oval glasses

Katie Maurice was Anne’s imaginary window friend who helped her through some tough times at the orphanage, but did you know L.M. Montgomery based Katie off her own window friends? In March 26, 1905 she wrote.“In our sitting room there has always been a big bookcase used as a china cabinet.  In each door is a large, oval glass, dimly reflecting the room.  When I was very small each of my reflections in these glass doors were ‘real folks’ to my imagination.  The one in the left-hand door was Katie Maurice, the one in the right-hand Lucy Gray.  Why I named them thus I cannot say….Katie was a little girl like myself and I loved her dearly.  I would stand before that door and prattle to her for hours, giving and receiving confidences…Lucy Gray was grown-up—and a Widow!  I did not like her as well as Katie.  She was always sad and always had dismal stories of her troubles to relate to me; nevertheless, I always visited her scrupulously in turn, lest her feelings should be hurt, because she was jealous of Katie, who also disliked her.  All this sounds like the veriest nonsense, but I cannot describe how real it was to me.  I never passed through the room without a wave of my hand to Kate in the glass door at the other end.”


RP Fashion Shop / Bookworm Glamour. Iris and Ruri!

Ruri (right):

Main Weapon: Munificent Mogtome
Head: Oval Reading Glasses (Metallic Red)
Body: Scholasticate Coat (Coral Pink)
Hands: Claws of the Beast
Legs: Cropped Wool Slops
Feet: High House Halfboots

Iris (left):

Main Weapon: Mado Chronicle (Snow White)
Head: Oval Reading Glasses (Soot Black)
Body: Scholasticate Coat (Metallic Sky Blue)
Hands: None
Legs: Spring Skirt (Snow White)
Feet: Prototype Alex Boots of Casting


Quidditch Romance |

Sofia Pov

Currently I was sitting, surrounded by shades of blue rippling the reflections of nature. The sun had cascaded across the soft ripples in various shades of reds and oranges. My dark hair was pulled into a messy bun resting on top of my head complimenting my oval shaped banana republic glasses that enlarged my brown eyes. My green robes fluttered about in the gentle breeze as I sat by the lake with the the one and only Kris. Yes I said Kris, the pure blood that was quite intimidating…..at first sight. Honestly he’s just a puppy that suffered from RBF. Only few people knew the soft sided Kris and those few were Emily and I even if I wasn’t that close Emily she always put Kris in line.

“There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” Speaking of the ginger with brilliant blue eyes, that could put even the lake to shame, skipped toward the tall slytherin and stood directly in front of him looking as intimidating as she possibly could. Sure she was a pure blood, ambitious and sweet, but she was still only 5'4" which was nothing compared to the over 6’ Kris wu.

Back to the point she stopped directly in front of him, blocking the sun, and glaring down at the slytherin prefect she called a best friend. I watched in amusement as Kris looked up at the ginger unamused before breaking out into a gummy smile and standing to his full heat and ruffling her locks about into a style that resembled a birds nest very well.

Emily huffed at the person she called a best friend before turning toward me with a pleading look to help sort out the tangled disaster. I patted the spot next to me knowing standing would do nothing for either of us.

“So Sofia how have you been?” Emily plopped in front of me back to me as I sat onto my knees to sort out the ginger locks.

“I'v been good. How bout you Em how’s the ravenclaw life treating you?”

“It’s good thanks for asking!” There was a pause. “So I overheard a certain chaser who is certainty interested in you-” Emily started.

“And? What did this certain chaser say?” I interrupted still untangling the birds nest one by one.

“Aaannnddd he would absolutely love if you would go to the game to watch.” bingo anterior motive smooth Emily.

“Emily you know that I don’t do sports. It’s not my thing.”

“Yeah but-” Emily started but this time Kris cut her off.

“Sofia let’s be honest here you are totally into Sehun but you are afraid of being hurt by the star Slytheirn player right? Well let me tell you if he wasn’t into you he would’ve stopped bugging you after week one and how many weeks has it been for you?”

“….3.” I answered dumbfounded.

Kris smirked. “Exactly. He’s into you and he’s been wanting you to come watch him at just one game but you turn him down every time Sofia. Why don’t you just go to one?”

“Well you know I’m-” I started.

“Yeah shy we know.” Em said.

“I was gonna say introverted but that works too.”

“What Em is trying to say is we know you don’t like attention but really there’s so many students that go here and you don’t even have to wear quidditch stuff or anything to bring attention.” Kris stated.

“Kris I’m bound to bring attention. Hello part veela ringing a bell? I literally freaking glow like the vampires in twilight!” I exclaimed seconds away from pulling my own hair in frustration.

“Think about it this way, you are way Prettier than anything in that retched movie. Why not embrace the inner and outer veela?” Emily stated in a matter of fact tone.

“You gotta get over the attention fear some time Sofia. Some attention is good. Besides if anyone even says anything bad about you we got your back.” Kris smiled reassuringly.

I sighed deeply contemplating my options. ‘I did like Sehun yes, but I didn’t like attention and everyone knows the star player is into me. There’s bound to be attention on me!’ I thought or at least I thought it was a silent thought.

“Just one game Sofia! We will be with you the whole time. There’s nothing to worry about. Just give it a try.” Em said reassuringly before standing up with silky untangled hair before offering her petite hand toward me. I battled with myself internally but in the hand grasped her hand and let her and Kris lead me toward the quidditch stands.


The game was in full swing with Slytherin and Ravenclaw neck and neck. We sat near the back which calmed my anxiety….just a bit. At least Kris and Emily kept their promise by staying with me although I had to listen to their playful banter about which team would win. My eyes darted from the action to the crowds nervously as I tugged my thin jacket tighter around my slightly glowing figure.

Slytherin had the goal open right in front of them and I nervously wrung my hands together watching as the ball was passed to Sehun and he scored another ten points for Slytherin. He swooped down as the cheers wring out from the green side of the stadium. He flew past each stand reaching down to high five fellow classmates and in no time he reached our section and I prayed he wouldn’t see me and drag all the attention from our fellow classmates from him to me. Of course the universe had other plans and suddenly my irises met shining mocha that brightened upon recognizing me standing with the rest of Slytherin to watch the match between Ravenclaw and Slytherin. He smiled widely revealing all his teeth and attempting a wave before slyly swooping down to quickly high five Kris and wink at me at the same time.

‘Sly little shit that has a beautiful smile.’ I shook my head at his antics before grinning back before he swooped down back into the action. Emily nudged me before I pushed her slightly away and gained the courage to cheer for Sehun.

Suddnely a bell rung and the announcer screamed, “Huang Zitao has caught the golden snitch! Slytherin wins!”

Our section erupted into cheers and I clapped along laughing with Emily who pouted slightly before grinning. I turned to hug Kris and thank him for making me watch the game, but the prefect was nowhere to be seen.

“Prefect duties I think.” Emily answered with a hint of sarcasm to my silent question again.

“In the middle of a game?” I asked not really confused by his sudden disappearance.

Emily shrugged in reply before latching onto my wrist and tugging me down the steps rapidly to the point where I was forced to take the stairs two or three at a time. We made it to the bottom where I landed safely on the field sighing in relief at the pure luck we had. Emily let go of my wrist and smiled knowingly at me before giving my an apologetic expression before she darted through the excited Slytherin students toward the school.

I stared after her in disbelief. “Yah! Emily what the- why are you running? Come back you can’t just leave m here by myself!” I screamed in her direction and I knew she heard when she turned and gave me a sly wink before continuing her run.

I threw my arms down with a huff. “Okay that was rude! How dare she think she can leave me by mysel- ahhh!” I yelled as arms wrapped around my waist and I was lifted off the ground into a spinning hug. My arms wrapped around the lean figure, holding on for dear life. The familiar laugh of Oh Sehun reached my ears before he set me down gently and grinning down at me with now messy hair. I blew a piece of hair out of my face and that just caused Sehun to grin wider and reach up to tuck it behind my ear and adjusting my glasses on my nose.

“You’re here! You’re actually here!” Sehun exclaimed happily.

I smiled bashfully, eyes diverting to the far more interesting ground. “Yeah I I did. And you were ….incredible.” I muttered head down.

A finger was placed under my chin and my eyes were tugged like a magnet to Sehun. His smile was brilliantly bright and a hint of mischief was tugging on the edges.

“Did Sofia, the one who absolutely despised any sport, just say that I was..incredible?” He was teasing me and unfortunately my cheeks weren’t on the same page as my mind to ignore him.
If it was possible his grin brightened into a smirk at the rosy flush creeping up my skin.

“Don’t flatter yourself Oh Sehun.” I punched his arm pushing him away before turning toward the school to head inside. I heard Sehun’s laugh behind me before he jogged to catch up to me, entertaining our hands together and I couldn’t stop thinking about how warm his hand was and how oddly comfortable I felt as we walked away from the quidditch field.

“Wait so Kris convinced you to come? Prefect Kris? Pure blood, Slytherin Kris? Resting butch faces Kris?” Sehun was in disbelief as we both headed to the Slytherin common room to celebrate our win.

I laughed at his expression. “Yes that Kris! I mean how many Kris’ do you know?” I teased.

He scoffed playfully. “I’ll have you know I know many people named Kris.” He sassily retorted causing the both of us to burst into a string of laughter.

“Oh my god Sehun! Why are you like this?” I managed to ask as I wiped the laughter evidence from my eyes.

“Only for you sweetcheeks.” He grinned at me cheekily.

“Smooth. Real smooth.” I muttered with a smile on my face and a roll of my eyes.
We turned the corner of the hall to the common room before spotting the very person we were talking about just seconds ago and a very gobsmacked and flustered beagle line.

Trapped against the wall was the Gryffindor prefect Suho who was very close to Kris. The two prefects were inches apart and quite flustered from the red hue casting onto both boys’ faces. It was ironic considering both boys seemed to be mere enemies…to everyone else.

I caught Kris’ eye and winked at him as he scoffed and leaned away from Suho. “We were just talking that’s all geez guys!” Kris muttered with zero confidence in his voice. I smirked at his obvious bluff, I knew exactly what they were doing. Kris and Suho may see like enemies to everyone else, but there is no way he can hide this from me or Emily for that matter.
Sehun rolled his eyes before gently tugging me past the gawking beagle line, a flustered Suho, and glaring Kris as I snickered at his terrible secret keeping skills. Sehun muttered the password to the door before slipping us both inside the common room before he jumped in fright at the loud cheers, party poppers, and excessive banners that were cheering for Slytherin in honor of his win.

I grinned at our house enthusiasm and sneaking a knowing look at Sehun. “Shouldn’t you be used to this? I mean we do this every single time Slytherin wins.”

Sehun shot me a pen unamused look before being pulled to cheer with the rest of the team. He managed to mouth I’ll be back before he disappeared into the crowd. I shook my head before making my way to the couch and taking a seat next to Brooklyn and Lisa. We quickly engaged into a conversation about the game and the two girls were shocked at finding out I went to the game and teasing me about coming in with Sehun. We poked jabs at one another before Lisa was called off to another corner and bidding a see you later before she too disappeared into the crowd with Brooklyn in tow.

I sighed leaning back and just watching the crowd of Slytherin jump around and dance to the music that was now blasting my house by Flo. Rida. I jumped slightly as the cushion sunk under the weight of another body and I turned to find Kris sitting beside me and I couldn’t just let the whole scene five minutes ago go.

“So how was your make out session? What did the beagles say?”

Kris shot me an unamused look and decided to take a sip of the mysterious dark liquid in his cup.

“Oh the silent treatment? Wow immature Kris.” He continued to ignore me. “You know you really suck at secrets.” That caught his attention as his attention wa suddenly shifted from the crowd to me. “What?”

“You heard me. You suck at secrets mr. prefect.”

“How so?” His eyes narrowed at my claims.

“Well for starters you disappear in the middle of the game and except us to believthe prefect duties excuse? And how convenient that Suho is always disappearing at the same time. Especially during breakfast and dinner and during break.” Kris looked gobsmacked that I had figured it out.

“Oh don’t worry only me and Em know…and the beagles…and Sehun.” I snickered.

He rolled his eyes for the fifteenth today before his eyes scanned the crowd and suddenly a smirk rose on his face.

“Lover boy is watching.” Kris attempted to change the subject as hi nodded toward the crowd. To bad for him I wasn’t taking the bait.

“Suho ain’t here though.” I feigned innocence. Kris turned to glare at me as I grinned at him.

“Did I ask?” He replied making me laugh loudly.

Before I could retort a hand was extended in front of me and I followed the arm to find Sehun in front of me. I grinned at him and grasped his hand letting him pull me upright. He spun on his heel and lead us through the crowd but that didn’t stop my teasing grin at Kris and I caught him sticking his tongue out at me in reply.I laughed in reply to that before suddenly finding the noise fading away and suddenly the fireplace was in view.

“Sorry about that I just wanted to be able to hear you and just relax.” Sehun sheepishly admitted.

My head cocked to the side. “Don’t you want to celebrate with your team?”

Sehun shook his head and his hand ran through his blonde hair. “Nah they don’t mind. I want to celebrate with you.”

I grinned slightly before inching closer to his figure on the couch. “Are you sure? Don’t you like to party? Why would you choose me over the party? I’m just plain Sofia.”

Sehun turned to me with a strong affection in his eyes that were locked onto my own. “Sofia of course is choose you over the party. We win too many times anyway and I’ve partied enough this year that I can spend time with you, where I’d rather be.”

I rolled my eyes at his obvious cockiness, but didn’t dismiss the sweet comment either. “Sehun there’s only been like 4 games this year and Slytherin has played twice.”

“That’s besides the point.” He dismissed my teasing jab. “Sofia,” he had a serious expression on now. “I love spending time with you.”

“Why?” Was my immediate response, fueled by curiosity.

“Well you are beautiful to start with. And your smart and quick witted. I love how you are ambitious and work very hard. I love how you sass me and won’t take anyone’s crap. I love how you are introverted, how you prefer to stay in and read to going to a game. I love how you came to watch me and stepping out of your comfort zone. I love how you are honest and have the purest intentions. I love your hair when it’s in a bun and when you where your glasses, not that you aren’t just as stunning in contacts.” I rolled my eyes at that. “But I love how you came to watch me even though you despise sports. I love that you are part veela even though you hate it, because that’s what drew me too youI’m crazy about you Sofia, why wouldn’t I spend time with you?”

I was speechless. “I never knew you felt that way about me Sehun.” I whispered too afraid to raise my voice. Sehun grabbed my hands in his asking me face him. His eyes sparkled as he looked into me. His eyes flickered down to my lips and back up to my eyes as the silent question lingered between us. I smiled and gave my permission with the smallest nod and suddnely I was engulfed in a warmth that started from my chest and spread outward. His hand cradled my head as he gently caressed the skin on the back of my neck. My eyes fluttered shut and a pleased hum escaped me as his arm pulled me closer to the warmth.

His lips caressed mine slowly, no rush evident. All that see,ed to be there was savoring this moment as the sweet taste of his lips on mine made my mind fuzzy. My stomach erupted with butterflies and my heart began to beat like a hummingbirds wings. My skin tingled under his soft touch. My mind began to get dizzy from lack of oxygen and he pulled back and rested his forehead against mine, panting softly.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that.” He whispered as his hand massaged the back of my neck.

I held his hand in my lap smiling as he reached up to hold our hands to his lips. He kissed my hand before lowering our hands again and leaning forward again. He stopped inches away and I closed the distance pressing my lips to his soft and sweet ones again as he held my closely and surrounded my whole body with warmth that I didn’t know I had been craving until now.


So I’ve decided to share my Glamour if any of you are interested, kinda simple all things said and only one dungeon drop.

Weapon : Metamorphosis From Sohm Al normal mode

Head : Oval Reading Glasses Jet Black

Chest : Star Velvet Himation of Healing Marsh Green

Hands : Boarskin Ringbands of Gales

Legs : Expeditioner’s Pantlettes

Feet : Survival Boots

Earrings : Paramour’s Earrings

Neck : Boarskin Choker

Wrists : Bone Armillae

Right Ring : Toadskin Ring

Left Ring : Eterity Ring

List of AU David Baines

Alpha David

Name: David Arial Baines
HP: 90
LV: 1
Age: 33 in monster years
Height: 5'2"
Magic: Yellow.
Weapon: Yellow magic pistol. Rarely seen.
Body size: Hefty, with an apple shaped body.
Profession: Secretary at New Home Law Firm, currently studying to pass Bar Exam to become Lawyer, and hopes to one day become a Royal Judge.
Temperament: Sweet, prone to bouts of nervousness. Very attuned to the justness of someone, able to keep a calm and even head in harsh times.
Accent: Posh British, with a moderate, gentle laugh.
Usual clothing: (At Work) A button up shirt, with a sweater vest, and a long tie tucked in, along with slacks and dress shoes. Wears oval glasses for reading. (At Home) NHU sweatshirt, with sweatpants and socks. Unless reading, does not wear his glasses normally. (Sleeping) Boxer shorts and socks in the summer. Flannel pajamas in the winter.

Underfell David

Name: David Arial Baines
HP: 280
LV: 8
Nickname: Edgar
Age: 40 in monster years
Height: 5'8"
Magic: Yellow.
Weapon: Tommy gun. Only seen in emergencies when fists and choking won’t cut it.
Body size: Squat and fat, with an inverted triangular shaped body.
Profession: Grifter and slight-of-hand Thief
Temperament: Harsh, tends to lash out frequently. Tends to get into fistfights frequently as well. Prefers to choke victims after punching them into submission.
Accent: Cockney British, with a gruff, rasping laugh.
Usual clothing: (Outside of home) Old brown leather jacket, black shirt underneath that’s slightly ripped at the edges. Wears black fingerless gloves to protect his wrist, palm and finger bones. Has a cracked cheekbone that he wears black tape over to hold together. (Inside of home) Pajama pants and ratty t-shirt.

Underswap David

Name: David Arial Baines
HP: 100
LV: 1
Nickname: Carrol
Age: 28 in monster years
Height: 5'0"
Magic: Yellow.
Weapon: Concussion shot gun. Never used before.
Body size: Overweight, with an hourglass shaped body.
Profession: Librarian at Snowdin Library.
Temperment: Nice, slightly stern and speaks in a quiet voice normally. Rarely is loud, but appreciates dry wit and dark humor.
Accent: Southern US, with a lilting, happy laugh.
Usual Clothing: (Outside of home) T-shirt and jeans, round glasses on a beaded chain. Sneakers. (At home) Long nightgown with slippers.

Outertale David

Name: David Arial Baines
HP: 85
LV: 1
Nickname: Adams
Age: 35 in monster years
Height: 6'0"
Magic: Yellow.
Weapon: Laser pistol.
Body size: Slightly overweight, with a narrow rectangular shaped body.
Profession: Human Historian.
Temperment: Goofy and very sweet. Is loud and boisterous sometimes, quiet and contemplative the next. It’s hard to tell exactly what his next emotion will be, but he is a kind soul with lots to talk about. The few monsters who know about him, consider him an eccentric loner, and mostly avoid him.
Accent: Scottish Accent, with a nasally strident laugh.
Usual Clothing: (Outside of home) Blue tunic over gray leggings, with black boots. (At home) Boxer shorts with tank top and socks.

Underlust David

Name: David Arial Baines
Nickname: Johnson
Age: 30 in monster years
Height: 5'3"
Magic: Yellow.
Weapon: Mini gun.
Body size: Slender, with narrow cylindrical shaped body.
Profession: Gigolo/Waiter
Temperament: Dry wit, rarely cracks jokes. Likes to get very close, violating personal space very frequently.
Accent: Silky smooth British Accent, with a soft, breathy giggle.
Usual Clothing: (Outside of home) No shirt, tight pants with thigh-high boots. (At home) Nothing at all.

About for Laura Anderson

Character Chart
Character’s full name:  Laura Elizabeth Anderson 
Reason or meaning of name: Her mom just liked it, and i think Elizabeth is the name of her paternal grandmother, not that she’d know that. 
Character’s nickname: Laur 
Reason for nickname: It’s half of her name, plus she likes it better for some reason. 
Birth date: August 8th, 1994. 

Physical Appearance
Age: twenty-two
How old does he/she appear: She could pass for 18, maybe younger depending on what she’s wearing and if she has make up on. 
Weight: 110lbs
Height: 5′6
Body build: Petite/Slender  
Shape of face: Oval 
Eye color: Brown 
Glasses or contacts: Neither 
Skin tone: white/caucasian 
Distinguishing marks: scar on her hip  
Predominant features: Strong jaw, eyebrows, and a bright smile. 
Hair color: Dark Brown 
Type of hair: Wavy 
Hairstyle: Long 
Voice: Melodic, but young sounding. 
Overall attractiveness: Pretty attractive. 
Physical disabilities: n/a 
Usual fashion of dress: leggings, a bandeau and a teeshirt, or an oversized sweater. sometimes jeans, a tee and a leather jacket. 
Favorite outfit: boyshorts and an oversized teeshirt. 
Jewelry or accessories: a ring on her right hand and a pair of earrings depending on her mood. 

Good personality traits: determined, helpful, caring, somewhat maternal
Bad personality traits: easily offended, choleric, stubborn, prone to distrust. 
Mood character is most often in: a sarcastic one. 
Sense of humor: inappropriate to say the least. 
Character’s greatest joy in life: sex, sleeping, pie, pizza & beer. 
Character’s greatest fear: Being abandoned, or never finding love. 
Why? Her mother abandoned her a lot, and she never really saw a healthy relationship around her. 
What single event would most throw this character’s life into complete turmoil? her mothers death - which just happened
Character is most at ease when: probably when she’s on her couch watching something, or with blaine or eli. 
Most ill at ease when: in a high stress situation, or when drugs are present 
Enraged when: someone calls her a whore, when someone doesnt help themselves to what they need, or when someone gets in her business without asking. 
Depressed or sad when: thinking about her future 
Priorities: not falling apart. 
Life philosophy: fuck it. 
If granted one wish, it would be: to start over. 
Why? because she just is a very sad puppo. 
Character’s soft spot: her soft spot is for the people she’s closest to, they’re really the only people she trusts. 
Is this soft spot obvious to others? not always, but it’s coming more and more clear. 
Greatest strength: the fact that she is very prone to sticking up for others 
Greatest vulnerability or weakness: she tends to run away from her own emotions
Biggest regret:  not going after her mom when she had the chance 
Minor regret: getting into porn
Biggest accomplishment: taking care of herself after her mom disappeared 
Minor accomplishment: actually allowing people to start to get close to her 
Past failures he/she would be embarrassed to have people know about: i wouldn’t say failures, but i would think that she might be embarassed about one day maybe being a mom and people knowing about her porn history. 
Why? porn ruins lives, folks. 
Character’s darkest secret: oh god, she’s got way too many of those. 
Does anyone else know? the person who was involved other than her? 

Drives and motivations: her friends and cousin are her motivators right now, other than that her drive in life is her inner clock I suppose. 
Immediate goals: to get through the celebration of life party on friday. 
Long term goals:  to try and get her life on track, go to school, get a job, try and be a better person? maybe. 
How the character plans to accomplish these goals: she wants to drink on friday, and as for the rest… she has no clue where to start. 
How other characters will be affected: oh jesus, i dunno. 

Hometown: Lima, Ohio. 
Type of childhood: Not a very good one. 
Pets: None, but i kind of want her to get a dog. 
First memory: Of her father walking out on her and her mom.
Most important childhood memory: seeing her mom on the floor in the bathroom overdosed on heroin. 
Why: because that was traumatic for her. 
Childhood hero: she didnt really have a hero. 
Dream job: n/a
Education: She finished highschool thats it.
Religion: She knows that her father was jewish, but never really practiced any faith. 
Finances: back then her finances were null, her mom spent most their money on drugs, and when she was sober it was to pay the bills. she went withotu food a lot. 

Current location: Havenoaks, Oregon 
Currently living with: No one 
Pets: n/a
Religion: n/a
Occupation: Porn Star 
Finances: Comfortable 

Mother: Jane Anderson 
Relationship with her: Not good
Father: ??? ???
Relationship with him: hes not around 
Siblings: n/a
Relationship with them:n/a
Relationship with him/her:n/a
Children: n/a
Relationship with them:n/a
Other important family members: the only family member she likes is blaine. 

Color: I want to say blue, but red is a close second 
Least favorite color: Yellow. 
Music: HipHop/alt/edm/indie 
Food: anything 
Literature: the classics 
Form of entertainment: tv, video games
Expressions: what the fuck - that’s a favourite of hers. 
Mode of transportation: car (ford explorer) 
Most prized possession: her apartment, she bought and paid for it herself, along with her car. 

Hobbies: sleeping, dancing, singing (although she’d never admit to that) 
Plays a musical instrument? guitar, and some piano. 
Plays a sport? used to play soccer in school 
How he/she would spend a rainy day: probably sleeping, or working depending on the day. 
Spending habits: she’s very careful with her money 
Smokes: it’s a very seldom occurance that she smokes, cigarettes were never her thing, pot was, but she doesnt really do that anymore. 
Drinks: socially/occasionally. 
Other drugs: she was big into pot and some other things back in the day, but is sober now. 
What does he/she do too much of? probably has too much sex or crying. shes a mess. 
What does he/she do too little of? oh god… self loving/ 
Extremely skilled at: well she’s good in the sack, but she’s also a pretty good cook. 
Extremely unskilled at: she cant fucking paint worth a damn. she had to hire someone to paint her apartment
Nervous tics: she taps her foot when nervous, or picks at a label 
Usual body posture: slouched, or curled up. 
Mannerisms: she talks with her hands sometimes, but tends to be avoidant with eye contact 
Peculiarities: she’s just a peculiar person. 

Optimist or pessimist? pessimist 
Introvert or extrovert? extrovert 
Daredevil or cautious? daredevil (shes beginning to be a little cautious) 
Logical or emotional? emotional, definitely. 
Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat? methodical, she cant stand a mess. 
Prefers working or relaxing? relaxing
Confident or unsure of himself/herself? she’s a mix of both. she exudes an air of confidence for sure, but I think she’s really unsure of herself deep down. 
Animal lover? YES

How he/she feels about himself/herself: she hates herself
One word the character would use to describe self:  lost 
One paragraph description of how the character would describe self:  in first person - 
 “I’m someone who was never taught to love, never really taught how to properly deal with things other than rely on something like drugs or alcohol. I tend to run away from my problems and emotions, and I do that so that I can’t get close to anyone. I’m a bitch, and am a commitment-phobe. So sue me.” 
What does the character consider his/her best personality trait? her helpfulness 
What does the character consider his/her worst personality trait? her temper 
What does the character consider his/her best physical characteristic? she likes to think she has nice legs, and a nice ass. 
What does the character consider his/her worst physical characteristic? shes very self concious about her boobs. 
How does the character think others perceive him/her: she thinks everyone hates her, and likes to think that shes okay with that when shes not. 
What would the character most like to change about himself/herself: she probably would want to be percieved as a better person, but that can be hard for her to admit. 

Relationships With Others
Opinion of other people in general: she just doesnt like many people 
Does the character hide his/her true opinions and emotions from others? fuck no
Person character most hates: probably her mom - as messed up as that is. 
Best friend(s): Stella, Blaine, Kivrin, Ezra & Elijah 
Love interest(s): elijah herself 
Person character goes to for advice: Elijah, Blaine, or Ezra. 
Person character feels responsible for or takes care of: Blaine 
Person character feels shy or awkward around: Elijah 
Person character openly admires: Stella, Blaine 
Person character secretly admires: Elijah (sorta she’s been inda vocal of how awesome he is, but ya…………) 
Most important person in character’s life before story starts: probably her mom. 
After story starts:  TBD 

Civil War- Mystery Photo, Confederate Women? Or Modern Day Re-Enactors? -Update at bottom of post!

Google Search For Origin Of This Photo Turns Up No Less Than 18 Pages On Google Search, And No One Lists The Source For This Photo, or who these women are.

This Blogger has seen this photo circulating the net for years, no original source, but always under tags like”Women of the Civil War”, first glance leads you to believe this photo is a modern day shot of civil war re-enactors, their faces are just too modern looking, but not so sure.

Interesting part of this photo is the women 3rd from the right wearing glasses,  oval and octagonal frames were around in the Civil War era such as those made by Bausch & Lomb.

Does anyone have information on this photo? 

UPDATE: THE LADIES ARE FROM RIDLEY CREEK STATE PARK 2005/2006 PENNSYLVANIA. THANKS FOR THE INFORMATION FROM THE LADY HERSELF WITH THE GLASSES. ! :)  The women, left to right, are Heather, Sarah, Victoria, Traci, Laurie, and Cheryl. Members of AGSAS and formed their own group - the Eastern Charity Society.