to the front door. He called after me and ran to follow right behind not wanting to lose sight of me. The outside was dark and no one else was around as I stepped barefoot onto the pavement in front. I turned to look for Jungkook but he arms wrapped around my bare waist and he picked me up spinning me around.

    “Are you crazy?” He laughed putting me down and pulled me close so that my chest was pushing up against his thin white undershirt. I nodded my hands in and pulled him into a kiss, I unwrapped his hands from my waist.

    “A bit… for you.” I teased causing him to smile. One that looked innocent and not flirtatious, he was excited and happy to have me this way. I tugged on his hands to drag him to his place next door.  We made our way to the front door of Jin’s place, Jungkook was covering my bare back with his body, as I tried to get the door opened.

It was luckily unlocked and I stumbled into the dark house with him wrapped around me. I mumbled, trying to ask him to show me to his room, while my hands tugged at the shirt that was keeping from feeling his skin. His large hands tickled up the spine of my back as he led me through the front room to one of the first doors in the hallway. He detached himself from my neck while I pulled off the martial on his body, revealing a torso just as toned as I imaged. He was quick to flick on the lights so that I could get a better look at what I was about to get a taste of. All I could think about while staring at his body is why haven’t I marked it up yet? His eyes were wandering over me as well, the hands that rested on my hips moved caressing its way up my body. He leaned in closer giving me a few pecks, his nose ran over my cheek and down to my jaw.

    “You’re so beautiful…” He whispered against my cheek softly. His hand had moved up to gently cupped my breast while the other pulled me tighter against him. Despite his hands roaming my naked body, his words were the ones that caused my face to heat up in embarrassed.

    “Take me.” I said quickly.

With my arms around his neck for leverage, I jumped wrapping my legs around his waist. He was quick to grab the back of legs as I started to kiss on his neck. His skin was soft under my lips, his neck vibrated from the small groans he was trying to hold in. I felt him began to move his legs and walk us deeper into the room. He took a seat at the edge of one of the beds, with me seated on top of him. He grabbed my jaw in his hand and brought my face back to his. The kiss was slow but hot, he opened his mouth wide to allow his tongue to slip into my mouth. I pushed myself closer to him, my breasts pressed against his chest so that he could feel them. At the same time, I adjusted my legs on either side of him, letting myself grind against that hard part of him under me. I had to stop kissing him to bite down lip at the feeling as it spread through my lower stomach. I knew he was looking up at me because he pushed down on my hips with his hands, just to see me quietly gasp again. He was pressing down on my most sensitive area through the thinness of our sweatpants driving me crazy. Getting me all heated and worked up, my hips started to roll against him on their own. The only thing that could pull me away from the pleasure was the sudden deep groan leaving Jungkook’s mouth. I opened my eyes and stared down at him as I slowed down my hips to make the movements longer and harder. He held my gaze and I watched how his eyes blackened by the lust that grew. His eyes staring right into mine was turning me on more than anything. How I could see how much he was craving for me, how much he wanted me. The one hand that I had supporting me on his neck, I moved it to grab the back strands of his hair, yanking his head back to get a better look of his face. His breath was coming in heavy through his opened lips that looked stained red by how my teeth sank into them.

     “Do you like the way I move my hips?” He nodded his head eagerly making a faint smile creep onto my lips. I took both hands to slowly push him down into the mattress, getting on my knees and resting my hands next to his head. Pressing my lips to his and pulling away with his bottom lip between my teeth. My lips left kisses trailing down to his neck, where I stopped to leave some marks on his tender skin. I continued all the way down his chest, backing up slowing as I did. His hand that rested on my back dropped to his side once I was low enough to kiss on the v shape in that lead into his pants. I could see his abs tense as I ran my hand over the harden bulge in his pants. “Let me hear you then.”

I hooked my fingers into the waistband of his sweatpants, tugging the material to show the black boxers he wore underneath. They hugged tightly around his length that it must have been uncomfortable. I leaned in leaving light kisses down the through the concealing fabric, watching as his hands balled into fists out of frustration. I reached up to pull back the elastic waistband and let it snap at his skin, which had him groaning at my teasing actions. I thought that that had been enough torture for now so I immediately reached into to pull him out. He sprung right up against his stomach and I moved up to get closer. The tip was a light red color and there was a thick vein running up the side. I took him in my hand lightly as I ran my tongue all the way up. My eyes flickered up towards him as he groaned loudly. I pumped my hand up his length as I moved away to smirk but I went back and licked a couple more times. Until his precum and my saliva helped my hand slide up and down his cock easier. Wrapping my lips around his head and still jerking the rest of him.

    “Fuck (Y/n)….” Jungkook pushed himself to a sitting up position, leaning on his palms that clenched the bed sheets. He let out a shaking breath as I leaned my head a little lower, taking more of him into my warm wet mouth. He took in a sharp breath between his teeth as I sucked his dick out of my mouth with a pop from my lips. I gave him a wink when my eyes met his before going back down. Taking as much as I could into my mouth, running my tongue against him, breathing through my nose. I hollowed out my cheeks to give him a tighter feel and his hips jerked into my mouth. I dug my finger into his thighs to keep him still as I moved my head on and off his length at a steady pace. Jungkook threw his head, giving me a perfect view of the marks I left on his neck. After a couple of bobs and getting used to having in my mouth, I pushed myself to take him deeper. I slowed down and lowered onto him as far as I could take, he placed his hand on the back of my neck making sure I was going slow. His tip hit the back of my throat and it caused tears to build in my eyes. “Just like that baby.”

He encouraged me with a low grunt. I moved up just take him all again, this time making sure I was sucking enough to give him that leg shaking pleasure. Jungkook moved his hand to the back of my neck, guiding me up and down on his shaft at the pace he liked. But on my own, I started to quicken myself which resulted in my gagging around him but the grunt he let out showed he didn’t mind. I added my hand again to pump him every time I came up and rubbed his pelvis when I came down. His breathing was heavy and a groan erupted from deep in his chest, causing my heat to grow wet in my panties. I rubbed and squeezed my thighs together to get my own satisfaction from the pleasing sight before me. Beads of sweat were forming and running down the side of his head and he could not take his eyes off me. I felt his hand move from the back of my neck to the top of my head, he used both hands to take the hair ties out of my hair, letting it fall over my bare shoulders. He pushed it all into one hand, clutching the back of my head tightly. The roughness in his grip made me moan on his cock and he pushed my head lower. “You look so pretty on my cock.”

He was fisting my hair because I wasn’t looking back at him the entire time. I didn’t want to with my eyes watering but he didn’t care. I had looked up to stare at him back, moving my hands from his thighs, telling him he was allowed to fuck my mouth. He understood right away and started jerking his hips and cock down my throat. His tip was hitting the back of my throat each time he thrust in, I tried my hardest to keep the gags under control. Swallowing around him and watching him pleasure himself with my mouth. His moans were becoming harder and harder for him to control, his voice was becoming throaty, he was close. I tapped his thighs making sure he wasn’t too far gone into the pleasure to try and finish already. He slowed down his movements, starting to just slowly guide my lips off of him. He let out one more grunty sigh as I sucked on his sensitive tip on my way back up. Jungkook let my hair fall out of his grip and he ran his hand over my cheek. He looked so fucked out, so beautiful to see him drained and consumed by his satisfaction. “Come here…”

I smiled and pulled my sweatpants down my legs before crawling my way back up to him. He smiled back at me and pulled me into an appreciative kiss. He was gentle but I could still feel the yearning desire on his tongue as it explored mine. Jungkook hand ran over my behind and down to my bare thighs. He gripped at the flesh of my legs as I kneeled on either side of him, my legs were feeling weak at his touch and I wanted only to feel more of him.

    “Look what you’ve done.” He groaned into the kiss and pulled away without much air. His eyes glanced down at his cock, that once again began to leak precum and I could feel my mouth water and core throb.

    “Do you want me?” I muttered as I stayed close to him. When he gave me a nod and lick of his lip as a yes. “How do you want me baby?”

    “On your back.” The same time he spoke, he grabbed me and pushed me onto the mattress at the same time. He kneeled over me and was quick to pull on my underwear, I lifted my legs up together as he slides them up and off. After tossing them somewhere behind him he spread my legs apart, his warm hands rubbing on my thighs. I grabbed the back of his neck to bring him over me.

“You can repay me next time. I just want you right now.” I whined into his ear. He ran his hand over my heat, fingers digging to feel the soaked mess I’ve become. He hissed at how his fingers slid right through me and I bucked my hips into his hand. He ran his coated hand over his shaft, tugging at it a couple times before bringing it to my entrance. I could feel the heat rushing to all places of my body by the way my heart was pumping it at such an outrageous speed. Jungkook rested his head against mine, struggling to leave a breathy kiss on the side of my face. His strong arms flexed as he supported himself with only one of them.

Both of our breathing caught in our throats as he pushed himself through my tight walls. I held on to his nearby shoulder as he continued to move in. He was stretching me out more than anyone ever had and was filling me up perfectly. The feeling made my stomach tense and hips still. He was holding back any sounds from escaping his lips, the veins on his neck were showing through. Once he reached the very end of me, his hips meeting mine, my head tossed back against a pillow. He left a few light kisses, sloppily against the bottom of my jaw. He bit on the thin skin and silent groan left after.

    “You’re are so tight around me….shit.” All I could do was moan in response because he had started to pull out already. I ran my hand down his toned arm as he took a hold on my hips, pushing back all the way. My hand gripped around him as he started to develop a steady pace making my entire core burn up at the friction of his pleasure. My legs raised to either side of his hips, the muscles tensing up with every thrust. His hot breath washed down my neck before running his lips over mine, softly but could not keep himself from breathing heavily. I myself was trying to keep the overwhelming feeling of lust, controlled to a minimum. But my eyes could not stay open as they rolled to the back of my head, small whimpers were leaving my lips helplessly. Jungkook seemed to gather himself together because he left a quick peck on my cheek before he supported himself back onto one arm. His black hair fell over his forehead that was beginning to drench itself by the sweat. His hands ran down my hips over the back of my thighs, where he could pull me closer with every shove of his hips. I saw how his face contorted in pleasure with every move, his eyes scanned over the way my body reacted to him.

   “Jungkook…” His eyes darkened by the way I moaned his name. It made him feel completely in control of me and that drove him further into the clouded feeling of lust. He was being completely taken in by the way my wall drenched over his length, I could feel my own arousal drip out of me every time he pulled out. The way his eyes stared at me like I was prey made it all the more enjoyable. I chewed on my lip, that must have been bruised at this point, as I pushed his damp hair away from his gorgeous face. I gripped onto the locks to keep them away, yanking at them when the pleasure was at it’s strongest. He was definitely a kinky bastard and liked the way I pulled at his hair because he started thrusting in me harder every time I did. He was digging his short nails and fingertips into the flesh of my outer thigh making goosebumps spread throughout the surface of my skin. Moans were spilling from my mouth higher pitched than normal from the way he brushed against my delicate clit when he leaned in closer. Our bare skin was brushing against each other that skin was becoming raw. He breathed out a groan as he felt my wall throb around him. My entire core was tightening up into a knot that felt on fire and it kept my heart pumping to an extreme beat. His thrusts were rough but I could feel that they were also desperate and a bit sloppy. He was completely fucked out at this point and to high up to keep a constant pace for the both of us. There was enough space between us for me to sit up and I pulled him into a messy kiss making him slow down and keep the thrusts shallow. “Let me take care of you.”

He seemed to understand what I wanted and allowed me more room to show him the way. He let himself fall out of me as I brought myself onto my weak knees over him. I kept holding onto his arm as he moved to sit on his behind so that he would stay sitting up for me. Jungkook’s eyes were following my every move as my free hand was running up his muscular thighs that tensed at my touch before I gripped his cock. It was much harder and now covered in my wetness so impatiently wanting to find his release. I took my rightful place on his lap, wanting nothing more than to please him and bring him over the edge. I let myself sink back onto him, he filled me up much better from this position and now he could just watch and enjoy. He wrapped his arm around my waist and rested his hand on my ass, grinding me on his cock. He was so deep inside me that I could feel him in my belly, it made my head feel hazy and light.  

   “I swear to god…I’ll make this up to you (Y/n).” Jungkook groaned into my ear. I smirked to myself before turning to run my tongue over his ear. I liked the sound of that. I took a hold of his hand over my ass and held it while I began to move my hips. He hissed as I rocked my hips hard into his and I clenched my jaw. He was hitting the best places inside of me that I couldn’t even imagine I had. My chest was pushed against the top of his and he sucked a few bites at the top of my breast. He held me close while I began to ride him, making sure to take it slow so he could last a little longer. I’ve alway been a difficult girl to please but Jungkook sure was beating the odds. Barely moving and I felt like a melting mess on him. His hand cupped my left breast as it started to bounce against him with the rest of me. My weight fell onto him hard every time I came back down and small yelps left my lips. I knew my legs would be shaking if I wasn’t in this positions but I would still end up not feeling them by the end of the night. All I want to feel is how his hands toyed with every part of my body. The way he looked at me fucking myself on his dick, it was like I was a type of holy blessing bringing him to heaven. He was completely engulfed by his own lust and enjoyed watching me like a good movie. I was also being consumed by the pleasure but it pushed me to put in the work for our climaxes. My hand tightened around his and I pulled him by the back of his neck as I could only shut my eyes. The heat was working it way up my body and made me want to shake from the satisfaction. I almost didn’t want to cum, I didn’t want this to end, if I could I would last all night just to have him like this.

     “Fuck Kookie….you feel so good inside me.” He let his head hang low, taking one of my nipples into his mouth. Playing with it with his warm wet tongue, making it feel cool and hard when he pulled away. He made sure to look up at me when he brought it back into his mouth, making me whimper as his free hand stroked the space between my hip and thigh. I was moving fast on his lap, I didn’t know if my body could keep up witst mh my own pace. My eyes began to water from all the pressure building at my core and all I could do was whimper as Jungkook seemed to notice. The truth was I didn’t know If I could bring myself to cum while riding him, as much as I loved it, I needed him to take care of me. I came to a painful stop, the feeling in my body muting down at my halt. With pleading and glossy eyes, I begged him. “Please fuck me Jungkook…”

Without answering me, something in his eyes flickered like a light switch. He pushed me off his lap again, leaving me wanting more with the empty feeling. I fell to my back but when he climbed over me once again, he forced me onto my stomach. Without having him tell me anything, I leaned into the nearest pillow and perked my ass up for him. His sweaty back pressed against mine as he kissed down my spine, I could feel his hard cock pressing against my ass and I back up into him eagerly. His hand reached over my head to grab another pillow and he shoved it under my hips, elevating me higher for him and also adding friction to my front. I couldn’t help myself from pushing my hips into the pillow as Jungkook continued to tease me.

    “Do you want it?” His hand ran over my dripping wet core and he almost had me bursting out in tears. My pussy was throbbing without his touch and I felt like I would go mad without him.

   “Yes, please! I’ve been so good to you baby.” After hearing me whine and squirm my hips, desperate to look for pleasure, he showed me mercy. He spread my legs a bit enough for him to find my entrance from this angle. He wasted no time pushing himself all the way deep inside me, making my mouth drop open and a cry of pleasure left my lips. I threw my ass back to meet his thrust and he moved closer to wrap his arm around my waist, his head resting on my shoulder. He started to relentlessly ram himself inside me, his skin hitting loud and hard against mine. I wasn't’ even trying to control the noises that left my mouth anymore, everything just felt so amazing for me to not care. He was hitting all the right places spot on and it was just like pure hot bliss taking over my body. He was breathing and grunting right in my ear and that’s all I wanted to hear for the rest of the night. I placed my hand at the top of his, tugging at the hair on his scalp while he bit on my shoulder. The only thing on my mind was him, his body, his face, his name was the only thing that made sense to me. He was making my whole body hurtle forward with every thrust, and the bed was rocking underneath us.

    “You like this baby?” He teased in my ear and I yanked harder at his hair making him growl. The hand he had wrapped under me moved down to cup my core and I pushed my hips into his hand every time he thrust into me. His fingers started to rub over my clit and I began to scream out his name, with tears actually slipping from my eyes. My legs were shaking and I could feel myself clench tightly around him as I grew dangerously close to my orgasm.

    “Ah! Yes, Jungkook!” My voice was growing hoarse and the words kept getting caught in my throat. He smiled as he was kissing my cheek and pulled away with a quick bite at it. He kept pounding into me until I began to see stars in the back of my head and the ball in my stomach erupted. He gave slow rough thrusts as I rode out all of my high, my entire body was convulsing from the shocks of pleasure. I buried my head into the pillow and arched back, having him as deep in me as I could, while my toes curled and my cries slowly died out.

He thrust slowly to not cause me any discomfort from the oversensitivity that was taking over me. He pulled me onto my back and I whimpered as he rubbed his reddened cock over my clit. I somehow found the strength to sit up and reach for him, helping him finally come undone. He grunted at how is just slid through my of my soaked folds that he had just fucked raw, and my body jolted each time his head pressed on my clit.

    “Oh Jungkook, you fucked me so good. C’mon cum for me baby.” My breathless words were the last bit of encouragement that he needed cum. He threw his head back and shut his eyes tightly, as his drops of cum shot onto my abdomen. At bit my lip at the sight of him, in the state he was in covered in sweat and marked by my teeth and nails. I leaned back onto the bed and closed my eyes, not caring to clean myself up just yet.

We both took a moment to breathe in the air that lingered of erotic intimacy. I pushed my loose hair out of my face, rubbing off some sweat along my hand. I felt a soft fabric cover between my legs, I raised my head to see him wipe off the mess he made on my skin with a random shirt before he tossed it onto another bed in the room. I hadn’t even noticed the room had two beds on either side of the walls when first entering.

    “Who else sleeps here?” I asked. Jungkook was at the edge of the bed, sliding on a new pair of boxers up his stunning thighs.

    “Taehyung.” He answered with a devil-like smirk spreading on his lips. Well, Tae was going to be in for an unpleasant surprise getting into bed. Jungkook was doing just that, he got into bed and pulled his covers from its rolled up ball in the corner. “But he can sleep in Jimin’s room tonight.” Jungkook muttered and I could feel the smile in his words.

He sure had an affinity for holding on tight because his arms were around me before I could manage to say anything. He was strong but cuddly at the same time and a part of me didn’t want to break away from him. He let me just enough room to turn and get a look at his face. There was a slight soft smile on his lips, his eye were shut and his eyelashes looked so full against his cheeks, that were tinted a rosy color. He would surely knock out soon, it was late and he was completely drained. I knew that because so was I if I had my eyes closed any longer I would have fallen asleep as well. But I couldn’t stay the night. The sagacious thing for me to do was leave before the other guys came back home. But I let myself enjoy this small time I had with Jungkook. His scent was a bit musty but he still smelled like soap at the same time. His breathing was light on my shoulder and he eventually relaxed his grip around me when he became unconscious.

My eyes shot open when I heard conversation outside of the window. I recognized the voices right away as it belonging to the other guys. I didn’t know how long I had knocked out for, it could have been a few minutes or hours but I needed to leave. Jungkook was lightly snoring and loosely holding me. I removed his arms from me, careful not to wake him up before I grabbed my clothes off the floor. Like an idiot, I was searching for my shirt that I decided not to wear. I ended up grabbing a random gray one off the floor, not caring if it was clean or not. I could hear the back door opening and footsteps coming into the house. I looked around the dark room and found a notebook on one of the nightstands and a sharpie.

After writing a quick note, I placed it under his hand and hoping only he would find him. I looked out the window and just as I expected, the view from it was the window of my room. I unlocked and pushed up the window,  looking back once more at his sleeping form before jumping out. My feet landed in soft sand and I closed it back up just before the lights flickered on in the room. I placed my hand over my chest and leaned against the house, my heart was beating so fast as if I just gotten chased by the police. I waited for the lights to go back off before I sprinted to my window and climbed inside it, tumbling onto the wooden floor. I hurt my leg but I managed to drag myself to bed anyway. Getting some much-needed rest after a long day and still a much longer summer.


     Hey, there summer boy. I’m a busy girl who doesn’t have too much time for fun. Maybe just for this time, I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine. Don’ t be sad when the sun comes up and you wake up to find me not around, I had to go. But you promised to pay me back for last night and we still have all summer after all.



Aaron Burr & William P. Van Ness - Me

Comic: @zannara   (Link to the comic)


TobyFox - Hotel

I do not own any of the rights to the copyrighted material used in this video, except for the use of my voice!


sufjan: Greetings Every One And Welcome To The Inaugural Sufganiyot Stevens-Graham Chrismukkah Sing-A-Long Seasonal Affective Disorder Gluten Free Sweet Potato Latke Disaster Pageant On Ice

OB: (drake… dude… don’t you think this is a little… over the top?)

drake: (not another word OB)

OB: (but i…)

drake: (i am so serious OB do not fuck this up for him he worked so hard)

sufjan: We Are Gathered Here Today Friends And Family And Loved Ones In This Bleak Year Of Unremitting Sorrow To Remember Our Love For One Another And To Spread Some Much Needed Chrismukkah Cheer And To Dress Our Infant Daughter Up In A Dreidel Costume She Looks So Cute But My Google Image Search For “Baby Dreidel Costume” Unfortunately Yielded No Results So You Are Just Going To Have To Trust Me On This One


sufjan: I Hope You Have All Enjoyed Your Lavish Inter Faith Holiday Dinners But Now It Is Time To Partake In That Most Joyous Tradition Of All, The Singing Of Chrismukkah Carols Traditional And Old, Sunny And Stoic, Sacred And Snowy


sufjan: To That End Aubrey And I Have Collaborated On Five New Extended Plays Of Music For Hanukkah And Christmas Totalling Fifty Songs All Of Which We Will Now Sing In Perfect Unison If You Will Please Refer To The Laminated Song Books I Have Stashed Under Your Chairs

OB: (okay drake i don’t wanna like… stay for fifty songs)

drake: (you’ll stay and you’ll like it)

OB: (but i…)

drake: (pipe down we’re starting the first song)

sufjan: All Right The Name Of This Song Is “Christmas And Hanukkah” It Is In C Major With The Chord Progression G E Minor C D And I Must Inform You That I Actually Sat Down With My Guitar And Composed This Song For Real In Real Life While Writing This Post Like An Absolute Mad Man 

drake: YEAH!

sufjan: My Dear Aubrey Will Now Kick Us Off And Here Are The Tabs If You Would Like To Follow Along At Home

drake: ahem… the lights are glowing and outside it’s snowing but i feel so warm in here

sufjan: Don’t Want To Go Out ‘Cause There’s So Much Snow Out And It’s Been A Long Hard Year

drake: so darling let’s stay at home for a while, i can spin the dreidel, i can make you smile

sufjan: I Can Knit Some Mittens In Your Favorite Style And Put ‘Em Under The Tree In That Great Big Pile

drake: most of the time i spend my days alo-o-one

sufjan: But This Time Of Year I Get To Bring You Ho-o-ome

drake & sufjan: ‘Cause Darling We Know, Things Are Better In Twos! I Wanna Celebrate Hanukkah And Christmas With You!

sufjan: La La La, La La La!

drake: celebrate christmas and hanukkah-ah-ah!

sufjan: La La La, La La La!

drake: light up the tree and the menorah-ah-ah!

sufjan: That Is Our Show Ladies And Gentle Men Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah And Happy Holidays To All Of You May You Have A Joyous Season Of Warmth And Light Surrounded By People You Love And May Your Uncle Come Through With That New X Box Or What Ever It Is Your Little Heart Desires

drake: take care! stay safe! and we’ll see you in the new year!

sufjan: La La La!

drake: la la la!