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Technically, Yuri!!! on Ice can’t have a Beach Episode because a solid portion of the series is an ongoing Hot Springs Episode. Anyone that watches anime knows a series only get either a Beach Episode OR a Hot Springs Episode (optional Mountain Episode during the same time as the Hot Springs Episode) but never both because that’s completely illogical.

And no, the famed “what do you want me to be to you?” scene does not count as a Beach Episode because they don’t break open a watermelon with a stick.




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credits: @/naruhinaz


I was re-watching the first OVA again last night (cuz what else would I do with my life??) and I noticed for the first time that Barbara ACTUALLY throws up omg. I’d always heard her little grossed-out whimper but I never caught that she legit gets sick. Poor Barbara.

@justjimei Haha, this is why I’m an OVA denier xD. The background the anime OVA gives Jean doesn’t make a lot of sense for his character in the manga; in fact, Jean’s mother doesn’t come up until chapter 70, in a brief aside. Eren later says in 72 that Jean should be nicer to her, but that’s about all we get.

Chapter 72.

They’re clearly a bit estranged, but no explanation is given. For whatever reason, Jean decides his best bet at surviving was getting out of Trost, and he chooses to prioritize that over his mother (I’m not convinced Isayama had even given a thought to Jean’s mother before the OVA, and until this scene I assumed that Jean was an orphan or something, just from reading the manga). Perhaps family resources were tight and he had to make his own way? The age of majority post-Fall of Wall Maria seems to be twelve, so perhaps joining the military was just him moving out at a normal time and finding a job? I can’t ever buy that he joins the military because his mother is smothering; that seems too childish and doesn’t explain his defeatism or the sense of imminent danger he seems to feel in the manga. It also seems out of character for Jean not to be worried about his mother during the Trost attack, but I’ve grouched about that inconsistency elsewhere xD Since he does canonically have a mother in the manga now, I can only come up with head-canons for their current relationship; I like to think he at least checked in with her after Trost.


PS Vita ~ Hakuouki Zuisouroku ~ Opening Movie (2015)

This is the one I hadn’t seen before!