good lord that was heavy news
im crying on the inside

just an update here because i feel like sharing and you guys (my followes) are sort of up to date with it. most of you being around a year ago when i was first diagnosed.

theres a very real possibility i am going to lose my ovaries and uterus in this big operation on monday. if they show any signs of beinv cancerous. which they might. no risks yknow.

i mean it will prolong my life
but the realisation
i may seem cool with it
and i think i am

but thats very big for a 22 year old.

but if i dont get this operation
ill be dead by 27.

good lord i need a stiff drink and a hug

Artwork I made depicting both external & internal female anatomy
Female sexuality has been repressed for so long; girls are embarrassed or sacred of their own bodies
Don’t be!! Your body is beautiful and organic and natural and so pretty!!