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I just found out there's a video on YouTube of Adam Croasdell reading a bedtime story. Just 7:30 minutes of his glorious voice and I am getting emotional thinking about Ignis as a father and reading his little child a bedtime story written in braille...I didn't need to feel these things right now😭

But since you opened up the Gate of Feels…

Gods, Ignis would be such a naturally good father. The type to take care of his partner as well as he would dote on his children. You know how there’s some men out there that fall out of love with their wives after the child is born and the only thing keeping the relationship semi-together are the kids? And how in some society circles, this is looked at as acceptable and even sought after that the father loves the children more than the person that bore them?

Ignis Stupeo Scientia would not be that man. He’d love his wife as much as he loves his offspring, no more and no less.

And he’d definitely be delightfully reading a bedtime story to his children, making sure that his fingers brush against the braille in a careful manner because his child would want to hold onto his hand while he did it to “help daddy tell me the tale of the Hopposaurus” (yes I watched that video), despite the fact that Ignis had it memorized already. But he wouldn’t tell his child that.

It was his little secret. And his wife’s, who would be snuggled up in the armchair watching him go through the same motions every night and enjoying the cadence in the voice that enraptures her as much as it does her child.

And when the child is finally asleep, he’d tuck them in properly, place the well-loved and worn book on the nightstand where it always sat, and rise up from his place on the small bed and turn to where he knew his wife was seated.

“Come, love. It’s time for your own bedtime story.”




Welppppp, my ovaries are officially gone…. asdfghjkl;* ~ ! ! ! uff

And there you have it 19 year old Stefán slaying our lives away!

He’s literally perfect, I can’t.