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Older Noctis and Kingsglaive Luna - Gifset requested by: anonymous

Favorite moment at HeroesCon yesterday: young Wonder Woman cosplayer comes to booth with her friend Rey, confides: “To be honest, I really *like* history.”

(so do I!)

Comes see RP at HeroesCon, booth AA-42 (back wall, next to the concessions, purple booth)! Remember, it’s booth 42, meaning the answer to life, the universe, and everything is “badass women.”

Making a film, you’re in a really dark tunnel and the only kind of illumination is the shared experience you’re having with your fellow cast and director. That’s the process of making the film and it isn’t until the world puts their eyes to it that you find out if it’s creating any kind of connection at all. But every single film at some stage of the film I think, “I wonder what this is going to be?”

This is your daily reminder that...

This Toucan Beaked Goober has been a scene stealing villainous knight, a vampire hunter and also King Under the Mountain… …. I forgot he was also a panty melting romance novel hero. SEND HELP.

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Bandoms: A Brief Guide
  • My Chemical Romance: mcrying and also praying that the Smashing Pumpkins theory comes true.
  • Fall Out Boy: Desperately awaiting the release of MA N I A.
  • Panic! At The Disco: Crying because Brendon can make those high heels work better than them.
  • twenty one pilots: Grinning from ear to ear because Stressed Out hit 1 Billion views!
  • Asking Alexandria: In a civil war since 2015.
  • Denis Stoff: Flipping a coin to decide if his new stuff is going to be pop or metal.
  • Paramore: Either worshipping After Laughter or their older stuff.
  • Black Veil Brides: Screaming because The Outsider is so good.
  • Andy Black: Their ovaries/brovaries exploded a long ass time ago.
  • Bring Me The Horizon: Wondering wtf happened between Oli and Hannah.
  • Evanescence: Rises from the grave because Synthesis is happening.
  • Green Day: Vehemently dissing Donald Trump.