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Sleepy Drawings

summary: Dan is drowning is textbooks, and he can’t help it that he falls asleep in the library. Phil, an art major, can’t help it that he draws the sleeping boy, and neither of them can help the relationship that blooms.

word count: 5.1k idek i thought this would be a lot shorter oops im not sorry

tw: i think none, unless you count voyeurism as one

genre: fluff and a lot of friggin smut

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“Beanbagging” SFW Preview

Hey, dudes. I’ve been working on a fic and figured I’d go ahead and put out a preview for it while I plan the end of it. This is all of the relatively SFW content before we bring out the big guns. If you want to read the full fic, in all its NSFW glory, it’ll be tagged as ‘Beanbagging’ if you want to look out for it. It will also be on AO3 under the same name!


Enjoy reading!

The little pixelated man jumped up and down on screen, dodging monsters, grabbing coins, and putting his life on the line, while Jeremy Heere sat in the comfort of his room. He was doing pretty well, actually. He almost always had a lower score than Michael, who seemed to be having a bit of an off day in Apocalypse of the Damned. Jeremy heard the tell tale 8bit whoops of a fallen comrade as the other character on screen twirled head over heels and died.

Jeremy looked over to his best friend in the beanbag beside his own, with a look of concern. Michael was never this bad at Apocalypse. The last time Jeremy could remember Michael being this off in a game was the day Michael had first asked him out on a date five months ago.

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Here we go! Another in this series of studies on human variation! More to come.
This time, on face shapes, starting with five basic shapes and variations on them, plus profiles and the parts that make up a face shape.
Again, feel free to use this as a ref, just not as a base. I hope this helps a few of you!


RP Fashion Shop / Bookworm Glamour. Iris and Ruri!

Ruri (right):

Main Weapon: Munificent Mogtome
Head: Oval Reading Glasses (Metallic Red)
Body: Scholasticate Coat (Coral Pink)
Hands: Claws of the Beast
Legs: Cropped Wool Slops
Feet: High House Halfboots

Iris (left):

Main Weapon: Mado Chronicle (Snow White)
Head: Oval Reading Glasses (Soot Black)
Body: Scholasticate Coat (Metallic Sky Blue)
Hands: None
Legs: Spring Skirt (Snow White)
Feet: Prototype Alex Boots of Casting


anonymous asked:

i have a oval head shape and a big forehead, what are somr punk haircuts that would flatter my headshape? xoxo

I dont really know much about hairstyling an all that fancy shit. But punk is about doing what you want man, dont think too much about it. If you want a Mohawk get a Mohawk if you want spikes get spikes. I you wanna shave half of your head and make neon green spikes on the other, fucking go for it, amazing
Do whatever the fuck you want; that is a punk hairstyle

~ mod Petar

Tutorial #7: Character Turnaround Sheet

A turnaround model sheet of your character can be a very useful tool. Animators and comic artists use turnaround model sheets to help them stay on-model as they draw characters from different angles and in varying poses. You can also use your turnaround sheet as a reference to create a maquette of your character.


  • pencil
  • paper
  • ruler
  • tracing paper (optional)
  • scanner/printer (optional)
  • Photoshop (optional)

Step 1

Once you’ve chosen a character you want to use, draw them in a front, three-quarter and side/profile view. You should choose a pose that conveys your character’s personality. For example, if your character is shy, you could draw them slightly hunched over, with their knees bent and pigeon-toed, as if they’re trying to hide themselves from the outside world.

I prefer to use relatively simple poses that will allow me to see the character’s body from all angles. You’re free to draw them in as dynamic a pose as you want. Just remember that you’ll be drawing this pose from various angles!

I started by loosely drawing the front, three-quarter and side/profile view free hand.

Tom Bancroft, author of Creating Characters With Personality, suggests you draw these three poses free hand, without restricting them to fit within a certain height. You can make adjustments later, to make your lineup cohesive. Avoiding restrictions at this point will allow you to experiment freely to find the strongest poses to use.

However, for the sake of cohesion, I suggest you try to keep the proportions relatively close to each other. For example, try to keep the eyes, nose, and mouth at around the same height within the face in each pose, the hands and clothes at about the same length, the hair within the same size, etc.  

Step 2

Tighten your sketches a little bit more, taking into consideration the structure of your character and their geometric build up. This will help you maintain the shapes cohesive as they turn in space. (i.e. oval head, cylindrical legs and arms, cone torso, etc.)

I focused on strengthening the structure of the character and tried to keep it cohesive throughout by basing my second round of sketches on geometric structures (you can omit the character’s arm in profile view to allow a better view of the torso).

I used tracing paper over my original sketches to define the geometric buildup. I then tightened my sketches basing the form on the geometric structures I defined. Note that at this point I added more detail to the outline and structure of the face in particular.

It’s important to keep human anatomy in mind when you begin to define your character’s silhouette in three-quarter and profile view. You might want to look up references as you work, use a mirror or ask a friend to pose for you.

Keep in mind that foreheads, noses and chins often protrude noticeably, as well as the back of the head. These are key in creating an appealing and believable head shape. Eyes rest within eye sockets, which will make them much less visible in profile view. Try to visualize your character’s form in three dimensional space as you draw. Think of the volume of the shapes and how they would look from a particular angle.

Flat shapes are boring and do little to create the illusion of volume in a drawing. Take care to create variation within your character’s silhouette. Even if your character is skinny, their body will have mass and volume. Use this opportunity to really try to understand the way your design would work in three dimensional space.

Step 3

To create the back and back three-quarter views, take your front and three-quarter views and flip them horizontally to use as a reference. I scanned mine and flipped them in Photoshop. If you don’t have access to these, you could use tracing paper or a light box or draw them free hand.

  • Tracing paper: trace your sketches, then turn the sheet upside down for the flipped version.
  • Light box: place your sketch upside down on the light box to get the flipped version.

Place tracing paper over your flipped sketches and draw the back view of each pose.

I flipped the sketches on the left and referenced them, using tracing paper, to create the back and three-quarter back views to the right.

The purpose of the flipped sketch is to provide a silhouette you can base yourself on, but don’t get stuck on trying to keep the silhouette perfect. Make adjustments as you see fit to accurately portray the pose from the angle you’re looking at it. Use geometric structures to help you visualize the shapes as you would see them from behind.

When you see the face in your flipped sketch, imagine what the back of the head would look like. Is the character wearing a hat? What kind of hairstyle do they have?

When you see the torso, picture what the back of it would look like. Is the character standing up straight or hunched over? Would the torso be pointing toward the viewer or away from him? (in my case it’s pointing away).

When you see the feet and hands, picture how much of the toes and fingers you would see from behind. Would you see them at all?

Step 4

Tighten your lineup and make necessary adjustments to make the figures align properly. Photoshop can be very useful in this instance, since it allows you to select specific areas and realign, stretch and rotate them however you want.

If you don’t have access to Photoshop, you can use a ruler to create guides for yourself.

I put all my sketches together in Photoshop, added guides, and made all necessary adjustments to the sketch before finalizing the turnaround sheet.

More Examples

Turnaround model sheets for my characters Luther and Sloan. 

satanbird  asked:

That aquamarine/yellow pearl fusion is a bit interesting to me. The nose is different than pearl's despite aquamarine not even having one, and the head isnt round despite both aquamarine and pearl having round or oval head shapes.

hmm i goofed again  i had 3 asks for a holly blue agate and yellow pearl fusion

thats who thats suppose to be  not a  aquamarine and yellow pearl fusion

“The Pencil”

REQUEST (by @stantasticstan):  Can I request an imagine where the reader and Peter go to school together and at some point she sees him on the street (as Spider-Man) and he bumps into her or something and to make it up to her he swings her all around the city and it’s super sweet?

NOTE: Thanks for requesting, I’m always open to requests!

    It was 8:10 on a Tuesday morning, almost time for the bell to ring signalling three minutes before the start of homeroom. You were sitting on the floor in front of your locker, leaning back and doing your French homework. Your friend that usually hangs with you in the mornings was gone on an art field trip, so you were left to struggle alone. Groaning, you stared at the page of your text book, shaking your head in confusion. Your teacher was going to kill you when she saw you hadn’t finished.

    Sighing, you gave up and slammed your textbook shut. The halls were starting to fill up with people, the noise becoming too distracting anyway. At last the bell rang, and you stood, taking out your books for your first class. Suddenly, hearing a commotion down the hall, you turned to look. 

    The one and only Peter Parker came barreling down the hall, ducking out of the way of his fellow classmates. 

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When we needed to talk and the clouds stopped to listen.

We once became faded and blue toned
and refused to let the sunlight alter
our color contrast.
We found use for the blank
sheets of paper we could not
reason walking over.
I recognize your pencil shading
by how soft you push into the paper. It is muscle memory
of the way you moved
your fingertips
along the matte framing of my skin tones.
We did not settle into sunlight
the way summer lovers push glitter pens
into the sand.
We sketched outlines with the sound of thunder, always muffled
through the window.
We exhaled exposure until our lungs became as blue as
4 a.m.

Mommy Winchester (Part 2)

Winchesters x reader

Warnings: Language, Violence

A/N: Events of the show will not be in order (so probable spoilers)

“So you’re going to be okay staying with Nancy and Fred?” you worry, crouching down to your sons height. “I only have to run back to the office for a few things, and then I’ll be right back, I promise!”

“It’s okay, Mommy,” he gives you his toothy grin. “Nancy is gonna make cookies!”

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anonymous asked:

Pardon me for asking, Mister/Miss Doberart, but what materials do you use for art on paper? And what program do you use when you do digital? Also, what base shapes do you use if any? (Circle for the head?) Btw, you are positively an angel. 👏 😇 I know people have been telling you that a lot, but we all mean it. Between your talent, your kindness, and your patience, all of us fans are just in awe. 👐 Don't forget it.

It would be Miss. :) But Doberart is fine. Haha. You’re too kind. Well, on paper I usually just stick to pencil. I use a mechanical pencil most of the time, though sometimes I like to use a ballpoint pen. For digital I switch back and forth between Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint. As far as shapes, I tend to do a very light sketch of the figure, sometimes I use shapes (like oval/circles for the head). I start with the eyes most of the time. I hope that helps.

anonymous asked:

Tadashixreader before they date, and tadashi shows reader baymax and baymax scans reader and tells them they are really happy for some reason? diagnosis: infatuation :D

i acTUALLY DID A SMALL FIC(WELL IT WAS PART OF A ONESHOT) ABOUT THIS OH MY GOD. I’ll re-post just the part about baymax bc i really liked it tbh and i wished it got more attention.

His fingers were extremely warm, you realized. That made you smile. The way he taught you Calculus and Robotic Science made your heart flutter. You could physically see just how passionate Tadashi was about all of this. He was passionate about the world, and the universe. You admired his strength and abilities, especially those that you never had. His ability to remain optimistic was exceedingly admirable. Sighing gently at your thoughts, you looked across the so called ‘Nerd Lab’ and caught his seemingly dark amber eyes automatically. He had been working on something big, something that he claimed would change the world. He called it “Baymax”, and refused to show anyone the project until he was sure that “Baymax” was ready to really change the world. And today, seemed to be that day.

“(NAME)!!” You were caught off guard, your thoughts now scattering away from your mind as you were tugged back into the real world. Tadashi was excitingly in front of you, basically jumping up and down. His hat had been long off of his head, something that only happened when he was determined and working hard, so his hair was bouncing with his movement. A warm hand grasped around your wrist, and you were then being tugged into his messy office space. He naturally had the shades shut, so it was dark, but just light enough for your eyes to see his blue prints and a small red box sitting in front of the window.

You tilted your head, as you realized that this must have been his project. He began by poking your arm with an extremely sharp pencil. “Ow!” You screeched, shooing him and his pencil away as your fingers rubbed at the mark left behind. The air was full of a mechanical sound, and before you knew it, you were face to well, stomach with a thing you could only describe as being the Michelin man meeting Marshmallow. It started to speak in a soft robotic tone. “Hello, I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion. I heard a sign of distress,” Baymax tilted his oval head, “What seems to be the trouble?”

You were dumbfounded as you stumbled over your words. “I Uh… T-Tadashi ju…st…”

“You have a small abrasion to your arm, seemingly caused by a stab by a small object. On a scale of one to ten,” Faces popped up on the screen installed in his stomach, “How would you rate your pain?”

You stumbled again, and looked over at Tadashi who was beaming over his newly developed world changer. “I uh… One?”

Baymax sprayed a small amount of what you think to be an antibiotic, before placing a small band-aid above your stab mark. “That is better?” He asked, and you nodded slightly. “Here,” He lifted his hand, a small circular lollipop in his hand, “Have a lollipop.” You were hesitant as you took the candy from the robot, and looked over at Tadashi with raised eyebrows.

“This!! This is what you’ve been working on!?” You smiled with pride. “This is amazing, Tadashi! So amazing!!” You laughed softly, arms wrapping around the much taller Asian. “He’s going to change the world!”

Tadashi was starstruck to the ground, he didn’t even budge when he felt your heart beating against his skin. “I uhm…” He had to collect himself. It wasn’t like him to lose his cool, especially in front of you. Swallowing slowly, Tadashi chuckled nervously and looked at Baymax. “Thanks, (_Name)…” He pulled back and walked towards the big white marshmallow. “He really will change the world… I mean…. a personal healthcare provider? For people who are older, for people who have trouble of being alone! Baymax will be there for them!! He even scans people for—-“

“Scanning.” Baymax said in a clear tone.

“No! Don’t scan me—-!!”

“Scan complete. Name; Tadashi Hamada. Your Dopamine, Oxytocin levels are exceedingly high, as well as your Testosterone levels. There are two possible diagnosis’. Love and or lust. Treatment could include hugging, holding another, and or even mating with the opposite se—-”

“Woah okay! Baymax!” Tadashi turned his back to you, and looked at Baymax, straight into the cameras in his head. “I—- I…” It was quite for a moment, as your eyes looked at Tadashi’s backside, thinking now of what Baymax had said earlier. A minute had passed of pure silence before Tadashi rubbed the back of his head and looked back at you. He opened his mouth as though he were going to slip an excuse for Baymax, but the robot cut him off, thinking that the silence that had ensued meant that he was no longer needed.

“I cannot deactivate until you say that you are satisfied with your care.” You chuckled slightly, impressed with the amount of detail and computing that Tadashi had actually put into his project. 

Tadashi voice wavered slightly as he said to Baymax; “I am satisfied with my care.” Baymax then returned to the red box on the floor, stepped inside, began charging and deflated. You blinked and looked at Tadashi with a small smile. You could tell that he was embarrassed but decided not to discuss it unless he brought it up first. “Sorry…” Tadashi picked his hate up off the table and looked at you with slightly loving eyes. “Baymax… He’s….”

“I’m not a scientist of love, but I thought Dopamine, Oxytocin and Testosterone were established when you were with someone you loved.”

“Yeah,” Tadashi chuckled and kicked Baymax’s box slightly, “He has a couple glitches I haven’t yet fix… I mean…” He looked at you, and realized just how bad that must have sounded. He was trying to excuse his love for you as a glitch in the robot he had made. Sighing deeply, Tadashi sat at the corner of his desk, that burning feeling he had felt when he first saw you now inside of his chest once again. “Listen, (_Y/n_)… Baymax…. Didn’t glitch… I do… I Like you. I mean. LIKE.” He had turned slightly darker due to a small blush engulfing his cheeks. “I mean, I could call it love, but I don’t know how you feel about me. You deal with me, and you have ever since we meet a year ago, but for all I know you could hate me and I—-”

You cut him off. “I do like you, Tadashi.” Your fingers touched the bandaid that Baymax had put on your arm. Your heart was beating so fast, your hands were sweaty and your mouth was clamy now that you had actually said it outloud. You looked down and smiled slightly as a burning sensation began building up in your chest. “I could call it love.”