ovarian explosion


Am I late? Despite being a novelist, self-doubt and lack of confidence prevented me from writing earlier. How are you? I see you are oceans apart from me now. My work is fulfilling. There are many chances I meet with my members now, and we are getting ready for the tour. During my preparations, I actually imagine that I am getting ready to see you. In every performance we do, I imagine you are within the crowd, watching me with you sincere, concerned eyes. Over the passing seasons, I usually imagine it would be better if it is the season I finally meet you. I am sorry for over-dramatizing; this is actually how I feel. Distance, no matter how near, is still distance. I cannot wait for the day we will talk over my fresh brewed coffee about our favorite things, our hobbies, what we have learned, in the way you yearned for it.

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okay. So basically. When I come back from the city tomorrow I might be and emotional wreck because there is a slight chance of me finding one direction. I don’t even care if I’m not near them but if I see them I will be one happy ficking camper. My ovaries will explode. Legit. Omg. I’m going to cry tomorrow. What if like..they see me crying and ask why I’m upset. And I’ll just be like “….OMFG” and then pass out because I’m so star struck…what has my life come too?