oval plugs


Check out the killer translucency of the incredible Namibian Sodalite some of you may remember me working with in 2014. This 5/8" (16mm) Oval Labret was carved a few months prior to the new year and is available HERE


Incredibly stoked to be working with this gorgeous Namibian Sodalite this week! Intense & deep royal blue material with hints of salmon and white make for a seriously enchanting set of jewelry. The pair of 20 mm Teardrops pictured is available HERE

This is the best sodalite I’ve seen in person and I’m lucky I had the opportunity to cut it! I do have a very small amount of this material left for small plugs, single flare plugs & labrets

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00g (9mm) Single Flare Sodalite Plugs with matching 00g (9mm) Oval Labret for the sweetest lady!!!

Claudio showing off his 5/8" ‘Gerisol Opal’ & Quartz ovals

Custom oval rough-faced amethyst plugs that shipped to a happy new home last week.

Note the curve of the wearing surface up into the crystals, and the lack of a fat, flat rim commonly seen on many inferior pieces in this style. There should not be a wide, flat disc of crystals protruding from in front of the flare edge/the front of the lobe with these rough-faced styles. That characteristic is the mark of a poorly thought out piece, or poor material selection.

Using rough with crystals that are disproportionally large compared to the jewelry size, or rough material with crystals that have too long of a quartz base before coming rooted into their agate or sedimentary matrix, are both signs of poor planning. In either case, the chosen material limits how far forward the piece can be carved. The result is jewelry that, rather than beautifully showcasing a face of crystals that seem to grow naturally from the ear, displays an inelegant protruding disc of crystals with a flat rim that looks like it’s sitting on top of the surface of the ear lobe.