ovarie busting

The many smiles of Chris Evans

Ok, we’re all agreed Chris Evans’ smile is the stuff of ovary-busting legend-

He acts like it’s no big deal, but he’s fully aware of the effect his smile has on us!

There’s the laughing smile…

That smile when he’s REALLY laughing….

The nervous red carpet smile…

The trademark, much beloved smirk….

The silly grin….

the ‘I could fuck your eyes out’ …..

'I’d rather be anywhere but here right now’ public appearance smile…

The 'Puppy Dog’….

the Squint ….

Ohhhhh, that smile!!

So Suwabe Junichi’s name only started to resonate in my memories after the blow up of Kuroko no Basket.  Even though my knowledge of his versatility and roles repertoire has grown vastly since then, every now and then when I come across a new role of his I can’t help but be amazed and utterly impressed because of how different he sounds from his first imprint left on me.  Which is why I sometimes have to remind myself that this walking wet dream

is actually voiced by the same person as this vulgar asshole

and I laugh a little on the inside at the comparison

It doesn’t help that he uses such an extreme and crude tone of his voice for Aho-mine, because then he goes on to voice slick af bishounens such as this one

(and many more) with one of the most naturally playful and flirty voices I’ve ever heard and I’m just like ?? how do you DO that how does your voice turn from being so rough and deadly low to being so high-pitched yet warm and delicate do you have access to the chamber of voices and can I come with ??  

Coming back to his character in Yuri!!! on Ice, I’m really happy that Be-san has landed a significant main role in mainstream anime that can robustly showcase how sexy and charming he could sound, what from the decades-long of experience that he’s had.  Viktor is already a perfect human being on the outside, but now every chance that he gets to open his mouth he sounds like that?  With just as much as a raise in tone, he could drastically sway his performance to the exact direction he wants to take it while killing millions of fangirls including me in the process, and that’s only the minimum of what he can do

Although, I gotta say that his years working with BL materials probably helped enhance his ovaries-busting skills to a great degree, lol.  All those soft moans and/or whispers you hear every time Viktor lovingly speaks to Yuuri?  Yeah you can bet 10 Maccachins and her tissue boxes that they come from a masterseiyuu well-versed in portraying BL gay sex of all kinds lol (I say BL because they’re generally targeted at girls and might not be accurate depictions of the act)

Edit: Here’s some more thoughts from me about the YoI cast

B.A.P on Hiatus
  • Yongguk: so while we're on hiatus and waiting for TS to get their shit together for the lawsuit-- what should we do?
  • Daehyun: maybe tease our BABYz with suprise songs, videos and pics?
  • Himchan: but they really miss us...this will kill them. It will make them suffer
  • Daehyun: yeah.
  • Himchan: hmmm
  • Daehyun: well are you in?
  • Youngjae: I am~
  • Daehyun: I know u are bby
  • Himchan: okay.
  • Yongguk: cheeyah... I'll release a song and MV
  • Zelo: yeah and I'll work on some songs too
  • Daehyun: I'll get some gigs and keep updating my instagram with videos and pics
  • Youngjae: this plan will bust ovaries worldwide
  • Daehyun: you bust mine bby
  • Jongup: do men have ovaries too? *gasps* Do you think I have ovaries!?
  • Zelo: hyung...really?
  • Himchan: what's your contribution to this Jongup?
  • Jongup: oh. I'll be in charge of taking photos when we're all together
  • Daehyun: sounds good~
  • Jongup: do you think my ovaries are busted?
  • All: *sigh*
  • Jongup: what?
Chris Evans + photoshoots

am I the only one completely destroyed by these ovary-busting pics from Evans’ latest Gucci photoshoot?

I mean, I cannot take my eyes off of him (nothing new there)

this meatball’s been killin’ us with his ‘strike-a-pose’ prowess for YEARS!

Exhibit A :

he’s a Noxzema-fresh teenager and already rockin’ that shit!

can you imagine what it must be like on set with him during a photoshoot?

he’s such a goober

and he’s sexier than fuck

but then….


and did I mention he’s sexier than all fuck?

OH! and there’s always THIS

what an asshole

rock climbing…

fetus stairway-dwelling….


BDSM fantasies anyone? or is it just me *cough*

starry night chest hair….






long eyelashes are lonnnnng

truck stop hooker….

gentle bearded musing Lothario….

Chris’ Gucci promotions have declared war on our ovaries before…

well, settle in folks. they’re not done with us yet!

I feel like Wynonna won’t care about Waverly being bi, but yeah she will be a bit hurt that Wave didn’t tell her. Then she’ll probably bust Nicole’s ovaries because “Dude we’re coworkers and kind of bros and you’re just gonna date my little sister without saying anything?! I thought we were close! You said I have a top shelf ass!” and then when Waverly isn’t around she’ll hug Nicole and tell her that she trusts her and knows that Waverly will be safe and happy with her. She’ll also throw in a line about being a better shot than her and if Wave gets hurt, Nicole better look out. She’ll also probably tell Waverly that it’s not so shocking that she’s dating a girl, but a cop. “Seriously Waves? You’re dating a flatfoot? Come on now! And she’s a ginger!” xD I just can’t wait for these interactions, it’ll be gold.