oven clay


Have for Trade:
Shed ball python skin (ethically obtained)
Seashells and river stones (various locations)
Gemstone beads
Jewelry supplies (hemp cord, a few charms/pendants, etc)
Yarn(so much yarn! Many colors)
Loose leaf tea(many types)
Dried blue cornflower
Candle holders
Sheet masks (enchant for glamour spells)
Non-witchy books (novels, cook books, non fiction, etc)
Circadian Tarot book
Outdoor items from NC
Assorted buttons
Goats milk soaps (many scents)
Tiny black sample jars from Lush
Inspirational quote pages for crafting/framing
*probably more than this list, just ask me if you’re looking for something else!

Looking for:
Crystals/Gems raw or tumbled
Oven bake polymer clay
Tie dye materials (dyes, plain items for dyeing, rubber bands, etc)
Tea (loose leaf preferably)
Incense (any form)
Small to medium cauldron
Vintage magazines
Washi tape
Handmade items
*make me an offer if you don’t have any of these, I’m always looking for something

Contact me at sundance-moonlight.tumblr.com

The book I been studying this week.

Also the rosary-style Enki necklace I made the other night from lapis and oven clay, and lapis bracelets xD. I wanna remake the pendant for the rosary, so it’s two sided and better quality after I get the hang of things.

I’m feeling the Lapis. Sumerian gemstones in general. I wanna perhaps make a whole set based on the stone/metals/and loosely based on their designs… Maybe also an Ereshkigal necklace…


I realize I didn’t post these up here so here ya go! Thomas and Winny have been really busy bees as of late, so I decided to send em some lucky charms in a box. Wayzz and Nooroo need some more love♡

These “Miraculous Boxes” are made using a variety mix of oven bake clay brands, some woodcut jewelry boxes, construction papers, sticker jewels and acrylic paints. The eyes glow in the dark :)


Here’s some more pointless art I’m posting here because I don’t have an art blog (also it kind of relates). I made this little Phidippus audax out of oven-bake clay. It took me about three hours (including baking time. It has an armature of tin foil and wire because haha why not?

I am so proud of this! It’s one of the best sculptures I’ve made and one of my favorite pieces of jewelry I’ve made. It’s also my practice for the smaller ones I will be making for the giveaway.

Kettle (yugama), Japan, cast iron, hailstone pattern, 19th century. Hanging or placed on a stool above the clay oven of a house, this kettle was an essential household item and an object of pride for the peasants. Its worth lay in its technical and physical ruggedness and its pockmarked decoration which, as Charlotte Perriand remarked, made the water sing.