Foods that can Help Prevent Ovarian Cancer!
Experts believe that one-third of all cancers can be prevented by what you eat. For decades, public health researchers around the world have been studying how certain foods lower the risk of different cancers. What has emerged is good evidence that specific foods are associated with a lower risk for ovarian cancer.
Some of those foods are, like, fish, particularly fish with Omega-3 fatty acids, there have been studies in Europe that have actually shown a rather substantial up to 75% reduction in the risk of ovarian cancer by eating fish, but also some vegetables. So vegetables that are green leafy vegetables and including members of the lettuce family and chicory family like endive, most of the studies are coming out of Europe where these types of vegetables are much more commonly eaten than in the United States.


My body is swollen…my face is puffy…ughhh….darn you Prednisone! I hate it. My fat fingers. My stomach..I wore a full body shaper for a photo shoot today and it was SO uncomfortable. Hard to breathe! My arms are fatter than normal…legs and feet hurt… but hey… I can still make it work. Still work this makeup and find that “Glam”… even when I’m not quite ME… I still find the way to Lovelyville! This is not the face of a sick person or a cancer patient. This is the face of a beautiful woman surviving and living! This is What A Fighter Looks Like!


So hey!!! It’s September and ovarian cancer awareness month and as a GYN oncology OR nurse imma spam y'all with a link or 5!! GET EDUCATED.💙


The signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer present as vague and common ailments. Having the symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean cancer but it’s really important that you listen to your body. Tell your doctor if the symptoms persist and get worse or are not resolved with common interventions! Take action!


Ovarian/GYN cancers are not just diagnosed in the elderly or in people who have predisposed genes. The youngest patient I ever had in my OR was 19 years old at an alarmingly advanced stage. You are your best advocate! MAKE them listen to you. I’ve also had patients and friends who went in for routine PAP smear’s that came back with abnormal results that ended up being pre-cancerous (usually cervical). Maintaining routine comprehensive health and wellness is key for prevention and early detection! So go get you a PAP. Go see your OB/GYN annually. Or go to Planned Parenthood! They are fantastic advocates and a great resource!!


Learn about why ovarian cancer research is important and should be funded!! Information collected through this research, funded through donations and grants, help patients current and future have better outcomes and give us a better understanding of ovarian cancer and how to treat it!! It’s really cool!!


Speaking of research, I work in one of the largest teaching hospitals in North Carolina. We have an extensive Cancer Institute and conduct our own research at our facility. I work with patients that are a part of our ovarian cancer studies and the GYN oncologists who conduct them on a daily basis! If you’re so inclined and are looking for a worthy, credible place to donate to, this one is really great!! (And no I’m totally not biased;)) others can be found on ovarian.org (first link), it’s really a 10/10 site!!


Y'all know I love my job, but through awareness, education, research and funding we can make GYN cancer a rarity! And part of that is through community events! Get involved! Pictured is Biscuit at the 7th annual Stiletto Sprint in CLT this morning! Go find u a community and run in some heels gurl!! (or guy!!) 👠👗💙


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“Ovarian Cancer is a Cancer that begins in the female organs that produces eggs (ovaries).”

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this is a picture of me and my mom from her last birthday that we got to celebrate with her. she turned 40 that year. i was only in 5th grade when she got diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. and it was only 5 days after my 16th birthday that my mom lost her 5 year battle to Ovarian Cancer. she’s the reason i’m trying to make a difference, spread awareness and raise money. i don’t want anyone to have to go through what i did.