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5. "Please let me help

Edward Kenway x Reader

A/N: We are on the 5th, only more 15th to go, yay! You guys really love Edward, huh? The next one is about him again! 😂 

You groaned as you stumbled in your own quarter, your hand firmly grasped to your side as your wound was still bleeding. Despite your assurance about your condition (you have been through worse things than this), you couldn’t help to feel weak. Shivers crept all over your skin when you tried to lay down over your bed, failing miserably as your head started to pound painfully. Cautiously, you started to undress yourself, trying to ignore the dizziness and remaining only with your pants and small clothes on as you took a little bowl full of water and a clean piece of fabric.

 It all started with the boarding, which it actually went well, very well.

 The Jackdaw got supplies it needed and the crew earned enough rum to go through difficult time, but the only hard time you all had was with the former members of the ship; in which they didn’t want to give up to their destiny without fighting first.

 So you had to fight back, not complaining too much thought. 

You were good enough and you enjoyed your life, those moments made you enjoy all of this even more. Your fellows were amazing friends, always got your back and you couldn’t ask for something better than all of this. 

After all, moments like those brought you incredible rush of adrenaline all over your body and probably that’s why you didn’t realise sooner you got hurt. In fact, now you were paying your brashness’ consequences as everything of you still ached.

You pressed the cloth damped with water over your scarred skin with extreme chariness cleaning the blood that was still spilling out, only slower. The cool water helped recover you a little despite the feeling of weakness was still there; and the giddiness, for the moment, had passed. You probably would have needed some stitches but you granted with yourself it was a job for later. After all, the Jackdaw ‘d be landed in a few days and you could have fixed yourself after you rested enough. 

You were lost in your thoughts so much you didn’t notice the knock in your door as an husky voice was calling you. You immediately recognized Edward, the captain of the ship, and before you could say something he bursted in your room, a cheeky grin pulled over his lips.

“Aye, lass! Where were yo– Oh.”
His crystal blue eyes wided in worry when he saw you holding your hip, your hands and the cloth you were holding scarlet by your own blood.
You tried to smile at him, but another hiss escaped from you when a flash of pain crossed you, making you grit your teeth. 

You could feel his stare over you, and you quickly glanced somewhere, blush crept slowly over your cheeks.

Thank God it was getting darker. 

Without even speak, Edward crawled in your bed right next to you, taking the handkerchief you were holding in his hands. He damped the cloth once more before pressing gently to your skin again, brushing gently all the dry blood away. If possible you blushed even more, still refusing to look at his way. 

“E-Edward, that’s not necessa-”

“Please. Let me help you.”

You kept your mouth shout as the only sounds that were in your quarters were the brush of the fabric aganist your skin amd your short breathes. Edward was very concentrate on you, his clear gaze focused on your wound as he bit his lower lip. Your imitated him, torturing your lower lip with your teeth as he moved away the cloth for having a better vision of your injury. 

“This probably will need some stitches, lass”

You chuckled. “So, you know how to fix some stitches? You are full of surprise, capt’n” You said, hissing when he pressed his fingers a little bit too hard over you.

“Sorry” Edward mumbled as he moved immediately his hands away from you.  “I think you’d be surprised of what I can do, lass.” He said with a mischevious grin, glancing over you before taking a needle and a thread. You shook your head, moving the weight of your body over your forearms s he leaned over you. 

“Of course.”

“Why you didn’t tell me you were hurt? You could have been worse than this” he said, pointing to your injured hip. You simply shrugged, playing with a lock of your hair.

“It wasn’t so important, Edward.”

“Y/N, don’t say that.”

You immediately looked at him, authority filled his voice and he was glaring at you. You felt your stomach flutter and you looked away, surprised of your own behaviour. What the hell was going on?

Silence fell on the both of you as he started to stitching you; and despite all it was comfortable. You watched his hands working carefully on you, actually surprising you. You didn’t even know this part of him, and you were quite astonished of how gentle his hands could be.

“Done. Try to be more careful, next time”
“Why? I am sure you are willing to be my nurse if there’ll be a next time.” you joked, smiling. Edward leaned in, making your grin slowly pull out from your face.

“There are easier ways to get my attention, sweetheart. Bleeding until death aren’t one of it”

He placed his lips over your lips, your eyes immediately closed at the contact. His lips were warm aganist you cooler one; his breath was sea and rum scented, a mix you found quite pleasant. As quickly as it started it finished; Edward pulled out and he was looking at you with gleamy eyes and an amused grin.

“Goodnight, lass. Try to not think too much, you need to rest. ”

You didn’t reply, your eyes fixed over his back as you watched him leave, blissfully ignorant of what the storm he started within you.

He just… he just kissed you. 

But that was really nothing, was it? He was one of your best friends, he was your captain. He was married, too, so it really meant nothing. Absolutely nothing.



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don’t give me those scared eyes

A Tour of Spaceflight Centers - From Michoud to Marshall

Lovers of history, spaceflight enthusiasts - I spent the first week of May traveling the southeast United States from Austin, Texas and stopping at Space Centers (among other locations of interest) with my significant other. This is what I experienced. 

The first stop outside Texas on our first day of travel - Michoud Assembly Facility. This is not open to visitors and we knew this, but it was an extra 20 minutes out of a many hour trip.

There used to be a Saturn V S-IC, originally meant for Apollo 19, out front but it has been moved…

Just a hop and skip later and we ended up in Pearlington, Mississippi and Stennis Space Center’s visitor complex, the Infinity Science Center. There was a heavy emphasis on nature conservation and the environment as well getting students involved with experiments and hands-on learning. The highlight for me was the display of Wernher von Braun’s desk.

And the new home of that Saturn V S-IC that was at Michoud? Infinity Science Center. Recently moved, there is an ongoing effort to raise funds to restore and preserve it.

We drove most of a day to where I grew up, Saint Petersburg, Florida, where the first scheduled airline flight took place on January 1st, 1914. Tony Jannus flew a Benoist flying boat across the bay to Tampa in a trip that lasted a little over 20 minutes.

Walking around sunny St. Petersburg, we stopped at several museums including an old favorite, the St. Petersburg Museum of History, where they have a functional replica of the Benoist flying boat. An original Benoist pennant from 1914 flew aboard OV-103 Discovery on her final flight, STS-133, is also on display.

Following a stay with friends and family, it was off to Kennedy Space Center. There have been many changes since I had last been here, the new Astronaut Memorial and Hall of Fame being the most notable. 

The Orion Capsule that flew EFT-1 was also on display, along with a CST-100 Starliner structural test article and Dragon capsule.

A trip though the rocket garden as always. The day had started as a torrential downpour but was now sunny. Florida, weird as always.

Of course, you can’t walk through the garden without getting a picture with the Saturn IB. She learned that you don’t really have a sense of scale to these without getting right up next to it. It was during this time that I learned my girlfriend has a fondness for the Mercury-Redstone - it’s what she pictures when she hears ‘rocket’. Quintessential! 

OV-104 Atlantis is always my favorite stop. This time, I had brought my Atlantis flag, and with a friend who joined us we had a wonderful time with my favorite orbiter.

I have not been to KSC since the addition of the Challenger and Columbia display. It was an incredibly moving experience, seeing these pieces, as well as the displays of the Astronauts personal belongings that you see before entering this room.

We said our goodbyes and began a northerly drive up the Florida east coast, stopping in beautiful Saint Augustine for a night, seeing the Castillo and ancient city before going around the mess that is currently Atlanta, GA, and ending up in Huntsville, Alabama - Rocket City, USA. You can see that Saturn V, the only standing Saturn V, for miles.

It also happened to be Star Wars Day - what a lovely coincidence! It was quite a sight to see people dressed as Jedi, Sith, and Storm Troopers walking around a Space Center.

Of course, we were there for NASA, and I, to see Wernher von Braun’s legacy. I am of the belief that without von Braun’s vision, charisma and genius, we would have fallen so far behind on the dream of spaceflight as a nation, or at the very least, never made it to the moon at all. Look for an upcoming, detailed post on von Braun in the future.

Of course, there were many exhibits and displays of a historical nature, showcasing prototype gloves that were in development for Apollo, models of probes and satellites that have given us a more detailed look at our solar system, and Carl Sagan’s cosmic calendar to really get a sense of how vast the universe is (this is also shown on the newer Cosmos series, hosted by Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson). This History of Space Exploration timeline also gave perspective on the earliest efforts of rocketry by Robert Goddard, to where we are today. Comprehensive to say the least.

On display at the US Space & Rocket Center rocket garden is of course the Saturn V, a Saturn I, Mercury-Redstone, Juno I, among other military missiles.

We toured the Saturn V Center, enjoying the exhibits and displays, including one presented by IBM on the “brain” of the Saturn V, the quarantine trailer the Apollo Astronauts had to spend weeks in because of fears of “space germs”, and the Apollo 16 Capsule.

We concluded the day as it began to rain with a visit to OV-098 Pathfinder. Built in 1977, Pathfinder was a structural test article that weighted the same as the production orbiters would, and had roughly the same dimensions - she was used for fit-checking the various processing facilities that served the Space Shuttles. After her fit-check mission was complete, STA-098 was overhauled and made to look like a real orbiter (or as real as one could surmise), and was sent to Tokyo, Japan for the Great Space Shuttle Exposition in the early 1980s. After being brought back to the United States in the late 1980s, she was set up at the US Space and Rocket Center and given the honorary designation OV-098 and named Pathfinder.

We left as the rain began to fall, but not without stopping by for a visit to Miss Baker. It is customary to leave a banana.

A day later, we ended up in Vicksburg, MS and toured the Civil War battlefield, the USS Cairo gunboat, and stopped by some of the monuments and important sites. It was the last stop on our trip. We pulled into Austin, TX on Friday night, May 5th, exhausted and hungry. The next morning, after getting some breakfast, we visited a site we’ve been meaning to see - the Texas State Cemetery. Gene Cernan, Astronaut, Commander of Apollo 17, lunar land speed record holder, and last man on the moon, was first to be buried on the highest hill in the cemetary, closest to the moon. It was a solemn end to a long journey of history, spaceflight, celebration, tragedy, art, nature, science and exploration.

There are many more photos, and a lot more tales of this trip that aren’t directly related to spaceflight, but I hope my followers enjoy what I’ve shared and have tried to cram into a single posting. This was an incredible experience and it would not be possible without the support and patience of my fiancée, and her camerawork. Most of these photos are hers. Take a look at her blog, especially if you love history, live in Texas, or both!


Another thanks to my good friend Joey who joined us on our journey to KSC. Check him out here, but if you’re looking at this, you may be already following him.


Planning for a trip to see OV-105 Endeavour and the west coast spaceflight tour starts now! 

more thoughts on the chinese fma dub:

  • mustang’s voice goes up half an octave when he gets squished in the car
  • kimblee has the funniest voice and it’s way too high and I can’t stop laughing at it
  • more random japanese because someone forgot to dub a line???
  • envy also has a hilariously high voice
  • ishvalan is four syllables in chinese and i keep thinking its an idiom
  • riza sounds more like liza. rebecca sounds like lee-becca
  • greedling turned into gu-lin-lin
  • riza sounds a lot more teasing towards rebecca 

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“Oi, Jean.” There was no aggressiveness in his voice, which he had kept low and deep as per usual, raising it just enough to catch the girl’s attention. His rifle nunchanently hanging on his shoulder, kukri strapped to his belt and hat at its rightful place (on his head, not anyone else’s), Sniper looked like he was ready to go out, rather than like someone on a day off like they were all supposed to be. One hand was holding onto the strap of his rifle, maintaining it in place, while the fingers of the other played with the keys of his famous van. 

“I got a bit of a favour to ask ya.” Never had been the type to beat around the bush - and, he suspected, neither was she. “Miss Pauling’s sending me on a last minute job. Some bloke who somehow got hold of some intel - neither a RED nor a BLU. We know where he’s hidin’ at, but long story short, it’s gonna be a tricky shot an’ I need a spotter to help me out.” Someone agile, someone quick on their feet and in their wits - someone to be his second pair of eyes. A favour he rarely asked of anyone, but… “Thought you’d be a good pick for the job. No pressure if ya don’t want to. It’s a one-man job made easier if there’s two of us.”

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expression softens involuntarily as the mention of lover’s son tends to; he’d never intended to let the kid get under his skin like this. but there was something about jason that had warmed him up to the idea of having a kid around in the first place ( he’d never been good with kids, never had a reason to be before ).


zevran in modern au is totally the guy that would wear full on name brand clothing like armani, hugo, versace, etc one day and the next day he’d be wearing a pair of flip flops from the dollar store and some random ass white shirt he found in the trash somewhere that’s poorly cut into a crop top yet somehow everything looks good on him. 



SO I WANTED TO DRAW THE ORIGINAL TRASH FAVE!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖




—- JIBCON 6 ~ May 17, 2015


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfeDAqejZis)


     What can I say about this bird that hasn’t already been said? Endeavour, whose name was borrowed from Captain Cook’s first exploration ship. Endeavour, the ship that replaced Challenger after her accident, carrying her spirit. There’s a lot to live up to. I’ll give this a shot.

     OV-105, the newest ship of the orbiter fleet, rolled out in 1991, just after I was born. I grew up with her; she was always my favorite. Endeavour was also the first orbiter that I ever saw up close. I visited first the California Science Center in Los Angeles on January of 2014, fully intending on thoroughly photographing the ship for this project. I walked into the hangar, and immediately had to fight tears welling up in my eyes. The emotions I felt were oddly similar to a time when I saw Van Gogh’s Starry Night in person. How could I have taken a picture Starry Night and call the photograph art? I snapped two or three photos of the orbiter, and realized that there was no way I could capture what she meant to me in a photograph, so I stopped snapping.

     It wasn’t until my second visit on August 2, 2014, when I was finally able to photograph the bird. Endeavour will always hold a special place in my heart. Every orbiter is beautiful, but I think OV-105 will always be my favorite.

The Blades are wise not to trust me. Onikaan ni ov. I would not trust another dovah. Dov wahlaan fah rel. We were made to dominate. The will to power is in our blood. You feel it in yourself, do you not? I can be trusted, I know this. But they do not. Onikaan ni ov dovah. It is always wise to mistrust a dovah. I have overcome my nature only through meditation and long study of the Way of the Voice. No day goes by where I am not tempted to return to my inborn nature. Zin krif horvut se suleyk. What is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?
—  Paarthurnax, when told the Blades have asked that he be killed.



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Headcanon fics from this post here

#3. Who’s the funniest drunk: “Behold! The Rolly Joger!” — yeah, you tell me who’s the funniest. ;D


He doesn’t get drunk often anymore, and Emma has to wonder if maybe it’s because he doesn’t feel like he needs to – with her, with Henry, with a baby girl just over four months away from being in his arms. 

(He’s so unbelievably excited for her to arrive, and Emma thinks it’s the cutest thing she’s ever seen. She knows with the utmost certainty he’ll be a wonderful father – he already has been to Henry.)

His rum that used to be always by his side is nowhere to be seen most days, and now he only finds himself drinking on what he, David, and Robin like to consider “Guys Night Out”, which is not an actual thing, but she, Mary Margaret, and Regina let them pretend that it is. Every time he finds himself intoxicated now, all Emma can see is an overly flirty (though slightly darker) version of him, picking her up and carrying her onto his ship, exclaiming, “Behold! The Rolly Joger!" 

It’s something she’ll never forget. 

Though his alcohol induced slip ups never quite measure up to that one, he’s absolutely hilarious to watch in a drunken stupor. 

("Swan, that sign is a crook.” “I think you mean crooked, Killian.” “Right, hooked.”

(“Love, that sign is actually moving.” “That’s a car, Killian.”

(“Swan, I ‘ove 'ou.” She always laughs at his seriousness when he’s slurring over words. “I love you, too, Killian.”