ovarian cycle

Ovarian Psycos dir. Joanna Sokolowski & Kate Trumbull-LaValle (2015)

The all-woman, mostly Latina Ovarian Psyco Cycles Brigade is “both an answer and a challenge to the aggressive male biking culture” in Los Angeles. 

The group says the name “is a play on words intended to be playful and simultaneously create some sort of acknowledgment/acceptance/pride in one’s historically oppressed body.”

Sometimes the concept of a lot of topics to revise, and a lot of information to remember, can seem a bit daunting. 

Every one has their own way of revising which works for them, personally. I thought I’d share mine with you all as it may help at least one person! 

1. Go through the unit and write a list of all the topics you need to learn 

2. Number the topics in order of how confident you are with the information you need to learn. 

3. Start with the topics you’re least confident with! Go through textbooks/ powerpoint presentations / lesson notes - take all of the information you need a make mind maps.
Console all the information into A4 sheets so they’re easy to look at. 

4. Whilst you go through the topic, write a question list. The answers being the information you need to learn.
For example! Here I’m learning the process of the ovarian cycle. The cycle is divided into three phases (follicular, ovulation, luteal). My questions would be along the lines of “describe the key stages of the follicular phase”. 

5. On two sided question cards, write your questions and answers.
This little pack of question cards should cover all of the information you need to learn for a particular topic!  

6. Every day, go through the questions and try to answer them all!
Make sure you go over all the information you get wrong. Keep a diary with all your topics and how many questions you get correct from each. If revision is going well from a topic you should see a steady increase in the number you’re getting right every time you test yourself! 

 I do this because I know once I can answer a full set of questions, I fully understand the topic and every thing I need to know within the topic! 

 Happy studying :)