fellbloodrobin  asked:

okay, would it be at all plausible to have two trolls (who are moirails) with one being a rust-blooded science-y person who wants to put all trolls on the same level by making them all the same blood color (which is low sorta as a fuck-you to highbloods) and their moirail agrees to be a test subject and ends up getting an unnatural blood color because of doing so? she still pretends to be the caste she was before but would that make any sense at all???

Ehhhh this is sort of a stretch. The only way a thing like blood-color changing could be permitted was if it had some pretty extreme drawbacks. Such as her having to constantly take medicine for her body’s rejection of the blood pigment or something. I actually had a friend who did something similar with her troll. -D

fellbloodrobin  asked:

I know you said that snakes are a frequently used and cliche lusus idea, but would it be in the slightest bit okay if there was a valid reason behind the lusus, other than 'snakes are cool'? B/c I'm trying to make some fantrolls and I have a troll who's a seer (the oracle of delphi was tied to snakes quite a bit) and doesn't sleep like ever (snakes don't have eyelids to close so there's a reason) and I was wondering if that would be okay for a fantroll. (not that i'm being srs about him anyway)

It sounds like you have a more solid base than most snake trolls out there, so I say go ahead. - N