oven art

Retired Oven Mitten 🍳

Through the years these American made oven mittens have witnessed the cooking adventures of a newlywed learning the kitchen basics. From the first scrambled eggs, burned pasta to delicious lasagna. Countless festive feasts have been roasted, baked, grilled. All dishes safely removed from a hot oven or from a flaming stove thanks to the thick quilted excellent design. So many new oven mittens have come and gone, yet these have lingered like a faithful friend… Why are some things so hard to let go? 😉

Im doing a human undertale series! So far mettaton and toriel are done, next I’m gonna do sans~

Also I’m sorry, i didn’t put nearly as much effort into this one as my mettaton drawing x.x


anonymous asked:

First you'll need your poffin case! It contains a wide variety of berries and all ingredients you'll need. Like, flour/eggs/sugar/butter/milk/salt/and any of Aira's favorite berries! When you're ready, start mixing everything together and preheat the oven!

Vi: oh- of course! Aira likes Oran berries..

Aira: sure do! and Athens is here to help too!

Vi: wonderful!~

[after measuring and oven preheating]

(GUEST ART BY @dailytogekisslove !!! )


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Having fun with colours ayy

But consider Freed in a waistcoat, guys.