guys. my precious ARMY’s. my precious babies. please….please don’t let other fandoms get the best of you. you deserve to love taehyung, namjoon, hoseok, jimin, seokjin, jungkook, and yoongi the way that’s most comfortable for YOU…not them. and if that means writing fan-fiction, or drawing fan-art then so be it, because that is how YOU express your love. that is how YOU want to be heard in this growing family. be YOU. “they” don’t matter. don’t listen to them my precious babies, because they only make YOU stronger. build from this experience and learn to be a better YOU. so no, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES am i allowing MY friends to be ridiculed and tormented because of LIKING BTS…no. i will NOT allow this to happen. this so called “game” that other fandoms assume we’re the antagonist of…needs to stop. i’ve ranted multiple times about respect and acceptance but no one really seems to get it. no one really seems to understand. ARMY’s, no matter fan-fiction blog, fan-art blog, imagines or reactions, gifs or edits blogs, or if you just LOVE OUR BOYS…..PLEASE know that i appreciate all that you do for this fandom. please CONTINUE TO BE YOU. do NOT let ANYONE bring you down. for whatever they may throw at you: you better pick it up, dust it off, and accept it with a smile on your face. because you are STRONG and you deserve 



because you will NOT succumb to the cruelty of the world. 

you will rise up and let them know that THESE ARE YOUR PEOPLE and NOBODY messes with the fam.  

{bE yOU} 

one day i’ll see you, again,
we’ll both pick up a macchiato
or i’ll bump into you at the grocery store
downtown and we’ll pretend
we never knew each other;
not a simple nod, not a wave or a glance…
and that scares me.
E non importa tutto quello che é successo tra di noi, ogni volta che ti vedo, ma soprattutto quando i nostri sguardi si incrociano, il mio cuore perde sempre un battito.
—  Me (ariannamusicismycure)