Streaming ended

Thank y’all for coming <3 It was real fun <3 I start college again tomorrow and it was a nice way to say bye to vacation <3

I answered somequestions and made some doodles <3 

Here are the doodles <3

And here are the questions!!!

1 - Kaitoisgreat: FRISK how do you like your hair styled?

2 - gcervantes47: So Paps, what are going to do after you capture the human?

3 - alazyparrot: Hey sans, are you having a chuckle watching your boss and the human fight?

4 - DogeKing5954: Chara did you have any friends on the surface or were you shy?

5 - ALargeAmountofMonkeys: What would sans do if he was as tall as papyrus?

6 - Kaitoisgreat: Frisk, what cartoons did you like when you were on the surface?

7 - DogeKing5954: Chara if you could own any kind of animal/pet what would you choose?

And that was all!!

Right now I have the shittiest cold on earth. I will just lie down and rest…

But again, thank you for coming!!

E non importa tutto quello che é successo tra di noi, ogni volta che ti vedo, ma soprattutto quando i nostri sguardi si incrociano, il mio cuore perde sempre un battito.
—  Me (ariannamusicismycure)