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I had some scans taken for reasons totally unrelated to my reproductive system, but when I was looking over my copy I saw a note that I have a uterine septum. Does this have any affect on my periods/fertility/anything else, or is it just a piece of tissue?

Oooh how fun!!  Let’s talk about uterus shapes.  This is the “normal” shape to a uterus:

Sometimes, there’s a thin piece of tissue that goes straight down the middle, like this:

That’s a septum.  Sometimes the whole uterus is separated into two sides:

That’s called a bicornate uterus.

There’s also a uni-cornate uterus (I’m sure you can guess, just the one side):

And then didelphys is two entirely separate uteruses:

There are a bunch of other cool shapes and variations - and they’re super fun to learn about.

However, they all have different affects on the owner’s fertility, so I can’t quite say how it’ll affect you without knowing more.  It is true that some variations of a uterine septum can cause an increase in miscarriage, so it would be a good idea to check in with your midwife/doctor when deciding to become pregnant so that you can discuss whether it would be a good idea to have it removed or not.

Find more information here and here.

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